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year in a glimpse

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S: Volume 1: November 2009- November 2010

FC: First Year of Marriage

1: Life After the Honeymoon For the first time in a long time, I don't want to forget anything. And since I'm not MawMaw, I better write it all down.

4: In October, before the wedding, Tony sold the motorcycle. It was his idea. He bought me a nightstand table to match the other one shortly after we married. We bought our first piece of art for the house- a painting from Kirklands sometime after the honeymoon. And then... first of May, he sold the Mustang. I was shocked. He bought us a 1997 Mountaineer that I LOVE. it's so fun to drive!!

5: This | thist

6: Backtracking A few moments from before Nov 09 are worth mentioning.

7: In February of 2009, a tornado ripped through Monticello. Tony drove down there to help clean up. Mimi's house got a lot of damage. That same day in Fayetteville, the hail destroyed Mom's car. It destroyed every car in the O'Charly's parking lot. Thank goodness no one was hurt!

8: We love our BRAVES!! In '09 we went in May, June, and August on double dates, with Mom and Dad, and by ourselves. Wish we could have gone more!

9: We also went to Monticello a lot before the wedding- various shots from April, May, August, October, and Nov (for my shower). It's a good thing, because we didn't do nearly as good a job in 2010.

10: In June 09, Choate had their annual picnic at Stone Mountain. We hiked to the top with D & D. | We went to apply for Tony's passport in early July. These were taken outside the post office. That was an exciting day for us. One stop closer to the wedding!

11: Lots of cousins got married in '09. Regina and Derrick got married in August. Then in September, it was Grant and Stephanie in TN. Then in October, Jarred and Connie tied the knot. And in December, Blakey proposed to Lauren and we went to a Christmas Engagement Party for them!

12: After the wedding, Christmas was here before we knew it. We started December off with a visit from Mom and Dad! They were so sweet. They came up several times this year. I think they miss me.

13: Going to the farm to get our tree, and trimming the tree with my HUSBAND for the first time ever, was one of the best parts of Christmas.

14: Christmas Eve Nothing could have prepared me for Christmas Eve. It was bittersweet being my first one away from home. Tony had a huge surprise up his sleeve. We were supposed to spend the night In Monticello. But after opening all our presents, Tony took me to Lake Oconee, where we stayed at the Ritz Carlton for the first time in my life!!! We sipped drinks and listened to a live band. There was a life size gingerbread house in the lobby. So cool!

16: It snowed three times in January and February. I think 3 inches was the most we got at one time. Tony got out of work for it way more than I did! Luckily, everything in Dawsonville is three minutes from our house, including the theater :) This truck was in the parking lot of the movies. Only in Dawsonville..

19: JANUARY: We lost two PawPaws this year. GrandDaddy held on till shortly after our wedding in December. Tara sang at the funeral and it was beautiful. On January 18th, PawPaw died. If he had lived a few more weeks, they would have celebrated their 50th anniversary. Everyone came to the funeral, where I got to finally meet Justin's girlfriend, Casey. PawPaw Jones is doing amazing at 82! Jarred and Connie moved in with him to give him some company. I didn't visit him enough this year. MawMaw celebrated her 80th birthday on January 18th as well. Momma, Melissa, myself, Mark, and Vicki threw her a big shindig at Fayette Presbyterian in her honor (the weekend of PawPaw's funeral) She said it was the best time of her life! Goggy and Momma Joe are at the nursing home doing okay. Melissa visits them constantly. Dot and Eddie moved into Georgian Place this year on the same hallway as Pete! They live in the room directly across from Blair's Grandmom! We haven't seen Grandma or Grandpa Bill since the wedding, but we see Mrs. Rosalind every time we are in Monticello.

20: Mrs. Janice's Surprise Birthday Red Lobster in Conyers In January, Mr. Tony drove Mrs. Janice into town for a special birthday dinner. We were all waiting there to surprise her! Tara brought a cake. Magen came too. The whole clan was there. It was a fun night!

22: Claxton Farewell Party Other than Tony turning 30, the most pivotal thing that happened in February was Stephanie moving to Washington D.C. All us girls were sad about it, but thrilled she and Andy and Lauren finally got to be together as a family for the first time in a long time. I've never seen her so happy. Lauren wasn't quite a year old when they moved. | with dates and................just us girls

23: Mom and Dad came back up to Dawsonville in February to visit. Later that month, Tanner, Misti and I drove to Raleigh, NC to visit a very pregnant Allison.

25: In early March 2010, right before our 30th Birthday Trip, Justin proposed to Casey. These pictures are bad quality but they've been sent to a thousand different cell phones and computers. He flew to Chicago on her girls trip and surprised her in a cathedral. What a romantic!

