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Year One 2010

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S: Year One 2010

FC: Year One 2010

1: Recently I came in contact with a guy named Jason (right) on LDS Mingle. (surprise!) Today, I met him for our first date. We decided to meet at the Megaplex to eat and see When in Rome. First impression: "Cute. Well put together. Smells good. Polite. Good, very good." We were bit early for the movie and had some time to sit and chat while we waited for our food. The conversation was good, which is always nice. And he was funny, which is nice as well. After we got our food, we made out way into the movie. Good show, I'll definitely watch it again. afterwards, he walked me out to my car and we chatted for a bit longer. I learned he drives a Chevy truck. 10 points for him! He asked if he could call me again, I said "you better". All in all I was pleased and anxious for that next phone call. | Friday, February 26, 2010 Today I Met A Boy | Monday, March 22, 2010 And The Story Continues... Well as it turns out, Jason is just absolutely fantastic. So far he's survived meeting the family (even Torrey), does well with my friends, I met his family (who are all lovely), and he's done nothing but impress me with his personality and overall self. His birthday was the 16th of March. His dad, Dee, made a dutch over dinner of chicken, cheesy potatoes and cake. It was DELICIOUS! We spend a lot of time watching movies at his place with his fam. I actually enjoy it. It's nice to just chillax at the end of the day and not to be always having to be doing something. We've been seeing a lot of each other... a LOT, and it's great!

2: Tuesday, April 6, 2010 First Kiss! Perfect | Tuesday, April 13, 2010 Felony Melanie Yup! That's me. Yesterday I got the warrant for my arrest in the mail. It was for a speeding ticket I apparently forgot to pay. Where? Sanpete County. How fast was I going? A mere 7 mph over the limit. When? When you might ask? 5 years ago. Yup that's right, after 5 years, Sanpete County decided they needed some cash so they mailed me my warrant date 9-1-2005. Oi vey! Funny thing is, I have been pulled over since that thing was issued 5 years ago. Seems there may be a kink in the system somewhere, eh? Ha! Oh well. It turns out you can bail your self out online these days. Easy peezy! Now I'm no longer a fugitive, just and ex-con. | Saturday, April 17, 2010 Hearts So last night we went to Jason's cousin's house to play games. The whole way there, Dee kept saying, "Our goal for the night... beat Stephanie." Now let me tell you something about these people and hearts. Most families who sit down to play this delightful card game happy, smiling and enjoying eachother's company. Now, Jason's family playing hearts looks more like this: | In the end, Stephanie got beat, Dee will having happy memories of that moment forever, and I walked away with a beautiful hair do and new friend, Sammy. Oh, and then I backed into Kelsea's Tahoe...oops! Just can't win for losing this month.

3: It Must Be Love Tuesday, April 27, 2010 For a couple months now, Megan, Matt, Mitchell, Stephanie, some random flakes and I have been planning a little trip up to Idaho for Megan's birthday. The original plan was to stay in a condo Megan had reserved through their timeshare and to go bungee jumping. Due to a fear of death by bungee by some we ended up cancelling the bungee part of the trip because you have to have at least 5 people I believe, and we just couldn't get enough commitment. Then, because I had to bail myself out, and other such financial woes this month, I told Megan I would be staying home, which worked for her because now I could watch her dogs. Yay! So, I ended up staying at her house this last weekend with the dogs while they went to celebrate. Friday night, Sariah and I had planned a little Jane Austen night. It was originally planned to take place at her house, but then her grandma got the stomach flu, so, we moved it to Megan's. There was a great turn out of some really great gals and we had a blast. We watched Emma and then had some fun girl talk time for the rest of the night. Of course there was much chocolate involved too. My one lucky moment of this month was when I found out Jason didn't have to work on Monday, and I had taken it off for the vacation I didn't go on. The sun was shining so we took the 4 wheeler up to Mantua and had ourselves a right good time. I got to try out my new pink goggles Jason got me. When we hit a part of the trail where we couldn't go much further, we got off the 4 wheeler and went to enjoy the sun. That's where he said that 4 letter word that's made me smile ever since. L-o-v-e. And the best part is, I believed him instantly, which is huge for me. We hung out a bit longer, I assaulted a pond and a tree branch with his gun, then we headed back down. Jason got us past the rough parts, then we switched seats. As we were stopped he checked his phone. As my luck this month would have it, it was the naval base in Washington calling him to go interview. Oi. We went back home and after lunch and a shower, separately people!, we went bowling with his family. It was a blast. Lots of antics there, as always with them. I love it! Before I left that night, I finally mustered up the courage to say that 4 letter word back. Aside from the whole Washington thing, it was pretty much a perfect day.

4: Friday, April 30, 2010 "The trouble with most people is that they think with their hopes or fears or wishes rather than with their minds." ~Will Durant | With the recent news from Washington, thinking is all I do. Jason booked his tickets for the interview which will be on the 21st. I knew it was a possibility since we first started dating, now it's starting to become a reality, and it's kind of scary. If he does get the job, it will be a great career opportunity for him. Um, hello, it's government. And, I'll be moving to Washington too. there's no way I can just let him go that easy. Letting him go is more scary a thought than moving myself. So I've been looking at options up there, housing and job wise. Pretty much the same as here, but more expensive. The town near the base where we'd most likely be is called Bremerton. It looks like a great place, and it's gorgeous. It's across Puget Sound, an hour ferry ride from Seattle. So as of right now, I will just keep looking and exploring my options. I was going to go with him when he goes up to interview, but that's the day before Mitch's wedding, and since I'm making the cake, I figured I better just stay home and make sure I have ample time to take care of that little gem of happiness. Think, think, think. Somebody make me stop! I'm losing sleep over this! Aaaahhhh!!!! | Lacey Maccarthy | ???? | Bremerton, WA | 98310

5: Sunday, May 9, 2010 Hula Revue 2010... has come and gone. What a crazy day!! We started at 9 am for a six hour practice in the morning. These are always full of pure chaos. After the practice I went to Megan's house for a little BBQ in celebration of her going through the temple to be endowed. I am so incredibly happy for her. What an awesome blessing it will be for her and her family. After a short rest and some food, I headed back and got ready for the revue. I was so happy to see Jason's parents, Dee and Julie, come through the door and they got to meet my dad and Megan. Fun stuff! As for the revue itself, as soon as it started, it felt as though it was over. All of us dancers had a blast. Somewhere between the running up and down the stairs for costume changes and the blur of dancing, I was able to think about how grateful I am to be a part of such a great group of gals. Our class this year was just too much fun. I'm going to miss them this summer. Most of all I think we are all going to miss Claire and her cute family, as they have moved to never never land, aka, Payson. I'm going to take the summer off and stretch these poor hips of mine in hopes of a less painful season next year. Can't wait to get back though.

7: Thursday, June 3, 2010 Big things on the way... But I'm not saying what quite yet. I will tell you this though, I am so crazy happy with my life right now it's ridiculous. In other news... Jason had his interview up in Washington on the 21st. They told him it was a really good interview but you can make human life faster than the government will hire somebody. So now.... we wait some more. On the 22nd of May, my not so little, younger brother was married and sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake temple. We were all a bit worried about the weather, but our prayers were heard and answered. The rain was coming down pretty hard for most of the morning. Just as the family was coming out from the ceremony though, the rain stopped, and the sun made an appearance. Mitch and Steph came out a short bit later, and we all got to see the dress we'd all heard about, but none had seen. It was..... big. Big, but beautiful, and perfect for Stephanie. Kudos to her very talented mother for sewing it. After a little luncheon, we jetted back up to Hooper, to Steph's house for a ring ceremony and reception. Luckily the weather continued to cooperate so we were able to stick with plan A and do it outside. All in all it was a most wonderful day. I'm so happy for them!

8: ENGAGED! | Tuesday, June 8, 2010 | First off, I want to tell everyone that knew about this, which is pretty much anyone that might read this, that you are all a bunch a dirty little secret keepers. I will forgive you though on account of how amazingly happy I am these days. Can't say much for next time though, so don't push your luck. :) So here's the story: Wednesday, or was it Thursday...I don't know, it's all a blur, Jason gave me a little pretend-it's-a-surprise-because-his-dad-spilled-the-beans...pretty much the cutest helmet ever! I love it! Then, on Friday, Jason came and picked me up from work. (While he was here, Sariah threw 'torpedos' aka tampons in his truck. They're still there. HA!) He'd loaded up the 4-wheelers and we headed up toward Mantua. We stopped in Brigham City and ate with our good friend, the Burger King. And just as a side note, I have to say how much I love Jason for not judging me about my crazy love and over-indulgence of fry sauce. He often even enables the problem. Mmm Hmmm. Okay moving on. We continued on our journey, arrived, unloaded, all that jazz. We took off on the 4-wheelers up the road we'd gone up in the past, towards the girls camp, but there was a gate in our way, so we went up toward Willard Peak instead. Weirdest thing ever, we saw a little white older civic-type car full of boys coming down this road, that is not very wide and still had some snow on it. Still not sure if that really happened. We went until we hit snow and Jason got stuck trying to turn around. I have to say, I felt pretty awesome being the not stuck one and getting to play with the winch. His wheeler was dug in pretty deep, but we got it no-prob, cuz we're good like that. After the stuckness, we decided to head back down to a place Jason said he saw that'd be great to go shooting a bit. We found a clearing great for shooting and walked up off the road to scope it out.

9: At this point I notice Jason kept looking over at these trees nearby. Then look again... and again. In my head I'm thinking, "Okay, do ya have to pee or something? Just go. Let's shoot some stuff." (I had big plans for taking down a particular tree with just three shots, never happened.) And then the following transpires: Jason: "What's that over there?" I look. And see some roses set in between some trees. Lacey: "What are you doing?" with big curious smile. Jason: "I don't know, go see." I walk over and open the little box to find another little box. Inside Lacey's head: "OH MY GOSH, this is it" Open box, find rock. Just a rock... not a diamond rock... just a dirty old rock, and a note. The note is amazingly sweet, but ends with " patient with me." Again in Lacey's head: "This isn't it. Okay. Just like him to pull my leg." Then I hear Jason behind me... "Lacey, will you marry me?" I turn... and there he is with the real 'rock', a real diamond this time. All that I remember after that is lots of giggling, kisses, more giggling and saying yes! After shooting just a bit, we went back down to head home. He tossed me the keys to put my stuff in the truck, I open the doors and... surprise...again. More roses and a card. Love that man! We went home, cleaned up a bit and then made the rounds to show the fam, then to Red Robin with his family. Pretty much the best day of my life ever... so far!!

10: Monday, June 14, 2010 If it wasn't for shitty luck you'd have no luck at all. That's what Karen said to me today. And it's true. More later... | Thursday, June 10, 2010 Like him much? So there's this website, wordle, that will take any URL and the words in it, and make a cute little word cloud. The biggest words are the ones used the most, down to the smaller ones being used the least. This is what my blog looks like in a word cloud. I love him, can you tell?

11: Thursday, June 17, 2010! | Happy Birthday to ME! Yesterday was easily the best birthday I have had in a very long time. Jason made me take the day off which I've never done for my birthday, so just that alone was exciting. We went to the store to pick out and order my cake. I picked a finding Nemo one, mostly because it had Nemo and Dory squirty fishes on it. Then he made the mistake of taking me birthday shopping at the mall. I loved the thought, I just know how very I can be about shopping when there's nothing in particular that I need. We walked around a bit until he pointed out a gorgeous picture of the Bountiful temple at the Quilted Bear. It's perfect and I love it. Can't wait to hang it up in our future home. We ate some Sbarro, which I have to say, was better than expected. I got chicken parm with baked ziti... and ate it all. (I have been VERY hungry lately, it's no bueno.) After foodfest 2010, we went and saw Shrek 3D. It was super cute, then back to his house to hang out a bit before we ventured out to dinner at the coveted Five Guys. SOOO GOOD! After food fest 2010 part II we took a little adventure up to the Bountiful temple just because it was right there and we could. We got a little turned around when the GPS tried taking us to the Masonic Temple rather than the LDS temple, but made it none the less. Then back to pick up the cake and eat it too! After cake and ice cream, and a thrilling 4-wheeler comparison video, we started a game of hearts. Things got a little more heated than usual for me because Sariah was there and was being just downright evil, but I still beat her. :) Jason's parents gave me a funny little card, and he got me a Lady Ugly Stick fishing pole. It's pink and I LOVE it. I am sooo grateful to get to marry into such a great family. I cannot wait for the many years to come with all of them. :) The party continues Saturday with a BBQ at Megan's for both families. She is the hostess with the mostest. She's great to think up and do things like that. Love her for it. Between that and my cute cousin Jody's wedding, it's going to be a busy busy weekend. Awesome!!

