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Year In Review 2014

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S: Remember When, 2014 Volume 2

FC: Remember When... Volume 2 Our Year In Review 2014

1: Several 2013 memories were made after the "2007-2013 Remember When Book" went to print. They are captured in these first few pages. (And when this one goes to print in 2015, someone will STILL be looking for the Porsche key! ) | 2013 Christmas, continued! | Porsche key...which door????

2: 2013 ACSA Christmas Party

3: "Wait 'til I take his shirt off!"

4: "Sister's Christmas Catechism" Lincoln Theater, December 21, 2013

5: "This whole "king" thing? I'm starting to get it!"

8: Kathy's Train | Kathy's chart | Jim's marine grill & cover | Jim's chart | Kathy's Hunter boots | Jim's FitBit | Jim's signed OSU football & case | Jim's stocking | Kathy's bird feeder | Jim's 2007-2013 "Remember When..." Album | Before...

9: After!

10: "I hear that train a comin'...!"

12: Homeward Bound A loving and generous family awaits... December 26 to 29, 2013 | "I think he's in it for the 'buckeyes'!" | "Get in my belly!!!"

13: "They're mine! All mine! MMWWAAHH!" | "Hope they don't find MY stash!" | "Uh, isn't this the season of GIVING?!" | "Yes, of giving to ME!" | "I arrived early to get my share!" | "Oh, but I have the recipe!!" | "Yep, and I'm next!!" | "Who ARE these people?" | "Keep Polly out of my buckeyes!"

14: "Here, among the memories and the woods, is where I feel most peaceful."

16: "Damn, I wanted those!!!" | Christmas | 2013

17: Chicken Cordon Blue Casserole X 3

18: Washington, Illinois: As it rebuilds from last year's tornado. (Not far from my "SUPER 8" Motel!)

19: Let our faith remind us always that Jesus was born the Superhero who would save us from things, rather than the Santa Claus, who would present us with things."

20: 2014 | After gathering at Eileen's late afternoon cocktail party with the ACSA Club folks, our private, low-key dinner at J. Gilbert's bar offered an intimate interlude to toast to the old, and usher in the new!

21: January 7: The "Polar Vortex" was big news this week, as debilitating cold across the Midwest brought temps to the lowest in 20 years - at noon today, wind chill: -20 degrees. This Michigan lighthouse makes us glad we aren't there...yet!

22: January Musings and Memories Jan 1- Rose Bowl day at Jim's, and the start of the man cave/OSU room in the basement. One shouldn't cook during such happenings; the burned pork chops left visions of the dry turkey gnaw in "Christmas Vacation". The FitBit challenge begins. Jan 4, Friday: I bought the gear, and started cross-country skiing with Eileen. Orange Bowl, OSU vs Clemson @ Rusty Bucket, Polaris. Fun night with a couple of new bar pals, but lost the game, 40 to 35. The season ended with some lamenting the defensive team's issues, and the schedule being played against unmatched opponents. Jan 5, Saturday - Jim's college buddy, Brian, here with his family for son's hockey game. I did hike with Bernie and gang at Chestnut Ridge Metro Park, through the snow. Rave Movie had showing of "Para-normal" tonight; unplanned, and under-enjoyed! LOL | Jan 6, Sunday - 10:45 Mass at St Joan of Arc, then shopping spree to Dicks. Aspen Ski and Board and Cabela's, where Mike and Mary appeared. Checked Geronimo to discover her trailer tires have Bearing Buddies; Mike plans a grease fix before Bob hauls Geronimo to Erie for the year. Olive Garden dinner& for soup, & salad and the Green Bay game; blustery cold with wind chills well below zero. We braced tonight for the onslaught of morning ice; and enjoyed a fire until late. Such ends a wonderful holiday season, but not the fun...now we plan a trip to Boyne Mountain in Michigan for my birthday! | Jan 9, Thursday - Geronimo is hauled from the lot, and is on her way to Erie, or off an icy bridge, with Bob! | January 15, Wednesday - With Geronimo at Erie for repairs now, today was Dock of the Bay inquiry day. Slips are available and one will soon be reserved! Yeah! Picked up tuned skis from Aspen Ski and Board, then finished off Chocolate Bites (OMG, chocolate covered in donut batter with raspberry sauce...Gotta have more!!) at Smoky Bones, chatting about and anticipating fun trip to Michigan next week, and this summer, sailing the Great Lakes. We agreed that we are both here for the long run, committed, and just looking ahead! | January 19, Sunday - Attended church in New Albany, and spent the day taking down Christmas items and setting up the weight room at Jim house. Tonight, with pics to follow, I enjoyed a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY DINNER at Senors, hosted by Marcia and Jim!!! It was too fun! | January 22 -26, Wednesday to Sunday - Ski trip to Boyne Mountain!

