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Writings Inspired by Love

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Writings Inspired by Love - Page Text Content

S: Writings of Love

BC: I love you when you are sad I love you when you are happy, I love you when you are mad. I love you when you are silly I love you when you are sleepy, I love you when you are sticky from a lollipop. ~Hailie, Lexis, Dalyn~

FC: Writings of love

1: As I walked into the room I could smell the sweet sent in the air As it drifted by and around me, It was you As I walked over to you I could see your beautiful smile As you stared back at me And I needed nothing more. As I reached for a hug, My heart raced with excitement. As we embraced lovingly Never wanting to let go. We leaned in to kiss one another, I could smell you, see you, touch you, And taste the sweet scent in the air... I thought to my self,yes, it is you... Then you leaned in and whispered in my ear, I love you. ~Mike~

2: I remember the twilight of that August evening, The smell of jasmine along the country road, The golden moon etched against the diamond sky, And the call of the whip-poor-will piercing the silence. But what I remember most was The smell of your silky hair against my face, And the racing of my heart after every kiss, You imprinted on my chest. I lay in bed, alone Music drifting in through my window, Fantasizing about you and Living that moment, again and again and again. ~Mike~

3: A Wonderful Night The most wonderful day that I enjoyed with you A stroll in the park, at a place that was new I felt like royalty having you on my arm Your loving smile and your heavenly charm The day was ours at this Mansion so grand I could feel your love with the squeeze of your hand We entered the library and checkers we played You beat me again, with love you displayed Together we sat there sipping some wine A chardonnay and pinot noir that was so fine Together we were amazed by this beautiful place But my eyes were on you with your beauty and grace We shared a dessert after dinner this night You looked so beautiful in the soft candlelight I complimented your smile and cute little nose as we went to out room I handed you a rose Hand in hand we sat by the pool In white slippers and robes, that was pretty cool How we cuddled the rest of the night on a comfortable bed and talked about our future times ahead I'll never forget this night we had as I left you this morning I was a little sad Forever in my heart you will always be I Love You my dear, these words come from me ~Mike~

4: Its You I find myself watching sunsets trying to find your face in them. I find myself reading books I've never read before trying to find new words for you. I try new foods searching for a recipe that is just for you. I listen to the birds singing trying to find a song just for you. When I feel the wind on my skin I feel you touching me. When the sun warms my skin I k now its your breath warming me. When I walk in the rain I know it's your love showering me. When my feet sinks into the sand I know that I'm falling for you. ~Mike~

5: Just Me & You Sitting here thinking of you, Wondering if this is true, Me and You. Waiting for the moment that I can see you, To feel your arms wrapped around me, I never want you to let go, Me and You. Anticipating the moment when your lips touch mine, My heart pounding with excitement, Knowing nothing can be better, Just Me and You. ~Lisa~

6: The Feeling Did I tell you that you have gorgeous eyes? The more I think about you the more I look at your picture, I get goosebumps and butterflies. Can this be? I ask myself Its too early to say. Pinch me hard, please wake me from my dream today. I look forward to your text, You always put a smile on my face. Slowly you're tearing down my wall, you better be prepared for what happens next! ~Lisa~

7: Take your clothes off and put them on the chair, I want to kiss you here and there and everywhere. Starting at the top and working my way down, Kissing all your tender parts I really go to town. Watching you closely when I get to that place, I love to see that big smile upon your face. I want to see you wiggle and giggle and squirm I just love kissing and sucking your big worm. Then you take me to my special place. breathing deeply you kiss my face. Holding me and squeezing me tight, I know that this is oh so right. ~Lisa~

8: My Love My love for you, you cannot measure Every moment with you I will treasure My love for you I can not hide I need you close to my side Cause I cant stand to be apart You're too close to my heart So don't say goodbye Or my heart will die The love you give Is what lets me alive ~Mike~

9: For me, trust is loving someone that loves you back. It is very hard to find someone that you could trust. So, please don't abuse the lover just trust them. ~Mike~ | Once I had you, So deep in my heart, I felt we were twins. For the first time in my life I shared my heart and thought with someone, You are my friend, lover, soul mate, my diamond in my heart. The one who opened my eyes to true love, You are my worlds view. I love you dear. ~Mike~

10: Kisses YOur kisses really turn me on, A bunch of them, not just one. i hope you enjoy missing me too as much as i enjoy kissing you when you get well, i want a bunch after breakfast, and before lunch I hope it won't be much longer now for your kisses, you should take a bow baby come kiss me is what i'll say hopefully that will be any day. ~Mike~ | 25 Kisses for U One, for the smile you bring to my face when I think of you. Two, for making me love you so much. Three, for loving me like you do. Four, for caring so much about me. Five, for understanding me like you do. Six, for kissing me like you do. Seven, for those things we've shared together. Eight, for those sweet words. Nine, for hiding nothing from me. Ten, for those things we have in common.

