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Year 2 of Marriage

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Year 2 of Marriage - Page Text Content

S: Dusty and Jaimie 2011-2012

FC: Just another day in

1: This book might seem like a beginning but it is really just a new chapter. The stories that precede these pages are the foundation to what Dusty and Jaimie are now. The trials (like Dusty losing things all the time) and the celebrations (like Jaimie finding all the things Dusty "looks" for) are all building blocks for their family. Luckily, these building blocks are only metaphorical so they cannot be used as weapons.

2: Courtney & Aaron's Wedding | Dusty and Jaimie were late to the ceremony (surprise, surprise). Between the ceremony and reception, they ran to Raising Canes (one of the many places on their list of Lubbock restaurants they miss). | YUMMY! | At the reception, they ate Mexican food and Jaimie loved the candy bar. They also took a turn at the photo booth that had fun props! | Courtney and her family had put so many unique touches on the wedding. She was beautiful and bubbly as always! | Courtney, Karen, and Jaimie

3: Back in the LBK | Past to present.. | Dusty was one of the only people to wear the gorilla mask! | After the wedding, Dusty & Jaimie spent time with the Keevans. Jaimie was tired early in the night like always and even Dusty could not make it to last call. Because of bad timing and too many errands, Dusty & Jaimie missed time with Jennifer. | At The Library, Dusty pointed out the booth him and his buddies frequented in the earlier days. | Jessica and Jaimie | BBQ at 1:30 in the morning! | Dusty had a charlie horse in both legs at the same time. They had to pull over to do some stretching. Nice shoe choice!

4: Dusty and Jaimie spent time with the Carroll's and then went to Jaimie's mom and dad's house for the evening. They grilled out, watched Kaleb swim, and played boardgames! | Land of the free | Kaleb loved playing in the pool. Jaimie made the mistake of getting in with him! | Jeanette and Jessie | The flames are finally under control!

5: Home of the brave | Dusty, Wally, and Bailey all swimming! | Jaimie made "firecrackers" for everyone at work--they were a big hit! | Dusty and Jaimie went over to the Dickson's two nights in a row. Once for ribs and once for fajitas! | While Dusty and Jaimie were in Comanche, Bonnie and Dennis came and worked on their house. Such good in-laws!!!! | wasp graveyard | Dusty was kept busy for hours killing wasps and anything else that flew near him!

6: Top Golf Dallas TX | David played at the putting green while Dusty, Jaimie, and Jeanette people watched. | There were two levels of bays that could hold up to 6 people. The whole place was packed! | Jaimie was used to having her name misspelled but both were surprised when Dusty's name was wrong! | Everyone loved Top Golf! Dusty and Jaimie made plans to try the Allen location as soon as possible! | Jaimie had the best luck at the very beginning...but it didn't last! | July 9th, 2011

7: Dusty | David | Jaimie | David bought a pitcher of Shiner for him and Dusty. He made it through one and a half glasses and had to stop. Jaimie had some Sangria spritzer with mint! | Dusty could hit the ball pretty far but could not always make it into one of the targets. The day made him want his own set of golf clubs! | Of course, without meaning to, Jaimie hit this little cart during one of her turns. It got several cheers from nearby bays!

8: Taste of Texas | Dusty waiting in line for some Thai cuisine! | David's Jerk Chicken was too messy for him! | Jaimie bought Taste of Texas tickets for her and Dusty from groupon for a surprise date. | Jeanette and Jaimie | July 9, 2011 | Matching sunglasses from a booth!! | "Happy Days" cupcake | Chicken nachos

9: Peel and eat shrimp--Dusty tried them from two different places. Joe's Crab Shack and Dick's Last Resort. | Jaimie's favorite was the shrimp cocktail! Shrimp, avocado, onions! | Dad and Dusty hanging out by the trash cans! | Jaimie printed out directions before they left. The directions were to a random spot in the ghetto. Dusty became very uncomfortable.. | Check out this BBQ pit!!!

10: Buffalo Wild Wings | Dusty and Jaimie met up with Russell and Tiffani, Justin and Chelsea, and Joe Dalton to eat at one of their favorite places! | Like every other trip, Dusty ordered Blazing wings against Jaimie's better judgment... | Because it was busy that night, they found a table on the patio that was "closed in" according to Dusty. The glass doors were wide open and ceiling fans meant nothing in 104 degree heat! | Dusty, Russell, Justin, and Chelsea decided to eat the blazing wings while everyone else just enjoyed their reactions. Of course, Jaimie had to take pictures! | BWW | July 14th, 2011 | Dusty's scared face | Russell looks like he is being tortured! | Chelsea's itsy bitsy teeny weeny bite! | Justin post blazing bite | Tiffany looks so proud! | Dusty praying to Jesus after feeling the flames!

