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Wurtemburg 4-24-2014 (Copy)

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1: Let's go see Jack Fury ! | Ohio Travelers Winthrop S. Worcester and Thomas R. McLain are up early... energized.. and ready to travel EAST | leaving Tweed Dr. at 10:15 am first there were three...

2: April 24, 2014 Day trip from Tweed Drive in Akron, Ohio to Hickernell Road in Wurtemburg, Pennsylvania

3: lunch feast prepared by Ron Staul: chicken noodle soup chicken sandwiches salad fruit and Tom's favorite: 2 cups of HOT coffee | stopover: Sample Road in Hermitage, Pennsylvania

4: Here WE Go ! | and then there were four... | Gail Worcester Klise | Sue Worcester Staul | 12:40 pm | ron staul

5: Back on the road again...! | with 2 GPS devices, map quest directions, and a hot line to Sharon Gill: we should NOT get lost!

6: 1:30 pm arrived: Hickernell Road | Sharon Fury Gill | Jack Fury

7: Sitting in his home, Jack and Win are sharing chuckles and childhood memories . Since they met at church as young men, and attended different grade schools, their adventures were confined to weekends and summers. | ...and then there were 6...

8: AHH-hh walking the grounds of 642 Portersville Road.. the Worcester family home... peace...

9: The ROCK... to the left... ...The BARN... to the right

12: ...and the barn... and the creek...

13: looking toward 'the RUN' | ...and 'the ROCK'

14: SOO-OO many memories... ...and the stories told: The barn was built with a thin piece of wood/siding covering the vertical spaces between the boards...One day in the middle of a project, Win needed more wood... he removed just a few of those narrow strips of wood--the perfect size. HAHAHA, he remembers that His dad was NOT happy. The missing strips are STILL missing--some 75 years later!

16: ...and Jack tells his daughter, Sharon... "My Mom always said, 'Stay away from the Big Rock.'"

19: ...and the window to the workshop...just the same now as when they were teens... Jack remembers that anytime the two connivers even mentioned to Mr. Worcester that a tool or piece of equipment was needed for a project, it always arrived a few days later...

21: Jack remembers the "old grade path"... on the other side of the creek he used as a shortcut to school. The bus cost 8 cents so he was forced to walk. Along that path he had to walk over a railroad trestle over the creek near the first bridge. One time a Soloman boy fell off and drowned. His family had a dry cleaning business in town. Jack said that his house was in Wayne Township and Win's was in Perry Township, so they attended different grade schools. In 8th grade they had to take a test to continue to high school. That's when the boys started wood shop classes. Their teacher, Ralph Stewart, lived in Wurtemburg too and often drove them to school. He sometimes took them in to work on a project on Sunday...

22: Win and Jack remember a long canoe trip: The adventures of Win and Jack on the river include near misses with storms and barges, and encounters with interesting people. Multiple dams divide the Ohio River and the locks would open for most boats. Win and Jack discovered that the locks would open for canoes, too. They felt experienced and confident on the river after just a few days. When they came to one lock and were about to go through, the lockmaster ran down and yelled at them. "He says, 'I knew you boys were dumb but I didn't know you were that dumb!'" recalled Win, laughing at the memory. Directly behind the canoe was a tugboat pushing a huge barge, the men had not heard a thing. "So we got out of there as quick as we could. Just barely missed getting hit by one of those barges ...so we learned a little bit more about the river. But I didn't know of anybody else who did that." said Win who can still hear the shouts of the lockmaster. | as told to Heidi Klise

23: Win remembers : The trip was complicated by flooding and landslides and strong current up the Muskingum River: he always in the back of the canoe, and Jack always in front. It was very hard paddling and Win would sometimes stop from fatigue--but always Jack just kept on paddling.


25: WURTEMBURG, PA The first settler in the area of what became Wurtemburg in southeastern Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, arrived in about 1796. That settler, Ananias Allen, started a grist mill along the Slippery Rock Creek that became a commercial success. Other mills and shops sprung up as well. Beginning in the late 1820's a host of German immigrants, most hailing from the province or state of Wurtemburg in southern Germany, began arriving in the area. Among the prominent new arrivals were German-born Jacob Liebendorfer and Irish-born James Mehard. A village was soon laid out and became known as Wurtemburg or more popularly "Dutch Town" -- from 'Deutsch' meaning German.

26: Dan Gill Sharon's husband

27: GOODBYE, Jack and Sharon and Dan We had a spectacular day!! | and then there were four...

28: the new owner, the new house Jennifer Banyay is the daughter of John VanGorder who bought the property from Win's sister, Mary King, in the 1990's when she decided to live in South Carolina near her sons, Fitz and John. John V. and Fitz were friends. Jennifer remembers that Mary moved away when she was in 4th grade. The family attempted to save the original house , hoping to move it away from the road to a new foundation. The task proved too costly and impractical. They were able to save some of the window frames which now hold maps of the area AND most importantly, they kept and are using some of the kitchen cupboards which Jack Fury had made and installed for Mary and John King.

29: John VanGorder with daughter, Jennifer, and grandsons, Joel and Garrett

31: J A C K F U R Y | W I N W O R C E S T E R | 4-8-1920- 4-9-2016 | 1-27-1921 1-15-2015 | MEMORIES of 642 Portersville Road...