12: Back to work to day after a most wonderful 3 1/2 day weekend! This weekend was really pretty fun. Friday I went with Jason and his fam to Red Robin, YUM, to celebrate Kelsea's birthday. I saved up on calories all day so I could fully enjoy the experience with minimal guilt. :) It worked out nicely. Sadly though, we were all so full we had to postpone the eating of the most delicious Drumstick Ice cream cake until a later date. On Thursday out fridge decided to die. Luckily, little miss I have a connection for everything, Karen, called her mom who had a used but still perfectly functional fridge for me and for a nice price that I didn't have to panic about. Saturday we went and picked that up with much help from Matt, Jason, and Megan, Ava and I went along for the ride. Before we went to pick it up, we had to go dump some stuff from Matt's truck. I looked up and saw Jason's butt right in the window and said "Oh,a butt." Ava caught right on and now Jason's name is officially Butt. Love it, especially when she says it with that cute little voice. Hilarious! We got the fridge in and then I went back to Jason's and we hung out a bit before he went to work. While he was at work, I cleaned the fridge and got everything back where it belonged, then headed up to Grandpa's to celebrate the 4th with the fam. We had some tasty burgers and my first corn on the cob of the season! It was so good! I Love summer food!! Once it finally got dark, and the wind picked up, of course, we got out the little pack of fireworks Megan had bought for Ava. She hated them. The noise absolutely terrified her, even in the house. Whenever someone would go in the house she would look at them and say "zee okay? hot". She was very concerned for everyone who dared stay outside. Sunday was church and then FINALLY the delicious cake. It was sooo good and I ate enough that it made me just a little sick. Totally worth it though. MMM HMMM | Happy 4th of july! (belated) | Monday, july 5, 2010

13: Tuesday, July 6, 2010 Simply Happy Yesterday had to be one of the most simply happy days. Nothing extraordinary happened, but it was one of those days where everything felt perfect. I spent most of the morning just hanging out with my dad. Mitch came by and chatted for a bit. Megan and Ava brought lunch over and we all sat out front under the big shade tree while Ava played in the swing. Simple and lovely. Jason came by after he got off work and we went to his house. We hung out, watched Murray play in the sprinklers, BBQ'd, then went to Eclipse with his family. Several time through out the night Jason asked me if I was okay because I was so quiet. Really I was just enjoying the moments. Feels good to be able to do just that. Loved yesterday. Looking forward to many more days just like it. | Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Let the fun begin! So.... I'm experiencing my first dose of wedding stress so far! Eek! Pray for me, I know I am. | Monday, July 26, 2010 Offended or not? | At least once a week or so I hear the question, "Is the wedding still on?". I can't decide whether ot not this particular question offends me. I have to wonder why wouldn't it be? Did I say or do or facebook or give a look or smoke signal or telepathically communicate to you that something was wrong, because it's not. I have to think that part of this question is based on the fact that I have in fact dated a LOT. Looking back it would seem as though I went from one guy to the next quite often. But, have I ever been engaged before and broken it off? No. I have not. I take the whole matter quite seriously in fact. The truth of the matter is that I am very much in love with Jason and couldn't be happier. There is nothing at all making me second guess being sealed to him for eternity. Frankly, I can't wait. And so begins the official blog countdown. Just a simple picture everyday representing how many days until I get to stop hearing that ridiculous question. (At which point I have a feeling it will change to "are you still married?", but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.) | Tuesday, July 27, 2010 The List Ah, the list. For me to write up my guest list for me to write up mine was no sweat. Family, friends, and a few neighbors and the such. Grand total: 162 people. Jason's on the other hand... well, Jason and his family have lived and very actively worked in their ward for many years. Also, his family is quite large. His friends and coworkers were minimal though, so that wasn't horrible. Grand total: still to be determined. | Oi, it's stressing me out. I'm just hoping that once we get it all written out and counted up, it won't be as bad as it is in my head now. As much as I would love to see and meet and celebrate this momentous occasion with everyone, I just don't see the purpose in sending invites to the neighbors uncles half cousin's 3rd grade teacher. (Okay so it's not that bad but... it feels like it.) I'm just continuing to pray and work hard to keep it so the focus is not on all the pomp and curcumstance coming with the celebration, but more about the fact that Jason and I are going into the temple to be sealed together for eternity and all of the wonderful blessings that come with that.

14: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 Engagement Pictures | Double post today! Why, because this deserves it's own. We got our engagement pictures back yesterday!! They are just wonderful. I LOVE them! Credit must be given to Jason for keeping it all so light hearted. His funny little sense of humor really made it so our personalities shined through in the pictures. So without further adieu, a little sneak peek. Enjoy!

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16: Last night, Jason and I got serious about really looking for our first apartment. Oh, Precious! I'm not going to lie. Looking at houses is a lot of fun when you're just looking. When it comes down to find something within your budget, where you want, and with all the ammenities you desire (dishwashers are non-negotiable), it gets a little less than fun. Even still, we found a few good options, so now we just need to go out, check them out, and make a decision... hopefully soon. At first I thought I could wait until September 1st to move, but as the wedding gets closer, I'm realizing I don't want to add moving to the list of things to do so close to the big day. I love that he puts up with my indecision so well. I'm so blessed to have a found such a patient, laid back man to balance the craziness that is myself. I can easily admit to the fact that I can be slightly high-strung, highly over-independent, and a tad bit OCD. So, the easy going attitude will do my life good. Oh and last but not least, I must share a picture I received while the boys were picking out tuxes... on their own yesterday. Really... I have no words for what's happening here. Orange and pink, denim shorts, tennis shoes... Who wouldn't want that at their wedding?? I soon after got another picture that made it so I could breathe again. Ladies and gents... the tuxes... ta da! You'll just have to show up to see whether or not we stuck with the denim shorts and tennis shoes. | Thursday, July 29, 2010 Clothes On Our Backs And A Roof Over Our Head | Wednesday, July 28, 2010 Revision Upon going back over the list last night, I realized that it may not be as bad as I felt it was then. Be it my stress level that day, or just the vague estimations from the first one, I don't know. Guess it's just all part of the fun of getting married. :) Totally worth it though. Today, Jason is going to pick out tuxes without me. I very much trust his judgement, but he's mentioned several times something akin to Lloyd and Harry on Dumb and Dumber. Does it help at all that it's the blue one and not the orange one he so dearly loves?? Nope, no it doesn't. I better go call the tux shop and set some ground rules before he gets up there.

17: Friday, July 30, 2010 The Pain Continues I really am not enjoying the apartment search thing. Cannot wait until that is done. That is all. Okay, adding a little to this post. We got Jason's ring! It's pretty hot! I picked it myself, he approved. Yeah, I'm pretty much that good. :) | Saturday, July 31, 2010 "Pampa", "fwing", and "duck wack wack" So the initial apartment shopping was... okay at best. We looked at two places today. One was significantly better (and cheaper) than the other, but the location was not at the top of my list. We submitted an application anyway, and plan to go see at least one or two more on Monday. Ava came along on our little adventure. She did a great job of testing all the closet doors and finding all the bugs out on the stairs. In between stops, we went and got some lunch. Ava was terrified of the toy that came with her little kids meal. (pictures to come) Come 2 o'clock, Jason headed off to work and Ava and I went to "pampa's" to play on the 'fwing' and attempt a little nap. The 'fwing' was a success, the nap, not so much. I let Ava play with her toys a bit while I called a couple more apartments. Just as one lady picked up the phone, Ava turned on the radio and started dancing to none other than the Spanish station. It took all I had to not start cracking up right then and there. That kid is just too funny. My dad introduced her to her favorite station and leaves it set for her so she only has to hit the power button to have herself a little fiesta. Later, we headed out to the duck pond where she runs around saying, "Duck, wack wack" then tries to follow the ducks into the water. I got her back home to mom and dad, took Jason some dinner for his break, then went home a relaxed and went to bed early. Pretty much a fun day!

18: Sunday, August 1, 2010 "You're Engaged??" He he! Why yes I am! So, the girls in my new-ish relief society found out I was engaged! Pretty fun. Had to go back and answer all the questions you do when you first get engaged. 'When's the big day?' 'How did he do it?' 'Did he pick the ring himself?' It's been a while since I've had to answer such questions. They were more excited than me. Too bad, I'm finally starting to get to know some fun people in my new ward only to be leaving soon. As for the rest of the day, it was pretty chill-ax. Not much excitement. Which was nice. I need to give my brain a break. It's on overload right now. Cannot wait to go camping on Wednesday and not have to think about wedding stuffs too much! | I LOVE CAKE! I enjoy making cake. I enjoy eating cake. I enjoy looking at cake. I just love cake. And today. I finally made the plans for our wedding cake. Jason's lovely cousin Erin will be making it and we started discussing it a bit this morning. I found a cute cake online that we are going to replicate... only bigger, and with my flowers and ribbon color of course. Then girly starts talking flavors, what part of chocolate, buttercream, french vanilla, double fuge chocolate, cookies and cream, raspberry wouln't make your mouth water. Oh my heck! I'm excited for how cute it will be but even more excited for how tasty it's going to be! | Monday, August 2, 2010 | CAKE!

19: Tuesday, August 3, 2010 Yesterday we went and paid the deposit on our first apartment! It's exciting, it really is. I cannot wait to be all moved in, with Jason, and start living our lives... back to normal... post wedding. If you were to look at me right now, you wouldn't believe that I am excited however. I'm stressed. I have a bit of large sum spending anxiety. Having to pay the deposit and first month's rent all at once, is.... a bit much to say the least. Especially with all the money going towards the wedding. Eek! It's all fine though. I just have to be okay with it. Again, ready to be at the post wedding stage of this all so I won't have soooo much to think about, especially money and spending.I also took my dress to my sis-in-law's cute mother Bodawn to be altered. I have 150% trust in this woman knowing that she made Stephanie's dress. On a brighter note, I get a break from it all starting at noon tomorrow! That's right! We're going camping... FINALLY! I cannot wait to get out in the wilderness and away from all things wedding! I just need a little breather from it. Going to go camp, and fish, and go 4-wheeling, and eat all kinds of delicious camping food, and refresh. Then I will come back with only 41 days left to be going crazy. Deep breaths........ | Wednesday, August 4, 2010 The Wilderness Awaits Me Goodbye world! Hello fun and relaxation! I'll be back on Monday.

