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WJRA 2010

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S: WJRA 2010

BC: Good Luck!

FC: WJRA 2010 | Seniors !!!

1: Congratulations!!! Good Job!! Good Luck !!! Sometimes a hard day's work is easier than a lot of things you can meet in life. Chris LeDoux

2: 1. Tell us about your most memorable moment in WJRA? 2. What is your favorite rodeo event to compete in? 3. What is your favorite rodeo event to watch? 4. What do you think was the best rodeo this year? 5. What person or people most inspire you? 6. Who is your favorite Rodeo Competitor? 7. Which is your favorite arena to compete in? 8. What is the name of your favorite horse? 9. Who has helped you the most with your goals in rodeo this season? 10. What was the most important thing that you learned while rodeoing 11. What High School will you be attending and will you continue to rodeo? What Events do you compete in?

3: To all of the Outgoing Seniors, you have all done a great job this year! Best Wishes for the future and Best of Luck! | Believe you can and you're halfway there. Theodore Roosevelt

4: Marvin Aragon | 1. My most memorable moment was getting a 79pt score for steer/bull riding. 2. Bull riding 3. Bull riding 4. Jackson 5. Alfred Deshaw, Tibbs & Jeremy Washakie, Jessie Garza, and my dad Marvin Aragon Sr 6. Wiley Peterson 7. Gillette arena and Jackson arena

5: 8. Rocket 9. Violet Aragon (Mom) Randi Arpan (Sister) 10. Learning how to work my free arm and get a better score for steer/ bull riding 11. Lander Valley High School Name: Marvin Aragon Jr Events: Steer/Bull riding

6: Jordan French | 1. Winning the goat tying buckle for the winter series 2009 2. Goat tying 3. Barrel Racing 4. The Laramie rodeo for winter series 2009 5. Sarah Mulholland (my goat tying instructor) 6. dont have one -7. The one at Buffalo fairgrounds 8. Monkey Face 9. Niki, my instructor 10. To give it your best shot 11. I am not planning on rodeoing in high school.

8: Bryce Sturman

9: 1.When I won the Year End Steer Riding in 2007. 2.Steer/Bull Riding 3.Saddle Bronc Riding 4.Sheridan 5.My Family 6.Billy Etbauer 7.Gillette 8.Coy 9.My Parents 10.To work hard to achieve my goals 11. Niobrara County High School, yes Events Steer/Bull Riding, Goat Tying, Team Roping, Breakaway

10: 1. When I won the all around saddle in 2007 2.Goat Tying 3.Team Roping, Breakaway and Goat Tying 4.Jackson Hole, because I got to go to the Alpine Slide and I had alot of fun with my friends 5.My Mom, Dad and Sister 6.Trevor Brazile\ 7. Buffalo 8. All of them, Hoss, Sunny, Sureshot, Concho, Playgirl and Kane

11: Breanna Reimler | 9.To never give up and try your hardest, no matter what. 10.Buffalo High School and I will continue to Rodeo Events: Barrels, Poles, Goats, Breakaway and Team Roping

12: 1.When I won a saddle 2.Breakaway 3.Steer wrestling or calf roping 4.Lander 5. Riley Krassin and John Armstrong 6.Fred Whitfield 7.Buffalo or Lusk 8.Digger or FBI 9. My mother Annette 10.That practicing the fundamentals is the most important thing. | 1.I will continue to rodeo and I will go to high school at Lander Valley High School. Name Hunter Bregar Events Team roping, Breakaway, and goat/calf tying

13: Hunter Bregar

14: 1.The most memorable moment I have in WJRA is about seven years ago, my horse bucked me off in the Cody Arena. 2.My favorite rodeo event to compete in, is Barrel Racing. 3.My favorite rodeo event to watch is the Goat Tying. 4.Jackson was the best rodeo this year, because it was the first rodeo of the year. 5.The most inspirational person for me is definatly my mother. 6.Less Sherperson is my favorite pro-rodeo competitor. 7.My favorite arena to compete in is the Buffalo, I think the ground is the best there. 8.The name of my favorite horse is Pickle. 9.There is actually 6 people I would like you to recognize for helping me reach my goals this year and they are; Kit Foote, Jim Foote, (my parents), Willy Gould, (he helped me with my team roping) , Jay & Jamie Grant, (they helped me with calf roping and also team roping), and Jennifer Lewis, (she helped me with my Barrel Racing) .

