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Yearbook 2014

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Yearbook 2014 - Page Text Content

BC: Paige Garramone | Jaimee Glinn | Sarah Fico | Phi Delta | Phi Gamma | Presidents | Historian | Phi Zeta | 2013 | 2014 | Fall | Spring

FC: Delta Phi Epsilon | Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

2: Fall 2013 | Phi Eta

5: Spring 2014 | Phi Theta

8: Raised $1,295 | Strikeout Cystic Fibrosis

9: Color Run

10: Relay For Life 2014 | Raised $3,294

11: Raised $2,465 | The Great Date Auction 2014

12: Dodgekin's Lymphoma

15: Sofia Aronowitz Kristen Baranek Jackie Berks Shannon Bruno Monica Efman Rachel Engelberg Paige Garramone Michal Goldstein Jacey Gottlieb Dana Grob Risa Gul Katie Hadyk Nicole Heney Kimberly Hoffman Cathleen Hutchinson Lindsey Keeney Kyra Kiesel Mariah Langweil Sarah Laraichi Danielle Napear Hallie Steinman Emily Toner Alyssa Wong | Seniors 2014

16: Sofia Aronowitz | Phi Gamma | "Happiness is only real when shared"

17: You are the cutest little gamma ever and I will miss you SO much. You are the perfect big^3 and I couldn't have asked for anyone else. You are going to do great things in your future and I cannot wait to hear about all your successes. Who is going to scope out hotties with me with me at events such as Dodgekin's? This just means you are going to have to come back and visit!! You are literally the nicest girl and I love getting lunch with you and hanging out. Although this chapter of your life is closing you have a brand new one opening!! I love you a lot :) Love, Lepski Thank you for being the best big big a girl could have!! I'll never forget our first interview and how quickly we got to know each other. When I think back to first semester and transferring to Bing, I think of how much you helped me! All the times that I complained about the struggle of being a bio major, you were there to calm me down. That's what I love about you! You are one of the most kind hearted people I've ever met. I know that you will always be there for me no matter what, and I will always be there for you also ;) . All the memories we have made this past year will be with me forever! I could not be happier to be apart of your lineage, and I love how we always have so much fun together.I can't even imagine how it is going to be without you next year. You need to come and visit all the time.. or else. I know that even though you're graduating and enter the real world, we are still going to text each other nonstop! You're such a smart,caring individual and I know that you're going to great things with your future. I love you tons, and am going to miss you more. Love, Your Little Little Obviously I can't put all my feelings about you into words, but I guess I have to for this thing, so I'll try. I've never met someone who I was able to love so much, and who loved me back so unconditionally from the start. I knew from our one and a half hour interview that you were going to be the perfect big for me [;)]. I can't imagine my life without you, you're one of the first people I tell everything to, and I know that no matter what I do you'll give me the best advice and help me work things out. Never having a sister in my family, you are the perfect fit for the big-sister void I had in my life. I can't grasp the fact that when I return to Binghamton in the fall (or I guess whenever everyone else returns to Binghamton in the fall since I'm never leaving this desolate land) you won't be here to share the experiences with me. Our daily facetimes/hangouts that we've started to have better never end, because it's one of the highlights of my day. I love you so much, you are the calming and soothing soul I need to my crazy self. You are the cutest, tiniest, runtiest big in the world and I wouldn't trade you for anything. I know that you're graduating and leaving me, but you BETTER come visit all the time, my bed is always open for you. I'm going to miss you more than words can describe, but I know you'll figure out some rockin' things to do out there in the real world. I love you big (and I promise, the tears will come out for you sooner or later)!!!! Love forever, Your Little <3 (aka Janet)

18: "When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure." | Kristen Baranek | Phi Beta

20: Jackie Berks | Favorite DPHIE memory: When I met my little at the speed dating session in the C4 dining hall. We stopped switching and ended up just talking to each other almost the whole time. I don't remember everything we talked about but I remember how much I loved her and how I knew I wanted her to be mine. | Phi Beta

21: "Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too."

22: Phi Delta | Shannon Bruno

24: Monica Efman | "Do well, live well, and dress really well" | Phi Beta

26: Phi Beta | Favorite DPhiE Memory: My big/little night with Brittany. My whole lineage up to my big to the 5th was there! | Rachel Engelberg

27: Rachel, We will all miss you so much next year! You are the largest person ever and our lin will not be the same without you. Thanks for always being there for all of us and always keeping us entertained and fashionable (#denim). We know you will be great in med school, and we are so proud of you! Please visit soon! Love, the lin (Jaimee, Lauren, Victoria and Nicole)

28: Paige Garramone | Phi Gamma

30: Michal Goldstein | "Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it." | One of my favorite DPhiE memories is going to formal all together soon after we crossed freshman year and being able to be all together with the whole sorority, have fun, and make crazy memories as official sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon. From the chi's playing with me while I was passed out to jumping on the beds and dancing on chairs it was one of the most fun weekends of college and I can't believe we just finished our senior year formal! | Phi Beta

31: Fun Fact: When I was abroad in Barcelona, Ashley Papa and I went skinny dipping in the ocean after clubbing till 4am for her birthday and it was one of the most fun nights ever!

