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Willie's Story Large (Original)

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S: Willie's Story

BC: With all my love Sarah

FC: Willie's Story

1: Wilson and Joe 1942 | Thomas William (Bill) Hayton M Rachel Wilson in 1935. Reg Strong, Jane Hayton , Dorothy Wilson, Joe Wilson. | The Beginning | Bobby and Wilson, Raughton Head School 1950 | On a cold day, 28 November 1938, John Wilson Hayton was born at home in Lambsfoot, Hutton in the Forrest, 6 miles from Penrith, Cumbria, UK, to Bill and Rachel Hayton and older brother Joe (b1937). He was so similar to the Wilson family that he was always known as Wilson and not John. A few years later they moved 7 miles, in one of the coldest January’s on record, to Lambsfield in 1941, where brother, Robert (Bobby) (b1943) and sister Eileen (b1947) where born. Lambsfield was a mixed farm of cows and sheep which Bill Hayton was the tenant of. They all attended school by walking 1 miles to Raughton Head School. Wilson fondest memories of Lambsfeilds was making his own trolleys out of anything he could lay his hands on, giving him the nick name Wood Waster Nail Bender. Later on he was to acquire an old pram with 12 inch wheels that went so fast that he crashed into a hawthorn hedge with nettles. This was to add to the dent in his head created by rolling down the hay stack and hitting his head on a stone pillar. He bled like a stuck pig and was left with a permanent dent. He made long lasting friends with Maurice, Dorothy and Francis Roper from the neighbouring farm. They played as children and later went to the local dancers on bikes. | Joe, Eileen, Bobby and Wilson

2: Grandma Hayton, a hard, unforgiving woman, shared a similar birthday (23 Nov) with Wilson so she took him on many birthday trips. One of the highlights was going to the train station in Carlisle to watch the Flying Scotsman with the very first diesel engine and to Tully House Museum which was filled with lots of stuffed birds. One day she came down to Lambsfield to fix a boil on the back of Wilson head. To do this she bathed it and squeezed, leaving Wilson withering in agony. The following night she was waiting for him to do it again so Wilson climbed the highest tree and waited until she left. | Wilson had a remarkably loyal dog called Scott who was an excellent work dog but also a rather good ratter and gundog. Due to the lack rabbits Scott moved to pheasants since he had an exceptional nose. For fun Wilson would let rats caught in traps go in the middle of a field so Scott could hunt them down. On the farm there were foxes creating havoc with the poultry so Wilson and company set about the woodlot and successfully put an end to the problem. In Photo is Wilson with gun, Bobby holding the foxes and on the far right Bill Hayton, with Neighbours.

3: Due to a family feud and Bill becoming an alcoholic they were forced to move from the family farm in Cumbria to a managing farm position in Weedon, Northamptonshire in 1956. Wilson was so homesick for Cumbria that he often travelled 4 hours by train back to Cumbria to attend dances. To overcome his incredible shyness in the new place Wilson joined the Young Conservatives in Weedon. Even though it was a political group it was really about the social activities. Family circumstances deteriorated further so in 1960, to escape Wilson embarked on a job managing crops in Stevenage, 30 miles north of London. Wilson became Willie due to people thinking his name was a surname not his first name. He joined another great group of Young Conservatives from all walks of life in Stevenage. Through this new club Willie started on many new adventures which would change his life in a very short time. These included camping trips around Europe, car rallies and scores of social dancers. | Brain Clayfield & Willie | Brian Jensen & Rosemary Clayfield, who married Brian Clayfield after1962 | Brian Jensen

4: Immigrating to New Zealand | Through the Young Conservatives Willie met John Binns (18), a menswear manager, who had decided to immigrate to New Zealand. After hearing this Willie said “I’ll join you”. And that was that. After 11 months of paperwork and waiting for a ship, Willie was off. John was to follow 6 months later. He departed the UK, on the Stratheden at Tilbury dock, London on a foggy October day in 1962. His parents were there to see him off, not realising that that would be the last time they ever saw each other. Both Rachel and Bill passed away 3 years later. | A farewell party was held in Weedon with a bus load of friends from Stevenage. Above is John Binn with Willie and in the background Joe Hayton | Bob, Bill, Rachel and Eileen waving Willie off.

