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Year 2011 Memories

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Year 2011 Memories - Page Text Content

S: Travis and Amber Lowder Year 2011

BC: Another year has come and gone...We look forward to what will be the memories for next year....

FC: 2011

1: Important Events March 12th 2011: Travis took out his endowments in the South Jordan Temple March 19th 2011: Travis and Amber are sealed for Eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple March 30, 2011: Brooklyn Grace Lowder is born March 31, 2011: Martin Xavier Bacik is born May 6, 2011: Blake Norman Russell is born April 30th - May 8th: Travis and Amber go on a Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean July 9th-17- : Travis and Amber went with Lowder Family to Hawaii August 14: Grandpa Keith DuAne Bevans passed away from a heart attack September 2011: Ben Lowder's Once in a Lifetime Goat Hunt October 17 Our second year anniversary November 11 Brendan and Kelsie are married in the Salt Lake City Temple

2: Starting out the year with some fun activities, going to eat at the Mayan with Mom and Jocelyn and Rylee. Food was awful but company was AWESOME, we slept over and had a blast with Jocelyn Rob was out of town, we had ice cream and Jocelyn was insistent that during the movie we don't fall asleep. I slept with Rylee and she was hilarious she woke up in the middle of the night and had to check on her babies????

3: We went to a Gymnastic competition with Rob and Jocelyn and Rylee and Cade. It was a blast!

4: March 12, 2011 Travis Endowed | Travis was endowed. Ben was his escort and Christy was mine! It was really neat because Kyle and Serene Hardy were the witness couple. Afterwards, we all went for ice cream at Leatherby's

5: This was the most amazing and single most important day of our lives. We are sealed to be together for Eternity and our future children will be with us for Eternity! I get to be with my best friend for Eternity. That is all I want...and I got it | March 19, 2011

6: We are so grateful for all the love a support. Not pictured were Matt Miller and his wife and Steve and Karissa Carter and Grandma Lita. Matt came all the way from Idaho after just having a baby! | GUESTS Photos taken by our amazing photographer Brock Bacik

7: Top: Diane and Marty Bacik Top right: Chuck and Nadine Swank Bottom Right: Lowder Family and Todd Richins Bottom Left Martin and Viola Bacik

8: GUESTS Photos taken by our amazing photographer Brock Bacik

10: For Easter this year I made Travis a basket and wrote him a letter which is in here. We watched To this End Was I Born and Finding Faith in Christ. We then went over to the Lowder's and had a nice dinner and made birds nests for the activity.

12: Cause I'm Leaving on a JET PLANE ..don't know when I'll be back again....actually 7 days | EASTERN CARRIBEAN PRINCESS CRUISE

13: We finally arrived....flight was rough but worth it and we were greeted with RAIN | PUERTO RICO

15: One of our favorite parts of the cruise was the MOVIES UNDER THE STARS

16: When we first got off the boat and into St. Thomas Travis had an important decision to make...whether or not to turn in his points for a spring bear tag. He finally decided to do it and while I was waiting I went shopping and ran into this lady which was shocked I was married and happy...then I almost stepped on this lizard below coming around the corner | St. Thomas Virgin Islands

17: We are going SNORKELING YEA!.. at Turtle Cove...Travis has his ticket in hand | We had a great time snorkeling and now it is time to get back on the ship and have a great dinner afterwards | For our keepsake we got 3 small turtles representing our snorkeling adventure! We were so close to the turtles you can see on the next page.

19: St. Thomas Virgin Islands | This was our first stop. We went on a sail to Turtle Cove which we sat towards the front of the sail boat and got soaked. Then we went snorkeling. It was amazing to get up close to the turtles and see all the colorful fish! We LOVE snorkeling

20: This was our second stop and we went to Stingray City and got to swim with stingray's. Amber even had one give her a love bite, she screamed because it latched onto her thumb thinking it was food and she pulled it out against previous instruction to just let them suck on your thumb till they let go. | ANTIGUA

22: Our First Smart Casual night on the boat that we actually dressed up. | Me yelling and growling at Travis to come Dance with Me

23: That night we went to a show and then went dancing after I talked Travis into it. It was ALOT of fun

25: First Complete Day At Sea | We went to another show and it was amazing it was the Piano Man | Then we watched this was okay | What a Gorgeous Day it was in the 80's


27: For Travis's birthday he wanted to wake up early and watch a movie then we layed out in the sun and then played a game of bingo, then it was formal night so we dressed up and then finished up the evening watching Country Strong

28: This is Travis's favorite port. He wants to come back because it was so beautiful. We took a ferry and bus to get us to the excursion. Travis saved us about 150.00 dollars by taking us himself instead of going on the tour. We were suppose to go swimming but it was too cold of water. | BERMUDA

29: These are the caves we went into. It was amazing. the crystallites would grow out of the water and from the ceiling and meet. The water was crystal clear and you could see far down into it. People had dropped sunglasses and phones and couldn't get them back.


