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Wiley's First Year

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Wiley's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Boy Oh Boy!


1: Always kiss your children goodnight - even if they're already asleep.

2: March 29, 27 Weeks

3: Mother To Be - 37 Weeks

4: Tom Thomsen, Jr. | Tom Thomsen | Connie Thomsen | Susan Thomsen | Josephine Sargent | Robert Sargent | Jon Thomsen | Sheryl Lauron | Robert Lauron | Jake Thomsen | Nate Thomsen | Jen Thomsen | Derek Thomsen | Lucas Thomsen | Dane Thomsen | Carmen Thomsen

5: Mary Alice Grant | James Grant, Jr. | Martha Green | Powell Green | Kathy Green | John Green | Amy Thomsen | Andy Green | Johnny Green | Micky Green | Julia Green | Wiley

6: I started feeling yucky in the wee hours in the morning on July 25, 2009. Jon had left the room due to my snoring, which was actually a blessing as I felt so gross, it was nice to not have to worry about disturbing him. Unfortunately, then he left super early to go watch the last stage of the Tour at his Dad’s house before I could tell him I thought something was up. I called him at 6:30am to tell him to keep his phone nearby. When I got out of bed to go to the bathroom, I sat down and a little of what I thought was pee came out before I thought it should, but I didn’t think too much of it as the little dude had been pressing on my bladder so much lately that maybe I was starting to lose control of it. I went back to bed and woke up 3 hours later at 9:30. When I stood up, I felt a massive gush and thought I’d REALLY lost control of my bladder. That, or my water had broken. I called Jon immediately, who was finishing up pancakes with his dad and Carmen. I got the rest of our stuff organized as Jon sped home. We piled in the car and were at the hospital by 10:15 and were admitted at 10:30. After that, we walked around to help the contractions along. They were pretty uncomfortable, but not unbearable. We watched some NCIS. We walked some more. Around 2pm, the doctor said I was only 1cm dilated. That wasn’t fun to hear, but I figured I wasn’t too far along. She said if I hadn’t progressed by 4 or 5 we’d need to add a little pitocin to get it moving along. We continued to walk... more NCIS.... Then the scary screaming lady in the room next to me. She was screaming in a way I’d never heard outside of a horror movie. It scared me to the core. My nurse (Heidi) came in and told me that’s what pushing without an epidural is like... That may have sealed the deal for me right there... | The Birth of Wiley Grant Thomsen

7: 4 rolled around... then 5... then 6... more contractions, more pain, no progress... The nurse said I was doing fine, as was Wiley, so they wanted to continue to wait and see if my body could get it going on its own. The nurses changed shift and we got Mary Ann. She was cool. She said we should rest for a few hours and if I still hadn’t progressed we’d start the slow drip pitocin. I tried my best to rest, but with the contractions, it was nearly impossible. Finally at 11pm we started the pitocin. She began to worry about my lack of sleep and that I’d be too exhausted when the pushing stage rolled around. She kept encouraging me to rest. But seriously, when you are getting contractions every 4 or 5 minutes that make you wanna puke, how are you supposed to rest? By 4am, the pain was getting pretty bad. I was trying everything we could to relax through them, but I was so tired. Plus I’d planned on relaxing in the jacuzzi, but once I was on pitocin, that wasn’t an option since I had to be continually monitored. She gave me some pain medicine through my IV, and I remember thinking in birthing class,, no way would I ever have that stuff, but yeah, when the pain gets to a certain point, all options are back on the table. That stuff made me feel pretty good for about 20 minutes. Then the contractions came back with a vengeance. At 5am, the epidural was sounding like the only option remaining that would allow me to rest up for the pushing phase. And I can promise that had I not had the epidural I would have had a C-Section without a doubt. With the epidural and the little button that I could press to up the dose in hand, I was finally able to relax and rest. While I didn’t really sleep, I still was able to relax and get ready for the pushing. Jon rested on the little cushion thing they call a bed. At times he would crawl into bed with me. I liked that the best, but there wasn’t much space so it wouldn’t last for a super long time.