32: Jacey Gottlieb | Favorite DPhiE memory: Too many to count but some are: post secret with my gammas, when Emilie Ng laid down and rolled on our banner, or when Danni knew my favorite song was "hairy chested men" even though I never told her | Phi Gamma

34: Phi Beta | Dana Grob

36: Phi Beta | "You can't fulfill your dreams unless you dare to risk it all." - Michael Levin | Risa Gul

37: "Risa, I'm so glad I had the chance to live with you this semester. I couldn't ask for a better big and best friend. You are so sweet and amazing and always brighten my day. I'm so happy that we got so close and I dont know what I'm going to do without you next year. I love you so much and wish you the best of luck! Forever killin it on the dance floor xoxo" -Katie "Risa, I'm so glad we got so close this year and I don't know what I'd do without you! You are always really positive and your laugh is contagious. Keep doin you girl, and you're going to exceed in whatever you do. You've been such a great big big and I love you. And lastly, even though you never wear snapbacks you kill the snapback game." -Sophie "Risa, you are the coolest. You’re so fresh that when you look up fresh in the dictionary it says: Risa. You’re so thug that sometimes I mistake you for Jay-Z. At times I even think that Tupac came back to life and is living through you. On the real, you’re the best biggest I could’ve asked for and I’m so grateful that you have passed down such killer dance moves. You’re a gem and I love you. Stay golden." -Chrissy

38: Favorite DPhiE memory: Deepher Formal 2014 ~ Banned from the Elmira Express | Katie Hadyk | Phi Epsilon

39: Fun fact: I was featured on Total Frat Move with several of the Epsilons for being Cat in the Hat on Halloween

40: Phi Beta | "I have found that if you love life, life will love you back" -Arthur Rubinstein | Nicole Heney

41: Nicole: We can't believe that you're actually graduating, this is so unreal and we all wish it wasn't happening! We couldn't be more thankful to have such an amazing, selfless, and loving person to call our big. No matter where life takes you, you will become successful and we are all so proud of you. There is no doubt you are going to leave a lasting impression on every single student you teach, the way you have made one on each member of Dphie. We love you SO incredibly much and are going to miss you more than anything. You have the biggest heart out of anyone we've ever met and we are especially going to miss that contagious personality and the way you always like to have fun. Remember it's never goodbye... just see you later :) - The Sexiest Lineage xoxo <3

42: "Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. But the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." -Steve Jobs | Kimberly Hoffman | Phi Beta

44: Phi Beta | Cathleen Hutchinson

45: Although I’ve only known you for a short time, I am so grateful I met you and so so happy we are in the same lineage! You are so sweet, caring, funny, smart, and super artsy/crafty. I absolutely love the pillow and stool you made for me. I know you worked super hard on both, especially the stool perfecting all the details so that it was perfect. This shows just how caring you are- and I am so thankful for that! I know you are going to do great things with your life and be so successful! I can’t wait to keep in touch and hear all about your life/ accomplishments! Looking forward to our Lin Din and the last few weeks of school together! Lots and lots of love -Val <3 To the best big big a girl could've asked for, i'm going to miss you and our crazy lineage so much next year!! I know you're going to do amazing things with your life and I can't wait to hear about all your accomplishments that are soon to come! I can't thank you enough for being a role model for me in multiple ways. I hope I can be half the big big you are someday and give my little little fantastic stories to remember me by too!! Can't wait to see you kill it in real life. When people come to you with stomach aches when you're a nurse don't forget to tell them to elongate their colon ;) Love you always Rachel To my beautiful big, I can't believe the time has come for you to graduate. It feels like just yesterday it was big/little night when I was running around with blue lips and stealing ping pong balls from the Rat. I am so proud of everything you have accomplished and everything you will accomplish after you graduate. I can't thank you enough for always being honest with me and taking the time to talk about random things together. Your crazy stories will always entertain me and I hope they continue after you graduate. I can't wait to see all the fabulous things you are going to do as a nurse. I am so incredibly proud of you! Thank you for not only being my big, but such an amazing role model in my life. Love always, your little

46: Lindsey Keeney | Phi Beta | "Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy"

48: Kyra Kiesel | "Live Ever, Die Never" | Phi Epsilon

49: Favorite DPhiE memory: Deepher Formal 2014 ~ Banned from the Elmira Express

50: Phi Beta | "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift - that's why it is called the present." | Mariah Langweil

51: Favorite DPhie memory: When we were pledging and my pledge class showed up to my piano recital. I was so nervous and thought that no one was going to be there, and then as I walked out of the door towards the piano and looked into audience I saw my pledge class standing there. Seeing them made me so happy that they were there for me and I put on the biggest smile as I played my solo.