31: It was a colder day and rainy since we were almost to New York, so we mostly walked around the ship and then went and played bingo, we almost won and Amber shouted out "Yea" in excitement and the Host made a joke of it. We also had to go to bed early because we were getting up at 3 am to see Statue Liberty

32: Time to go home. We had such a great Trip. We arrived in NY at 11:30 and our flight leaves at 4:30

33: We woke up especially for the Statue of Liberty. It was cold but beautiful.

34: It all started like any other Thursday, until I got a phone call from the DNR. The gal on the pone told me that someone had surrendered their bear tag, and it was mine for the taking. I told her that I would think about it and have an answer for her Monday morning. Normally I wouldn't have hesitated, but this spring we had been pounded with snow, and I knew that access to the back country would be tough. After a weekend of hiking, looking at maps, listening to people tell me to pass and wait for a better year, and consulting with my brother. I decided to take the tag. Normally the next week would be a really tough week getting everything ready and setting up bait sites. However, I was leaving for a cruise with my wife. Lucky for me I have the best big brother ever. He worked hard and when I got home from my trip he had two bait sites raring and ready to go for me. After two weeks of stocking baits, checking trail cameras and waiting, we had a bear hit. It was a really big bear too. After seeing his pictures, we knew that he was a monster and started sitting in that stand every day rain or shine And there was a lot of rain. I couldn't wait to get a shot off at that big bear that we had named “Fatty Magoo.” We had been sitting in the upper stand waiting for the big boy but only getting pictures of him at night. A week after we had started hunting we had our first bear encounter. It was a small blonde bear. It was coming in and winded us. It circled the bait and then took off, it knew something wasn't right. Two days later we had another bear come in it was bigger than the blonde bear, but if wasn't Fatty Magoo so I decided to pass on it. The next couple of weeks we saw nothing. The bears were coming in at night and not very consistently either. I was starting to wonder if I had blown my one opportunity to take a bear on this hunt by passing that average bear. But all I wanted was that big boy. You see every day when we would leave my brothers house to go sit in the stands I would look at my brothers bear that is tied for the second biggest in Utah, and tell him that I wanted to kill one like that, and Fatty Magoo was close to that .After hunting for four weeks the season was winding down. With one week left I got a call from work saying that I was being sent out of town the next week. Just like that my seven days left shrunk into a possible two to three days left. I was not excited. Once I returned from work I had two days left to close the deal. After talking with my brother who was checking cameras and stocking baits for me while gone, we decided to try our luck at the lower bait we had. There were some good bears hitting it and there wouldn't be as much pressure from hounds. But I had to let Fatty Magoo go. So we headed in on the second to last night. We climbed into our stands and were getting settled when my brother elbowed me, I thought he was just getting situated until I got another one. There was a bear coming in already. We had only been in the stands for maybe five minutes. It was a really young bear but it was a good sign. It stayed for twenty minutes then moseyed off. Just as I was wondering if it wasn't going to happen at all, I heard a twig pop behind us. I put my Louis L’Amour book down because I just knew that it was go time. I saw some movement above us and it was a chocolate bear coming in. We had trail camera pictures of this bear with another big blonde bear so I knew there was another bear around. As we watched the chocolate bear make its way to the bait I heard something behind us. It was the big blonde bear. We watched as it came in, it walked in right under our feet. We were literally looking through the tree stands to see it. I had my bow ready and was waiting patiently for a good shot. As the bear was making its way to the bait, my heart was pounding. It felt like my heart was running a marathon and my body was holding perfectly still. I couldn't even count how fast it was beating. The bear made its way to the bait and it drew back. I took careful aim and the big blond bear and let my arrow fly and it flew true. I had hit my mark perfectly. The bear spun around and took off running, but it didn't make it far. I had hit it perfectly. The bear was on the ground after only fifteen yards. I couldn't believe it. All the ups and downs, the second guessing myself and the hard work had finally paid off.

