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working project

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S: The Immigrants Dream by Anthony Dembowski

BC: About the Author A gentle and kind spirit... Who am i kidding he loved Jesus and Mr. Spencers class | Photo Here and here

FC: By Anthony Dembowski Starrs mill High school | Mr. Spencer English 5th

1: Dedicated to the believers of the American dream

2: What is the American Dream? | A man from Ethiopia finally earns enough money to sail to America, he gets here, kisses the ground and says, “I have arrived in the place, where my dreams will come true”. When the man gets off the boat and into the world, he sees pictures of the White House and the Statue of Liberty, and realizes that these stand for the freedom that we created two hundred years ago. Why does he believe, how does he know? Because he knows that in America hard work and perseverance can change his life, because when people come back from America they speak of a land where you can study, work and speak. When you realize this, you can develop your American dream. The man goes through customs, he is assigned a new name, given a new ID, and a list of places to get jobs.

3: He runs to the exit, and shouts “now I have found a new home.” He knew he had found a place to get a second chance. When the pilgrims left England, they were looking for a land without religious persecution, a second chance and they found it, America. It's four years later and that Ethiopian man is now the proud owner of a Ethiopian restaurant. This is the prime example of the life America creates for us.This life is created by a dream, The American Dream, which cannot be defined by a single statement, instead, we have multiple. The American dream is Opportunity, The American Dream is Freedom. The American Dream is created by us, you, me and the rest of the world. | "The American dream is Opportunity, The American Dream is Freedom. The American Dream is created by us, you, me and the rest of the world."

4: Smith, Hedrick.”How to reclaim the American Dream.” Forbes.com. Thursday August 29th 2013. Internet. August 29 2013. This article describes the ability to fix the American dream in ten easy steps, in which we fix the country’s infrastructure while creating jobs. Take away money from the pentagon without damaging the nation’s security. The name of it is “how to reclaim the American dream” and is from forbes.com but was excerpted from the book “who stole the American dream?” I felt this article was an easy read and explained the problems and solutions through easy to understand ideas without using too large of words. I feel this article will allow | Article #1

5: you to understand how to fix the economy and government without have huge comprehension problems. Finally the article was well written, and the author knew what he was talking about. | Continued...

6: Anonymous “ Is it Foolish To Strive For The American Dream?” Investopedia.com. June 21st, 2013. internet. september 14th, 2013. this article is called “Is it Foolish To Strive For The American Dreams?”. And it describes the decrease in ability to gain the American dream, because of the global recession causing a large number hard working poor households unable to gain a leg up in the | Article review #2

7: world. the article was a little difficult to read with words that were hard to paraphrase and a lack of flow throughout the article, but in the end it got the point across. I feel if you are a well read person this will be easy to understand and easy to summarize for a final project. | Continued...

8: Kadlec, Dan. Is the American Dream Withering or just Changing? Time. 26 September 2013. Web. 26 September 2013. “Is the American Dream Withering or Just changing” written by Dan Kadlec begins with thoughts taken from our generations parents saying that we are not as hard-working, and we won’t have as much financial structure as they did. People from our generation were asked a similar question, and answered that we saw what happened to our parents. This taught not to way invest the same way as are parents may have. Dan finishes off by stating how times have changed and what was lazy then is | Article Review #3

9: work now; that we have more technology at better prices then our parents who lived in an age with long distance call fees. This article has a reading level for middle to high school students and explains with the detail of studies done to prove points that he made. This article explains in good detail about the past and current ideas. According to this article the American Dream is changing no matter what our opinions are, this generation or the last. | Continued...

10: Article Review #4 | Amadeo, Kimberly. “what is the American dream”. About.com. 20 June 2013. Web. 13 October 2013. “What is the American Dream?” is a story written by Kimberly Amadeo. It Describes the American dream changing throughout time and it changing itself not just our personal ideals changing. This article expresses the ideals of today and the past, it talks a lot about the change in the dream overtime while keeping it simple and without a biased opinion.

11: The main theme in this article is talking of the history of America and a few pieces of its literature Thrown into the mix. Overall the article describes a simplified American dreams without biased opinions and continues to speak in a language most people over the middle school ages and above could understand.