52: Phi Beta | "What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven't happened yet" | Sarah Laraichi

54: Phi Gamma | "Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and your shadows will fall behind you" -Walt Whitman | Danielle Napear

56: "The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." -Audrey Hepburn | Phi Beta | Hallie Steinman

57: Dearest Hallie, We are all so so lucky to have you in our lives. You have taught us more than you can imagine and have influenced us all in so many ways. We are so immensely proud with all that you have accomplished and know you are going to do such amazing things. Remember, the world is your oyster! Enjoy grad school and all of the opportunities you will have to the fullest. We're going to miss you way too much. Love always, Sindhu, Kelly, and Jackie

58: Phi Gamma | Favorite DPhiE memory: the day I got Libby as my little | Emily Toner

60: Alyssa Wong | Phi Beta | "What’s for you will not pass you"

61: I can't believe it's already been 2 years since Joe made us interview the same day we decided to be big little (lolz). I'm gonna miss you so so much but I know that you're gonna do great things and make me proud in the real world. I'm so happy that we got so close and I truly couldn't have asked for a better big sis. It's not gonna be the same without you here jumping around Bing but thank god for us both being Brooklyn betches so we can go on dates whenever I'm home. Love you soooo much! Xoxo Little Al I can't believe you're graduating already. I feel like I just met you at the holiday party when you got back from abroad. I am so lucky to have you as my big big and I wouldn't have it any other way! I love you so so much and am so proud of how much of a party girl you have become. I will miss you like crazy but I'm sure you will do amazing things in the real world and I already can't wait for you to come back and visit :) Xoxo Lil Lil Lutsky There's no one better than you to jump around and love bunnies with! I'm so sad we only got to spend one semester together but I couldn't have asked for a better biggest and pledge mom. I promise to send you pictures of us all for you to add to your collection. I hope you'll come visit us so that everyone can know how great of a person you are because I'll probably always bring it up and talk about how much I miss you. Xoxo Littlest Ally

62: Janet, When I envisioned my perfect little she was a member of a fall pledge class, younger than me, smaller than me, and from upstate. You embodied all of these aspects, yet I never could have imagined how little those things would mean to me after meeting you. We have so many amazing memories from our shower bonding to our stalking tendencies. You are a constant source of entertainment, support and love. I am proud to see how far you’ve come the past two years and I know you will do great things. You are my best friend, my little smush. Bffaeaeae <3 Ashley, I am so happy to leave knowing that we will be able to text each other up the wazoo, when my phone goes off eight times in a row I know that it’s you and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will always be here for you to talk to me about orgo, molly g, and whatever you take in the year to come. You are such a wonderful, warm person and I am so happy to have you in the lineage. Liz, My smallest tallest child, as I have told you before I was so happy as your rho chi for you to have done DPhiE and I’m even happier to have you in my lineage. I expect constant contact so I can relive my youth through you and Kesh. As cliché as it is to say I feel like we’ve gotten to know each other so quickly and I adore you so already. Gammas, There is literally no starting point to describe my feelings about you guys. We are such a dysfunctional, sexual, uniquely absurd group of girls and I wouldn’t think of having it any other way. Through the ups and downs I know all seven of you will always be there for me when I need you, however scary to imagine the distance from each other we are soon to experience. Each of you has contributed to who I am today and I couldn’t have picked better people to be a part of my life. To the sorority, You have enabled me to become a stronger and more confident person. There is no greater day-to-day pleasure than to see a friendly face walking around on campus. DPhiE has made my world both smaller and larger; from the tight community we have, to the endless number of people I have been introduced to. I am proud to graduate Binghamton as a member of Delta Phi Epsilon. | Sofia Aronowitz