35: This bear was my first kill with my bow. It was a truly indescribable feeling. I have had other successful hunts with rifles, but there is no comparison. Bow hunting is a lot tougher but it is so much more rewarding when everything comes together and you are able to make a great shot on a beautiful animal that close. There is no other feeling like it. I will be pursuing everything and anything I can with my bow now, I am hooked. | Travis Bear Hunt 2011 | The article was written by Travis and it was published for the Utah Bowmen Association

36: Amber's calling is Girls Camp assistant leader. It was an amazing experience that will not be forgotten the Spirit was so incredible and strong. She bore her testimony about the trials and blessings of her life and it touched so many girls. We also made little book of Mormons with the girls that is a keepsake forever. thanks to Amber's Mom for such an amazing gift. It was wonderful to be in nature close to Heavenly Father.

37: Travis was stung by a bee this summer that swelled up and he was hurting. It took a while to go down. The bee had gotten trapped in his glasses while riding the scooter. Dane took good care of him and here are other shots of Dane messing around!

38: The Great Outdoors | Christy and I decided to go with the boys to set up the bait for Travis Bear was strenuous and stinky! | May 2011

39: Camping with Brett Nielson and Kristy Montano

40: We went to the Bees game with Kristy and Brett and Rick and Becca Best. The Bees Lost

41: This summer was filled with baseball games, hiking, picnics, bike rides, scooter rides, camping, hunting, and lots of fun outdoor activities | SUMMER

42: Amazing Fun on the Fourth

43: Family, Fun, Food and Fireworks

44: Saying goodbye to Dane, leaving on the plane to go to HAWAII! | HAWAII

45: Sunday We arrived safely. today we relaxed on the beach and made sandcastles. It was also the unveiling of the speedo swimming suits.

46: Sunday Continues

47: Sandcastle Finale and our reward DINNER

48: Farmers Market, Snorkeling | Also on Monday we went snorkeling with Dan, Travis, Ben, Christy and Me. Christy didn't love putting her mask on so she took great pictures. The first place they recommended was really poor, but we had a blast at the second place.

49: Monday we went to the Farmer's Market and along the way we saw beautiful flowers and Travis even picked one for me to put in my ear. We were amazed at all the different colors in Maui. | MONDAY | Flowers of Maui

50: TUESDAY | My favorite part of this trip was Travis and i went snorkeling. We saw so many amazing wildlife. At one point we were surrounded my turtles without any film left and we counted 5 turtles. We even had a turtle come up right in front of us we had to move out of its way. It was truly AMAZING. It was hard to capture the dolphins that we saw but they were awesome too and we saw lots of them. Travis was really good at snorkeling and could go underwater and get pictures

52: Today is when I tried Surfing for the first time along with Ben who did great at it. I didn't do so great, my first run I jumped off the board and fell down and hit my knees. So bruised and still energized I tried again and got sent into another surfer and they fell on top of me trapping me underwater. I decided to try again and the third time I decided to ride in on my knees and it was perfect, then I got stung by a bee and my emotions took over and I ran into shore to be hugged my Kristina. Maybe next time. the others all did AWESOME and Ben is tougher then me cause he got all banged up and never peeped a word.


54: Wednesday Night LUAU | This Luau was amazing the service was incredible. we each got beautiful lays upon entering. then we had unlimited food. they roasted a pig in the ground which was delicious. There were people making items out of leaves like a flower or fish. There was also wood carvings and we got a wood turtle. The dancing and the story the told was beautiful the pictures do not do it justice.



58: 5



62: I have wandered all my life, and I have also traveled; the difference between the two being this - that we wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment. Hilaire Belloc

64: On our way home today

65: While we were in Hawaii the news story came across that a man died because he was sucked into a blow hole while dancing around it. He left behind a Fiance who was pregnant. He was to the right of the blow hole when he was sucked in. A very sad story. | SATURDAY

67: Hawaii was an amazing experience. We felt very fortunate to have such a wonderful vacation with the Lowder family. We experienced some new things and scary things as well. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Hawaii. We will always remember the good company, games, snorkeling, the dolphins, surfing, shopping, the amazing snow cones and the beauty of Hawaii!

68: We went out to Ashley's house right before going on to Canada. We had so much fun going to water parks, and playing in the backyard! always a good time when we go out there!