20: Monday, August 9, 2010 The Great Outdoors Camping was a blast. I easily could have stayed up in the Uintas another 3 days no problem. There were a ton of people from Jason's family up there with us, not to mention a lot of kids. They were a riot to watch. You could tell they were having the time of their lives. We had a moose sighting, as in 30 feet away moose sighting everyday we were there. Jason and I arrived Wednesday around 4 or 5ish, and had just missed one heck of a hail storm when we pulled up. We stopped at the Bear River Lodge to get our recreation pass for the weekend, but they were closed due to a power outage. As we walked back toward the truck, Dee and Julie came pulling in and Dee was soaked to the bone from trying to keep the camp tied down when the hail storm hit. When we got up to camp we had to shovel a bunch of hail away to set up the tent and Jason had to help his dad tie the tarp that was being used as a sun/rain cover back up in the trees because the hail had torn it down. That night we roasted some el huge-o mallows and had some delicious chili for dinner, then just hung around the fire a bit as no one else was there yet. | Sometime late that night, a couple of Jason's cousins showed up. We didn't see them until the next morning. Thursday night we had some super tasty navajo tacos and then extra scones with honey butter, whipped cream, powdered sugar and berries. I may have a had a cookie and a s'more too. I paid for it that night. Barf-o-rama! Oi!Friday a few of us headed up to Butterfly Lake to go fishing. I was quite excited to try out my new pink pole Jason had got me for my birthday. Shortly after we got there, it started to poor rain. We hid out under a tree and waited it out, only took about 10 minutes or less for it to pass. We finally got to throw a line in and as it turns out the pink pole works great. I caught five fish, and beat everyone else that went. Ha! It was hilarious.That night, after a delicious dinner of bbq pulled pork and dutch oven cheesy potatoes, we played a little game called 'Butts Up'. It's fairly simple. You stand in a circle and try to keep a volleyball up in the air. If you miss a ball you could've had, or hit the ball to where no one could get it you get a strike. Three strikes and your butts up and everyone gets a chance to throw the ball and your butt. It's pretty hilarious really. Here is Dee butts up: | Saturday morning we headed out about eight to go up to Lym Lake to fish again. It was a very bumpy ride up to the lake but so totally worth it once you got there. Kelsea was the only one to catch anything there. Afterward, we took a different trail out the went up to Elizabeth Ridge. Holy Gorgeous! I couldn't believe the view:After we got back down the trail from there, we headed out to Lily Lake to meet up with the rest of the clan. We set up a little day camp there. Some people fished, some rode 4-wheelers, others just hung by the fire. Another fun day all in all.We all eventually made it back to camp and hung out by the fire to keep warm while we waited on the the dutch oven lasagna. Mmmmm! I had a HUGE pile on my plate and ate it all. Followed by my favorite of three cakes that Erin made and brought up. Chocolate with cherry filling and buttercream icing. Heaven! Sunday, we woke up and had a lovely breakfast of french toast, bacon and eggs. Then started to break camp. It was sad to be taking it all down and have it come to an end. Everyone had to take a few pictures, then a little at a time we all left camp behind, anticipating our return next year. Now, back home and back to work. Tonight I have to finish unpacking from camping, only to have to pack up EVERYTHING to get ready to move into our new apartment. The packing is sounding less than fun, but getting started in our first place together should be pretty fun. It's a good feeling indeed.

22: Tuesday, August 10, 2010 Just like the old days Okay, so I'll be the first to admit, I have severely neglected to spend as much time with my family as I used to. I tend to spend every extra moment I can with... well... Jason, duh. Last night though, Megan had called and told me she had gotten her first ultrasound pictures of the new baby, so I went by after work to see them. She and Matt were still up at his dad's house, so I scooted around the block over to my aunt Michelle's house. Shortly after I had arrived, a huge waterfight broke out between Libby, Torrey and the neighbor, Braden. I took refuge inside and helped Allison finish up a most delightful dinner she had prepared. It was just like it used to be, just sitting and hanging out, not talking about a whole lot of anything important, just enjoying eachother's company. After dinner, Megan came over with the pictures and we all had rootbeer floats. I honestly don't even remember what was said, but there were some big laughs. All in all it was a very enjoyable night. So enjoyable, that I had completely forgot I left my phone in the car and that I was supposed to text Jason the landlord's phone number.... oops. | Thursday, August 12, 2010 Shake shake shake, Shake Your Booty! The hula performance not only was fun but went way better than we had anticipated considering the lack of practice on any of our behalves. It was such a fun group of kids, and we had a massive amount of audience participation. I had completely forgotten how insanely fun dancing is. Jason has mentioned me giving it up, mostly to save my hips... we'll see about that. Anyhow... sorry, short blog today. I just don't have the attention span to make a good post. | Friday, August 13, 2010 Our First Place Last night we got the keys to our first apartment. It's in a little four plex in Roy, and easily the cleanest of all the ones that we looked at. After getting the keys, we drove over to it, sat on the floor together and Jason made the calls to get our power and gas turned on. So, it's official, our first place. I can't wait to move everything in and really make it our home. I'll get some pictures soon to show our progress there. | Wednesday, August 11, 2010 Bad Behavior I'm not going to lie. I have spent the last couple nights telling myself I'm going to pack to move into the new apartment. We are getting the key tomorrow. Have I packed? No. Have I found many distractions to keep me from packing, you betcha! Tonight I actually have a legitimate reason not to pack, a hula performance. This is the point where I'd rather pack. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE hula, I just haven't performed at all since the revue and well.... I may have forgotten a step or two, possibly entire dances. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it. Big Time! I do look forward to seeing some of my dance buddies though. Oi vey!

23: Saturday, August 14, 2010 Scrub Scrub Scrub After work yesterday I first went to lunch with the girls from my dad's side of our family. That's always a good time. They're very low drama and just a fun to spend time with. Afterward, I went home and changed, then headed over to the apartment to start cleaning. When I arrived, there was a sweet little surprise from my sweet almost-husband waiting for me. He had used his lunch to go buy me a 12-pack of my favorite nectar, a chocolate bar and some flowers, and left them for me on our counter. Such a sweetie. After loving how loved I am for a bit I started the cleaning process. I scrubbed the kitchen sink, counters, cupboards, fridge and floor. Then I moved into the bathroom and did a top to bottom cleaning job in there. Just as I was finishing up, Jason had gotten off work and showed up. Shortly after that, Megan came and dropped Ava off so she could go get her hair colored. Jason, Ava and I went to the post office to get change of address forms and get a box at our apartment, then to Wal-Mart for a couple more things to clean the apartment. We went and got my furniture out of storage and then we stopped at Jason's house after where Ava got out all the "cows" and bossed Murray around right up until he stole her cookie. Ha. Dee and Julie followed us back to the apartment and helped us move some furniture in and let us borrow their vacuum which was great because Jason used almost an entire can of carpet powder in just one room. If nothing else, out apartment was smelling very fresh. We put one of his tv's in the living room and popped in a movie later that night as we both slumped down on the couch like zombies. Oi. A very tiring, but quite productive day. I was so tired that after the movie, Jason left and I decided to just camp out on the couch there purely because I was too lazy to drive home. | Sunday, August 15, 2010 Fun in the Sun Saturday, Kelsea had a pool party at her boss' house. We bbq's some burgers and dogs, Dee made cheesy dutch oven potatoes and I took some brownies. Both Jason and Kelsea's family's were all there and we all just had a great time. It's always great to be able to have a fun Saturday off with a great group of people, especially if it involves a pool. Jason had to be at work at 5, so we headed out a bit early and I took a little nap with Murray while he got ready so I could drop him off a) because he had left the keys to his truck in Cody and Kelsea's Tahoe, and b) because I was planning on stealing his truck once the keys were back to move some boxes. I dropped him off and got some boxes moved, started unpacking, then took him lunch where he showed me that he had gotten kentucky fried at the pool even with sunscreen. Ouch! After waiting in the longest line I've ever stood in at Wal-Mart, I went back to the apartment and started washing some dishes as I was unpacking them. Shortly after I finished the first bunch Jason called, I went and picked him up, and we went back to his house. All in all, yet another productive day. Hopefully I can keep it up

24: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 Sickness and Expirations Bleh! Jason and I have got the sickness. Just a little cold sitting right in the back of the throat. Cough drops are our best friend at this point. Yesterday after work I went over to the apartment and found Jason asleep on the couch. I felt for him. He'd been up since 4 and not feeling well all day, so I let him sleep and just flipped through a magazine until he woke up. Then we headed to his house where he made me some ramen and what we call mormon screwdrivers (mtn dew and orange juice). After the oh so delicious ramen, I laid down on his lap and he threw a blanket over me and off for my own little nap I went. He truly is a sweetheart. And really, there's something about a Detroit Lions blanket that makes you feel better almost instantly. (Had to throw that in should my soon-to-be father-in-law ever read this.) Feels so good to be taken care of. I love him. What can I say other than that? Today, don't remember how, but driver's license expirations got brought up. Sariah and Karen's both expire next year. Mine? It expired in June. That's right, 2 months ago. Here I was, thinking it expired next year too, like everyone else in this world, nope! Of course this would be how it goes. So, I have to go get a new one pronto. What's worse, they give you a temporary one and your real one gets mailed in about 3 weeks. Shortly after that, as in maybe a week-ish, I will be married and have to do it all over again to change my name. I called the driver's license division and a surprisingly nice lady told me there's just no way around it. Oi. The thought of the lines there will surely give me nightmares. | Wednesday, August 18, 2010 Reconnect Last night was completely uneventful for the most part. I went to Megan's to drop off some shower invites, and got a kick out of Ava watching her new favorite movie, Up. She gets very excited every time it shows the balloons, and has to make sure everyone sees them by point at the tv and saying, "yook, byoons! Byoons! Yook!" It's hilarious to watch, especially considering she watches it every morning and those 'byoons' still warrant that same excited reaction even after the 30th time she's seen it. After the 'byoons' I went over to Jason's and we moved his tv stand and a dvd shelf along with some dvd's and the various, and by various I mean who knows where that came from, stuff that was inside the tv stand. Apparently this was his junk spot. We all have one so no judgement there. And that my friends is pretty much as much excitement as one night can handle. | Today, though, today was exciting. Even though I still feel like crap, I had a most excellent day. I logged on to facebook to see and email and a friend request from one of the most sweet ladies that has ever entered my life. Her name is Iris, and she was my Young Women's leader way back when I was in Young Women's. She moved, I moved, we lost contact for at least the last 8 or so years. Then today I received that email and nearly cried with happiness. And at exactly one month to the day before I get married, it couldn't have happened at a better time. I will be so happy to have such a sweet sweet person, who's impact on my life has ever since meant the world to me be able to come with me when I receive my endowments and be at my wedding! Perma-grim for today! :)

25: Thursday, August 19, 2010 Will It Ever End? Seriously, this cold is a stubborn one. Just not going away! Grrr! So, again, last night... not very productive. I did make it to Target to get a wedding gift for a friend of mine, then we went and did a little bit of mattress shopping. That was about it. OH! And, Jason let me pop the ginormous blisters on his hands from work yesterday. Gross as it is, I love popping blisters and these puppies were HUGE. Freakin awesome! I know you're jealous. After that, Jason found some Ohm's law app on his phone and at that point, I lost him for the night. I got his attention just long enough to give his mom an opinion on the quilt she's making us. It's going to be darn cute. It's a denim patch quilt. I'm excited to curl up under it this winter with a cup of cocoa, all cuddled up to my honey and watch White Christmas. Perfect. And in closing I must wish Sariah a Happy Birthday.... yesterday. | Friday, August 20, 2010 Gifts I also stopped yesterday and saw my cousin Emily's cute little baby boy Sawyer. He's about a month and a half old yesterday and so tiny and cute. I held him for a bit and rocked him to sleep. I love rocking babies to sleep, love it. And as for Emily, you can see a change in her persona, she has taken so well to being a mother and is doing a wonderful job of it. | Saturday, August 21, 2010 Wanting What You Can't Have Have you ever wanted something that you just can't have? Plain and simple, there's just no way you're getting it? I have, and am right now. Here's your fair warning, this could be depressing, but it's a huge part of me right now, and I had to write it. I may even delete it eventually if I decide its just too depressing, but for now, it's here. I knew this moment was coming, and will probably hit again before this whole wedding thing is through. Thursday night I was letting Libby curl my hair and she found a gray and plucked it for me. Yes, a gray hair sent me on an emotional roller coaster. You see, that hair was the same shiny silver shade of gray that my mom's hair was. It was all down hill from there, but like I said, we all knew this had to hit sooner or later. At this pinnacle moment in my life, I would love nothing more than to have her there for all the key moments, and even not so key moments that are part of me starting this huge new chapter in my life. She was supposed to be there when I picked my dress. She's supposed to be here to help me plan and be crazy with me. She should've been there today when I picked out the curtains for my kitchen window, just so she could help me decide because that's what moms do. I can't help but think about how she won't be there, standing next to me in her own pretty dress, smiling her huge beautiful smile and proud on my wedding day. That's how you envision it all as a little girl. I want her here to teach me to be the amazing wife and mother that she was and I'm terrified I'm not going to get it right. Heck, I'd just like to sit on the front porch with her and have a Diet Coke together, a love I had to have inherited from her. I'd even love for her to tell me how stupid I am sometimes. Many will say, "Oh she's looking down and proud" or something of the nature. While I do very much appreciate the thought, and know it to be true, it just doesn't cut it at times like this. Call me selfish, but I want HER here. Not the thought of her, but her, her flesh and blood self. Now, don't get me wrong, if having her back meant having her back and still sick, I'd choose to live without her. But a girl can wish, right? | As for me and my honey, I finally got the Detroit Lions toaster I ordered him yesterday. It toasts the Lions emblem onto the bread. I bought him a loaf of bread and some peanut butter and left it all at the apartment for him. Who knows how much toast he ate/made last night, but from the texts I got, it sounded like a kid on Christmas morning. Love it!