11: Eleven, for trusting me like you do. Twelve, for introducing me to your wonderful family. Thirteen, for touching me with those magical hands of yours. Fourteen, for asking for things you know I cant give. Fifteen, for the trust I have in you. Sixteen, for those things you bought for me. Seventeen, for those times we've spent together. Eighteen, for those poems you wrote to me. Nineteen, for those words of wisdom you gave me. Twenty, for the advice you gave to me. Twenty-one, for introducing me to your interesting friends. Twenty-two, for letting me know you care so much. Twenty-three, for letting me know what true love is all about. Twenty-four, for those bad times we had together. Twenty-five, for the love we've for each other Mike Loves you babe!! ~Mike~

12: Together Again You make me happy You make me glad You make me believe In every dream I ever had Time spent with you Could never make me blue Memories of you and me Forever in my mind they'll be I will remember this time forever It will be my treasure Till we once again Can be together... ~Mike~ | The Essence Of You On this beautiful spring morning chirping birds Chirp melodious tune, falling in love all over again as I watch you sleep, happy and amazed at the sight. The essence of you fills the air, the desire I feel like no other compare. I thank heaven above for sending such a one Full of love, gentle, loving and sweet With arms open wide and heart felt love. Taking delight and with passion consume our love as we touch and kiss left a lingering trail, and essence of you in the air and on my lips. ~Mike~

13: Because of You You make me wanna dance, Till my feet fall off. You make me wanna scream, Till I cant no more. You make me wanna smile, Till my lips drop off. You make me feel complete. Completely wonderful. All because you said you love me. ~Lisa! | All The Things I'll Do I'll make sure we are never apart I'll keep a picture of you locked in my heart I'll do anything you say I'll be by your side each and everyday I'll give you my heart to keep I'll love you with these feelings that are so deep I'll be there each and every night I'll be there when you want me to hold you tight I'll never break your heart I'll love like I did from the start I'll never let you go I'll never say no I'll do anything you want me to do I'll change the world for you I'll keep my word and make sure its true I'll do all this for you I'll never lie or say goodbye I'll love you till the day I die ~Mike~

14: I Come to You I come to you with a broken heart I come to you with a trust to heal I come to you with my soul exposed I come to you with my heart full of love I come to you with my arms open wide I come to you with love in my eyes I come to you with my senses soaring I come to you with all my love ~Mike~ | My Mysterious Man He comes in the night full of love, He comes from above, He knows how to make me smile our time spent is worthwhile. He promises to love me, to hold me, to rock my world. His words are like candy, sweet to my soul. He is like a dream come true, nothing he does can make me blue. He has me on the hook with his angel like look. Waiting for My Mysterious Man reminds me of Peter Pan. Please come to me now so I can say WOW! ~Lisa~

15: MyLove, My friend...... You are my life, my lover, my friend... We will be together until the end... After the end should there be more... Again I will be forever yours... Our souls have met and shall be one... For the rest of our lives we will have fun... Together as lovers, life partners and friends... We will be soul mates again and again... You brought out in me a gift of sweet love... Reminding me there is God up above... I see in your eyes, your face and your smile... That life is a journey that's really worthwhile... If my life should end in such a way... That I can't say goodbye to you that day... Know in your heart that we were one... Forever and a day, unlike none... ~Mike~

16: Trust Its never yet started what we thought we would do The trust in our lives It was there and we never knew You don't have to say it You don't have to show. I knew it all along Which you could never know. If I don't tell you something Which I don't want to tell You might feel I am hiding. Trust is there in many ways It has never made us apart. Makes us stronger each passing day Even if our future is dark. There are times when words don't say Then, at least my lips don't lie. Take my hand and forget the trust. Let me hold you so that we can fly. ~Mike~