70: (Grandpa) Keith DuAne Bevans February 25, 1925- August 14, 2011 86 years old

72: We were on our way up to Canada my mom and me to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa. My special assignment was to take Grandpa around to see his friends and family and I was going to record him. Three hours or so away from Canada and Mom got the phone call that Grandpa had been taken in to the hospital for signs of a heart attack he was in pain at church and didn't look well. Grandma said goodbye at the previous hospital and they transferred him to Lethbridge. As I watched my Mom crying all I could do was pray to Heavenly Father to keep my Grandpa alive at least long enough for my Mom to see him. We finally made it to Lethbridge and we couldn't get into the room right away but when we did it was so much anxiety just to see him. He was sitting in the bed all smiling and happy as could be. I could tell he was in pain as his breathing was really labored and it concerned both me and my Mom. Grandpa was given a blessing at his request and it told him that Heavenly Father was proud of the life he lead and that he would have the strength to accomplish all that he needed to on this Earth That he would have peace and comfort and that his Family would be strengthened. After the blessing I got a moment alone with my Grandpa and I remember holding his hand with his two rings on his wedding ring and the ring the town gave him. He was so proud to introduce me earlier and said that I was one of his twins. He told me that he heard I had a new husband and I told him about being sealed to Travis in the SLC Temple because of Wilford Woodruff. He then asked me if I had any children and I told him not yet and he got a twinkle in his eye and simply said oh you will. After that comment Grandpa said a couple of things that I will always remember...they were "you know it is hard for Grandma to get around, but she came to see me". "it is hard sometimes but I always kiss your Grandma goodnight". when I told him I was impressed he was still going to Church he said "I need the extra strength that it provides." After that he wasn't making a lot of sense and kept asking me if he could go to sleep the nurse informed me that he had been saying that all day and that he was never told that he couldn't. I just held his hands which he would ask for a kiss and I gave him two. I then thought it was best to give Shar some time with him and I went to go leave and I am so glad I turned back and blew him a kiss and he smiled with the twinkle in his eye and that was the last time I saw him alive. He spent a lot of time with Shar and told her how he wants his whole family to be with him for Eternity. After his death she promised him that she would return to the Church. I believe that was the last thing he needed to accomplish because 20 minutes after Shar was home, we had gotten the phone call..he had finally was ready to fall asleep and had a heart attack. As I spent the next couple of days trying to help out I found Grandpa's Scripture journal similar to what I had started months earlier and realized how much I am like my Grandpa and I am proud to be his granddaughter. I am making a book for everyone to have and cherish. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for answering my prayer and letting us see him one more time. It will never be forgotten.

73: KEITH DuAne BEVANS, Sunday, August 14, 2011 Keith DuAne husband, father, grandfather and brother, passed away suddenly at the age of 86 years. Keith had a burning testimony of the Latter Day Saint faith that he shared with everyone. He served in many callings as a Bishop, councilor, teacher, mission president and a missionary. Keith always had a twinkle in his eye and a contagious smile that could light up any room. He was a hard worker that loved his farmland and animals. His great love for the town of Cardston was shown though his dedication as Town Administrator for many years. His most cherished possession is the relationships he held with his Wife, his children, grandchildren, and friends. He was a devoted husband, father, grandpa and friend to all who knew him. Keith lived with great integrity and had such a zest for life. One of his favorite quotes “those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.“ represents Keith well. Keith will be forever remembered by his wife Joy Melba Dickie, children Conway (Bevans), Kim (Bevans), Darcy (Bevans), Darla (Clevenger), Lance (Bevans), Nadine (Swank) and Sharlene (Poyner),and his numerous grandchildren, dear friends and extended family. Keith is survived by his sisters, Hazel (Smith) and Betty (Wilde),brothers Jack (Bevans)and Oscar (Bevans) and is preceded in death by his siblings Eunice (Duce), Mildred (Rasmussen), Forrest (Bevans), Fulton (Bevans), and Dale (Bevans) We also want to thank everyone for their love, support and friendship to Keith and his family. Friends may meet the family at Legacy Funeral Home ONLY on Wednesday, August 17th from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. The Funeral Service will be held at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, South Hill Chapel on Thursday, August 18th, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. with Bishop Steve Gibbings | T | This is the obituary I helped write for Grandpa

77: Travis had the opportunity to go with his brother Ben and his friends on his once in a lifetime goat hunt...which was really a once in a lifetime experience. They got some amazing photos and Ben wrote an amazing article for UBA bowstring magazine. Awesome job Ben and Everyone who helped!

78: For our 2nd year anniversary we woke up to a surprise from Kelsie She had cleaned the house and left notes for us on the next page. you will also see we had pictures taken by Brock and stayed up at WestGate which they upgraded our room to the Presidential Suite

79: XO | 2nd Year Anniversary

80: XO | Kelsie has been living with us the last couple months before she gets married 11.11.11 It has been so fun to have her. She stayed up until 3 AM and cleaned to surprise us on our Anniversary and earlier she had cleaned the house while she had been sick and mowed the lawn to come and realize it had been done the day before! She is such a joy to have around and we will miss her greatly. She is an amazing sister and we love her dearly. We can't wait for her to begin her new life with Brendan.

81: Side by side, year by year...

82: Brock captured exactly what we wanted!

83: Side by side, year by year...