11: July 24th, 2011 | Dusty decided randomly one day to start the Harry Potter series. After a full weekend of watching every HP movie that was out on DVD, Dusty decided he had to see the final movie as quickly as possible. The following weekend Dusty and Jaimie headed to Abilene to see the final movie! | Harry Potter and Genghis Grill | Dusty's creation that he loved! | Dusty's eleven dollar drink!!! | Waiting to go into Genghis! | After marriage, dates involve errands. Tags for the dogs! Finally! | Dusty was embarrassed Jaimie wanted a picture with her bowl!

12: ZOO DAY !! | Dusty and Jaimie watched Kaleb all weekend. Saturday, they went to Abuelo's and the zoo! | Kaleb loved the giraffes and the hippie monkeys that he kept calling dogs. | Kaleb only noticed the ball, not the animal, in the first cage!!

13: Jaimie's Birthday | Dusty made Jaimie breakfast! | Jaimie had her birthday off so Deborah brought her cookies and Megan brought her a flower pot of pudding on Thursday! Yummy! | After breakfast, Jaimie left for Abilene. She watched The Help and stopped by Target for some last minute shopping. She found these cute shoes for less than $15! | The Dicksons gifted Jaimie the bike trailer she wanted! It was too big to fit in the back of her car so Dennis and Bonnie drove it over in the mule. | Bonnie cooked Jaimie mexican food and brownies & ice cream. | Jaimie loved the movie but not as much as the book!

14: First night before dinner | Trivia time! | Dusty and Jaimie went on a cruise with Andrew and Lauren. It got redirected to Mexico because of Hurricane Irene. They still had a great time. Dusty's favorite part was all the food. Jaimie's favorite part was not having to cook any of the food that Dusty enjoyed so much. She also loved not having to clean. For a more in depth view of their vacation, check out their book Cruising on the Conquest! | Cozumel | Costa Maya

15: Carnival Conquest | Towel animals! | First formal night

16: Saturday, Jaimie, Kimberley, and Kaleb went to visit Aunt Peggy at Grandma's house. They were able to see Bonnie Claire too before she headed off for the game. Sunday after lunch with the Dicksons, Dusty and Jaimie went fishing with the Carrolls. They did not catch as many fish this time but Dusty ventured out in Uncle Greg's kayak. Monday was Dennis' 50th birthday. The family ate at Joe Allen's and then headed to Prime Time for some bowling! | Dusty in the kayak with the spidy fishing bowl and mismatching tall socks. | The last days of | Our cool cups from Prime Time

17: Labor Day Weekend | Birthday boy Dennis | Samantha | Chelsea | Bonnie | Justin | Jaimie | Dusty | The girls won as a team but Justin was the best individual bowler.

18: Jaimie, Kim, Jonathan, and Kaleb all ventured to Abilene for the Mudslinger Fun Run. On the way, Kaleb threw up apple juice and they stopped at Chick fil A. Because they were not able to do Pounding the Pavement for Peggy, they wore their shirts in honor of Peggy. After the run, they all headed to WalMart, then Cracker Barrel, then the Peddler Show. | September 10, 2011 | Before the race.... | Right before the tire run... | Abilene, TX | Heading for the hurdles!

19: Obstacles: 1. Balance Beam 2. Great Wall 3. Tire Run 4. Inflatable Slide 5. Tire Roll 6. Army Crawl 7. Barrel Roll 8. Hurdles 9. Mud Pit | They met up with Dusty, Justin, and Chelsea at Buffalo Wild Wings for a late lunch. Dusty ordered 6 Blazin' wings again. He ate them all but regretted the decision later that night.! | THE MUD PIT! | What a way to cool off! | After the race!

20: Dusty and Jaimie headed down to Surfside Beach, Texas for Aaron and Erika's wedding. They left Friday night and got to their hotel a little after midnight! | The next morning, Dusty, Jaimie, Justin, and Chelsea headed to the beach. The waves were huge! They walked along the jetty until they found Tommy, Jesse, and Travis fishing. Bonnie and Samantha were looking for senior picture locations for Samantha. | For lunch, they ate with Zach and some of his friends at Pier 31. Its was a bar but had fresh seafood. Yum! Dusty and Justin had a pound of shrimp and Jaimie had a pound of King crab. Chelsea had chicken of course! Dusty and Justin helped Jaimie finish her plate.