26: Sunday, August 22, 2010 Productivity Saturday, my family went to Bear Lake. I had committed to dancing at a birthday party that night, so I stayed home. Due to a nice little case of pink eye, ugh, I ended up not dancing. I figured the mothers of the children would not appreciate me spreading the pink eye love, especially the week that school starts. Anyway, Megan had asked if I would go over and let her dogs out for her while they were gone. I went over there and took a short nap on the porch swing while the dogs played, then went inside. I can't blame Megan at all, she has a 2-year old terror, that we all love dearly, and has been quite sick with number 2 on the way. I wouldn't feel up to cleaning either I'm sure. So, I figured, with nothing else to do, I may as well clean up for her, mostly just because I'm the most amazing sister that ever lived. Within a couple hours I had the house in tip top shape. Megan called the next day and said it was just like Christmas! I'm glad I could be of service. Okay, so really, there may have been some slight exageration with the pictures. It really wasn't that bad, just a bit untidy due to the tornado known as Ava. Either way, I'm glad I could help her out a bit. Jason called right as I got done cleaning and we went down and picked up our new bed set. He had said something about him putting the bed together and I was like, "psht, I can put it together before you even get off work." and he was like, "You don't even have tools." and I was like "psht, but my dad does." So, he went back to work, I went and changed over the laundry at Megan's, then to my house and picked up what I thought I might need to put the bed together, and off I went to get into Bob the Builder mode. Really, I LOVE putting furniture together, I dunno why, I just do. Always have. Here is a short photo journal of the process:

27: Monday, August 23, 2010 Non-productive Yup... yesterday was a very non-productive day. It never lasts long. I stayed home from church. I figured with the pink eye and all the hand shaking and hugging and what not, it was best to keep it to myself. So, after I finally got out of bed, I got ready and went over to Jason's and watched Harry Potter until he had to leave for work. I went over to the apartment and had myself a nice little nap, then went to my Temple Prep class. I love that class, and the man who teaches it. His name is Bob, aka Uncle Bobby B. He is my boss' hubster, and while lots of fun and enjoyable, a very knowledgeable man with a great testimony. I have to say also that we easily have the best Temple Prep class ever because Karen makes delicious treats for afterward. Yesterday, she made her fried ice cream dessert, mmmmm. I found Jason a new BFF at the class too. A girl in the class, Jordan, is getting married two days before us to a boy named James, who I'm going to assume is pretty great because she's so sweet. Turns out, James is a Detroit Lions fan. One of.... 3 on the planet I think. He'll be at the class next week, and I'm hoping Jason can be too. It'd be fun to watch them have male bonding time over the losing-est team of all time. Ha. Oddly enough, we can at least rest assured that our men will forever be loyal, especially if they've stuck with their team so long considering their record. | Tuesday, August 24, 2010 Opposing Tastes? Last night, Jason and I were going to go over to my uncle's house so Jason could look at an electrical job there. He was waiting for me at our apartment because it's just a couple blocks from my uncle's place. I called him as I was getting close to see if he was ready to go. "Sure, just finishing up some redecorating. I think you're really going to like it. I love my saws all!" "WHAT?" "No, no, you're really going to love this." He tells me this as I hear the buzz of the saws all in the background. Resisting the urge to speed like a mad woman I continued toward our new home trying to figure out what the heck he is doing to it. I get there and he has the little chain lock set so I couldn't get in. "I'm not done yet. Just a minute." then in the background I hear "just a little tape here, a bit here. Good." After I finally get through the door, I discover about four or so car posters hanging throughout the the apartment, mainly in the living room and kitchen. (pictures to come soon) "Nope. No. Not staying, and... no." These were my words as I walked through looking at his work. He wasn't hurt though. He mostly did it because he thinks he is so funny. Which he is. And, he hung my curtain for my kitchen window, perfectly, without supervision. Gotta love that! We hurried down the street to my uncle's and I sat and talked with my aunt while my uncle gave Jason the run down on what he needed done. Shortly after, Megan showed up with Ava. That little girl was like a whirlwind, all over the place. She kept us all entertained. That's about it for last night, not too exciting, but still fun. | Wednesday, August 25, 2010 Tired Too many late nights followed by rough nights, lack of sleep, and my attempt to stop living off of diet coke have left me too tired to write a decent blog for today. By brain is not functioning enough to do so. Sorry. Maybe tomorrow I'll come up with something good.

28: It happens to me a lot. I fall in love with something, and then realize it is somewhat above my price range. When Jason and I went and did our registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond, he actually first noticed the bedding set and I fell in love with it. His mom wanted to buy our bedding for my bridal shower, but decided that $480 was a bit much. I can't agree more. We hadn't realized that the set didn't come as a set, you have to buy each piece individually and they were pricey pieces. She offered to get us a gift card within her budget range, and then we could just make up the difference, but there is no way I can justify spending that much on bedding no matter how cute it is. So, we met her down at the store yesterday to pick a different, more affordable set. We decided on the one pictured for a MUCH more reasonable price, and it comes as a set. Of course they didn't have a queen in stock, but it is already on order so I just have to call and bug them everyday until it gets there, then I'll take the gift card she bought me and go down and pick it up. I think this one will look very chic with our black bed, don't you? I'm excited to have our bedroom all put together. We even get to go pick up our mattress set tomorrow. Yay! Our little apartment is becoming more and more our home every day. Tonight is my bridal shower with Jason's family. It should be a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to it. They are having me a recipe shower. Everyone is bringing their favorite recipe along with the ingredients to make it. That should fill my cupboards right up so we won't be akin to Old Mother Hubbard anymore. Last night we also took on the task of addressing and stuffing the wedding invitation envelopes. It was actually kind of fun. Between Dee, Julie, Kelsea and me, it was fairly quick and painless. I love how the invitations turned out. A very nice coworker friend of mine who works in graphic design designed them for us. They are amazing, and more than I hoped for. I can't wait to start handing them out. I'll post a picture once they are out. I've got to keep the surprise element alive for now | Friday, August 27, 2010 The family shower last night was fantastic! The attendees were: Kelsea, her mom and sisters, Julie, my sister Megan, Jason's aunts Tracy, Tammy and Debbie, Grandma Jackie, and his cousins Stephanie, Sheridan and Karen, the kids, Sammy and Maddie and a family friend Michelle. Julie made a big batch of chicken salad, Kelsea brought cookies, Stephanie brought fruit and dip. We played a couple games and everyone wrote out some 'advice for the bride'. The shower was a recipe theme, so I got several recipes and the ingredients to make them. I also got some awesome snapware and a blender! I can't wait to try them all. Jason is pretty excited for me to try them too I think. One of the words of advice given was, "Keep your hubby happy by keeping his belly full." I am so excited to be marrying into such a fun and sweet family. They have all welcomed me with open arms and tons of love. Tomorrow is another shower that will be for his ward, my family, and my coworkers. This one will be open house style, with no real theme. I'm looking forward to it though. Quite honestly, I love the little old ladies that come to these things, they warm my heart. It's always fun to see the coworkers outside of work in a relaxed atmosphere. It'll be fun to have my family there as well. I am very most looking forward to having all the wonderful things we're getting put away in our little apartment and progressively turning it into more of a home. Precious! | Thursday, August 26, 2010 Expensive Taste

29: Saturday, August 28, 2010 Family, Ward, and Work Shower | This morning and into this afternoon I had a lovely second shower given by my boss and soon-to-be mom-in-law. We invited some gals from my family, my co-workers and ladies from Jason's ward. I met a lot of new people and very much enjoyed hanging out with everyone else I already knew. We received a bunch of very nice gifts, including a couple semi-naughty ones that everyone got a laugh from. There was a delicious salad made by Karen's friend Emily, chicken salad, cheesecake, eclairs and strawberry lemon fizzy drink. I think the most memorable moment was when I opened a gift from my aunt Lynny. It was a huge tub of cheeseballs. Ava saw it from across the room, bolted over, sat down and stared up at me waiting for me to open them. She popped them in her mouth two at a time. We finally cut her off after she'd made a very obvious dent in the bucket-o-cheeseballs. After the shower Jason and I went over to the apartment to put everything away. He started to help me unpack things, but got tired at some point and fell asleep on the couch. Why he didn't go in on our new bed, which got it's mattress that morning I don't know, because that thing is soooo comfy. Anyway. I finally found a place for everything and even unpacked my dishes, all 84 pieces. I woke Jason up and we headed to Target to return The Dark Knight because Jason already has it on Blu-Ray. He only registered for it because I hate it. While we were in the checkout line, we got a phonecall from his mom. She had gotten a phonecall from a couple in the ward, the wife was at the shower earlier, who's parents were upgrading their washer and dryer, and needed to find a home for the old, but still good set. We very graciously accepted them. Jason and I went and picked up the trailer they were on and then met Dee and Cody over at the apartment to move them in. How exciting! A washer and dryer were something I thought we'd be spending a considerable amount of wedding money on, and now we have that to save. I am so grateful that they thought of us. So it was indeed another great day, and getting closer to the best day ever!

30: Sunday, August 29, 2010 Eternity Today Jason and I met with both of our bishops. Jason's bishop was able to give him his recommend for us to be sealed. With my bishop, it was a time for him to get to know Jason a bit and give us the chastity and preparation lecture. After much confusion about when I will be going through the temple for myself, we finally decided I'd meet back with him Tuesday to start my recommend process. Later, at the temple prep class, as we were talking about being prepared to go and being sealed, the teacher, Bob, starting telling us about his sealing to his wife and how wonderful that moment was. I started getting the hugest knot in my throat. I was thinking about how awesome it's going to be to be there, in the temple with Jason, surrounded by family and friends we love so dearly, and to be sealed for time and all eternity. I sat there and tried to picture what it will be like. I have yet to go to the temple of course, but in my imagination it was beautiful. Not just the room itself, but the spirit within it. It's the greatest blessing on this earth to know that finally I will have that someone that can never be taken from me. I cannot believe how absolutely lucky I am to have found such a wonderful man that is in all ways perfect for me and that I get to experience life and even eternity with him by my side. What more could I ever ask for? Oi, getting teary again, better stop. I went back to the apartment and washed and put away all the dishes I'd unpacked and then went and met Jason at his house when he got off work. We laid on the beanbag for a while just talking. I love him.