63: To my beautiful and smart sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon: Thank you for giving me the most wonderful, unique, insane completion of my college career. Going into rush, I was uncertain I would ever belong in a sorority. After round one, I knew instantly that if I did not get a bid to DPhiE, Greek Life was not for me. Fellow seniors, I am so happy to have gone through this experience with you by my side this entire time. No matter the pledge class, I have felt a special connection at some point with each and every one of you and wish you the very best as you embark into the next chapter of your lives. Phi Betas, we have certainly come a long way from those awkward, naive freshmen we once were. Look how fun and crazy we are~* But seriously, thank you for supporting me, teaching me, and laughing at and with me these past few years. To my Wild Girls Lineage, you girls make me so proud to be your big. No matter how cliche and "sorority" this may sound, there is no one else who would have been a better fit than the role each of you play as my little, little little, and little little little. I am indescribably grateful for our bounds and memories forged during my time here and could truly not have asked for more from a lineage. I am so excited to see you beautiful young ladies grow and deepen your experience in DPhiE. Alyssa, you are the definition of beautiful on the inside and out. Your strength and humility will forever inspire me and I want you to know that I am always here for you as a big both as a mother-type figure, and a ride or die best friend. Maggie, the balance you strike between innocent and being a crazy bitch (in the best way possible) will forever fascinate me. You understand me so well and share so many personality traits and beliefs as me. Ailish, being your Delta Diamond was a blessing in disguise so that I had even more time bonding with and getting to know you during my last semester here. I have no doubt that you will continue to make our lineage proud, make me laugh whenever I need it, and bring only the best into KAMA. To everyone else, I hope that I have left a positive impression on you in some way or another and you will take something I have left behind to further propel Delta Phi Epsilon into the future and remain as the most privileged sorority to be welcomed into at Binghamton University. Be involved, live in the moment, and always be proud to be a sister of this special organization. Go to every event you can, even if it's so much easier to just head back to your room and skip it. Leave an imprint where you can; people will notice and remember your words and actions more often than you may think. Go to every mixer you possibly can, and introduce yourself to everyone. Say hello the next day you see them on campus! You will not regret owning who you are and standing out from members of other sororities. You have much less time here than you will ever realize; I never thought this day would creep up on me as quickly as it did. There is a fixed amount of time here to take advantage of everything this beautiful sisterhood has to offer, and the advantages aren't even all evident until you actually involve yourself and look back on how grateful you are that you did. Please keep in touch and do not hesitate to reach out to me for whatever reason. You better believe I will be visiting and reliving my legendary days here as often as I can. I am so excited and happy for you to have more time here as an active sister of Delta Phi Epsilon, and will be missing these days more than words can express. Thank you all for attributing to my passion for DPhiE. | Kristen Baranek

64: Jackie Berks | To the Sorority: Being in Dphie has been an incredible experience and I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing organization. The sisters in Dphie never fail to impress me with their intelligence, drive and success. We’re so diverse and awesome. But really. I can walk up to anyone in the sorority and a meaningful conversation. Some people worry that when you join a sorority you change but that has never been the case for me. The sorority didn't change me it just helped me grow as a person. I can't be more thankful to have met everyone and I am so happy that Dphie has been a part of my college experience. To the Betas: I LOVE YOU ALL. Thank you for being amazing people that I can turn for everything. I am so grateful to have met everyone and you all bring a unique aspect to our pledge class and to the sorority. I love how supportive I have felt having you all in my life. I know even after college our friendships will continue to grow and distance won't change anything. I care for each of you and I can't wait to hear about the amazing things you all do after we graduate. I am thankful to have been in our pledge class and I know you will all be successful and happy. #yoco To 5 Court: Thank you for making me so happy to come home every day. I love walking up the stairs and seeing everyone laughing and talking about sometimes the most disgusting stuff. You are all so funny and you brighten up my day. I will miss living with you all but I am so glad we had two unpredictable, exciting years together. To Marina: My smalls, you’re amazing. Your spirit is indescribable and I will never meet anyone who is as positive and happy as you. You make me so happy every time I see you. I am the luckiest girl that you are my little. Thank you for listening to me when I'm sad and cheering me up, calming me down when I’m angry and laughing with me when I’m happy. I know you are going to do great things with your life and I am so happy you will be a part of my life forever. I'm going to come visit you in Florida all the time and come hang out with you in Brooklyn too. I know your senior year will be so fun and I plan to come visit. You're such a beautiful person inside and out don't ever change. To Ayaka: Little Little! I'm so glad you transferred to Binghamton. You're the coolest prettiest person I know and Instagram thinks so too :p. You always have the best relationship advice it's amazing how on point you are. I may have struggled with being in a long distance relationship and I'm so glad I had you to turn to. I love Forest he's awesome and I'm going to come live next to you both in California. I plan to come up next semester to see our newest addition so get ready for me! Love you so much!! To Victoria: Hi DD. You are just the cutest person. I am so glad you chose to join the sorority and that I was there to help you with your transition. You have the sweetest disposition and I know you are going to flourish for the rest of your time in college. Have fun and live it up!