21: Surfside Beach | Everyone got ready for the wedding and headed that way. On the way to the wedding, they stopped at Buc-ee's. Buc-ee's was like Stripes in West Texas. The wedding was wonderful. Everyone stayed after and just hung out. Dusty and Jaimie had such a good time. Dusty even did some karoke with some of the other guys, including Andrew Peterman. | Sunday morning, the group left bright and early to make it home. It was such a great weekend!

22: Witchita Mountains | Home sweet home. | Still messing with the goat leg!

23: Dusty, Jaimie, Justin, and Chelsea made plans to go camping and hiking at Lawton, OK. Of course, they got off an hour later than they wanted and could not decide who fault that actually was. | As soon as they drove onto the wildlife refuge, there were buffalo and longhorns everywhere. There were only 3 camping spots left. They set up camp real quick and headed out for a hike! | The bathrooms did not have a single door in them so Chelsea and Jaimie had to take turns keeping guard. For dinner, they had hotdogs, chips, smores, and goat shoulder. Well actually only Justin and Dusty had goat shoulder. | October 22 and 23

24: They played Mad Gab and Scrabble Slap until they were ready to go to bed. | Jaimie could not find the air pump so she left the air mattress at home, much to Dusty's frustration. Dusty and Jaimie learned that night that "home is where your mattress is". | The next morning, everyone had poptarts for breakfast while they packed up the campsite. They went for one more hike before they headed home. | The goat leg the next morning. They just could not get it to cook. | Checking out where to go next!

26: Originally Jaimie wanted to go to a pumpkin patch in Abilene to pick out pumpkins but Dusty was not on board for that. Instead pumpkins were bought at Hardwick's and Sorrell's. | Jaimie had picked up a book of carving designs and some carving tools! Dusty carved a pumpkin. He is so creative that way! Jaimie carved two ghosts. This was her first pumpkin to finish all by herself! Usually her lack of patience makes Dusty have to finish carving for her. | Dusty is a pumpkin carving pro! | Jaimie's pumpkin waiting to be carved! | Jaimie used the stencil but did not push down hard enough and had to do the whole thing over! Luckily she chose one of the easier patterns. | Bailey and Wally were not sure what exactly was happening but they loved eating the pumpkin guts.

27: October 26, 2011 | Dusty's poor pumpkin did not make it more than one day. They left it up anyways since it was nearly time for trick or treaters! | Dusty's finished project..

28: Dusty and Jaimie decided to go big for Halloween 2011. They had a duck pond and a plinko board for the trick or treaters. | Jaimie bought fun toys and candy for everyone who came by. | The duckies would not float! | The candy and toy table Bonnie helped decorate | Close up of the table | Plinko board..turned out a little ghetto. But it still worked!

29: Jaimie dressed up as Dora the Explorer and Dusty dressed up as a ninja. Wally was a sheriff and Bailey was a bumblebee. | Earlier in the week, they had decorated the front yard and porch. The big spider and its web looked so scary. The ghosts in the tree had fallen down once so Dusty tied them up by their necks. | The front porch! | So precious!!!!

30: Only one trick or treater came by Saturday night. Dusty and Jaimie sent Dennis and Bonnie home until Monday. Later, Dusty and Jaimie went to Rising Star for a costume party/birthday party. The house was swarming with trick or treaters Monday night! | Everyone waiting for the trick or treaters! | The puppies did not like their costumes very much. | Dusty made monsters for the windows. | Lined the sidewalk and wrapped the tree in orange lights.

31: 2011 | All the men hanging out! | Time to eat! | Kaleb and his favorite person: Gigi!

32: Dusty and Jaimie headed to Hutto for Thanksgiving with the Urban side. Kyle and Millie stayed in Post with Bonnie but everyone else was able to make it! They had a special guest: Bonnie-Claire's roommate from China. They had tons of food: some old traditions and some new creations! | Kaleb being silly! | After lunch, they drove back to Cross Plains for the Dickson Thanksgiving., even Memaw and Pepaw came to town! Joseph and Allison were too late to eat but made it to visit for a little while. Peyton loved Bailey but the feelings were not mutual. It was so good to get to see everyone!

33: We | Texas Tech | Dennis and Bonnie took everyone to the Tech vs Baylor game. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat and headed to the stadium. Texas Tech could not get the job done but we still had such a good time!!