8: At 10am I started feeling really nauseous. The doctor, Dr. Dillon, came in. She said people feel nauseous around 4cm and 9cm. I was sure I’d only be at 4 but I was at 9! By 11am I was at 10, but Wiley hadn’t dropped down enough. By 12pm it was pushing time. That’s when things get a little hazy. It was as if I was operating in my own reality. I couldn’t always understand what people were saying and I’d often answer questions minutes after being asked, or ask questions and while I’d be getting an answer, forget what I’d asked. Jon stood up next to me the whole time, being the most supportive person anyone could ask for. He held my hand and whispered in my ear. He was amazing. The pushing continued. Wiley clung on tight inside. I was starting to burst blood vessels in face. Pushing is not easy. It’s hard to figure out how to transfer the energy from the deep breath to a particular spot on your body. They kept telling me I was doing great, but with little progress, it was hard to believe I was. An hour in, she brought in another nurse to help with positions and make sure he was progressing. 2 hours in the doctor popped in. Told Jon to slow down his counting. Speaking of counting. That was the only time during the whole labor that I snapped at Jon. I was relying solely on the counting to get me through each push. I’d think, I just need to make it to 10. At one point about 2 and half hours in, without warning, Jon starts counting by 2s. I nearly lost it. At another point he counted to 5. The on one round, no one started counting. Each time I yelled at someone.

9: After 3 hours and an incredibly purple face. I’d developed a fever. Wiley had pooped in the womb and there was a nervousness in the room that wasn’t there before. The doctor came in and said it was time to try the suction thingy while I pushed. If he didn’t come out after we tried that, we’d need to head in for a c-section. I lost it. I wasn’t anti c-section, but after 30 hours to then have a c-section, that just put me over the top. About 10 people were in the room now. Doctors from the NICU, the nursery, a doctor for me, several nurses for me, and handful for Wiley. Looking around as they all stared at me was the scariest moment of the entire ordeal. We all got ready. I heard Jon’s voice crack. I knew he was crying now too. It was time. I wasn’t going to have a c-section. I was going to push with every ounce I had left. She reached in and attached the suction. We waited for a contraction. The epidural couldn’t hide the pain of them anymore. They were beyond painful at this point. As it built,I pushed and felt something fly out... it was the suction thingy. We had to wait for the next contraction. When it hit, I pushed with everythiing I could muster. His head popped out and they told me to stop and then give a little push. He was out! 3pm on the dot. The nurses grabbed him and took him to a warmer across the room. He was very pale and they were worried. I heard him cry, but I’d blown tons of blood vessesl in my eyes so I couldn’t see anything. They spoke very quietly and I couldn’t hear what they were saying, then I heard scary things like “oxygen levels in his blood” and “infections” but no one would tell me what was happening. Jon was walking back and forth between us but with what little I could see, I could tell he was scared.

10: A doctor came over and told me they’d need to take him back to the nursery to get an IV started get some blood tests going. I asked to hold him. They brought him over and I got to see my son for the first time. It took all my effort to keep my eyes in focus, but I knew immediately that he was the most beautiful thing on the planet. He looked so much like his dad. He has his mouth and chin nose. But he has my eyes. Holding him for the first time was surreal. Minutes before, he had been in my stomach and now he was in my arms. I loved him instantly. Then they took him away. For the next few hours Jon and my parents went back and forth from the nursery back to me and kept telling me he was fine, but I could tell they were keeping something back. I’m glad they did though. Because he is fine now and I’m glad that during those moments, I wasn’t scared. I just wanted my baby. Being separated so soon was tough. Especially after the long labor. I just wanted to snuggle with him. I got moved over to the family birth center and immediately asked if I could sit with him in the nursery. The nurses said as soon as his IV was in and he’d been given a dose of meds, I could go in. Poor fella. they had to have a NICU nurse put in the IV and his little veins couldn’t take it so they were just poking him all over until they got it in his arm and then they had to splint it so that he wouldn’t bend his arm and it would pop out.