15: Cheyenne Foote | 9.There is actually 6 people I would like you to recognize for helping me reach my goals this year and they are; Kit Foote, Jim Foote, (my parents), Willy Gould, (he helped me with my team roping) , Jay & Jamie Grant, (they helped me with calf roping and also team and also team roping), and Jennifer Lewis, (she helped me with my Barrel Racing) . 10.The most important thing that I learned this year while rodeoing is that as long as you have friends you will never loose.

17: 1. Winning all around in Lander 2. Team Roping 3. Bulldogging 4. The Lander rodeo was the best rodeo 5. Ty Blastingam 6. JoJo Lamond 7. Casper 8. One Gun 9. My Dad (Scott) 10. Was how to handle cattle 11. Laramie High School Events calf roping, bull dogging, team roping | Kane Butcher

18: 1. The first time I won the year end in the goat tying. 2. Goat Tying 3. Pole Bending 4. Jackson WJRA 5. Shawn Robin Reynolds, my mom (Melody) and dad (Don). 6. Sherry Cervi and Tuff Cooper 7. Buffalo 8. Blue Belle 9. Shawn Reynolds 10. Get home at curfew and not to let things get to me. 11. Campbell County High School, Yes I will continue to rodeo. Name: Lexi Hamm Events: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Breakaway

19: Lexi Hamm

20: 1.The Moorcroft Rodeo 2009 2.Barrel Racing 3.Pole Bending 4.Jackson 5.Lindsay Sears and Marlene McRae 6.Tuf Cooper 7.Jackson 8.Gunner and Bugsy 9.Marlene and My Mother 10.That if you do lose dont be a downer and remember that there is another rodeo where you may win, or even just beat your goals. 11.Ten Sleep High School, barrel racing, pole bending, breakaway and team roping

21: Rachel Taylor | Live Laugh Love

22: Weston Bradshaw | 1. most memorable- The muddy rodeo in Casper a couple of years ago and the big old sloppy puddle in front of the chutes- hard to stay clean 2. favorite rodeo event to compete in- bull/steer riding 3. event to watch- saddle bronc riding 4. best rodeo this year- didn't get to go to enough 5. person most inspires- my dad 6. favorite pro competitor- Beau Hill and Bud Longbrake 7. favorite arena- Casper 8. favorite horse- Nobby 9. most help with goals- my mom 10. most important you learned- Keep your mind in the middle and don't look at the ground 11. High School will be Douglas HS and he doesn't know if he will rodeo the first year or not

24: 1. My favorite WJRA moment 4. My best rodeo this year was in Big Piney. 5. My family inspires me every day. 6. My favorite pro rodeo competitor is Kelly Kaminski because I have spent alot of time with her this summer. 7. My favorite arena to compete in is Casper. 8. The name of my favorite horse now is Chiquita, but my favorite horse ever is Clovis! 9. The person who has helped me with my goals this season is Kelly Kaminski. 10. Rodeo teaches you discipline. You must practice to get better so you have to be responsible for your action. 11. I will be attending Meeteetse High School. Tori Lynn Lewis barrels, poles, goat tying, breakaway | is the first time that I went through the barrel pattern. The first time without my mom leading me! 2. My favorite event to compete in is goat tying because it is the most physical event that I do. 3. My favorite event to watch is PeeWee goat tail tying because they are all just so small and cute.