65: Shannon Bruno | Although it is time to move on from Binghamton, I will never forget this amazing chapter in my life (no pun intended). I never thought I would join a sorority, and here I am tearing up as I reflect on the amazing bonds I’ve made during my time here. I feel truly blessed that I came to rush, and joined DPhiE. To the sorority as a whole thank you for being such a great bunch of girls who love to get buck wild. Little I love you SO much-you’re such an amazing friend, and I know we will always keep in touch. Thank you so much for always being there for me, and keeping me sane. I knew from the second I met you, that I needed you in my life! Big I admire your maturity, and success. I look up to you so much! Little Littles I love both of you to pieces, both of you are perfect, and I can’t wait to come back and visit you guys. I can’t wait to see the two of you make me even prouder! DD’s Maria and Luisa, I’m honored that I was fortunate enough to become so close to you lovely ladies. Always remember that even though pledging is over, you can always text me for advice at 2am. Flittle aka Tay-tay, you’re truly such a beautiful person on the inside and outside, never change! To the deltas you guys rock, promise me that when I’m gone you won’t cry in Walmart over cups. Thanks for everything girls, even if we’re apart ya’ll are always in my heart!

66: Phi Betas: You girls are the most amazing people I've ever met. We are all so different, but in the end, we always support one another, always make each other laugh and smile, and always have the most amazing times together. Not seeing each of you every day has been one of the hardest things post-grad, but I know we'll always stay close. I can't wait to see where we all end up; I know we're all destined to do great things. Love you all. You can't sit with us. xx Michele: My hitta, my hitta - biggest joke alive - it really is amazing to me how you and I survive together given how dysfunctional we are. I had to give you your own shoutout just for all the things you put up with (like spraying whipped cream all over the place at TEP) and all the things you do for me (like tying my shoes). From the moment I dropped a keg on you, I knew we were destined for trouble. You always make me laugh with your ridiculous stories, your hilarious text messages, and your constant likes of my mortifying Facebook pictures. Thanks for sleeping in my bed with me, by the way - I miss that a lot. #cleaneating #hellosisterbigbig Lineage: C-cups, I could not be more grateful to be a part of such a perfect lineage. You are an amazing support system and, even though we're all spread apart, we've managed to stay so close through it all. I can't wait to keep the adventures going ! To the sorority as a whole: Trust me when I say that your college years are the best years of your life - the real world doesn't even come close. Now that I've been out of college for almost six months (woah, scary), I've come to appreciate more than ever what DPhiE means to me. My college years were 100% defined by DPhiE. The lifelong friends and amazing memories I made -- those are experiences that I'll be grateful for for the rest of my life. You girls are all incredible and I know that we are leaving the sorority in good hands | Monica Efman

67: Paige Garramone | Sorority: I cannot even begin to explain how much I love each and every one of you. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for you guys. You have all taught me so much throughout the past 3 years and I can’t believe its all coming to an end so soon. I couldn’t be more proud to be a past president of such an amazing group of girls. I couldn’t have done it without all of your support. Get involved and make every day count because it all goes by so fast. Seniors: We did it! I’m so glad I’ve gotten so close to so many of you and I’m so glad we all got to experience our last semester in Bing together. You’re all great and I am going to miss you guys. My lovely gammas: I don’t even know where to begin. The thought of the 5 of us graduating so soon and not being together every day is insane. We are all so different, yet so similar and get along so well. You have brought me out of my shell and I wouldn’t be the type of person I am today if it wasn’t for all of you. We all spend a crazy amount of time together and have made so many unforgettable memories I can’t even begin to list them all. Although we won’t be living in the same building next year, I have no doubt that we’ll all stay in touch. You guys are perfect in so many ways and I really could not ask for a better group of best friends. I am so proud of each and every one of you. I love you guys so much. Dana: You are such an amazing person and truly one of my best friends. You have been there for me through the good and the bad, and always support me in whatever I choose to do. You have taught me so much these past 3 years. I am so glad we were able to become so close so quick. I have no doubt that we will remain just as close, even when you’re living in another country. I love you so much. Flittles: Thank you guys so much for everything, especially this semester. You made me feel welcome and included me when I didn’t have my lineage here this semester. You guys are perfect and I am so happy to be able to call you my flittles. Love you guys! Kimmie: The obsession will never end. You are so amazing and such an inspiration to everyone. I am so glad we’ve gotten so close over the past 2 years and nothing could beat finding a formal date at Relay this year and our 12-hour bonding session. I have no doubt our random updates will continue even after graduation. You’re the best, love you so much! Jaimee: You are doing such an amazing job as president and I have no doubt that you will be just as great next semester. I feel like you’re my child and I’m watching you grow up and I could not be more proud. Keep up the good work! Jess Hoffman: I don’t even know what to say besides that we live the same exact life. It’s kind of weird. You’re great and I love you. Jackie: DD, where to even begin. I would have never thought we would become so close. No one will ever understand our relationship, but that’s okay because we secretly love it. You are so small and have so much time ahead of you and I cannot wait to see what you go on to do. Even though I wont be here next year, I still expect daily updates. You’re adorable, love you! Rachel: Littlest, you are absolutely adorable and I cannot wait for you to come home! Although we haven’t had much time together, I already know how great and perfect you really are. We must have city meet ups when you get back. Love you! Lauren: I can honestly say I have never missed someone so much. Having you abroad this semester wasn’t always the easiest, but we still managed to talk everyday and I could not be happier. I could not have asked for a more perfect little. We get along so well and I really never thought I would ever have a little as amazing as you. You are so level headed and caring, and are always there for me for whatever I need. I am so happy we have become so close even if you were in another country this semester. The thought of leaving you makes me so sad, but I know that we will constantly be in touch and will become even closer over the next few years. No one could ever be as amazing and perfect as you little. I love you more than words can explain.

