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S: Social Studies Project : Thomas Key 2012

FC: World War One | Through the eyes of a 20'th century Mark V tank gunner

1: I am a tank gunner that fought in The Great War of 1900's. My comrades helped me go through tough times. I served from August 22,1915 to1919. I was born in Scotland,and enlisted in the war in 1915. Among my victories are: Somme,Cambri and others. I volunteered for tank service as a gunner. My crew members were Vince, the driver, Sheller my counter part gunner, and Steve, the commander. Greg and William are loaders | My tank

2: Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination | The assassination attempt | On June 28,1914, the Serb Garvillo Princip shot and killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand.This act sparked a war in Europe coined "The Great War"

3: Franz and Sofie pronounced dead | The Archduke and his wife | The murder weapon

4: The picture depicts a charge to the next trench. This process was deadly in the sights of snipers and machine guns. | Trench Warfare

5: August 17, 1916 Somme, France The war drags on; many trenches have been set up. The main reason for their appearance, in a tanker's point of view, is to limit casualties. The advanced new weapons are turning the war into a defensive drive. The machine gun and artillery cannons have devastating effects. The men hide in their trenches and foxholes and pray that the machine gunner 100 meters away doesn't target them. Some are afraid that if they peek their head over the hole, the marksman 1,000 meters away will shoot them right between the eyes. When the gas comes most don't expect it but they drop like stones. The letter will be sent. The body will be bagged. The family members might understand, but the five-year-old daughter will never get over the fact that papa will never be coming home again. Some Doughboys would prefer death, over trench foot. The first time I saw the mangled toes and lumpy feet, well, I had nightmares for a week. The fungus grows and thrives on the moist skin. It is so gruesome I don't want to talk about it anymore. In a defensive war, people get slaughtered for only a few kilometers of ground. Don't think the German over there will think twice about putting a bullet through your forehead and crushing all the hopes and dreams you had as a boy.

6: U-Boats | U-boats docked | German submarine propaganda | The U-boat was a German submarine. It was used to sink warships without detection. Each was equipped with sonar and torpedoes. The U-boat would submerge under the water for a kill.

7: A U-boat rises on to the surface. | U-boats played major roles in naval warfare. | a U-boat crew at work

8: Tank in combat | A German tank, they had only 20 | The Tank | A Tank sketch

9: The tank was not invented, it evolved from its predecessors. The tank's sole purpose was to be an offensive weapon in a defensive war. In some Mark V's (like mine)there was an empty space between the treads that allowed ground troops to be protected against sniper and machine gun fire. The difference in Mark V tanks is that some tanks had machine guns(Female) and some had artillery (Male). This allowed heavy fire and advancement with out dieing.

10: In this political cartoon it shows the Germans sinking the Lusitania. However, the writing on the ship shows that the Lusitania has "US Patience" written on it. The Zimmerman telegram was the final straw. | The sinking of the Lusitania | This propaganda poster shows sinking mother and child from the wreck of the Lusitania. This was probably used to stir up strong emotions in American young men. | The Lusitania was sunk on may 7th 1915.

11: A news paper article on the sinking of the Lusitania.

13: I was with the 15th Scottish devision at that battle of Somme. The battle started on July 1, 1916. Our job was to prevent attacks from the flank. We did this by capturing the city of Marinpuich, France. This gained British momentum even though the attack was called off on November 18, 1916. This was one of the first few battles where tanks were on the battlefield. ------------------*****------------------ The battle started with heavy British bombardments of German lines. The British thinking that the enemy was mostly dead, advanced to capture the Germans. However most of the artillery shells were duds. The Germans easily mowed down Doughboys left and right. Finally on July 11, the British secured the first line of German trenches. The Brits were convinced that the Germans were weak and victory was in sight. Small victories happened every where! The French needed the Brits to keep up the pressure so that victory could be possible. However, bad weather,snow, stopped the battle before the victory was gained. | The Battle of Somme

14: The sinking of the Lusitania | Diagram of German Submarine | The U.S. enters WWI

15: Congress formally declared war against Germany for repeated acts of war on the United States. Such acts were: the sinking of the Lusitania,German U-boats in U.S. waters,and supposed attacks from Mexico stated in the Zimmerman telegram. The declaration was given April 6th, 1917. | German U-boat | Woodrow Wilson

16: Russian Revolution | Vladimir Lenin

17: March 15th, 1917 The Russians have left the war. Their revolution has made them have to leave the war. Czar Nicolas II has to deal with his own country. Vladimir Lenin and his Communist party are threats to the Czar. Part of the problem was created when the Czar closed the Duma (National Assembly). The other reason is because the workers are striking. Russia has had the most casualties, over 8 million. It's people are suffering because of want for food and fuel. The Communist party supports: peace, land, bread, and worker control of production. Some of the Communist party's beliefs are a threat to capitalism. This could get ugly. November 17th, 1917 The Communists have seized the throne! At 8:40 this morning Lenin and his Communist party overthrew the Czar by force. They are expected to sign a peace treaty with Germany. Little has changed though. Even though Vladimir Lenin is the new head-of-government.

20: IV. Disarming | I. Peace | III. No economic barriers | II. Sea:neutral area | V. Balance between people-gov. | VI. Russian territory restored | VII. Belgium territory restored | Wilson's 14 Point Speech

21: X. Protects Austria-Hungry | XI.Protects Serbia | VIII. Restores France | IX. Adjusts Italy's borders | XII. Protects Turkey | XIII. Protects Poland | XIV. Forms the League of Nations

22: The Treaty of Versailles | The Treaty of Versailles punished Germany for WWI by taking away Germany's colonies,making it pay a fee,and attempting to limit the size of an army. The Treaty wounded Germany's pride. The Treaty was signed on June 28th, 1919.

23: The League of Nations was the dream that Woodrow Wilson had. The U.S. did not participate. By the time Wilson got back to the U.S. the country had grown more isolationist. This may cause the League problems. The League was founded on June 28th, 1919. | The League of Nations

24: Shell Shock | 1921 Scotland Some returning soldiers from the front suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,or shell shock. this disorder was common on the battle field. Symptoms are major and minor panic attacks on or away from the battlefield. Thankfully I haven't suffered from it yet. Some victims have been known to flee battle, an act punishable by death. Sometimes after a bayonet charge a soldier would see the victim's face in front of him. It truly was a horrifying experience for these men. Some victims of shell shock got over it at home, while others will carry it with them for the rest of their lives.

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