34: Dusty and Jaimie went to the Comanche National Bank party on December 10, 2011 in Lingleville, Texas. Bella Vita Ranch was gorgeous! Santa even came to the party. | To put everyone in the Christmas spirit at work, Jaimie hid a little elf around the Operations building. For every day within the two weeks before Christmas that you found the elf, you got your name in a drawing. Everyone loved the game!! | Dusty and Jaimie woke up to snow on December 5. They did not get to enjoy it long because it was a weekday. They did use the snow for their first Christmas card.

35: Jaimie and Dusty had four trees around the house. Jaimie loved it, Dusty did not. Jaimie is on strict orders to not buy anymore trees for several years. They could not wait to open presents so they opened them early. Dusty loved his Rockband and Jaimie immediately started looking for new recipes! | Family Christmas cards! | Snow!!

36: Christmas Eve was a full day of family fun. Dusty and Jaimie cleaned up the house for the next day and then headed over to Aunt Deedee and Uncle Greg's to help prepare the seafood feast! Dennis, Bonnie, and Samantha missed out but everyone else enjoyed crab, shrimp, fish, and biscuits. Dusty and Jaimie headed to First Baptist for the service and then helped Peyton make cookies for Santa. Dennis, Bonnie, and Samantha finally made it back from the Cowboys game (where Samantha performed) and the gift exchange began. Nana opened Pedro but Justin ended up taking him home, much to Nana's relief. | Jaimie, Kim, Bonnie Claire, Millie, and Kaleb all headed to the mall for Santa pictures and last minute holiday shopping. They had all such a good time and ate a yummy lunch at Abuelo's!

37: Christmas Eve

38: Santa came early at the Dickson's. Dusty and Jaimie got a call around 5 AM from Justin and Samantha ready to open presents. After opening presents and doing the traditional movie exchange, everyone sat down to eat Gunther House pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Yummy!!! Dusty and Jaimie went home to get ready for lunch with the Dickson/Turner group.

39: Christmas Day | ..and guns?

40: About 30 seconds before the whole tub was turned over... | Kaleb running and running...

41: Gigi, G-Dad, Kim, Jonathan, and Kaleb came to Cross Plains that afternoon. They started cooking dinner and opened gifts. Everyone loved their gifts! They had smoked turkey and lots of sides, including the traditional baked squash. They did not have time to play board games but still had a good time! | Kaleb trying on his backpack from Uncle Dusty and Jam.

42: Dusty and Jaimie spent December 31 at Grandma's house. It was good food and lots of fun. That evening, they met up with Andrew and Lauren in Austin for Mexican food and fireworks! Lauren's parents live in a neighborhood full of people ready to celebrate New Years! | Watching their handy work! | They drank champagne at midnight and went to bed shortly after. Such is the life for old folks! | to

43: January 21, 2012 | Valentine's Day | Dusty and Jaimie celebrated Valentine's a few weeks early. They drove up to Fort Worth and met up with the Day's for supper! After a great time, they headed to A Piece of Work for a painting class. Of course, it turned into a competition as soon as they walked through the door. | Dusty's bouquet | In the end, neither Dusty nor Jaimie liked their painting. Joseph andAllison were nice enough to put them up for the night. They left the next morning and came home to Wally and Bailey who missed them so much!

44: Justin and Chelsea in the Butterfly House. | The photo booth was SO fun! | Chelsea and Jaimie at the entrance of the Butterfly House. | For Andy and Megan's wedding, Dusty and Jaimie headed up to Rockwall. Justin and Chelsea went with them to keep Jaimie company while Dusty was off being best man. Friday night, Dusty walked through rehearsal and everyone enjoyed a great Italian dinner. Dusty and Jaimie went to the Flying Saucer with all guys except for Jaimie. Too bad they only had one car! | March 10, 2012 | Dave's impression of Andy that made everyone laugh..except Andy.

45: Bennett Wedding | Dusty's gift that he loved! | This got INTENSE! | Saturday night was fun for everyone! The wedding was beautiful, which the women appreciated, and short, which everyone appreciated. The reception was amazing! Mashed potato bar and photo booth were Jaimie's favorites. Limitless Shiner Bock was Dusty's favorite. It rained all weekend and the traffic was terrible but it was such a blessing to watch one of Dusty's oldest friends begin the new chapter of his life! | The doors got stuck at the butterfly house which nearly led to mass chaos!