68: Michal Goldstein | Sorority: Dphie has added to my college experience in more ways than I can express. From the crazy times to the sentimental I honestly feel so privileged to be a part of this organization. We are always involved in doing things for others whether it is within the sorority when a sister has a boy problem or stressed about school work or doing numerous philanthropy events. I know that even after graduation I will be able to come back to binghamton and feel like I never left. I will pass five court and 141 and remember the amazing memories and the incredible girls that filled the houses. I will drive down state street and remember the hilarious drunken nights, scorpion bowls, and dancing on the bar. Thank you to each and every one of you for making dphie the most genuine amazing sorority I love you all! Betas: Beta babies or should I say beta adults. How did we get to this point in time and become seniors?? I don't want to think about leaving binghamton and not having you guys in my life every day. All of you bring something different to the table and are all going to be amazing women when we go out into the real world, whether we are working in offices, schools, traveling abroad, or straight chillin. My new home in Houston is open for you all and I really really want you to visit!! Beach house for a week or right close by vaca to Mexico! I can't wait for weddings, baby day care together, and our kids bar mitzvahs/christenings (but please not too soon). I love you all so much!!! Gabby: I'm starting to tear up a little writing this because I really can't believe it's been three years since I got you as my little. I can honestly say that you are one of my best friends and have been there for me whenever I need, with school problems, boy problems, or family matters. You've been there for me to get crazy black out with, go to the gym with, get coffee with, or be in the nrr with. It feels like you and I were just the littles doing senior send off for Nicole and Emilie, getting lost driving from our lineage dinner in the middle of Binghamton with Lindsey brown too. I missed you so much when I was abroad in Barcelona and it was a good thing I had Ashley so we could miss you together. We can truly count on each other and that's why it's going to be so hard next year without but I know your gonna be an amazing senior and have the best year! From being on eboard for dphie, studying so hard, to helping president stenger out in those meetings you are going to do amazing things in the future. Hopefully we can plan for a lineage trip to Houston next year you guys are always invited! I'm hoping to visit bing when I'm off on alumni island, stalking your pictures and jealous your still on state street livin it up. I still expect that kid to make you another pillow btw. I'm going to miss you so much and love you beyond words can describe! Laura: How can I describe our tequila loving relationship. I should have made my yearbook quote "Laura! I just took five tequila shots!!" But in all seriousness you are so open and friendly to everyone and have done and will continue to do amazing things for dphie. Your commitment to your friends, school and everything your involved with is always 100%. You are such a kind genuine girl and I'm going to miss you so much! I love you! Luisa: I wish we had more time together because you are such an amazing girl! You are so sweet and cute and an amazing artist! I know you are going to make beautiful banners and things for the sorority in coming years ;). When I'm at a mixer and say your my little little little every frat boy says how much they love you and are obsessed with you. Your so cool and fun!! I'm so happy we've been able to become as close as we have in this short time and I can't wait to visit next year and be back with you! Love you!!