26: We Turned 30!!!!!!!

27: Tony and I celebrated our thirtieth birthdays in March together, even though I gave him his present in February. I took Tony to the International Car Show with Mr. Jones and bought him a Mickey Mantle picture. He outdid me as he usually does and surprised me with a trip to Gatlinburg and diamond earrings!

28: Little Dotty turned a year old in March. We were there together the day he bought her at Petland Dunwoody in June 09. She was so tiny and we fell in love instantly! Turns out she was recovering from pneumonia and hernia surgery, but Tony just thought she had a super calm temperament. What a JOKE that turned out to be.....


30: Dang, is it ever the baby years! Ten pregnant friends in 2009-10. Jamie. Jill. Jessica. Susannah. Katie. Victoria. Jennifer. Blair. I snapped this picture on my phone in the hospital when Baby Owen was just one day old on April 23rd.

32: We discovered our two favorite restaurants in April. One is a wings place in Gainesville with a fish pond. The other is a family owned pizza joint in Dawsonville. It is scary the number of times we've eaten at both places. | APRIL

33: Also in April, the Hasty ladies went to Memphis to hang out with Peggy and Wes. We met Doug for the first time and went to the Memphis Zoo. It was the highlight of April, our Memphis trip. | Other April mentions: Cheryl threw me a post wedding shower where I got lots of kitchen goodies. Tony and I took a day hike to Woody Gap, and I discovered I have geographic tongue..

34: THE WARRIOR DASH In mid May, Tony did this really cool 5k in Mountain City, GA where you essentially run through fire and swim through muck and cross the finish line looking totally unrecognizable. It was really hot and sexy.

36: Really though, May was all about Sam coming home. It was awesome. We hadn't seen him since before we got married. Sweet Magen and Mrs. Janice had been waiting for this day for months. Home from Japan for just a few short weeks, we squeezed a lot in. A double date Braves game with Rus and Noah. A Memorial Day cookout at Mrs. Janice's. A trip to Helen. An engagement party (that Tony and I had to miss) for the two of them.

37: We ended May with Katie's high school graduation. It was really the first time I've ever gotten to spend some time with her. I just met her at our wedding. She was a sweetheart. Tony got to meet her boyfriend. We drove from Alabama with all the kids.

38: (from left) Lindsay, JTT, Mel, Carolyn at Jess' baby shower | In June, I helped host a couple of baby showers. Here's a pic from Jess' shower. A few of the bible study girls came.

39: June was severely hot, even for GA. One weekend Tony took me up to Brasstown Bald to get away from the 103 degree heat. We even watched the cheesy movie at the top.

40: JULY a picture is worth a thousand words. And sometimes the picture just doesn't do the story justice- as with the case of this photo shot at Six Flags in July. I had taken my last 3 days of vacation off for us to travel to Denver over July 4th. We spent days planning the trip. Well, we ended up missing all the standby flights. Our luggage got lost. I broke out in hives from anxiety. In the end, we somehow decided Six Flags would compensate for this heartache. Tony had a Vertigo attack. And I popped my neck on the Mind Bender. We took this picture outside the Crystal Pistol- where we sat for 2 hours recovering. We called and canceled all our hotel reservations in CO and sipped a coca-cola. After we recovered, we rode the Log Jamboree three times in a row.

41: The next weekend in July, Tony went white water rafting on the Ocoee! He lost his wedding ring and Oakleys the day before on the river in Dawsonville with friends.

42: WAUMBA LAND Tony and I were room leaders at church for the 1 1/2 age group. Brooklyn was my favorite. She had squishy little cheeks.

43: Also in July, Mom, Dad, Melissa and Charles came up to see us. We grilled out. I bought cucumbers instead of zucchini accidentally. Woops. We played Mexican Train Dominoes. (Dad had great results from his heart cath earlier that week.) It was like a celebration! I celebrated Margie's bday with the girls in July. We visited PawPaw and saw Connie's puppies. PawPaw showed me a cute picture of Tony as a kid :) Oh, and we bought our first house plant.

44: August I have a hobby! Crocheting. My coworker friend, Nonie, started a class at work during lunch hour. My first project was a purse., then a granny square, then a baby blanket, then some scarfs..

45: My first knitting project. (Cheryl's Blanket I knitted later on in December)

46: Oh my goodness! The sweetest thing from August was Luke Tucker Thompson- born on the 9th at 6:30 p.m. Now the most memorable thing about this hospital baby visit (Piedmont) was how great Jess looked. She was so well rested looking and relaxed and asked me tons of questions about my life.. I kept laughing because nothing I could think up about my mundane day at work could compare to giving birth!!! She was so happy, and Luke was adorable.