25: Tori Lewis

26: 1. My most memorable moment in WJRA is my first rodeo when I made my first goat run. I slow loped my horse down the arena, stopped, stepped off and tied the goat and my time was a 22. I was so happy that I did it. | 2. I like all of the events I compete in but if I had to pick it'd be goat-tying and breakaway roping because hard work will get you what you want. 3. My favorite event to watch is goat tying. 4. I think the best rodeos this year were Jackson and Sheridan. 5. The person that inspires me the most is Lynn Smith, who is 3 time NIRA champion goat tyer and 2 time NIRA champion breakaway roper. 6. My favorite Pro Rodeo competitor is Lindsey Sears. 7. My favorite arena to compete in is Big Piney. 8. My favorite horses include Sparrow - my goat tying and breakaway horse, Cisco - my barrel and pole horse. 9. My dad, Lynn Smith, and Brenda Seeley have helped me the most with my goals this year. Lynn helps me with my goals in goat tying and breakaway and

27: Brooke Hursh | Brenda helps me with my goals in barrels and poles and my dad helps me with my goals in all of my events. 10. The most important thing I learned this year is that you don't always make perfect runs and things don't always go the way you want them to. The only thing you can do is go home and practice and correct yourself then go to the rodeo and do the best you can. 11. I'm going to attend Riverton High School and will High School Rodeo. I will compete in poles, barrels, goat tying, and breakaway roping.

28: Lane Hageman

30: 1. The first time I used my new horse Bow, I placed in every event I competed in. 2. Barrel racing 3. Barrel racing 4. I don’t have a favorite. 5. My Dad 6. Jim Butterfield (retired bull rider, PBR)

31: Annie Butterfield | 7. Buffalo 8. Bow 9. My Whole Family 10. Practice makes perfect 11. Name: Worland High School Events: Barrel racing, pole bending and, goat tying

33: Bailey Prewitt | 1. When my horse went straight and I fell off. 2. Poles 3. Breakaway 4.Jackson 5. My Grandparents Dave and Winni Prewitt and my brother Justin Prewitt 6. Lindsey Sears 7. Gillette 8. Sonny 9. My Grandparents Dave and Winnie 10. How to better my time from one day to the next. 11. Guernsey SunriseHS Barrels, Poles, Goats, TR and Breakaway

34: 1. My most memorable moment in WJRA was going to Jackson Hole for the very first time. 2. My favorite rodeo event to compete in is team roping. 3. My favorite rodeo event to watch is breakaway. 4. The best rodeo this year was Jackson Hole. 5. The person that inspires me the most is my dad. 6. My favorite Pro Rodeo competitor is Ty Murray. 7. My favorite arena to compete in would be the Jackson Hole arena. | Halie Maddox

35: 8. The name of my favorite horse is Fred. 9. My dad has helped me the most with goals in rodeo this season. 10. Never give up. 11. Natrona County High school Events: Team roping, Breakaway, Goat tying.

36: Answers 1 first time i placed in barrels 2 barrel racing 3 barrel racing 4 Jackson 5 Parents 6 Brandi Halls 7 Cam Plex 8 Peppy 9 My mom and Dad 10 sportsmanship 11 Moorcroft High , yes Events: barrel racing & pole bending

37: Brittany Richendifer

38: Josee Vogel

40: Ashten Marchant

41: 1. Big Piney 2010 Roping the dummy at the trailer with JD, Ross and Chance 2. Team Roping because the most challenging. 3. Team Roping so I can watch how other peoole do things. 4. Jr. High Nationals - met alot of people. 5.Jason Miller because he grew up in a little town and practiced and got better. 6. Jason Miller 7.Lusk 8. Reba my rope horse 9. My parents, they help me practice. 10. If you practice at something you get better. 11. Newcastle HS I will rodeo 12. Poles, Goats, breakaway, and team roping.

42: Shelby Mann

43: 1. Ran 1st 20 second pole run in Buffalo last summer. 2. Poles 3. Poles 4. Baggs 5. My mom 6. idk 7. Buffalo 8. I have lots of favorites: Lux, Stetson, Amy 9. My mom 10. It’s not all about winning, but how to do your best. And how to ride Lux in barrels, poles and roping BIG HORN HIGH SCHOOL Events: BARRELS, POLES, BREAKAWAY AND TEAM ROPING

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