32: earliest photo

33: adding siding

36: adding siding

37: with the front porch

39: Ed , baby Edith , Mary, Jane | jane and mary on the muddy wurtemburg roads

40: the big barrel is from the steel mill which w.s.worcester, sr. affixed to a model T and used to spray the fruit trees with insecticide; the little boy is Ed

42: baby Edith Mary Jane Ed on the tractor

44: Ed | Mary | Fitz | Win

45: Grace | Edith | on an outing--not at Portersville Road--but the picture is too good to omit

46: the tent | Win

47: Ed, Fitz, Edith

48: Fitz, Edie, Win

52: Ed , Win, Jr., Win , Sr.,

53: Grace, Fitz, Edith

54: Ed, Win, Mary, Edie

55: Fitz, Ed, Win

56: Ed and Win

57: the BIG ROCK | Mary, Ed | Edie | Win

58: Edith, Ed, Mary | Grace, Fitz, Win | Grandma Blake | Gertrude , Bert's wife | Bert, Grace's brother | Edith, Grace's sister

61: Win's new bike | notice his feet!

63: Grace, Fitz, Win | wonder what they did to deserve this?

65: friend Vivien, Edith, Ed , Win, Fitz Mary, Grace | in front of the lily pool by Slippery Rock Creek

66: sailboat on 'the run' jack fury(?), win, and friends | photo painted by w.s.worcester, sr

67: Win by the RAM HOUSE which was the boys' secret hideout- complete with secret password: Win, Fitz, John Caughey, Harold Wilson there was a hole in the floor for the hydraulic pump which pumped water up the hill to the house | a tear in the photo

68: Win and Fitz

72: Win and Fitz mixing cement to make a dam on the run

73: fitz and win flood stage on slippery rock creek

74: Win flying his plane over the run

76: fitz and win felling a tree... | ...to make a boat

78: Fitz Worcester, Win Worcester, Jack Fury

79: Fitz and Win | picture painted by win worcester, sr.

80: Edith Worcester | Dale Mason | Betsy Mason | Grace Worcester | Fitz King | John King

81: Betsy Mason was Granddad Worcester's sister

82: Edie, Win, Grace, Fitz

86: John King, Win, Bob Gift

87: Win & Jane

88: 1947 ? | dale mason, win worcester, jane worcester

89: edith worcester, grace worcester, betsy mason

90: johnny king | john king | mary king | fitz king | grace worcester | jane worcester

91: Thanksgiving 1947 | win worcester | baby mary worcester

92: ... the target in the background; Win S. Worcester, Sr. made and used his own arrows | Win, Mary, Jane, with Mabel Gibb | Mary

93: apple trees

94: Johnny King, Mary and Win

95: Winthrop S. Worcester, Sr.

96: Mary and Susie: barn in background approx 1952

97: barn to left

98: Win and Tom McLain

99: march, 1957

100: 1958-60? | Mary, Jane, Win Gail, Susie

103: Granddad Worcester as I very fondly remember him. ...in his red leather chair wearing those granddad type suspenders. Sometimes he would play his violin--but not if he knew we were listening. Sometimes he would be walking out on the property; cautiously and a bit stiff-legged. Sometimes he would help use his apple peeler--then insist I eat the apple. He was very quiet

104: cleaning up and remodeling | down comes the shed | maybe Win, Hattie & Tom McLain; Jane

105: John King | after Granddad Worcester died, Mary and John King remodeled and moved into the house.

106: Gail and Susie papering inside the china closet! Aunt Mary King, Grandma Gibb, Jane, Win Fitz, Susie holding Win G., Gail

108: Summer 1979 | Gail, Jane, Mary, Win | Mabel Gibb, Win & Jeff in background

109: Mabel Gibb Mary King | John King | Debbie Jones, Jane | Gail Worcester, Win G.

110: July 5, 1981 | Jenny | Fitz & Craig

111: Gary, Lara | Win, Gail, Fitz, Dottie Craig, Fitz, Jr., Jenny

112: July 25, 1982 | Jenny King Craig King, Fitz King

113: 1992

114: June 16, 1992 | Jane Worcester

115: Mary King | Heidi Klise | Lara Kurth | Andy Klise | Julia Kurth | Steve Klise | susie

116: 6-16-92 | lara | julia | steve | andy

117: heidi

120: mary king win worcester | nita gibb

121: 1992

122: Win S. Worcester

123: 8-7-94 | Win G Worcester

124: jane | win

125: rhonda | mary

126: 2010

129: John King Win Worcester, Fitz King | i think this photo is in S. Caroliina

130: Winthrop Sargent Worcester, Sr October 15, 1883-February 5, 1968 | Grace Ella (Blake) Worcester June 15, 1882-January 14, 1956 | Mary (Worcester) King March 22, 1910-November 29, 1997 | Jane Tunis Worcester 1914-January 29, 1920 | Edward Worcester January 27, 1916-March 21, 2003 | Edith Blake Worcester December 10, 1918-April 6, 1966 | Fitzwilliam Worcester June 3, 1922-December 31, 1942 | John Ashley King February 6, 1909,-May 22, 1980 | Winthrop Sargent Worcester, Jr. January 27, 1921 - -January 15, 2015

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