69: I can't believe that I am sitting here writing my senior sendoff page. It feels like just yesterday I was waiting in a room in the union to find out if I got a bid to DPhiE. I am so proud to be graduating as a sister of such a wonderful organization. To the sorority as a whole: Thank you so much for being the group of people that have helped shape me into the person I have become. I am so proud of you guys and I know that you will continue to do great things in the future. I can only imagine how much more our sorority will expand and improve as time goes on and I will definitely be back to see it. To the Betas: I can't believe we made it here. I am so glad that our pledge classes are so close and that we can depend on each other. You guys are so much fun... I love going out with you and just being around you guys because you are all absolutely terrific. Graduation isn't the end, it's just the beginning (sorry that was too cheesy). To my Flittle: Sarah Fico you are perfect. I don't even have too much else to say. You are gorgeous on the inside and the outside, and you always encourage me to be a better person. I am going to miss you and our antics sooooo much next year but I know that you will continue to do amazing things not just for the sorority, but for everyone who gets the pleasure of knowing you. I love you. To Kristen: You are one of my favorite people on the planet. I don't know what I would do without someone who understands me so well. We are the same person and I am so glad that we have gotten so close. Let's hang out all summer, Ms. Bellmore. To my Gammas: I absolutely love you guys. The thought of not having you around next year is absolutely devastating and I can hardly imagine what I am going to do without you all. From our roundtable discussions the morning after we go out, to you guys nursing my concussions, to just sitting around and watching chopped for hours, you guys are my best friends on the planet and I can't even explain how much you mean to me. I truly don't believe that I could be the person who I am today if it weren't for you. I love you all so much more than you can ever know. I can't wait to see what we all accomplish in the future and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life having you guys as my best friends. To the Joke Lin: What a ride... I don't even know what else to say. Thanks for understanding me, I guess? Our lineage is the only group of people who think my dumb drunken mistakes are the best things in the world. Thanks for happily receiving my morning-after pictures, buying me a new becky, loving alcohol, and being my best friends. Regardless of how shambly or puppety each one of us is, you guys are always there for me and I know that you always will be. Meena, as a senior, the sorority is in your hands now. That scares me more than you can ever know. Try to keep down the alcohol poisoning this year. I think you can do it... Thanks for supporting my transfer into the class of 2017... Now I can stick around forever and keep acting like an idiot. I honestly love you so much and I am so glad I found someone who cares about their toothpaste as much as I do. Maria, you are the sweetest, silliest, kindest person and you always make me so happy. Everyone wants to be in your lineage but I'm so lucky because I actually am. You are one of my favorite people on earth and I know that we will stay friends forever... I can't wait to be dancing at your wedding, watching you act like your puppety self. Jess, I wish that we had more time to have gotten to know one another but I absolutely love you. You are so sweet and kind and I know that you will do amazing things in this sorority. You are such a beautiful person and you have such a bright future ahead of you. Becky, stop poppin, girl. You die on a regular basis. To MIG1995, My main Migga, Maddy, Maymay Gottz: So I obviously had to give you a shout out but I don't even know what to say bc everything will be going in our Mark and Joe book... But you da bomb. ilyyyyy Itchy Scratchy/Itchy Quacky/Gaycey/JustJaceyWithaJar outttttt. MAKE IT RAIN. | Jacey Gottlieb

70: Dana Grob | To my lovely pledge class and five court: Thank you for putting up with me for all these years. From the crazy pledging version of me through the crazy sophomore year version of me through the crying version of me and the super weird versions of me. Thanks just for being my friends. For always having my back whether i deserve it or not. I love you guys so much and life without you doesn't make any sense to me. Please keep in touch with me. I'm going to need you guys next year when were not together even more than I do when we are. Thank you for an amazing four years and here's to a lifetime to come as best friends. To my little: you are such an amazing woman and I'm so proud of you ad how you've grown the last couple of years. You are always surprising me and I can't wait to see how you grow even more. I love you more than I can say. To my little little: It's not fair I met you so late in my time in college. You and I get along so well and I can honestly say I don't know what I'm going to do without you. I'm not even worried about our friendship because I know were going to keep in touch thank you for always being there for me and I love you so much!!! To my smallest, You are the cutest thing ever. I'm so glad I got the chance to meet you and get to know you because you're so great!!! I know I won't be here but I hope well hang out this summer and keep in touch even though I'll be gone!! Love you!! To Laura: I don't even know where to start or how to describe our relationship but I'm so glad it exists. You have such a spirit about you that makes it so wonderful to be around you. I love you so much and I miss you already but I know were going to stay in touch. Gammas: you guys keep me young. But seriously I love hanging out with you you're all so fun and i don't think I would've had such an amazing College experience without you guys Paige: you're one of my best friends and I can't think about next year without you. I love you more than I can put down in words. Dd: You are wonderfully weird and amazing and I'm so grateful to have gotten the chance to know you. I love you and don't forget about me!!! Come visit me because I'm Really going to miss you !!!