5: It was a six week journey from London to Wellington, New Zealand. The trip cost 10, (full fare 170) this was due to Willie agreeing to work on farms in NZ for 2 years. They were known as the 10 pound poms. He shared a cabin with 3 others, Sandy Gilmore, Taffy, and Mike from Liverpool. Most people immigrating had very little knowledge as to what to expect in New Zealand except they were all guaranteed work. The 10 spending money recommended for the trip dried up very quickly. Luckily Willie had a bit more to last and took tours in various ports that the ship stopped at. The first port he disembarked at was Portside in Egypt and he was in for a huge cultural shock due to the poverty and noise of the taxis constantly sounding their horns. Aiden was the next port where you could purchase duty free goods cheaply. The photo taken was in Perth where Willie toured, which was decorated in preparation for the 1962 Commonwealth games. The boat also docked in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney before it arrived in Wellington.

6: New Zealand | Willie arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on his Birthday in 1962. His future employee’s sister met him when he docked and showed him Wellington before he bordered the train for Hamilton with 100’s of other newly arrived immigrants. From Hamilton he caught a bus to Tokoroa for his first job as a farm hand on a dairy farm. Willie’s first major purchase was an Austin A35 which cost a staggering 500 after selling his Rover 75 in the UK for 200. His employer was from Northern Ireland and his wife was a kiwi with five children. Willie lived in the sleepout hut and helped milk 120 cows. The Irishman was a night owl which meant Willie never could go out at night and was left feeling very isolated because he couldn’t meet new people. He was only there for 4 months as the Irishman couldn’t afford to keep him so he got a 39% share milking job, however it didn’t start until June. So he had to find a fill in job, which was why he moved to Awakeri, Whakatane to work for Hori Carter. The job was not milking cows but a general dogs body clearing drains and moving stock. This was a well established farming community and Willie attended the local dances. He also he enjoyed duck shooting and quickly became a New Zealander. Willie then returned to Pirongia on the Otorohanga Rd for the sharemilking job for a year. | Fellow sharemilkers Harry Jeen, Peter Pirium, Arthur Swan (boss), Paddy Morrisea and Ian Bowater | Hori Carter | Awakeri | Waikite | Mamaku | Kaharoa | Atiamuri

7: In 1964 he moved to Kaukapakapa, Auckland, however the shed wasn’t quite ready so he worked on a farm on Sunset Rd, Glenfeild which belonged to the father of the job in Kaukapakapa. The Sunset farm had just been sold for housing. From the job in Kaukapakapa he joined the Young Farmers in Silverdale (where he met Basil Butlerstoney) and after only 6 months he became president of the club. During this period he often attended the local dancers with Basil. The dances were in the Crystal Palace on Mt Eden road. And this is where he met Jenny Latrobe and Basil met Beryl. After a swift romance of dancing fun, they announced their engagement to Dawn (Jenny’s Mum) who collapsed onto her chair speechless. Willie and Jenny were married on the 24 June 1967 in the Methodist church on Lincoln Rd, Henderson. By that time Willie was managing a town supply farm in Waikite Valley near Rotorua. After a year the newlyweds moved from Waikite to Kaharoa with their own herd of cows, becoming the first suppliers of milk to a new dairy factory in Reporoa. When Zoe had a litter of puppies, Jenny decided to keep one called Bobby. She kept Bobby tucked under her arm, even when they were moving cows. Bobby became too big (27kg at 6 months) to carry but by then he was a superbly trained dog, terrific for farming and they had him for many years. | The Early Years | Paul LaTrobe, Basil Butlerstoney, Marilyn Thomson, Cathy LaTrobe, Prue LaTrobe | Pirongia | Kaukapakapa | Atiamuri | Waikite | Silverdale | Reporoa