31: Tuesday, August 31, 2010 Recommended! Today I completed one of the most significant steps in being sealed to Jason... I got my temple recommends. All three of them at the same time. I really am that good. Ha! I won't lie, I was a bit concerned about the timing of when this would happen, especially after Jason and I met with my bishop the other day and during the chastity talk Jason says, "Yeah, it's no problem except for she's always trying to take her shirt off in front of me." While punching him in the leg, I attempted to speak over him, hoping the bishop wasn't catching what he was saying. Not because it's true, because it's very much not, but because I'm pretty sure my bishop doesn't have that kind of sense of humor. Luckily, he either didn't hear or took it as lightly as it was meant, and after signing my recommend, sent me off to see the stake president. I was lucky in that he was still in his office last night. After talking with him, for the first time I'm a bit sad about leaving my singles ward. He is such a great guy. After talking with him a bit and receiving his signature, he told me I had one final test to pass. He said usually, he has the couples take this test together, but Jason was at work, so I was on my own. He walked me to the clerk's office and opened a cupboard. It was a difficult one indeed. They had there about four different colors of a 'Book of Remembrance", and I had to pick a color. After much turmoil, I decided on the lighter blue one with silver writing. Why? Honestly, it was my least favorite, but it is Detroit Lions colors, and how could I pass that up? Needless to say, Jason loves it. | Monday, August 30, 2010 The List, part 3 The other night, I started to panic about the number of invitations going out. Especially the number of invitations to the luncheon and the sealing ceremony because these two events have a limited number of seating. A couple days after we had stuffed all of the envelopes for Jason's side of things, I decided to stuff mine. Much to my surprise, there were 13 invitations left out of the 400 we had printed, and 400 was way more than the 289 on the list. Even more scary was the tiny pile of temple cards left. It was at this point I realized it was probably a bad idea to have left them all at Jason's house after we'd finished his. I love his mom, and I know she only means well bless her heart, but I needed for it to stop. Jason and I discussed it, he asked her, and she said she stuck to the list. We learned tonight that she did. Everyone on the list got an invite, along with their children, their neighbors, and apparently some distant family members that wouldn't know Jason from Adam. Jason was able to cut a few people, and his dad took care of a few others, so that helped put my mind at ease, along with a little help from Kelsea and her little pink friend. On the less stressful side of things, we were able to get the quilt Jason's mom made us all tied. It is really cute. She cut a bunch of Jason's old jeans up into squares and made them into a patch quilt. It has a navy blue flannel backing and is tied with navy yarn. I love it. We had a great time tying it too. There were a lot of laughs around the quilting frame tonight. In between the quilt and the invitations we put in a Christmas movie. I know, a bit early, but really it was just what we needed. It was fun too to sit there a imagine what Christmas will be like this year. It will be Jason and my first Christmas together, and the first real Christmas that I've had in quite some time since Christmas has sort of fizzled in my family over the last few years. It's just one of many exciting first I'm looking forward to in starting this new chapter in my life.

32: Thursday, September 2, 2010 Ugly?? Last night after work, Sariah and I went to the apartment to practice on my hair for bridals on Saturday and watch a movie. We put in Save the Last Dance, and she went to work on my beautiful locks. Once she got it all curled, we started to play with ideas on how to put it up. This eventually resulted in using half a package of bobby pins and about 8 different up-do's on my head all at once. Scary? Maybe a little bit. Lindsey showed up somewhere in the midst of our little party and as much as I'd like to say we had a great time, I'd be lying. It was fun, but nothing great. The three of us were so tired we mostly just sat and talked . I miss seeing Lindsey as much as I used to. *note to self: make more time with Lindsey The girl's headed out around nine, I cleaned up some water I spilled and then went and enjoyed our super comfy bed. Jason and I have both made a habit of napping on it whenever we get the chance. Can't wait for the day we can nap on it together. I imagine those naps to be even better than the amazing ones that are taking place now. Jason called a bit after ten and told me he was just getting ready to leave work. I peeled myself off our bed, and started on my way down to his house. He took one look at my hair and called it ugly. How rude! Not far from the truth though I have to admit. Ha! Then as he went to work taking all of the bobby pins out, he told me that "for the record" he likes my hair down, which is something he hasn't seen much of lately. I've been wearing ponytails daily purely because I haven't wanted to wake up and actually do my hair. I'm quite tired these days. You'd think I was less than 3 weeks away from getting married... oh wait...I AM! | Wednesday, September 1, 2010 Trials and Hindsight Last night when I was talking with my stake president he reminded me how satan will throw trials my stronger than ever now. I thought to myself, "yeah, I'll see them coming and head him off at the pass." Boy was I ever wrong, as I learned this morning. After a huge blowout with a family member I've always felt close too, I realized my eyes aren't as open to satan's ways as I thought. I'm grateful that I was at the very least able to remember the questions asked last night, and the promises made when I signed my recommend. With that in my head, I was able to keep myself from saying anything I didn't mean. Some hard truth's were brought out, and not received well, but no personal unnecessary, untrue words were used. I honestly can't say what will come of my relationship with this person. I hope, as in times before it can be put behind us, but I can only handle my side. And my side still has a real love for the other person, and always will. But at the same time, I have learned, over many years, and many, many hard realizations that there are certain attributes that connected us in the past, that just aren't in place anymore. I have changed, for the better. I have grown. I have developed my own true self, and that self doesn't mesh well with the old stagnant ways. If that person is reading this, I hope they will know that I do love them. That I do appreciate them and all of the countless ways they have helped me. I simply cannot have the negativity in my life anymore. I'm in a happier place without it. Not, without them, just simply without the negativity. After a long, long time, I've finally learned that I have to do what's best for me (without hurting anyone else of course). | "There is nothing more genuine than breaking away from the chorus to learn the sound of your own voice." -Po Bronson | "I was once afraid of people saying, 'Who does she think she is'? Now I have the courage to stand and say, 'This is who I am!'" -Oprah Winfrey

33: Friday, September 3, 2010 Crunchy Knee and Bedding Part III The other night, I was walking down the stairs to the laundry room and I heard this weird crunchy/snapping noise. I thought it was the stairs in our very old house. But it was the exact same with every stair. So I stopped took a step on with my left foot. Nothing. Took the same step with my right foot. Crunch. What the heck? It was my knee making the noise. I got to the bottom of the stairs and bent down listening for it. Gross. It sounds like there are rice krispies in my knee. I didn't think too much of it though and finished the load of laundry I was doing then headed to bed. The next morning as I went to retrieve said laundry, the same thing. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Then all day everytime I sat down, crunch. It was loud enough that Sariah heard it from the next stall in the bathroom as I sat to take care of business. By the end of the day it started to get really sore. So, of course, I texted my brother and asked him his thoughts on the matter. He's going to school for physical therapy and is very smart on all things related. He told me it's called crepitus. My knee's probably inflamed and to ice it and it should start to feel better. I busted out my zebra ice wrap I'd made for my hips when I hula. I tied it on and went to bed. This morning it's still crunching, but not sore. Guess I'll just keep up the ice routine for a bit and hope it goes away. Meanwhile I'll have to resist the urge to squat down for the sole purpose of hearing it, because it really is one of those gross, but cool things you can't get enough of. Also yesterday, we had to make another trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick out yet another bedding set. Apparently the other one wasn't really on order because it's backordered even in the warehouse. We wandered around and finally settled on this one. Though we both like the other one more, I think this one will look pretty great with our bed set too. With a few dollars left on the gift card we got a bath mat and a huge bag of Swedish Fish. The Swedish Fish are in protective custody right now because Jason has no self control. I will be rationing them to him so he can't make himself sick. It's for his own good. | Saturday, September 4, 2010 Licensed to Wed We are officially licensed to wed! Jason and I went and got our marriage license yesterday. It was quick and painless thanks to the application being printable online. I had it all filled out and ready to go when we got there. We just had to show our ID, write a check and sign our lives away. Easy peasy. After that, we went and looked for a second set of sheets for our bed. There is still a small debate over the need for two sets. Everyone, except Jason, thinks you need two sets. As of right now we have one that fits, and one that doesn't. Due to our el huge-o mattress, we have to get the 18 inch deep fitted sheet. The one that came with our set is 14 inches. It's just not going to work. I will just have to continue to look for inexpensive sheets that will fit on my own. Later on, we went over and joined Cody, Kelsea, and the home inspector at their possible future home. It's a foreclosure, and based on the missing light fixtures and smoke detectors, clogged disposal, and the broken off screws in the locks, you can tell the previous owners weren't thrilled that they had to be responsible and face the consequences of not paying your house payment. Who knew? With a little, okay, a lot of bleach, plenty of elbow grease and a touch of lipstick and mascara, we'll have just perfect for them in no time! After the inspection, the four of us headed down to the mall and found the perfect jewelry for my wedding dress. Thank you Kelsea. And thank you for pointing out to me that Aero's Chelsea jean, that is my favorite and is finally sans holes and bleach, are buy one get one free right now! I now have more than 4 pairs of jeans! Hallelujah! Feeling lucky after the trip to the mall, we went to Lowe's to look at appliances for Cody and Kels. Because of the labor day sale and other discounts they will be saving somewhere in the neighborhood of $700 on the appliances for their new home. Rockin! It was a very good night for all involved. This morning I went to the Ogden Botanical Gardens and had my bridal photos done. It was gorgeous, a bit windy, but fun. I can't wait to see how they turned out.

34: We are officially licensed to wed! Jason and I went and got our marriage license yesterday. It was quick and painless thanks to the application being printable online. I had it all filled out and ready to go when we got there. We just had to show our ID, write a check and sign our lives away. Easy peasy. After that, we went and looked for a second set of sheets for our bed. There is still a small debate over the need for two sets. Everyone, except Jason, thinks you need two sets. As of right now we have one that fits, and one that doesn't. Due to our el huge-o mattress, we have to get the 18 inch deep fitted sheet. The one that came with our set is 14 inches. It's just not going to work. I will just have to continue to look for inexpensive sheets that will fit on my own. | Saturday, September 4, 2010 Licensed to Wed | Monday, September 6, 2010 Moving Day | Sunday, September 5, 2010 Blessings | Later on, we went over and joined Cody, Kelsea, and the home inspector at their possible future home. It's a foreclosure, and based on the missing light fixtures and smoke detectors, clogged disposal, and the broken off screws in the locks, you can tell the previous owners weren't thrilled that they had to be responsible and face the consequences of not paying your house payment. Who knew? With a little, okay, a lot of bleach, plenty of elbow grease and a touch of lipstick and mascara, we'll have just perfect for them in no time! | After the inspection, the four of us headed down to the mall and found the perfect jewelry for my wedding dress. Thank you Kelsea. And thank you for pointing out to me that Aero's Chelsea jean, that is my favorite and is finally sans holes and bleach, are buy one get one free right now! I now have more than 4 pairs of jeans! Hallelujah! Feeling lucky after the trip to the mall, we went to Lowe's to look at appliances for Cody and Kels. Because of the labor day sale and other discounts they will be saving somewhere in the neighborhood of $700 on the appliances for their new home. Rockin! It was a very good night for all involved. This morning I went to the Ogden Botanical Gardens and had my bridal photos done. It was gorgeous, a bit windy, but fun. I can't wait to see how they turned out. | Today, we joined my family at Emily and Brandon's ward for Baby Sawyer's blessing. I love baby blessings. There's something about a new spirit that somehow brings you closer to heaven. After the service, we went to Emily and Brandon's for a little luncheon. While there, ammends were made and it felt great. Last night, I stayed at our apartment officially for the first time. It was nearly impossible to get out of bed. That mattress is just way to darn comfortable. I love it! Only problem we've run into with the apartment is the water heater. You get about | 2 minutes of warm water and after that, get ready to freeze. We'll call Dennis, the landlord and he'll have it fixed in a jiff. He's good like that I feel. | It was moving day. For real this time. I moved over some furniture and a bunch of clothes and other things from my room. It was not fun. That's all I want to say about it. The more fun part of the night was getting Jason to go through his giant box of papers. It took him quite some time, but he finally made it throught them all. Cody and Kelsea were there as our chastity companions and we watched Big Bang during the sorting process. I love that show, and now so do all of them. Later that night, Eric and Jenny came over and we watched Bounty Hunter. I mostly slept through it because I've already seen it at least a dozen times. The | best part of the night was the brownies. I made the brownies that a family friend Michelle had brought to the recipe shower. Oh my deliciousness! They are sooo good