11: After what seemed like an eternity, but was more like 4 hours, I was able to go sit with my baby. He was starting to get more color and his initial tests had come back negative. They wouldn’t let us try to breast feed as they thought he was too exhausted, so we gave him some formula. At midnight I went in and we started to breast feed. At 3 am we gave him a bath. At 8:30 am, he got the green-light to move into our room with us. I could finally snuggle with my baby! The next few days were filled with great nurses. Lots of snuggling, a few snags when our IVs would get tangled together, dirty diapers, Wiley and I trying to figure out breast feeding, and just relaxing together. One of the best parts, was a good friend of mine all the way from when we were 9, her mom was the lactation specialist at the hospital. She was set to retire on July 28th. We got in just in time to spend her last 2 days with her. She made our stay so comfortable and got us on track feeding and just all around made us feel so special and cared for. She is an amazing person and we were beyond lucky to get to work with her on her last days! At 5pm on Tuesday night, the final blood tests came back negative and Wiley’s IV was finally removed. We stayed that night and got to come home on Wednesday afternoon. All in all, we were there for 5 days. Arrived as 2. Left as 3.

12: WILEY GRANT THOMSEN | ULY 26, 2009 | 7 Pounds, 11 Ounces | 21 Inches | 33:00 pm | egacy Emmanuel Hospital, Porrtland, OR

13: Aren't I a precious little one

14: My First Days in the Hospital

16: going home

17: Meeting my big sister

18: I'm Settling in Nicely

21: 1 Month Old! | First Smile

24: Hightlights | I'm happy, first smile - August 29 First Wedding, Liz & Matt - September 5 I went to my first NFL football game, Seahawks season opener! - September 13 I'm still sleeping with Mom & Dad, nuzzled in next to mom.

25: 2 Months Old!

27: Highlights weight: 11 lb, 3 oz Height: 24 inches I love going to Carmen's soccer games I met Olive Ransom I went to a fancy dinner for Mom's bithday and slept the whole time




32: Highlights | I was Tigger for my first Halloween | First airplane ride to Palm Springs | First trip to the pumpkin patch | I'm laughing out loud now - November 9 | I rolled over - November 20 | Weight: 14 lb Height: 26 inches


35: First Christmas

36: Highlights | Weight: 14 lbs Height: 26.5 Inches First trip to Grandpa Tom's Cabin for Thanksgiving with Emilie & Chuck First Christmas and visit with Santa, I loved Santa I moved into the crib in my room and slept through the night with no problem

38: New Year's Trip to the Cabin

41: Highlights | Height: 28 in I'm a Drool monster | My first time in snow | Met Paige | Using lots of vowels | I'm trying to crawl

43: First Solids

45: Highlights | Weight: 14lb, 9 oz Height: 28.5 in | First solids - Rice cereal, avocado, squash(favorite) I have teeth. First 2 bottom teeth - February 9 I crawled for the first time chasing Hazel - Feb 15 Stood up in my crib Sat up all by myself Started using consonants

47: First time pulling myself up! | March 1, 2010

48: First Family Vacation | Silver Mountain Resort March 4-6, 2010

51: Highlights | Weight: 16 lbs Height: 29.5 in | Went to Spokane & Idaho to a waterpark for Dad's 40th b-day | Standing up on EVERTHING | Started eating meat and love chicken | Started saying mamamama, dadadada, babababa

55: Highlights | Weight: 17 lbs Height: 30.5 in | Clapping hands - April 9 | I go to our new house in Hood River a lot | I love finger foods | All smiles all the time | I walk holding on to truck

57: Children reinvent your world for you.

60: Highlights Weight: 17 lb 9 oz Height 30.5 in Lots of babbles and I'm getting louder I love it when Papa plays the piano I love following my big cousins around

63: First big illness

64: Highlights Weight: 18 lbs, 10 oz | First big flu | I love chasing Cooper | I'm a great cat hunter of Hay-Suh and Hest | I love to eat everything, especially ravioli

66: Lake Powell | June 28-July 6, 2010

71: Highlights | My first big vacation | I moved to a big boy carseat | I'M WALKING!!!! | My first 4th of July | Weight: 20 lb 11oz Height: 32in | First trip to the zoo

73: Guests | 1st Birthday Party

76: What an amaing year!

77: I'm no longer a little baby. I'm a toddler!!!

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