12: Article Review #5 | “The American Dream Might As Well Be Dead”. TheHuffingtonPost. 25 October 2013. Web. 8 November 2013. “The American Dream Might As Well Be Dead” a little sad for a title of an article but it makes valid points everyone says college, owning a home, getting married it is all what makes the American dream the anonymous

13: writer does have a point there are less marriages and less people moving out of “momma’s house” than ever before. When I read this article I found the wording to be fairly easy to read and the source did not seem to have a very biased opinion. Overall this article is well written and creates a image of what has changed in the past few decades.

14: The American idea of the American Dream | The American dream was once an image of wealth and luxury as seen in the Great Gatsby, it then became the belief of equal opportunity for people who worked just as hard as anyone else. In all time this image of the American Dream was powerful an endless wonder but lately it seems to be dying, shriveling up into a hole that is all but impossible to return from. This dream used to be of everyone getting a car in high school, going to college, moving out of mom’s house, even buying your own house, but it changed in fact it is nearly non-existent. There have been way to “rebirth” the American dream or even “fix” a dream that’s broken most writers believe the dream can't die but will change the American Dream isn't going to stick to the same basis the constitution even add the ability to make amendments because they knew times would change. There is a problem with the way we have it now half the people driving BMW’s and the other half walking to school and then back to the

15: homeless shelter but that's what Dan Kadlec found when he went back to his hometown it had finally become just like the rest of America, worn out and changed with no middle man to set the standard. When Dan Kadlec was raised in that small town his father worked in local factories and mines they all had a steady income and job source but as America started to become more dependent on foreign goods the hometown factories shut down. There was a book written on how to fix the American dream about the infrastructure, remove the national debt by funding the pentagon less it is all a way to work more jobs and money back into our economy, but the way of our dependencies on foreign goods have shut out that ability and in turn shut out the American dream. So the American dream is dead, broken, shut down, slacking, non-existent, whatever you want to call it there is always a way to fix it or create a new one. | "the dream can't die but will change the American Dream isn't going to stick to the same basis"

16: When America formed there were writers, these writers created an image for America. Saying to them come to America because there is lots of land which is the greatest resource of all. This is persuasion writers use it every day. To convince the reader to come to America, to leave Great Britain, to leave Spain, to eat more cupcakes, Persuasive writing can be about anything. When a reader finds out that he/she has a better way of doing things somehow or somewhere else they are expected to do it. A sermon was once written entitled “sinners in the hands of an angry god” it uses fear to persuade people into following Christ it uses a method of repetition to scare his audience into converting in the belief that fear is a motivator. This thought that fear can persuade people has been around for centuries the ancient Egyptians made Jews fear for their lives in order to build their temples. The British feared Queen | THE ROLE OF PERSUASIVE WRITING

17: Victoria because she murdered so many people and because of that they obeyed her. This idea that fear is a motivator is true and can be applied in most scenarios but there are many ways to persuade such as reasoning which is the most commonly used for current times the declaration of independence used elevated language they approach the king with grievances, and with a final solution that they will secede from Great Britain in order to create a country that loves and adores its people, a country where your religion doesn’t matter. They created a document to persuade the king to allow them to leave in peace but persuasion doesn’t always work and a war started in order to keep the colonies. The reason Persuasion is used is for convincing someone of an idea, the reason persuasive writing is used is to hide behind paper whilst getting their point across. Every country, every city, every person in the history of time has wanted something for some reason or purpose, and they get it using Persuasion. This means persuasion is inevitable, so get to get a point across write, write and write again until it is right. Word Count = 360 | This means persuasion is inevitable, so get to get a point across write, write and write again until it is right.

18: “I can’t wait to go to the Promised Land where the streets are paved with cheese”, this is one of the main perceptions that are described in the movie an American Tail the idea that someone comes to America and their whole life will change it will get better they will be free from persecution. When someone comes to America they envision a life of freedom of hope and of wealth. Being in America creates a dream where they have fun and create a life that they have always wanted | Perceptions of the american dream

19: to live. Creating a dream is not easy you have to create a perception that a country is a better than all others. When people envision America they think about a country that is set with riches, luxury, and fame. The dream describes a place where there is no prejudice and no lies a place where harsh words are a thing of the past. Fivel Mouskewits thought that his family would never have to deal with cats ever again. word count = 179

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