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Wings - Page Text Content

1: One day a 15 year-old girl named Laurel went to a public school for the first time .

2: Her family just moved from Orick, California to Crescent City, California .

3: Her parents were selling their old property to a man named Mr.Barnes so they could own a bookstore .

4: At first, Laurel didn't like public school because a has always been home schooled .

5: Until she met David, a nice, handsome boy at her school .

6: She told David about how she was left on her parent's doorstep and how her parents never went to a doctor .

7: After they had spent lots of time with each other, David and Laurel start to be good friends and start liking each other .

8: So all was fine until Laurel found a bump on her back that got bigger each day .

9: Then things really got worse . The bump was gone but flowery wings sprouted on her back .

10: Laurel then knew that there was really something wrong with her. She didn't want to tell her parents,so she told David .

11: David was shocked when she told him, but after, they decided to investigate more about Laurel .

12: The only thing they found out was that the "wings" were a plant .

13: Until, one day when Laurel was visiting their old house she saw something.

14: In the forest she saw Tamani, a handsome, green-haired, faerie.

15: After talking to him she found out that the "wings" were called a blossom and that they would disappear and regrow once a year.

16: She was also shocked to find out she was also a faerie and that she was sent to the human world to inherit the land .

17: They wanted Laurel to inherit the land to protect it because it was the gateway to a magical world called Avalon .

18: Tamani was worried about the land because Laurel moved away and a scary man named Mr.Barnes was going to buy it .

19: After talking to Tamani, Laurel started to develop feelings for him even though she also had feelings for David .

20: But Laurel didn't have time to worry about love, she had to worry about not selling the land to Mr.Barnes .

21: Then something horrible happened, Laurel's father got sent to the hospital and was severely sick.

22: Since money was tight Laurel's mom had no choice but to sell the land, even when Laurel begged her to keep it .

23: One day when Laurel and David went to the hospital, she saw Mr.Barnes and her mother signing papers for the land .

24: Although the deal wasn't finished, she had a bad feeling about Mr. Barnes so she and David went to the address on his business card .

25: When they got there the building looked old and scary, but even though they were scared they still looked through the window to see Mr. Barnes.

26: Through the window they saw Mr. Barnes and two other large men . Although they looked like men, their faces looked deformed and ugly.

27: Then suddenly the men saw David and Laurel . They tried to run away but the men were quick and strong. They threw them inside and David got hurt .

28: Then when they saw David bleed they all looked like they wanted to eat him . When one offered to eat him, Barnes objected .

29: Instead, he told them to throw David and Laurel in the river to let them drown .

30: When they got thrown in the river, Laurel and David didn't know if they could make it alive .

31: After lots of struggle David saved Laurel and they both drove to Tamani .

32: In the forest Laurel told Tamani everything, but after the long night she quickly fell asleep.

33: Early in the morning, Tamani told Laurel that Mr. Barnes and the other men were trolls disguised as humans and that David was fine .

34: Tamani also said that Mr. Barnes was responsible for her father's illness and that he and other trolls wanted to get into Avalon .

35: So to stop Barnes, Tamani, David, and Laurel went back to Mr. Barnes' building .

36: To David's dismay, he stayed in the car while Laurel and Tamani went to go inside.

37: While inside, Tamani swiftly and neatly disposed of the two trolls that threw David and Laurel in the river.

38: Then when Tamani confronted Mr. Barnes , Mr. Barnes shot him while Laurel hid .

39: Laurel needed to help Tamani, so when Mr. Barnes put down his gun she had her chance .

40: Then all of a sudden Laurel had the gun pointed to a shocked Mr. Barnes that was in front of a worried Tamani .

41: Laurel was tempted to pull the trigger when suddenly . . .

42: Mr. Barnes jumped through the window and disappeared into the river.

43: Laurel and David then quickly drove back to help a severely injured Tamani .

44: While other faeries took Tamani, another faerie name Shar talked to Laurel.

45: He gave her a bottle with a liquid that could cure her father and a big diamond that will help their money problem so they could keep the land.

46: In the hospital she put a drop of the liquid in her father's mouth and after a few days he was out of the hospital .

47: Laurel also gave her mom the diamond ,but in exchange for her parents to put the land in her name .

48: When everything was settled Laurel met David . His mom was worried about him but he was glad that he helped Laurel .

49: Laurel was glad that he was with her too and when they left they hugged .

50: After everything, Laurel told her parents that she was a faerie and they accepted her.

51: After a few days Laurel went back to her property to find a now healthy Tamani.

52: After they saw each other Tamani told her that they had knew each other before she was sent to the human world and that's why he liked her.

53: He said they erased all of her memory and that faeries age faster but look younger and that's why she looked like a three year-old when her parents got her.

54: That was why she was attracted to him when they met . She remembered Tamani from before but only a little .

55: Laurel was shocked and she didn't know what to say . She left but not before her and Tamani hug.

56: Everything wasn't over though, Mr. Barnes was still out there and Laurel still hasn't chosen who she liked, Tamani or David .

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