23: Who invited Darth Vader, and where is Eileen? | Hiking Chestnut Ridge, Carrol, Ohio January 5, Saturday | "Commit to Be Fit" Hike: Sharon Woods Metro Park, Westerville January 9, 2014 Log: 5 Miles | Am I leaning, or are you? LOL

24: Kathy's Surprise 60th

25: January 19, 2014

26: At Senor Antonio's, Lewis Center, Ohio

27: Thank you, Jim and Marcia!!

29: Petoskey, Michigan January 23, 2014

30: Dinner at City Park Grill, Petoskey, Michigan January 23, 2014

31: "Like it, Baby?" | "I Like YOU, Baby!"

33: Day Trippin' Harbor Springs, Michigan | Little did we realize that we would return here for a sunset dinner, with Linda and Rick Caw, after the 2014 Michigan Charter, on the way to Mackinaw Island! Yep, we will sit outside, right here!

34: "The coldest winter in Michigan on record; Sub-zero, wind gusts to 40 MPH. I'm thinking "BAR!"

35: "Oh, it will be fine once your hands and feet go numb!"

36: Our Romantic Birthday Dinner, at Aonach Mor Mountain Top Chalet, Boyne Mountain, MI. January 25, 2014

38: "Honey, a romantic evening in the mountains with you! How better to start my birthday year?

40: Marcia, Tom, Neal, and Sue's Belated Birthday Party House of Japan, Lewis Center February 8, 2014 | "Can't have too many hats, or pictures!" | "...unless I am dating you, Tom; way too many pictures!!!" | "I'm just happy to be FINALLY sitting here with my cupcake!!" | "I'm not her cupcake,nor would I tell you if I was."

41: The Weekend Celebrations continued on the home from, too. Dad was honored for his life accomplishments and writings, as many, including Mary (when her eyes were open!), watched with pride. Later, brother Jerry would email to those not attending: | "Good picture of Mom and Dad from yesterday's homage to Dad at Riverfront Museum. I was able to tape almost the entire performance, which not only traced Dad's nature writing, accompanied by photos of Central Illinois, but also some nice testaments to his career and life's work. The readers did a very nice job of adding drama to his words. It was a good Day; Dad was humble and proud. And it's touching to see how Mom beams with pride for anything involving Dad." | Riverfront Museum, Peoria, Illinois February 9, 2014 | "Take another one; I think I blinked."

43: The Curtain Theater Galena, Ohio February 14, 2014

44: Fantozzi's Island Party February 22, 2014 | "Oh! What big EYES you have!"

45: "Let me see his EYES..!"

48: They soooo want to be me!

49: Candie

50: Super Star!! | I just can't stop dressing like this!!!

51: "Does this skirt make me look fat?"

52: Jim's First Culinary Attempt: Mesquite pork, "crashed" red potatoes, Caprese salad, green beans, chocolate cake... | Dinner with Caws at Bravo, Crosswoods; then, yea, way too many lemon martinis at Ruckmoor afterwards! Boozy invites included an invite from Caws to join them this Fall in Nashville, and partner on a boat on Erie... | Waiting for Summer, and Passing the time.... | !!!!!

53: The Columbus Auto Show, Convention Center

54: INCREDIBLE | Do I know these ladies? How did I end up on Espiritu Santo, Mexico with Jeanne and Lisa? March 20 - March 31, 2014

60: Memories of a Lifetime

62: " | Launch Day!! Alum Creek Sailing Marina, Lewis Center, Ohio April 13, 2014

63: Just add rum! | "Sometimes a guy and a girl will be just friends...but then eventually they may fall for each other... maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe for a lifetime!"

64: "Faith makes things possible; not easy!"

65: "Yea, well I'm Jewish, and I don't sail and I don't ride; | however, I DO eat. Fix the feeder!! The "anteater" pilfered my lunch again today."

66: Indy 500 May 24, 2014 | Jim's

67: Jim's Birthday Dinner Ruth's Chris, At the Crosswoods May 20, 2014

68: Jim's Birthday Celebration continues... INDY 500!! May 24, 2014

69: "I KNEW we'd make the start!"

72: Traditions

74: Let the Summer Begin!

75: Bring It On!

76: Held captive for the Night on Caws boat! | "Damn, I think they're serious!"

77: "We aren't taking you back to the dock, so I guess you're staying!"