47: Labor Day Weekend started out with a hike to Buford Damn. We wore Dotty out on a 5 mile hike (and ourselves).

48: Labor Day 2010 MeMe's Surprise 80th Birthday Party in Monticello!!! What a great day.

50: September 11th KATIE'S BABY SHOWER WEEKEND! | Lots of family and friends came. It was a great day of celebration! | Afterwards, all the college girls had Japanese in Dawsonville. Katie picked up the entire tab!! | Then, all the girls spent the night at our house, and Tony stayed with Mr. Jones. We stayed up LATE. Oh, and the A.C broke. We sweated buckets. | Brian picked up Blair the next morning for a fishing trip, so we all got to see Owen!! Such a memorable weekend!!!

51: Mom and Dad came up and took us to lunch on Sunday! We went to the Wild Wing's in Gainesville. We ate 50 wings!! It was such a nice visit...

52: OCTOBER We went to Daddy's birthday party of course on October 2nd. Then we also had a big get-together with the Petersons/Upchurches at Cracker Barrel in Newnan. (MawMaw/Dot/Eddie/Pete/Cheryl/Marian/Mom and Dad/Melissa & Charles/us!) It was lots of fun. Mid-October Tony & I went to the Cumming Fair. We were the only adults there without children. We bumped into a million middle schoolers/high schoolers every other mile that would yell "Coach Jones, we love you!" One 10th grade boy was so genuine I almost got teary eyed. He HUGGED Tony and told him that he missed him so much at high school.

54: Halloween Baby Shower for Bruce Blanton (Costumes encouraged) | We had two Snookys!!! Scott was the Situation. Oh my tans were everywhere. Tony and I went as identical twins.

55: Charlotte Faith Born THREE WEEKS EARLY November 3rd. Katie surprised us all with a text message of beautiful Baby Charlotte. on a Wednesday night. I visited her at North Fulton Thursday. Charlotte was so alert and precious!

56: The first weekend in November, we headed to Monticello for a busy weekend. We went to the annual Deer Festival where the kids and Tara were in a parade.. Emily modeled a vest full of Brownie patches! It was FREEZING. Us ladies did the Fun Run. Tony ran the 5k and came in 2nd place in his age group, 7th overall. Won a trophy, that I broke later that day! Oops.

57: Magen's Pampered Chef Shower Later that evening, we hosted a wedding shower for Magen at the church. It was the first time I'd seen her since Sam was home earlier this year. It was so much fun! The next morning, we headed for F'ville to spend the afternoon with MawMaw, Mom, Kayla, Grandmom, Dad/Mom, and Melissa/Charles. We ate chili and had such a fun afternoon laughing our heads off at the kitchen table.

58: November was very busy for us. After we got home from Monticello, Renee popped into town for a visit from TN for a business trip.. I finally got to meet 2 year old Cannon...what a cutie pie!!! Blair, Owen, Lisa, Renee, Kate, Cannon, and myself all ate at the ABC in Cumming for dinner. It was so much fun! That was Monday night. Tuesday, I met Tanner's new boyfriend from Portland and said goodbye to my favorite friend at Choate. On Wednesday that week, I visited Lauren in Atlanta after her nose surgery. Moses pounced on her accidentally. The doctor made her beautiful again, but of course she had to survive the first a week of post surgery misery. I felt like I was reliving it with her.

59: The weekend before our anniversary, I went to a baby shower for Jill in Marietta. I got to visit with her and her mom. Jill looked beautiful. Her baby is due near Christmas!!!

60: ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY We went to Disney World with Mom and Dad and had a blast!! We somehow all managed to push through our disapointment that Melissa and Charles couldn't join us. They had a fun and joyous excuse though (Julianna's wedding!!!). I walked everyone into the ground. We saw all four parks, Cirque Du Soleil, Daytona Beach, and the Osborne Festival of Lights at Holiday Studios. (AMAZING) We played board games at night. We played mini golf. (Mom and Tony tied). We ate like mad men. It was such a fun time. I came home to an email from Susanna that she had given birth to little Valen on November 20th! Erica announced that Baby GIRL Robinson was on the way.....

62: Snapshots from Disney

66: FULL CIRCLE Christmas, 2010 We got home from Disney on Saturday, November 27th. I miss Dottie so bad I can barely stand it, but the kennel is closed until Monday. Tony and I decided it would be productive to go ahead and get the tree bought and decorated before the little rascal got home. We went back to Kinsey Family Farm. The tree farm is so much fun it might have to turn into a family tradition! It marks the beginning of Christmas, and the beginning of another year together.

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