35: Tuesday, September 7, 2010 Family Visits | Due to the cold shower situation, I stayed at my dad's last night. Something about a warm shower vs. a cold one in the morning that can dramatically change my | desire to do... well anything really. It's fixed now though. Thank heavens! After work, I drove up to Willard and delivered some invitations to my family there. I learned from my uncle Jim that my cousin Jamie's baby is trying to come 8 weeks early. She's at the hospital now, and because she lives so far away, they won't let her leave. We'll be keeping her and the baby in our thoughts and prayers. Partially for health purposes, and partially for the fact that she's stuck at the hospital, not fun. On my way back home, I stopped and did some treasure hunting at the DI. I found no treasures, but did get followed through the entire store by a super creepy guy that was not subtle about his stalking at all. Luckily, he stopped at the door and I was home free. When Jason got home, he sent me a picture of a giant box that was a wedding gift from his uncle Dennis. I begged and pleaded to no avail, but the box is still sealed. I did convince him to at least open the packing list though. Okay, I bribed him. Trust me, it wasn't hard to convince me to take him to Frogurt tomorrow. HA! Lacey-2, Jason-1! | Wednesday, September 8, 2010 Wedding Dress Today I got my wedding dress. Let me elaborate. I'm not crazy and waiting until the week before the wedding to get a dress. I've had the big showy dress for months. Today I got the dress I will actually be married in, my temple dress. We also got several other things necessary for the temple. It was an intense experience full of far too many options that you just have to "wait and see" how they work out. Eek! One week from today I will be going through the temple. I cannot wait! It's one of those moments you wait for your whole life and easily one of the greatest gifts and blessings a person can be given. I've already started to get the perma-grin just thinking about it. Tonight we're going to start putting the final touches on the flower girl dresses. They are sooo stinking cute. Karen did an amazing job on them. I can't wait to see my sweet little Ava Lou in the dress. Also tonight, I will be mailing and delivering the last of the invitations that I have addresses for. Very excited to be done with that process. What am I most excited for though? FROGURT! Oh yeah! Frozen Yogurt in multiple flavors with millions of toppings as options! It's as close to heaven you can get on earth outside the temple. Really | Thursday, September 9, 2010 Flower Frenzy We all knew it would happen. I was just waiting. Something big had to go wrong, right? Well, it did! I emailed my flower guy yesterday to confirm my 75 stems of magenta pink hydrangeas. I got back a reply that said they've all started to antique and none of them are bright pink anymore. These are the options I was given:Although gorgeous, these are not what I need. The whole wedding theme was based around that bright pink hydrangea. I did a quick google search, found another supplier, at a similar price, and made the call. I spoke with their wedding specialist (I Love you Danielle) and she called their farmers. After about 4 hours of waiting to hear, I got the call and I got the hydrangeas! And even with their next shipment arrival date being the 21st according to the website, she kindly bumped me up to the 16th and I even got free shipping!! Crisis averted!

36: Friday, September 10, 2010 Friends and Good Food I went down to Buca di Beppo tonight for dinner with a bunch of friends, old and new, and a couple gals from hula. We had a blast. Buca is such a yummy place to eat with huge servings. I'm sure everyone left perfectly stuffed. I know I did. I rode down with Jess and Annie because Linds and Sariah had to go pick up some super secret wedding surprise. Still don't know what. Shortly after we got there, I saw Kathy and her hubby Kelly outside waiting for Claire. Kelly was going to take the kids while us gals had dinner. What a great grandpa! It was great to see Sherri and Heather as well. Funny how we were all so inseparable in high school, then real life hits and you slowly stop seeing each other. We sat and remembered our high school antics for quite sometime. Oh my heck. I can't believe some of the things we used to do. After our tasty dinner, we ordered a brownie sundae to share with the table. No joke, this thing fed all ten of us and was so good. I easily could eat it on my own. The chocolate gelato in it was to die for. Of course we all said we need to get together more often, as per usual, this time I hope we really can though. It would be fun and well worth it! | Saturday, September 11, 2010 The "Naughty Shower" After a crazy morning of running all over the place and accomplishing a lot, I met my family at Union Grill for a little lunch time naughty shower. I love my family! They are a riot! Most of all it was Jody that was killing me. I got a lot of especially for the bedroom gifts, and as I'd pull them out she'd say, "Oh yeah that ones good", "Oh you'll like that", etc. all so matter of fact and nonchalant. It was killing me. I still see her as little Jody, my cousin's daughter. But she's all grown up and married now, I'm just not ready to hear about that particular part of her life. With all my special gifts in tow, I headed over to my dad's house (bigger, better oven) to make Jason the boob cake he wanted for his bachelor party that night. These cakes are super easy, and I think they're hilarious. From what I hear, it was a big hit. While he ate pizza and boob cake and played halo with all his old friends, I shopped around for a few last minute things, then headed home. Early night for me! YES! I've missed this elusive thing called sleep lately. | Sunday, September 12, 2010 Cleaning House This morning I slept in. It felt sooo good. 11 o'clock too late to start the day? No way! I needed it. When I finally rolled out of bed and wandered toward the kitchen, I noticed a glow. As I rounded the corner I saw a huge lit up tire sign on out kitchen table. First thought, 'um.. yeah... NO'. So I call Jason. I knew he had been there to get his recommend so he could have it signed by his stake president. Apparently there is some sort of attachment to this sign and he thinks it'd be great if we just put it right on top of my great great grandmother's antique vanity. The short version of this conversation was that he hates my vanity, I hate his sign, neither are staying, it'll be discussed post wedding. I got all dressed and went down to Lindsey's cousin Travis' mission farewell. It was easily the shortest sacrament meeting I've ever been to. He was on several sports teams and the first to leave so the place was packed. They finished passing the sacrament at about 1:35, Travis and one other speaker spoke, and it was done by 2. Afterward there was a luncheon at his house and all of the kids were there too. Felt like millions of them! It was awesome to see such a huge support system for him though. He's going to serve in the Washington DC South mission. Alexandria, Virginia, where I lived as a nanny is a part of this mission. He's going to love it! When I got home, I sat for not long before I realized I needed a distraction. I'm not good at being alone, and Jason was at work, so I cleaned our entire apartment. It was very refreshing! Typically I wouldn't clean on a Sunday, it being 'work' and all, but it was more of a just keeping busy thing and just what I needed. It can be relaxing sometimes. I can't wait to finally have all the boxes gone and have the apartment just right and livable... with both of us there!

37: Monday, September 13, 2010 Whoa!! Only 5 days! 5 Days and we will be married, sealed for time and all eternity. I can't believe we've finally reached the week of the wedding. What an awesome feeling. It came up fast, and to think back in June it felt like it would never come. The week is not too busy luckily, that is, if everything goes as planned, which it never does but I have high hopes anyway. Tonight, I just have to go buy a bag for my temple clothes. Wednesday night I get to go receive my endowments. Thursday the flowers should arrive. And Friday will be the crazy day. I'll be running all over to pick up everything for Saturday. I also have to put together the centerpieces, those should be easy though. Also, Friday is when Erin, Jason's cousin, and her cousin and four boys will be arriving from Idaho. She's making our cake and it is going to be awesome. I can't wait to see and eat it. We offered our apartment to them while they are here, so I'll be staying at my dad's house one last time before the big day. Saturday will be a long day, starting at about 6 for me and going until we leave the reception at 8 o'clock sharp. I'm still glad we're kind of dragging it out all day though, it's giving me piece of mind so I don't feel like I need to plan every minute of the day. I decided I should be able to relax as much as I can on our wedding day... weird eh? I know by the end of it all I am going to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained. It's all so worth it though | Tuesday, September 14, 2010 Losing It Will I still have my mind post wedding? Who knows. I feel as though I still have a gajillion things to do, but I really don't. Just have to pick up a couple things and we're all set. No big, right? Tell that to the thoughts of chaos swarming my brain. I hardly slept last night. I tossed and turned so much that my bed was thrashed when I got up this morning. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I'd really like the day of my first visit to the temple to be generally peaceful. I'll let you know how it goes. I am looking forward to it with much anticipation. | Wednesday, September 15, 2010 Temple Day Tonight I am going to the Ogden Temple to receive my endowments. Surprisingly, it's been a generally peaceful day, no different than any other. I thought for sure I'd be a ball of nerves and everything would go wrong on this day, but it really hasn't been bad. For that I am grateful. Aside from the overall greatness of temple and all the blessings there, I am most excited to be going there with Jason. I can't imagine this experience with anyone but him there. Maybe that's what's keeping me so calm, just knowing he'll be there waiting for me when I get there and throughout this all new experience. After that, just three more days and he will be there for every new experience. Somehow, even the biggest struggles I could face seem bearable now | Thursday, September 16, 2010 Eternity? Yes Please! Okay, so simply put the temple was absolutely amazing. I think Jason was more excited than me. I couldn't even look over at him without wanting to just giggle a little. He had this big silly grin on his face all night, from beginning to end. And nothing in this world will ever replace the moment we walked into the celestial room hand in hand, with our families there waiting. Life has never felt so perfect to me. The best part is that it can only get better from here. Saturday, the sealing will be it's own special moment, and after last night... I'm more excited than ever for it to come.

38: September 18, 2010 | Well, it's all been said and done. He showed up, I showed up, we were sealed and the day went off without a hitch. It was an absolutely fantastic day.

40: Thursday, September 30, 2010 Back to... Life As it turns out, I'm not such a consistent blogger unless I have a countdown to maintain. Either that, or I'm a newlywed that's not been doing a whole lot. Some things I've been enjoying doing though are not bloggable as they might be classified as TMI, so I'm told. Ha! Either way, here I am with a little update on post wedding life. The honeymoon was just perfect. The first night, for lack of desire to make a 2 hour drive up to the cabin, we stayed at the Hampton Inn in downtown Ogden. Kelsea got us an awesome hookup on an amazing room. It was a corner suite on the top floor. From the bedroom and bath you could see the Junction and then then temple. The bed was huge and comfy and the big jetted tub hit the spot after the long day we'd had. We chose to miss what I hear is quite a tasty continental breakfast in order to sleep in as long as possible. After checking out we went back to Jason's parents to pick up his truck and the 4-wheelers. Cody and Kelsea made a lovely pancake and egg breakfast for us all. Seems everyone was still recovering. Jason and Cody went and loaded up the trailer and away we went to the apartment to grab a couple of forgotten items then onward to the cabin. On the drive up, I opened our cards and read them to Jason. We got something like 20 gift cards to Target which will come in very handy. I also devoured some wedding cake that Kelsea was thoughtful enough to pack up for us so we could actually enjoy some of it. It was sooo good. Erin kept telling me to stop blogging about the cake because she didn't want to raise false hopes, but I didn't even scratch the surface. That woman is the cake queen. I'm still craving it. Even her fondant is delicious, which is hard to do. There's a great story about the cake catching on fire on Erin's blog, I've included it on the next page, including the follow up from after the wedding. We got all checked into the cabin and put everything away then plopped ourselves right down on the couch. Eventually, we got up and made hobo dinners which are always a favorite. To end the day, we took a bottle of sparkling apple-grape juice and sat out on the porch swing to watch the sunset. It was simply gorgeous. The remainder of the honeymoon was full of relaxing, another big jetted tub, a couple of trips on the 4-wheelers, more relaxing, great food, and well... you know. I wouldn't mind going back up during this time of year again and again. With the leaves changing it's beautiful, but still the perfect temperature to enjoy yourself in without sweating or shivering. Oh, and I can't forget the part where Jason somehow forgot underwear. I think he had three pairs that we had to wash in sink and hang by the fireplace to dry so he didn't have to go commando. We did both remember our toothbrushes though. Since we've been home, it's just been life as usual, but a little bit better. We've been getting everything situated at the apartment and enjoying eachother, especially the part where we don't have to say good-bye at the end of the day, just goodnight. Life is good.