78: "Her cup's about to run over, and she doesn't see it." | WARNING: TSUNAMI AHEAD!

80: From: | To: | Geronimo's Launch Weekend! June 14-15, 2014

81: Celebrate!!!

83: Simply the Best

84: Tropical Dreamers

85: Hmm! More wine storage!!

86: Jerry, Wish you were here! | I love my Daddy!

87: ...Come True!!

88: Home Projects, Early Summer...

89: ...and STILL to be completed! Jim's Travel Schedule continues.. March 17 - 19: Raleigh, N.C. March 24 - 27: (Somewhere) April 8 - 11: Las Vegas, NV April 21 - 24: (Somewhere) April 28 - May 1: Raleigh, N.C. May 5-7: St. Louis, MO June 1-4: Phoenix, AZ June 9-11: St Louis, MO June 16- 18: Phoenix, AZ

90: June 21, 2014 | Klein | Reunion

94: Metamora Settler's Days

95: "Try sleeping through a Tilt-A-Whirl ride!"

96: Mary and Jerry's 59th anniversary!!

98: LAKE ERIE SAILING with Rick and Linda Caw June 28-19, 2014 Geronimo was coming together with cleaning and organization. Linda n Rick arrived on Saturday; after getting settled aboard, we sailed to PIB, hooked a ball at the Boardwalk mooring field; and then enjoyed cocktails at the Boardwalk and more at The Keys! Middle Bass then became our "home" for the night; and JT Walleyes cooked up a dinner. Enjoyed Sunday breakfast in cockpit, and then sailed in the rain and under ominous skies back to Dock of the Bay. After cocktails at the dock, we ended the day with a beautiful sail in Sandusky Bay! Life IS good!

99: At "The Keys", PIB. Showing off our new Bretag bracelets. Thanks to Kamila for her craftsmanship; we love 'em!

100: On the mooring ball, at Put-In-Bay, OH! How many times have we watched ships at sunset from the deck of the Boardwalk, and wished to have a boat here? Finally, now we do!

101: Here, in the "Northern Keys", and in October, we'll be in the "Southern Keys" with these ...stay tuned! | Yeah! A PINK BIKE!! All ready for Sunday Mass!

102: July 4th Weekend!!! July 4 - Friday Alum Creek Boat Parade on Raven with Neal, Jim, Jeff, Krista, Connie and Abe July 5 & 6 - Saturday with Mike and Mary on Erie; Fireworks at Cedar Point, Day Sailing; sideways docking in crosswinds! | Anchor or Propeller?

103: "Raven"

104: Ladies Sail Night July 10, 2014 | Where are the guys with our Painkillers?

106: Traverse City Charter August 16- 24, 2014 | The Captain

107: The Crew

109: Corky's | Omena | Unsalted Sailing Flotilla Plan

110: Northport, Michigan August 17, 2014

113: (Prayers for Abe)

116: DAY AT THE | Lake is better than a day anywhere else! Lol! | A

122: to Omena | "Hey, where did you get that T-shirt?"

123: I feel pretty! | I would too, if I could see!! | Boyfriend, You're the BOMB!!

124: CORKY'S! | T | I prefer dog chow!

125: The "Learn to Dock" class went great; and possibly the view will keep you in business for another week.

126: CORKY'S! | T | IGNORE | "I look happy, but I'm NOT, for the LOVE of PETE! The server just quit, the service...well, WHAT service?...the food is overpriced, and I want another drink!!!"

127: "...for the LOVE of Pete!!" LOL

129: "Come Fly With Me"

133: "Please respect our rules. You may not fill your water bottle with beer and carry it off the premises. The Management

135: (I love this pic of us! )

136: Check her purse for beer-filled water bottles!

137: Somewhere in Time

139: "I look happy, but I'm NOT, for the LOVE of PETE! The service... well, WHAT service?... there is none!!!...the food is overpriced, and I need another drink!!!!"

140: "Ahhhh, what a wonderful trip! One nights sleep, and where next??"