8: Family Life | In 1970 Willie and Jenny transported their cows to Upper Atiamuri 20km South of Tokoroa with their new born son, Laurence Wilson Hayton. Who was born, May 12th 1970, after a very long wait. Atiamuri was known as the frosty flat, covered with fog. It was a great community with natural spring hot pools and indoor bowls in the local hall. Willie and Jenny became firm members of the community. On the side Willie also did contract silage for the neighbours. 2 years later on March 4th 1972 the twins, Rachael Dawn and Bronwyn Jennifer arrived in the middle of the night. Sarah Louise was born February 20th 1974. Finally the family moved to Mamaku by herding the cows through the forestry roads. This was where Deborah Jane Hayton was born March 5th 1975.

9: Mamaku was the family farm which Willie and Jenny bought. The children had a huge playground to play including a huge backyard, a pond in winter and pony’s to ride. Willie discovered that the move from Atiamuri to Mamaku made farming a hell of a lot easier because of the good rain fall. They had numerous family trips in a caravan around NZ with regular trips to Awakeri Hot Springs camping ground to warm up. They also had a fabulous week skiing. Mamaku did not snow every year but the family definitely remember the day it snowed when each built their own snowman. Laurence helped on the farm very much like Willie as a kid. When he turned 10 he was sent to boarding school, St Peters in Cambridge.

10: Returning Home | In 1981 Willie and Jenny separated. The children moved to Auckland with Jenny and the farm was sold. With this all behind him Willie decided that he wanted to return home to visit his family after 20 years away. The world tour started in Australia visiting Jim and Alma Raw in Atherton Tablelands, Cairns. Jim was the only person he had kept in contact with from the ship. He travelled overland from Sydney to Alice Springs to climb Ayes Rock. He then flew to the UK via Perth and Singapore. He toured around the UK, seeing his brother Joe and family who lived Maidenhead, UK, his sister and family who lived in Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire and his brother Bobby and family. He also connected with cousins back in Cumbria. Towards the end of his stay he met Valarie on a tour of Europe which led him to visit St James Palace as she was Princess Alexander’s housekeeper. He finished his world tour via Disney World (Florida), Los Vegas, LA, San Francisco and Honolulu, where he picked up t-shirts and toys for the kids. He also visited a cousin David Wilson in Sacramento who was a race horse surgeon. He had been regularly sending a tape recording of his travels back to the children in NZ. When he returned he took them to the Parakai Hot Pools. | Joe, Gill, Valarie, Willie, Paul and Keith | Eileen

11: Back in Mamaku and after contracting haymaking Willie decided to move away from farming and bought a Motel, Arawa Lodge in Rotorua. Rotorua was to become his home town for 22 years. The following years he was visited by all his family. Bobby was the first to visit with his partner Sue. Eileen and Maurice came over and after a flying tour of the South Island, they stopped at Craters of the Moon by Huka falls and saw a rare eruption. Right time right place! Joe and Gill also visited later. The children would visit in the school holidays and Laurence moved in with him in 1983 and attended Western Heights High school. The motel venture wasn’t the best move in the world so after 2 years he sold up and moved on to work for Patchell Industries as a general dogs body and finally became an expert in profile cutting of steel. He was nicked named Fossil because he was the oldest staff member. In 1988 he bought Goldie St, Rotorua. It was a house high on poles in the middle of a barren elevated section. Over the next 5 years with help of Laurence he built a full basement flat with a four car garage and a car port, hand mixing over 21 cubic metres of concrete. His daughters also moved to live with him, Bronwyn in 1989, Sarah in 1992 and Debby in 1993. In 1993 Willie met Val at a dance in Morrisonville. The romance quickly blossomed and she moved in. Val helped landscape and create gardens at Goldie Street. They were also visited by Eileen daughters, Janet and Joy. Willie and Val‘s house became known to family and friends in the UK as a home away from home. The Children grew up. Laurence apprenticed and became a diesel mechanic. Rachel graduated from Auckland University as an accountant. Bronwyn and Debby drifted into running accounts and Sarah graduated as a teacher at Massey University. | Eileen & Maurice | Debby, Sue, Laurence & Sarah | 1995 | 1993