41: A Flaming Good Start to My Weekend!!! A few weeks ago my cousin Jason and his fiance asked me to make their wedding cake for them...and deliver it to them in Utah. I said yes, but I had my reservations. I mean, the last time I made a wedding cake for a cousin, I didn't make it past Blackfoot before my rear passenger window shattered onto Riley. However, not wanting the past to dictate my future, I persevered. I spent a month getting all the necessary pieces together. I baked, molded, ordered, designed, you name it, I was getting it all done. Last Friday, (September 17th), my assembly day, I got up and nearly vomited. Anxiety, anyone? After my mom talked me into near calmness and with three kids under foot, I began the lengthy process of assembly. I filled, frosted and covered all five cakes. My goal was to get on the road by 2:30. Yeah...that didn't happen. By the time I had finished my "pre-assembly" and had packed, it was nearly 5:30pm. I finally got on the road around 6:00. I think I held my breath all the way to Blackfoot...and then I think I let it out once I got to Pocatello. My anxiety began to lift and my mood began to get a whole lot better. I pulled into my uncle's house around 9:00. Jason and Lacey were waiting to show me the way to their apartment where me and the boys were going to stay for the weekend. It was a short ride from my uncle's house to their apartment. Then, the process of unloading began and it was a little chaotic. The kids had been cooped up for 3 hours with a crazy, anxiety filled mother. When they were released from their carseats, they began to run and explore. Meanwhile, me, Jason and Lacey were unloading, trying to keep order amongst the chaos. Now, Jason and Lacey live in a two bedroom basement apartment. It's an older apartment, you know, the kind with big bedrooms and a kitchen that hasn't been updated in a million years. There were the basics but not a whole lot of counter space to work with. There was a lot of stuff and we were putting it everywhere. It didn't take us too long to get everything unloaded and properly dispersed into the kitchen and bedrooms. I was anxious to get the kids into pajamas and into bed. The faster I could get them asleep, the faster I could get to finishing my cake. As I was getting the playpen set up, I hear Lacey, from the kitchen, say in a very calm voice, "There's a fire." Now, with the calmness of her voice, I didn't get the sense there was any urgency or any truth to her claim. But, I went out and looked anyways. As I approached the kitchen, I looked and beheld there wasn't A fire...there were TWO fires. There were flames in the kitchen sink and on the stove, the flames were so tall they nearly reached the underside of the cabinets. The stove was where I had carefully placed the top tier of their wedding cake...on the front burner. Now, by this time the reality is setting in and we are all moving into action. Lacey has the water running in the sink, trying to extinguish the fire and Jason is calmly, yet quickly, pouring baking soda on the stove. And me???? I'm just standing there, watching in disbelief as the top tier of my / their wedding cake is burning. My anxiety level just reached a million, as there is smoke damage and the burner imprints on the top of my cake...which is now laying on its side. As soon as the fires are all out, the fanning began because smoke was filling the apartment. We each grabbed a plastic Rubbermaid tote lid, opened the windows and doors, and fanned with all our might. By now, the kids have gathered around, talking about how cool it was that the cake caught on fire and laughing....all at my expense. The adults, however, we huddled together, grateful the apartment didn't burn down (Jason and Lacey) and wondering how in the HELL I was going to fix the problem. Lacey, the coolest bride I have ever met, didn't blink an eye, and kept saying it was alright and that everything is okay. I mean, the girl just watched the top tier of her wedding cake go up in flames!!! (Not to mention I tried to burn down her house!!) (My cousin Jason needs to count himself lucky for finding such a catch!!) I started peeling fondant off the top layer, hoping and praying the tier could be saved. And then I stopped...and took pictures...because no one would believe the story I had to tell. We figured what happened was a certain little person who shall NOT remain nameless, Dallas Stryker Simmons, was exploring the kitchen and found these little buttons and decided to push them. Now, there were three other burners that had absolutely NOTHING on them and he only pushed the buttons for the burner my cake was on. Brilliant!!Jason, the smart man he is, decided it would be best for the duration of our stay, to turn off the circuit breaker to the stove. | Let the Word Vomit Begin As Jason, Lacey and I were huddled close together in the kitchen, counting our lucky stars regarding the flaming cake, we all kind of decided that maybe it would be best not to anyone...for at least a week after the wedding...that the top tier of the cake caught on fire. Agreed. Like I wanted anyone to know it caught on fire!! As peeled off the fondant, I discovered that the damage was not that significant. IT could be saved!! It was mostly a "flesh wound" shall we say. I threw the fondant away, scraped off the remaining icing and sent Jason and Lacey on a shopping trip for supplies for more icing. (Thank GOODNESS I packed all the extra fondant I made...otherwise, the outcome wouldn't have been the same.) While they were gone, I got to work. Putting the decorations on the cake was rather simple and it went fairly quickly. I had pre-done everything and so it was just a matter of attaching it to the cake. However, with having to re-ice and re-cover the top tier, I still didn't make it into bed until 3:00 am. The next morning, I got up the boys couldn't do any more damage to the apartment...took my shower and got ready for the day. It was going to be a busy one. The sealing was at 10:00. We had to be at the Bountiful Temple by 9:30. We had to allow for 30 - 45 minutes of travel time. I had to drop of my kids to my cousin's wife's aunt's house (say that 10 times fast) and I had to meet my cousin at 8:30 at my uncle's house so I could get to said cousin's wife's aunt's house on time to drop off the boys. There was a lot to do in a short amount of time and I was still guarding 5 cakes from You-Know-Who. Fortunately for me, my nerves, my cakes and my kids, the morning went off without a hitch and I was even a little early in meeting my cousin. Score one for me!! However, as the lack of sleep continued to set in and the events of the previous night were running through my mind...I couldn't contain the story any longer. I HAD to tell. And so, I word vomited all over my cousin. Me: "Bryan, you'll never guess what happened." Bryan: "What?" Me: "The cake caught on fire last night." Bryan (with a total look of disbelief on his face): "What?" Me: "No. No. It's true. It really caught on fire!!" And so, I regurgitated the story...every last horrifying bit of it. He sat there in shock, disbelief and listened to my story. And then he laughed...alot. Honestly, so did I. And then we told his wife. And she proceeded to laugh. It felt better having someone (or two someones) to share the burden of the burnt cake. It was like a little bit had been lifted off my shoulders. And it felt good. By the time we arrived at the temple, the events of the previous night weren't so fresh and I was able to relax...alot. We gathered with family in the waiting room and did some catching up. And then, they came to get us to take us all to the sealing room. As we are sitting in the sealing room, waiting for Jason and Lacey to make their appearance, my uncle stands up to talk to the Cox side of the family about my dad. It goes something like this. Uncle Dee: "For those of you who know Dennis (my dad), he's having surgery on Monday. Please put his name on the rolls of the temple and pray for him." And then he begins to sit down. He's more than halfway to the seat cushion when he stands back up. Uncle Dee: "Oh, and by the way, don't eat the top layer of the cake as it caught on fire last night."And then he proceeds to sit all the way down. Did I just hear that? Did I just hear my Uncle Dee tell the Cox side of the family AND Lacey's family that the cake caught on fire? Were those the words I heard coming out of his mouth? Did he just say that here, in the sealing room, of the Bountiful Temple? Did...that...just...happen? It did. TOTAL MORTIFICATION!!! When I talked to Jason a little later on I asked him, "What happened to not telling anyone until after the wedding?" His response. "I couldn't help myself. "It just kinda slipped out. I mean, the cake was on fire." | tempting buttons | The top of the cake caddy...melted, burned, and smoke filled | The bottom of the cake caddy...which was the cause of the fire in the kitchen sink | The artful application of the baking soda.

42: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Prego? No! I'm not pregnant. Honestly, even if I was it would be too soon to know anyway. That's what I've been having to tell Jason a lot the last few days. He had a dream that we had twins right off the bat. Then, over this last weekend everything I said or did translated into being pregnant. Saturday, I just wanted chocolate. I could've eaten a whole bag, like the halloween size bags, not just like a bag of m&m's or something. This is nothing abnormal for me. I like candy. I always crave candy. No big to me, but to Jason it meant I was pregnant. He wanted to stop on the way home from Mitchell's birthday party and get a test. I convinced him it was worthless because it would be too soon to tell anyway. On Sunday while he was at work, I had me a little fish stick extravaganza party. I love fish sticks, Jason hates them, so I eat them when he works late. Needless to say I started feeling a bit ill later on. He was texting asking how my evening was and I told him I was feeling little blah. Next thing you know I get a phone call. "I'm stopping and getting a pee stick on my way home." Holy heck! Again, with a little convincing I escaped needlessly peeing on a stick. Monday comes around and as I perused facebook, I came across a friends cute pictures of her baby and like any girl, it made me a bit baby hungry. I tell Jason this and bam, "That's it, you're peeing on a stick in front of me. I don't think it's too early." Oh my goodness. I told him I'd pee on a stick in a week where there was at least a chance that it could be accurate if by any chance we concieved on our wedding night. Enter evil thoughts. My sister is pregnant. Some borrowed pee could possibly put a stop to this craziness..... just sayin | Wednesday, October 13, 2010 The Case of the Missing Husband So, thanks to Lowe's I've mostly only seen my husband between the hours of 11pm and 7am lately. It's been not so enjoyable, but I just keep reminding myself that we are just grateful to have jobs and so I can't complain too much. Luckily, his schedule was a bit nicer this last weekend. We got to spend some quality time together and I loved it. Friday we helped Kelsea and Cody finish up some things and start moving into their new home. We are so excited for them. They got an amazing deal on this house, and with a little elbow grease and a touch of lipstick and mascara it's looking absolutely stunning. I'm sure they're going to love starting and having a family in this home of theirs. Saturday, Jason had a mid-day schedule and got off at 7. I stopped and got us a romantic dollar menu dinner at Wendy's and picked him up from work so we could jet over to the theater. We saw Life As We Know It. I highly recommend it, it's hilarious. There were some parts that I thought for sure would scare Jason, even me, from ever wanting to have children. After a happy ending though, we're still desiring of that.... one day. Sunday, was Sunday. Oops. Somehow we both felt like it was Saturday, and I didn't realize it until I was looking at the calendar at 11. Our church starts at 11. Oops. Jason went to work at 2 and I made banana bread. Mmmm. Apparently, Lowe's has switched to their winter hours now, so he got a little surprise and was off at 7, not 9 like he had thought. We took advantage off this happy occasion and cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie and enjoy the tasty banana bread. He had Monday and Tuesday off, I worked. Lame. After work, both days, I worked on a wedding cake of sorts for a couple in my boss' ward that is being sealed today. The husband is essentially dying from an inoperable brain tumor so it's great that they are able to go and do that together. I made a two-tier red velvet cake with buttercream icing. It's very basic, but delicious. Before attacking the icing last night though, we made a pizza. Let me say, Domino's has got nothing on us. It was delicious, which says a lot coming from me because I am not the biggest fan of pizza to begin with. Tonight, it's back to his 2-11 schedule, which is probably for the best because it's going to take soem time to clean up the disaster I created in the kitchen last night. There's stuff everywhere, literally. And for the record, I broke mixer #2 in the last year. Luckily it didn't die until the very end of the whipping of the icing. Let me tell you, whipping icing by hand, less than fun and quite painful.