144: Kelley's Island Veteran Still Giving By Kathy Younker Yesterday, on Labor Day, he sat in his golf cart, alone near the tree line, at the end of the runway on Kelley's Island. His dark blue cap read: U.S. Navy". Two flags flew from his canopy, "Old Glory", and "Don't Give Up The Ship". An unassuming man, he in his cart may have easily been missed among the passing bikes and other carts; yet the infectious smile and beckoning hand halted our pedaling, and we moved in to have a closer look. As we grew near, his eyes twinkled in secretive delight. "Do you want to make a wish?", he quickly asked. Sensing our bewilderment, he insisted, "A wish, you know, a WISH!" Before we had time to respond, off he started toward the water in his cart, motioning that we follow. Now bordered by only a small landing strip, the open lake, and nothing but heavily wooded lots, these are the times when I worry about losing a kidney. Tentatively we pedaled behind until he stopped within in 20 yards. As we came alongside, he pointed to the trees: there, in a tiny grove, from two branches, hung a large and proudly unfurled American flag. Animated in impish delight, "U.S. Navy" pointed to a few coins on the floor of his cart. "Take a penny and go make a wish". Still confused, we offered out own coins. No, no, oh nooo!...this is not about the money; it is about the chance to make a wish! Well, OK, then...now let's see...what does one wish for on a beautiful old island, on a Labor Day afternoon, kneeling aside a bed of sea-worn stones to offer a penny wish under our American Flag? The mind first races, of course, to the needs of family and friends; and then, perhaps to kid-like thoughts of ice cream on this swelteringly hot afternoon. But in this increasingly pensive moment, only a few wishes seem "worthy" - that for the safety of our armed forces; that for the remembrance and honor of our fallen forces; and that for the dream of a truly peaceful world.

145: Wishes complete, we turned to find him grinning with the satisfaction of a father who has just taught a child a very important lesson. Connected now and buoyed in a newly felt camaraderie, we shared appreciation and respect for the flag, our armed forces, and for our country. Veteran Ted Blatt, as he introduced himself, reminisced briefly, when asked, about his service at Pearl Harbor. We shared family origins and home town tidbits. But most inquiries about this Kelley's Island native were largely deflected, and replaced by expressions of joy for his having shared this fun and unusual mission, in this quiet moment, with us. Parting with a warm embrace, I felt a tear, simply in respect and honor of this man - for his ongoing determination not to "give up the ship". Washed yesterday by humility and gratitude for this tender and unusual experience; and still as I write, I'm moved by the thought of one man, who wishes only to give joy to passersby, can impart such a powerful message through the simple expression of creativity, genuine warmth, and national pride. To us, any visit to Kelley's Island feels like a throw back in time. Combine those feelings with new insights warmly imparted from this very special guy, and we are reminded that the long-to-be-remembered lessons are often found in a very ordinary day's passage. Share this post and keep a watchful eye for Navy Veteran, Ted Blatt, when you visit Kelley's Island. We hope by the time you arrive he will be displaying the customized banner, which we'll send him, in thanks, next week. Yes, stop and reflect for a minute; for in this place, under the watchful guidance of this wise former serviceman, unmentioned and spirit-nurturing wishes do come true: those for kindness, joy, enlightenment and peace. Thank you, and God bless you, Ted, for your service, then and now.

146: Under Stormy Skies | We sailed Geronimo to PIB for the first time alone, & WITHOUT the GLO. Later, at the Winery, WITH the GLOW!

147: Trapped during a race delay at the Boardwalk. (Most of) the facial expressions say it all.



151: The Buckeye Lake Winery, and the fading days we share...

152: Key West | November 19-23, 2014

157: The Raw Bar

162: Soaking up the sunset, at a bar just beside Mallory Square

164: Blue Heaven

165: Ah, yes, this IS Heaven!

168: Sunset Wine Cruise

170: By Day... | I don't leave "home" without my Hendricks!

171: By Night!

172: When leaves begin to fall and the temperatures drop, my thoughts generally turn towards sunny locales and my favorite sunny spot, Key West. If you’ve been there, you know what I mean. If you haven’t visited the Keys, you don't know what you’re missing. It’s filled with unique shops and galleries and restaurants, and of course many, many bars. Around the corner from its most famous bar, Sloppy Joes, there’s a small shop on Greene Street that sells T-shirts and other Key West memorabilia. What’s different about this shop, however, is that it’s dedicated to the “Last Flight Out.” Owned by former Air Force pilot Clay Greager, the shop focuses on a state of mind, not its cash register. According to Greager, during the 1970s there were only two ways to either arrive or depart Key West. You could drive your car on old U.S. 1 and cross the infamous seven-mile bridge (extremely narrow with only inches between passing cars), or you could fly on Air Sunshine, the only airline to service Key West. The first flight took off at 8 a.m. and the last flight out was at 11 p.m. Conchs (residents of the Keys) affectionately called the airline “Air Sometimes” because of its inability to fly on schedule. Tourists visiting Key West realized they were enjoying one of Florida’s best-kept secrets and many were reluctant to leave. The rallying cry became, “I’m not leaving until the Last Flight Out!” It became so popular that bartenders, instead of announcing “Last Call” would announce “Last Flight Out.” The rush to the airport resulted in the last flight — if flying at all — being full. Stranded tourists consoled themselves in the airport bar, open 24 hours. Because of its late hours, many of the service employees from Old Town would gather at the airport bar for their own party. Sometimes the crew of the departing plane would be among the revelers — often the reason the plane wouldn’t be departing. Instead of despairing, visitors extended their stay one more day. In fact, there are people in Key West who visited in the ’70s and are still waiting for their Last Flight Out. | Last Flight Out: A State of Mind

173: "You know what I'm thinking!"