12: The next trip Willie was to make back to the UK was with Val and his daughter, Debby, for Laurence's wedding in 1994. On the way to the UK they visited Disney World and Cape Canaveral. Laurence had travelled to live and work in the UK and fallen in love with Clare. Laurence's Wedding on May 26th 1994, was held in Moulton Parish Church, Northhampton and many family members attended from down under. Willie was having a laugh introducing his past and present to his siblings. Willie and Val also toured around England, Scotland and Wales. | The 90’s

13: On 26 November 1994 Willie Hayton and Val Borrows were married in the Government Gardens in Rotorua. Eileen and Maurice came out for the wedding and also on the day Basil and friends from his past were there. | Bestman, Harry Frost was his close friend since Mamaku 1974 | John (Val Brother) Jonathon Burrows, Clare & Laurence Hayton, Debby, Lenny & Karen Burrows with Morgan & Hayley, Emily (Val’s Mum), Val & Willie, Rachael and Bruce Siriett, Daryl Hogg & Sarah, Bronwyn and Eileen | John & Jackie, Beryl and Basil, Audrey and Trevor | The Wedding

14: In 1996 Willie and Val searched and discovered a new home together on Grand Vue road, Kawaha Point, Rotorua. Straight away Willie was adding fixtures like the staircase and Val cleared and replanted the gardens. Willie’s favourite hobby was cutting down mature trees. During this time Willie moved from working at Patchells to driving trucks for North Eastern Transport and after a while he purchased the truck and drove for Fletcher steel. This is when he lost the end of his middle two fingers. He finally sold the business after retiring to Cambridge. | Grand Vue

15: 11 October 1997 daughter Sarah married Daryl Hogg, a university sweetheart. Jan (Eileen’s daughter) came over from the UK. It was also the last photo of the 5 children together. By this stage Willie had 2 grandchildren; Catherine (b1996), Rachael and Bruce’s daughter and Christopher (b1997) Laurence and Clare’s son. 31 October 1997 Rachael married Bruce Siriett in Auckland, who she had daughter Catherine with. A few years later son George (b1998) was born and they moved from Auckland to Cambridge. | Sarah's and Rachael's Weddings

16: Val and Willie shared a similar passion for seeing spectacular scenery from around the world so this started the years of travel. In 1998 Willie and Val flew to Vancouver, Canada to meet up with Eileen and Maurice. They toured to Vancouver Island and across the Rockies to Calgary. Next they flew to Toronto and Niagara falls. They enjoyed Canada so much that they returned later. After Canada they flew to the UK and Paris and returning to NZ via Honolulu. Laurence and Clare moved from New Zealand to Melbourne and then later to Bainsdale. Willie now had 2 more grandchildren Matthew (b1998) and Sophie (b2000). | Canada

17: Australia 2002 | In 2002 they flew to see Bronwyn for family time in Darwin, Australia. Willie had now gained 2 more granddaughters Elizabeth (b2000) and Charlotte (b2002). Val and Willie were shown the sights with family which included Lichfield Park. Willie also enjoyed fishing in billabongs with Bronwyn. After that they flew to Cairns to meet Alf and Raema and spent time on the train and sky rail. They hired a car and made their way into the Atherton Tablelands where they visited Jim and Elma Row (Jim came out on the same ship as Willie). They then drove down to Brisbane which took 5 days, sightseeing on the way. They all stayed at Alf and Raema’s apartment in the Sunshine Coast for a few days before returning home.