17: You and I To many people you are just another Another lady in the world To me you are special You are one of a kind You are gentle You are sweet You don't even know What you are to me You are my comfort when I'm in pain Your my shelter from the rain You wipe my tears away With a smile you make them fade You are my #1 fan and I am yours We're each others trophy At the end of the road We have goals We have ambitions We want them together No matter collisions No matter the obstacles Through thick and thin We hold on Like a safety pin You always light me up You make me want to discover Myself and learn everyday Even when in need to recover Recover my strength when I am weak With you by my side I'm not in need You are more than a lady Just to me ~Mike~

18: Sweet Essence of a Dream I walked one day along a path where fantasy begins Amid the tall majestic trees And cold white winter winds A vision appeared to me Of beauty to extremes A young girl clad in winter dress A youth still in her teens She wore a form of loveliness As none that I had seen The essence as of love itself Appearing unto me She spoke and there was melody And in her eyes of green I saw a soft romantic glow A most erotic thing She moved as if a line or verse from some romantic song ANd all about her on that eve That song of love played on We walked a bit and then we sat Beneath a winter tree And as she placed her hand in mine Sweet essence of a dream Long into that winter eve We lay among the trees But oh, too soon the played out It vanished with the breeze I sat alone no love had I Gone as if a dream And naught of her remained alas Oh, wretched winter scene ~Mike~

19: AMAZING LOVE It was the amazing way of our Lord That brought us into love commitment Just only in one day. We have known each other for friends But never thought before... We would fall in love for each other. It was the amazing power of your prayers That made my feelings changed, From just a friend into somebody special. Something that I never expected To happen only within a week. It was the amazing mercy of our Lord To make us start from friends into lovers, For we need not to pretend and hesitate Becoming just the way we are... In getting to know each other closely. It was the amazing kindness of our Lord To introduce your mother to me earlier, The welcome acceptance from her Should erase the past trauma I still carried... It was the amazing lessons from our Lord To assist us into a better couple for each other, Using our stumbles and failures from the past Into the goodness of us in the future... | Lord, we can not thank You enough for everything! But You know that we love You more than anything! Our searching and longing for a life partner Is only for the one whose heart and mind belongs to You... This amazing love that we find in each other... You provide us with the love we seek in You! Lord, remind us always to this amazing love By appreciating and respecting each other... Trusting and supporting each other... Giving to, not asking from each other... Being honest and faithful to each other... For life is Your present to us day by day. Jesus Christ, our Lord... Please bless the journey of our amazing love! Your greatest Love shall endure in good times And in bad times of our togetherness... Making our amazing love to be united in You! ~Mike~

20: Your Love Your love is like the ocean - it runs so wide and deep. Your love is like a rock - so solid and complete. Your love is like a rose - so delicate and sweet. Your love is like the stars at night - they shine for only me. Your love is like a sunset - beautiful in every way. Your love is such a blessing that i thank God everyday. Your like a rainbow - promising beauty after the rain. Your love is like the sun - shinning through the clouds of pain. Your love is like a guiding light - it helps me find my way. Your love is like a precious gift you give me everyday. Your love is never ending- just like the sands of time. No one could love me better. That's why I'm glad your mine. ~Mike~

21: My Most Perfect Mate I understand why I had to wait, I now realize it really wasn't me, God wanted me to have the most perfect mate, And the ones before didn't have the right key, They really weren't for me, You are showing me a new side of love, I got used to one sided relationships, Used to giving without getting much back, But with you I am starting to feel free, Holding back just isn't me, My love was meant for someone special, And your key fits my heart's lock perfectly, So now I know why God made me wait, Because he knew you were my most perfect mate. ~Mike~

22: Your Touch Baby... You take my breath away As you whisper sweetly into my ear The worries disappear And I now have no fear The darkness blinds me And I see nothing but your eyes Faintly through darkness They beam with love And I hope you see How much I truly care reflecting back I feel your body all over mine It happens all the time But is feel so fine I'm so into you, I'm going crazy Somehow it never gets old The love for you only grows And memory shows That love flows And carries my never dying emotions through my pulsing veins Keep this key to my heart It's yours forever Don't make my life go dark It feels odd Yet it feels so good A few minutes to spare Might lay here In the arms of my dear Till the sun comes up And maybe just a few more minutes... Until the sun goes down ~Mike~

23: Just a Simple Prayer Lead her path to me on angels of thee... guide her in the light of love I pray to you, God above. Every feather that falls reminds me of her ways, No more lonely nights No more lonesome days. To you great God above I bow down to you and wish, for our time to once begin and last in eternal bliss. ~Mike~

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