174: 2014 | Christmas Season | "The ACSA Christmas Party. Been here, done this, pardon me for napping..." | "You're the Captain Morgan BOMB, Boyfriend!"

178: "Cookies?! Yes, I'll have some!"

181: Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas. Peg Bracken

182: "OK, Let me at it!"

183: "What the heck? I was hoping for a red vest!"

184: December 21, Marriage By Jerry Klein Until recently our blessed marriage of fifty-nine and a half years has been distinguished for being so predictable, some might say so old fashioned. There were certain parameters and understandings, sometimes overlapping. I was the breadwinner, my wife made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I brought home the bacon and she fried it. I went to work daily on a fixed schedule, she raised the kids on a 24-hour basis. She gave up a career to be a wife and mother. She handled the money. She did the cooking, the laundry, the cleaning. She took the kids to Little League games and ballet rehearsals. She helped them with their homework, bandaged their knees, wiped away their tears. But now things have changed. Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, she is no longer able to cook, to handle the money, to do the washing. The memory fades and the past becomes an unfathomable blue. And I becomes of necessity the chief cook and bottle washer, check-writer and bed maker. It is a role to which I am most unsuited. For young men of my generation never learned to cook - unmanly, you know - there was always a mother, a wife to manage these chores. We could fix the car, mow the grass or paint the house and that was that. I hope I will not complain or cry out "Why me, Lord?" This whole dual life is based on the premise, 'for better or for worse, "and what seems to be worse as we age and grow more dependent is the awareness that this indeed could be the best of times. For now comes the realization how deeply rooted a marriage can be and how profoundly sacramental is this union. And how quickly is passes from the eagerly newlyweds to the shuffling elderly, steeped in habit, unwilling to change. And knowing all well that change is about to happen.

185: It may come slowly, in the nighttime like a thief; little slips, losing things, wondering where we are, and why. Forgetting not only names, but faces. And realizing, perhaps too late, that every goodbye might be the final one. The partings that must come are never easy. The worst may be losing a child. Next is losing a long-time partner with whom life has been so intimately shared. Odd that the obituary pages are so crowded at this time of year. It would not seem to be the time for wakes and funerals and burials. But it must be a good time to die, to receive that endless present of a happy death and the prospect of no more growing old, no more sadness, no more forgetting, but only a bright and timeless existence in this going home to God. "For better or for worse." Ah, how sweet the better. How bittersweet the worse. It is easy to say that we lose nothing by dying and gain everything. But there is an inescapable rhythm, and endless cycle to our days on earth. They burn away like an Advent candle. And in the rising whiff of smoke there is the unspoken possibility that for many of us this could be our last Christmas here below. What Christmas will be like in Heaven, can hardly be imagined. But with the giving, the receiving, the thanksgiving and the love so abundant here and now, can it be possible that we are not too far from knowing?

188: "It's good; it's good." | December 29, 2014

189: We ended the year in much the same way as we began. A cocktail party at Eileen Kolman's on New Year's Eve, followed by dinner at J. Gilbert's bar, with Bernie and Jeff Marshall. We opened Christmas presents to each other, too long under the tree, unopened, due to the touching and wistfully-felt obligations to part to respective family gatherings before Christmas Eve arrived. In the serenity of NYE evening, we savored the isolation and reprieve from worries that have, of late, weighed heavily on our hearts. The upcoming year would forever change our families, and our life with them. Our life courses would be pondered and new paths would be chosen. We, next year, would be left memories of sailing on warm summer days, far away travels, and those moments when we understood unselfish giving. We, in the next year too, would be left to build upon the bittersweet memories from which we learned, and from which we grew. We would remember the passages that taught us some of life's most important lessons. We would remember that very special one who was solidly and lovingly at our side through it all. But for now, as we end 2014, gratitude for this year's rich blessings and for that which has not yet passed, settles over our hearts, and breathes humility into our souls. Life is a journey. I'm most richly blessed to share this journey with you, James Erwin. Love to You Always, Kathryn

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