18: For Maurice’s 60th birthday, Willie and Val decided to surprise him and visited the UK in 2003. Sarah was living in London at the time and they travelled with her and Daryl to Cornwall. They also travelled to Edinburgh to catch up with Jan and Stuart. Jan and Stuart had become firm friends with Willie and Val when they lived for a few months together in New Zealand in 2002. | Back to the UK

19: Willie loved the South Island as it was sparsely populated and the scenery unspoiled. He was later to share his passion with Val and different visitors he took on trips. They loved the beautiful glacial lakes and the ruggered contour of the landscape. The history of gold mining fascinated Willie. Over the 10+ trips that Willie and Val made, they covered all parts of the South island from the Bluff to Doubtful sound to Milford sounds. From Jackson Bay to Karamira. 2009 trip was the most memorable because Willie and Val travelled in the motor home he built. He converted a 24 seater bus into a mobile home. Willie showed his craftsmanship yet again and also built a dolly trailer to cart the car. | South Island | 2000 Trip with Eileen, Maurice, Sue & David | 1995 Trip Queenstown

20: Debby Hayton married Murray Skinner on the 24th January 2004. Willie was joined by his brother Joe & Gill and sister Eileen & Maurice and Janet & Stuart. Janet and Stuart Married 20 November 2004 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Willie, Val, Debby, Murray, Bruce and Rachael also flew to Scotland for the wedding. | Debby's Wedding 2004

21: In 2005 Willie and Val bought 8 Froude Street in Cambridge where they now reside. Bronwyn renewed her vowels with Michael in Hamilton in 2009 because 10 years prior in 1999 only Jenny managed to make it. Willie at the time had, had surgery to remove his prostrate due to cancer. By now Bronwyn had had 2 more girls Veronica (b2004) and Hannah (b2007). Debby and Murray had also had two girls Olivia (b2005) and Ashley (b2007). Willie now had 11 Grandchildren. | Bronwyn's Renewal 2009 | They again added to Froude St. Willie changed the bathroom around and they both built a very successful vegetable garden.

22: Out of all the trips that Willie and Val have been on this was the trip of a lifetime and rates as number 1. Due to previous trips and Willie hearing great things they travelled to Alaska. There they did a 7 day Cruise through Alaska taking in Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway and into Glacial bay. They ended the Cruise in Seward where they disembarked and travelled by Coach to Anchorage. They journeyed by train to Denali National Park where they took a scenic flight around Mount McKinley. They also travelled into the park to see moose, bears, wolves and Dall Sheep. Willie was fascinated by the oil pipe line from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez over 800 miles. It was built above the tundra so that it could move and cost over 15 billion dollars to build in 1976. They then travelled to Fairbanks by train which was the centre of building the pipeline but now had become a ghost town. It also had to do with gold mining. They flew to Dawson City, Canada which was the capital city of the 1898 gold rush and the Klondike River, which was the richest source of gold and they glided down it in inflatable boat. They followed the Yukon River to White horse and then flew to Vancouver. There they boarded the Rockie Mountain Train taking in Fraser Canyon, Kanloops and then to Jasper. They also briefly visit family in the UK before returning home. | Alaska and Canada 2010

23: In 2011 Willie and Val flew to Darwin to see Bronwyn and family before they flew to Perth. In Perth they boarded a cruise ship “Sun Princess” which took them up to Bali, Darwin, Brisbane and finally to Sydney. In 2012 they also cruised around the Hawaiian Islands and flew over Mt Kilauea in a helicopter. | Cruising