85: For our anniversary we love to go out to eat at Ruth's Chris where we can get yummy Steak. Our room was amazing! we had our own walk around balcony, hot tub, steam shower with a rain head, and a big jetted tub and yes we did it ALL. We then went shopping at the outlets and played airplanes in our room!

86: This year Dane and I got dressed up but we stayed in for Halloween because it was cold weather...

88: The Bride & Groom

89: 11.11.11

90: Kelsie and Brendan were married 11*11*11...Jocelyn, Travis and I set up for her and we saved the day because the cake that was made was awful...we ended up going to Walmart and they helped us. It was a beautiful day and we were and are so excited for them to start their new lives together. they were married the the Salt Lake City Temple, Utah and had dinner at Rodizio Grill. It was like $20.00 a person!

92: Travis always looks forward to his time out in Whyoming each year. He has a good time hunting deer and birds. Which this time Dane got to be a part of and LOVED. We hope this continues to be a tradition for Travis!


94: THANKSGIVING at The Swanks

97: "There is always something for which to be thankful." -Charles Dickens


100: Swank Adult Christmas Party | This year for the Christmas part we had it at Brendan and Kelsie's new apartment. We played the gift exchange game and the candy bar game. Then our hosts taught us how to play Werewolf. We had a lot of fun with everyone and hope to make it a new tradition. We also loved how hyper Brock gets when he eats lots of candy!!!


103: For the Lowder family Christmas party we went out to dinner at LA JOLLA GROVES. It was delicious, then we went back to Mom and Dad's and hung out and they gave me my birthday present and we had cake.

105: Grandma Julie's Annual Christmas Party | We played the infamous money game and Grandma took the winnings! We all had a good time eating pot luck which people brought some yummy food and we enjoyed seeing Grandma win the game. There was lots of people there but they looked at me weird when I took pictures.

106: I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true!

107: Amber's 26th Birthday | For my birthday this year Travis surprised me when I got home with Flowers and a letter. He then took me out to dinner at Macaroni Grill with Brett Nielson and Kristy Montano who are engaged! and Kristy had been in a car accident that night! So she was hurting pretty bad. Then to finish it off right Travis surprised me with Lady Antabellum tickets for Feb 14th!

108: Making Neighbor gifts. Hand dipped marshmallow hot chocolate stirrers! We made over a 100 of them to handout and they were YUMMY!

109: Our friends get together before Christmas | Steve and Karissa Carter with Aizlee, Brett and Kristy Nielson , and Clint and Morgan Spencer

110: Grandma Lita's Birthday and Christmas Eve Party

111: Holiday Memories Warm Even The Coldest Of Days | Holiday Memories Warm Even The Coldest Of Days | We got Grandma 79 balloons for her birthday. We ate yummy food, watched Brooklyn suck on Kara's face, be fascinated with balloons, and modeling hats and her adorable pajamas. We enjoyed all the cousins and everyone that came. Dan was with Grandma Julie because she wasn't feeling well.

112: Our Christmas | A Season of Love and Laughter

113: We started out just opening one present and we couldn't stop. Presents for us this year include sewing machine, new sleepers and accessories, For Travis games, double person sleeping bag, and a outdoor kitchen

114: Christmas Afternoon at the Lowders | We opened presents very first, Brian and Kara got a bike stroller, Ben and Christy got a ottoman, we got camping stuff, coat for me. We gave the parents a Hawaii book and gift cards to restaurants and Tuachan. Kara made us girls beautiful door wreaths, Christy and Ben gave us a briquette starter. I gave the girls Cake pop makers. It was a wonderful Christmas at the Lowders We have a wonderful family and that is the greatest gift of all!

115: I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas | A Season of Love and Laughter

116: Enjoying The Holly Days | I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas

117: Christmas at G & G Bacik | We went to Grandma and Grandpas house for Christmas as well and it was wonderful to see all the cousins. We enjoyed visiting and opening presents. We also talked about our goal to have the Bacik family history book done this next year!

118: I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas | Holiday Memories Warm Even The Coldest Of Days

119: Enjoying The Holly Days | CHRISTMAS AT THE BACIKS | After G&G Bacik's house we went to Dad's house and opened presents which were gift cards to our favorite places!! We also are going on a trip together as a family this next year. Then we played werewolf. We had a blast all together!!

121: We had the Swank family Christmas party on New Years Eve and it was AWESOME. It was nice to get together and have fondue and yummy pies, open presents and play games | SWANK CHRISTMAS PARTY

124: The night didn't end after the Swank Party, Brett and Kristy came over and we had pizza at 12 and then watched a movie and stayed up till 3 am!!!

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