43: Monday, October 18, 2010 1 Smelly Month of Wedded Bliss What can I say? We're happy. I never imagined life to be so good. After just a short month of being married to Jason, I can honestly say I have grown to love him more and more every single day. And that's how it should be, right? Although the growing might want to slow down a bit or I might just explode. I can't believe how fast a month can go by. Really, not a lot has happened in the last month. We've just been living and loving life. Right now, we're house/dog sitting for his parents while they are in Disneyland. It's like a mini vacation of our own. Last night, Jason decided we should watch the creepy paranormal show... that was before we crawled into the tiny full sized bed together. I didn't sleep well. I'm sure he didn't either being right next to me, and I mean, like right next to me. Luckily, Murray figured out early on that he wasn't going to fit too so he stayed on the floor. That's all I have to report. Next on our list for life is to get out of our apartment. It's only a six month lease luckily and it's a good thing. Now, I have to say, it's inexpensive and not all around bad. Our neighbors are nice and the landlord is right on top of things, but there's a smell. I cannot figure out wher it comes from or what is causing or worst of all how to get rid of it. I have bleached...well, everything. Yet it still lingers even with the scentsy going anytime I'm home. I beginning to wonder if something died in the walls or something. On top of the smell, the location surely is not my favorite. It's right on a busy street across from a business that leaves their parking lot lights on all the night long. Ho hum. Onward with the search for our next place, hopefully a more permanent one for now. Wish me luck. | Friday, October 22, 2010 Smartest Kid Ever! So, way back in August of 2002 I embarked on a journey to Alexandria, Virginia where I spent a year living with an amazing family as their nanny. The parents, Tania and David were nothing but wonderful to me. They had 3 1/2 month old twins Caroline and Spencer that I got to spend my days with. We, Tania , David and I, all refer to them as 'my children' still. I love this family and still keep in close contact and up until lately flew out to visit them every year. Today David posted a little conversation Caroline and Spencer had on his facebook. Caroline: "What's the difference between the Yankees and the Mets?" Spencer: "About 20 wins this year and, like, a million World Series rings." Love these kids! Go Yankees!

44: 1. Last beverage Diet Coke 2. Last phone call Univeristy of Utah Foot and Ankle Clinic 3. Last text message Karen 4. Last song you listened to whatever was on the radio 5. Last time you cried almost cried this afternoon SIX HAVE YOU EVER: 6. Dated someone twice yes 7. Been cheated on? Yes 8. Kissed someone & regretted it? yes 9. Lost someone special? yes 10. Been depressed? yes 11. Been drunk and threw up? Nope LIST FOUR FAVORITE COLORS: 12. yellow 13. red 14. pink 15. blue HAVE YOU: 16. Made new friends sure have 17. Fallen out of love not currently 18. Laughed until you cried indeed 19. Met someone who changed you several people 20. Found out who your true friends were yup 21. Found out someone was talking about you ha, yes...lame 22. Kissed anyone on your friend's list yes, married one too ha 23. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life all of them 24. How many kids do you want to have 3 or 4 25. Do you have any pets just my cute hubby for now | 26. Do you want to change your name no way 27. What did you do for your last birthday Jason took me shopping then to dinner with his fam 28. What time did you wake up today 7:01 29. What were you doing at midnight last night he he hehe he.... stuff 30. Name something you CANNOT wait for Babies... but I will 31. Last time you saw your father Sunday, it was his birthday... holy 65! 32. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life The health of a few people I love a lot. 33. What are you listening to right now boxes being moved around 34. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom I have. 35. What's getting on your nerves right now? waiting l36. Most visited webpage facebook 37. What's your name Lacey Maccarthy Cox 38. Nicknames Lacey Lou, Beans, Ox, etc. 39. Relationship Status Married to my one and only, Jason 40. Zodiac sign Gemini 41. Male or female or transgendered Female 42. Elementary Club Heights Elementary l43. Middle School South 44. High school Bonneville 45. Hair color Brown 46. Long or short Medium 47. Height 5' 4" 48. Do you have a crush on someone? my hubby and Sheldon 49: What do you like about yourself? My freckles 50. Piercings Ears 51. Tattoos no way 52. Righty or lefty righty | Tuesday, October 26, 2010 Survey Says... (yup, I'm bored)

45: FIRSTS : 53. First surgery tonsils 54. First piercing Ears 55. First best friend Stephanie 56. First sport you joined HULA 57. First pet Jamie the cat 58. First vacation Cedar City 59. First Passport stamp None-ya 60. First concert Backstreet Boys! Oh YEAH! 61. First crush Billy Wall, my sister liked him too, ha 62. First Kiss Brandon Parr RIGHT NOW: 63. Eating Nothing 64. Drinking Root Beer 65. I'm about to fall asleep 66. Listening to now it’s the printer 67. Waiting for 5:30 so I can leave work, the 10 ish when my hubby comes home YOUR FUTURE : 68. Want kids of course 69. Want to get married I am and it’s amazing 70. Careers in mind? wife and mother 71. Where do you want to live near here WHICH IS BETTER WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX? 72. Lips or eyes eyes 73. Hugs or kisses BOTH! 74. Shorter or taller Taller 75. Smarter or Dumber Smarter 76. Older or Younger older 77. Romantic or spontaneous Both 78. Nice stomach or nice arms arms 79. Sensitive or loud sensitive 80. Hook-up or relationship relationship HAVE YOU EVER : 81. Kissed a stranger no 82. Lost glasses/contacts no 83. Sex on first date nope | 84. Broken someone's heart so they say 85. Had your own heart broken indeed 86. Been arrested somehow, no, had a warrant out though, ha ha ha 87. Turned someone down Yes 88. Cried when someone died Yes 89. Liked a friend that is a girl? I like all my friends DO YOU BELIEVE IN:. 90. Yourself on occasion 91. Miracles Maybe 92. Love at first sight not really 93. Heaven Yes 94. Santa Clause um yes 95. Kiss on the first date? not usually 96. Angels sure ANSWER TRUTHFULLY - 97. Is there one person you want to be with right now Yes 98. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time No way 99. Will you post this didn’t I? 100. Did you lie at any of these questions no way

46: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 My Poor Hubster All of last week and I'm sure the week before, Jason's bad foot/ankle has been hurting him pretty bad. He hobbles through the door at the end of his work day and drops it in a bucket of icy water until it goes numb. It's even been keeping him up at night. Finally, with much pouting and dirty looks, I got him to go to the doctor on Friday. They took a couple x-rays and essentially said, there's not breaks or anything obvious, but nothing they could do. With that, the doctor referred us to a specialist up at McKay Dee Hospital. Yesterday, after a two hour wait and five more x-rays, the specialist told us it was just too complicated of a case. He couldn't believe from the x-rays and just looking at his foot that Jason ever played football, roofed, or walks all day long. He said he had to be a pretty tough guy and that he knew he had to be in quite a bit of pain. The worst part was when he told him that he needed to change his career path to something that wouldn't have him on his feet so much, i.e. a sit down job. Jason's face dropped when he heard that. He loves being an electrician. After explaining a lot of things about his opinions on the matter, he sent us off with the x-rays and a referral to the University of Utah. Apparently there are some amazing doctors there that deal with these kinds of things every day and would be more able to help in the most effective way possible. So... come November 12th, we will be traveling down to the University with our fingers crossed and a prayer in our hearts that they can fix that poor foot. | Thursday, November 18, 2010 Crash! After work on Tuesday, I stopped by Target to grab some detergent so I could get some laundry done before Jason came home from his friend Eric's. I came up to our apartment and looked, then looked again like I always do being as busy a road as it is, then started my left turn into the parking lot. Just as I was about 80% of the way in the driveway... SMASH! Holy crap on a cracker. In order to be out of the way I rolled the extra 10 ft straight into my parking spot, then got out of my car. I hardly felt the jolt, so I wasn't expecting the damage that awaited me. My bumper was hanging on by a thread, a light was dragging behind me, and the entire trunk had shifted about a foot or so to the left. Oi vey. I looked around to find the truck that had hit me, and found it, with a smashed Camry on the other side of the five lane road, on the curb facing away from me. Double oi vey. Luckily the other three cars that were stopped in front of it were just stopping to help. My sweet neighbor Robin had heard the crash and ran out to see what happened, followed by her husband Kelly. They were absolutely wonderful to me, and helped to calm me down a lot. I first called 911, then Jason. With our most recent news (see previous blog post) he went into full blown panic mode made his way home as quickly as he could. By the time he got there, so had 2 ambulances, a fire truck and about 4 police cars, and they had completely closed down any northbound traffic. By the end of the whole ordeal, the man in the truck and the lady in the other car had been taken to the hospital. The man just to be checked out, and the lady had broken her ankle. The 3 tow trucks made short work of cleaning up the whole mess, and I recieved a ticket for an improper left turn. Jason, me, and his parents who had showed up somewhere in the mix, all went inside, and just sat and tried to relax. Dee was sure to remind me that it was just paint and metal, and that they call them accidents for a reason. I'm still feeling quite guilty about the poor girl with the broken ankle. Things like this really make you sit back and count your blessings. While I was thinking, not sleeping all night, I thought about how much worse it could have been if I was going any little bit slower, or he was going any bit faster and would've hit me right in the middle and could've hurt me a lot more that the little bump I did feel. I'm blessed to have amazing neighbors, family, and even the officer that took charge of the whole thing that were all incredibly kind to me. I'm blessed to have a sweet, kind, understanding husband that did nothing but try to help me feel better about the whole thing, when he could've just been upset with me. And lastly, even though in the past I've grumbled about having to "pay so much towards insurance that I'll probably never use", I've realized what a blessing it really is. Within a day I've gotten a rental car so Jason and I don't have to get creative about how we'd both get to work with our differing schedules and one car, and the whole thing is now on it's way to being resolved. Now I just have to pray that my malibu survived too. I miss it already. | Tuesday, November 16, 2010 Surprise! The birth control wasn't lying when it said 99% effective. Ha!

47: Monday, November 22, 2010 First Gag Moment Apparently my pregnant self cannot handle the smell of a Snicker's bar. Jason popped one in his mouth last night and I literally starting gagging. Ugh! It smelled sooo terrible, nothing at all how I remember them smelling. Aside from that nauseous moment, and peeing every 10 minutes (or so it feels, which I thought was a later in pregnancy thing, it's not, thanks to over-productive kidney's), and being ready for bed by around 8 or so... all has been well. No morning sickness yet. Knock on wood. And one more thing for the record: Jason is easily the best dad-to-be ever. I love him and how excited he is. He's always looking for someway to make sure I'm as happy and comfortable as I can possibly be. Gush! | Monday, November 29, 2010 Morning Sickness It sucks and I'm pretty sure I'm going to die. That is all. | Thursday, December 9, 2010 Inspirations From Reality TV What can I say, being preggers is tiring. I don't know if it's because I'm growing a person, or because I'm on the verge of vomitting all day every day, or maybe some combination of the two. Either way, by the time my day at work is done I have zero motivation to do anything but hang out on the couch and watch the Duggar's. What can I say, I love them, all of them! I'm pretty sure through forced viewing Jason's starting to fall in love as well. If not, he fakes it well. And really, there are a lot worse things/shows to be addicted to. Those Duggar's have a lot to share as far as awesome family values go, so I will continue to watch... and learn. Aside from all that, it's a great way to pick a baby name. I won't say which one, but if the baby is a girl, we've picked her name and I got it from the Duggar's. Judge me if you want, but deep down you wish you were as inspired as I am. Jason actually loves the name too, so this isn't just me and more of my wishful thinking. As for baby boy names, I'm not particularly diggin' any of the Duggar names there. Jason's really pushing for Sheldon. It's not gonna happen. Ever. Speaking of baby, we had our first appointment with the baby doc last Friday. There's only one and the due date is now July 24th. It's a Pioneer Day baby! The ultrasound was all good and well. We even got to see and hear the heartbeat which was easily the coolest thing ever. Also very cool was that they gave us a dvd that we just bring back everytime and they record the ultrasounds onto it. That way we can take it and share it with the family and no one misses out. We go back again at the end of the month. By then the baby will look more like a baby, instead of just a fuzz. | Monday, December 20, 2010 Pants This afternoon I got a phonec all from Jason. It went a little something like this: J: "What size pants do you wear?" Me: "Huge" J: "Well I can't walk into a store and ask for huge pants for my wife." Me: "You could, I just can't promise how well it'll go." Turns out he just wanted to buy me some pants that were a size or two bigger than my usual size because of my belly that is slowly starting to expand, and he wants me to be comfortable without having to use an elastic looped through my button hole to close my pants. Sweet, really. I love how thoughtful he is. Upon further discussion we decided on a better alternative. My husband is now out in the world shopping for maternity pants by himself. I guess it works out though since he has decided he will be inheriting them as his "turkey eatin' pants" after the baby comes. Oi.

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