46: Dusty and Jaimie had a busy Easter weekend. Friday night, Kaleb came over to spend the night. On the way home, they stopped and took pictures in the bluebonnets. After supper, Jaimie and Kaleb made Easter cookies for all their friends and family. | Saturday morning, Kaleb and Jaimie headed back to Comanche for Mrs. Linda's Easter egg party. Mrs. Linda talked about the real reason to celebrate Easter and then all the kids hunted for eggs! | After the hunt, everyone went back to GiGi's to visit with family. Grandma, Dennis, Darryl, Bonnie Claire, Millie, and Kyle all came to celebrate! They had BBQ and Jaimie made dyed deviled eggs! | Kaleb's smile

47: Saturday evening, Dusty and Jaimie went to Abilene to celebrate Bonnie's birthday. They had a great dinner at Red Lobster! | Sunday morning, Dusty and Jaimie went to church and then to Bonnie's for a big ham dinner. It was delicious! Then it was time for their egg hunt. Dusty's arm was bleeding afterwards but was such a good time. Justin broke the pinata this year that Jaimie brought.

48: South Padre Island | Dusty and Jaimie left right after work on Saturday and drove down to Mike and Rhonda's. Sunday morning, they had breakfast and took off for the beach. They had lunch at Laguna Bob's, where Jaimie nearly lost her ID! After lunch, they went to their condo to crash. Dusty cooked Chinese food that night! | Monday morning, Dusty cooked chorizo and eggs. They had a nail in their tire from Schlitterbahn construction so they had to get it fixed. Dusty and Jaimie booked a fishing trip for that afternoon. They had sandwiches back at the condo and headed to Pier 19 for the fishing trip. Unfortunately, the trip was canceled since there were not enough people. They went to get their tattoos and spent the evening with Bill and Wanda. Drinks on the patio and more drinks at The Big Donkey. It was such a good night! | Dusty's idea of a pedicure | Tuesday morning came bright and early with an 8 AM fishing trip. Bill wanted to go too so it was a full boat. Dusty and Bill caught fish pretty much right away but Jaimie waited about 2 hours before the first catch. The 3 hour trip was actually a 4 hour trip and everyone was tired way before they cranked up the boat to go home. Dusty and Jaimie grabbed some pizza after they dropped off Bill. Later that evening, they had dinner with Bill, Wanda, Mike, and Rhonda at Pelican Station.

49: Wednesday was a lazy day for Dusty! Jaimie got up and made cinnamon rolls and went to jog on the beach. They finally went to the beach to swim and lay out. They picked up a boogie board but did not do much with it. Dusty was waiting for the perfect wave to teach Jaimie and it never came. After several hours, they went back to the condo and cleaned up a bit. Sushi at 3:30 in the afternoon made for a perfect lunch/dinner. Ice cream on the way back to the condo ended a great day! | Thursday morning, Jaimie just could not get up! Finally, they went across to check on prices for seafood to bring back to CP. They picked up a pound of boiled shrimp and headed to the beach to meet up with Bill and Wanda. Everyone enjoyed the sun for several hours and then headed to Clayton's Beach Bar. It was such a cool place! For dinner, everyone met up at Louie's for their all you can eat seafood buffet. It was a good return visit for Dusty and Jaimie and a good first time experience for Bill and Wanda. | Dusty and Jaimie headed home early Friday morning (at 6!) but missed getting the picture by the big SP sign. They stopped at a few thrift stores along the way and bought some great finds! They made it home a little before 5 and not a moment too soon. It was such a great trip that they both enjoyed!

50: Cinco de Mayo party | Andy and megan | The party started on the new patio but moved to the garage after it got dark. | Coty and Tiffany | Andrew with the line up | Andrew and Jaimie were on the same team. Coty and Dusty were the winners for several games.

51: Dusty and Jaimie decided to have a Cinco de Mayo party. Jaimie made tortilla invitations and got lots of fun decorations. She found mustaches and pepper necklaces to make it more festive.They had Mexican cokes, tacos, and margaritas. Tons of people showed up and three lucky winners walked away with kittens! Everyone had such a good time! | Chelsea and Jaimie | chelsea even brought a pinata for the party! | Zack picking up candy. | Megan | Kittens=party favors!

52: May 26, 2012 | Dusty had to work but Jaimie went to Cedar Park to run in the sMiles for Sammy 5k. Grandma, Gigi, Jonathan, Kim, Kaleb, Bonnie Claire, Millie, and Kyle went too! It was so good to see some family and support such a good cause. They hope to make it an annual event! | Grandma and Aunt Maggie | Rhonda, Gigi, Wanda

53: For their second anniversary, Dusty took Jaimie to Copper Creek in Abilene. It was one of the best meals they had ever had! | Two years has passed by so quickly! There have been such happy times and some sad ones. Both have shown Dusty and Jaimie how blessed their lives truly are. They still irritate each other with their quirks but now have another year of memories and inside jokes. Two down, seventy to go! | Super stuffed! | June 5, 2012

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