24: Lions Willie first joined the Lions in 1969 in Ngongotaha which was a very conservative group. He then shifted to Tokoroa Lions club in 1970. They were very social and he remembers on his first meeting getting home barely by 2 in the morning. Part of his job was taking a blind member home who often invited Willie inside for a drink and Willie had to ask where the lights were. One of the projects to raise funds was buying wagon loads of coal off the railway and bagging it to sell. In 1974 he returned to Ngongotaha where he regularly attended for 31 years. He was a vice president for 3 years and then became president in 1978/79 and then he was treasurer in 1981/82. Lions were outside farming and the members were from all walks of life not just farming. Willie enjoyed the companionship and the projects. Every year Willie was on the drinks stand at Taniwha Springs for the Rotorua marathon where all the children and Val also helped out. For many, many years Willie was in charge of the bar. It was a private bar that Willie was responsible for stocking and transporting to the two meetings every month. Fundraising projects included building a wriggle and roll children’s playground for Ngongotaha Primary and magic shows with professional magicians. Willie was always left wondering how they did it. Willie also attended numerous national and international Lion’s conventions which he travelled to; from Dunedin, to Nelson, to Brisbane, to Birmingham (UK), Taupo and others. In 2005 Willie moved to the Cambridge Lions, which he and Val became firm members of. It was a club that helped them settle quickly in Cambridge social scene. Willie and Val took over running the shed for 2 years and were responsible for opening it up to the public every Saturday morning. Willie has seen Lions grow and shrink over the 44 years. The membership is now made up of 60’s plus rather than young married men. Willie was acknowledged in 1993 as an Honoured Member of the Lloyd Morgan Lions Club Charitable Trust. In 2012 he became a Life member of the Lloyd Morgan Lions Club Charitable Trust which means he now has a trust in his name that will forever give away charitable funds in his name. | Daily Post Monday 2nd March 1992

25: Willie's mother, Rachel (Wilson) Hayton came from a very large family and this picture is a wedding photo showing most of the family members. It was Lizzie Wilson (b 1911 d 1999) wedding to Ernie McCracken approx 1946. Top row: 2nd from left William Ridsdale Wilson (Grandfather Wilson), 5th from left Dorothy (Wilson) Batey next to John Batey, Bill Hayton (Willie’s Father). 2nd Row: 7th from left Mary Wilson, May Mitchell, Wedding couple, Either side of the bride Joe Wilson and Richard Wilson and Rachel Hayton (Willie’s mother) holding Bobby. 3rd Row: from middle, the Mitchell Siblings; George Mitchell, Grandmother (Mitchell) Wilson and Mitchell Sisters. Front row: Willie Hayton, Edwin Wilson (not in family tree due to born out of wedlock) Joe Hayton, George Mitchell, Raymond Mitchell. | Wilson Wedding

26: Joseph Hayton (b1882 d1956) M Sarah Hannah Collis (b1881 d1970) in 1909 (Grandma Hayton) | Thomas William (Bill) Hayton (b1912 d1962) 5 M Rachel Wilson (b1907 d1963) in 1935 | Val Burrows (b1940) m in 1994 | John Willson Hayton (Willie) (b1938) m Jenny LaTrobe (b1946) in 1966 dv in 1981 | Joseph Hayton (Joe) (b1937 ) m Anne Gillian Stevens (Gill) in 1966 | Keith Hayton (b1976) m Emma | Paul Hayton (b1973) m Emma-Jo Wells | Rachael Hayton (b1972) m Bruce Siriett 1997 dv 2006 | Laurence Hayton (b1970) m Clare in 1994 | Bronwyn Hayton (b1972) m Michael McRostie 1999 | Catherine Siriett (b1996) | Sophie Hayton (b2000) | Veronica McRosite (b2004) | Matthew Hayton (b1998) | Christopher Hayton (b1997) | George Siriett (b1998) | Charlotte Mc Rostie (b2002) | Elizabeth McRosite (b2000) | Hannah McRosite (b2007)

27: Sarah Jane Hayton (b1909 d2002) M Percy Strong 1959 | Eilleen Hayton (b1947) m Maurice Sargent 1965 | Robert (Bobby) Hayton (b1943) m Wendy Taylor then Jenny 2002 | Susan Hayton (b1966) | Joy Sargent (b1971) m Dave Rippon 2000 | Andrew Hayton (b1963) | Richard Hayton (b1973) | Sarah Hayton (b1974) Daryl Hogg (b1972) 1997 dv 2004 w Ian Robertson 2008 | Debby Hayton (b1975) m Murray Skinner 2004 | Janet Sargent (b1969) m Stuart Robertson 2004 | Natalie Robertson (b2006) | Isobel Rippon (b2002) | Adam Rippon (b2004) | Olivia Skinner (b2005) | Ashley Skinner (b2007)

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