71: 5 Court/Betas: I can’t even begin to think about what college would have been like without you guys. We have all been through so much together, and I feel like I’ve known you guys so much longer than 3.5 years. You’re the people I go/went to with all my good news, bad news, and everything in between, and you’ve been there for me, listened to me, encouraged me, and comforted me, and I couldn’t have asked for better friends by my side. I can’t begin to explain how much fun it’s been living at 5 Court these past two years. First off, where did the time go?! How is it time to move out already? It’s always so amazing coming home and being able to hang out for hours in the kitchen updating each other on all our days, playing hours of would you rather, and just constantly laughing with each other. You’re all so special and so important to me, and I don’t know how I’m going to adjust to not living with you guys anymore and not seeing you all everyday. It’s been a wild ride, and I’ve loved every second. I’ll miss you guys so much but this obviously is not the end, and I know you’ll be in my life forever! Alyssa: What would I do without you these past few years? Our friendship has been so great and I’m so lucky to have you as a best friend. Who else would I want to sit with and watch hours of random wedding videos with, or just chill in each other’s beds talking about anything and everything? I feel like we’re always on the same page about everything, and just get each other. You’re such an amazing friend and I’m so grateful for you. I love you! Kimmie: I’m so glad we sat next to each other making those bracelets during pledging, because I feel like that’s where it all began! You’ve been an incredible friend to me over these past few years, and I always love spending time with you, even just lying in my bed for hours talking about our mutual love for celebrity gossip or the challenges! I’m so lucky to have been able to get so close to you because you’re an amazing person. I’m beyond proud of you for your strength and courage in your fight; you’re truly amazing and I obviously knew you were going to come out on top. I love you! Dana: Most people don’t stay in touch with their first semester freshman year friends, but I couldn’t be happier that we defied those odds. We have the funniest friendship and can just laugh at nothing for hours but it’s hilarious to us. I love that we were able to go to Israel together, and the memories we have from old endi are unbeatable, and I’m so glad we were able to get so close so quickly. You’re such an amazing friend and I can’t believe you’re moving so far away. I’ll miss you! Chill Lin: I am obsessed with you three and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect lineage. I love you guys even though you make fun of my dancing, and even though you’re all too cool for me. I’ll miss you guys so much, I’m so jealous that you guys still have more time to hang out, fomo! Katie: What can I say? You’re just such an incredible person, I feel like I can’t say enough good things about you. You’re so chill and easy going, and we fit so well in that sense where we’re on the same page and just get each other. I’ve absolutely loved living right next to you this past semester because I feel like we’ve gotten much closer from it and I’m so grateful for it. You’ve become such a great friend and I can’t wait to see all you do with your insane art skills. I love you so much & am going to miss you! Have an incredible senior year and enjoy every second! Wophie: I’m so glad we’ve gotten close over this past year because you’re just so amazing, Woph. You’re hilarious, super chill, so much fun to be around, and just so genuine, I love hanging out and catching up with you. Enjoy these next two years you have and know that they’re going to fly by, so savor every moment! I’m going to miss you, I can’t wait to come back and visit! I love you Woph! Wissy: You’re seriously the perfect addition to the lineage, and even though I’ve only known you for a few months, I feel like I’ve gotten to know you really well and you’re the coolest person I’ve ever met. I don’t know how you could be so cool. You’re an amazing girl and are so much fun; I always love running into you and hanging out. I know you’re going to do so many great things, live up these next 3 years and enjoy because you have so much time left! I love you Wissy! Fico: You’re such an amazing girl, I couldn’t have been happier to be your DD. You never cease to put a smile on my face whenever I’m around you and you’re just so great. You’re so involved and care so much about everyone and the sorority, and I admire that so much. I’ll miss you! Sorority: It’s been an unforgettable 3.5 years, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience. To everyone who still has time left, cherish every second, because it goes by so much quicker than you think! Love you all! | Risa Gul

72: Nicole Heney | To my betas- My support system and my bests friends forever!!! Thank you to every single one of you for being there for me since freshman year pledging when I had noo friends, only Magathonand remember when she adopted my goldfish after we finished pledging? And to 5 COURT- thank you for being there for me every morning, every night and every minute in between to listen to me no matter what kind of emotions are running through me and for dealing with my super energetic lifestyle. I hope you all learn to appreciate me pushing you guys to go out all the time :) AW- #cherrytwins CH- #poopsnapchats DG- #roomies4life HS- #wrongdylan JB- #mamaMseshesalways KH- #whydowewakeupearly KB- #numberonefan LK- #dxdoodletwins ML- #foofie MG- #youresogiggly ME- #dudewheresmybong RE- #therunthatkilledusboth SL- #2048lifechats RG- #kissypics Little- You are so ghetto fab and I love you! Thanks for always letting me borrow your hoop earrings, and for bringing out the crazy party girl in me when you first became my little. I cant believe we lived on the same floor when you were pledging and I didn't meet you till rush. You are such a hard worker and are going to go so far in life! Please visit Long Island soon, this trip is much needed !!!! Littlelittle Grells- Thank you for always being there for me when I need someone to talk to, you are honestly amazing and I am so lucky to have you in my life. I know youre super scared for my to graduate but you are going to be a-okay! You have an amazing big and amazing little, and im going to try to come back to visit as often as I can. And remember theres always a place for you in my apartment to come visit in Baltimore! LittleLittleLittle Chiggy- You’re actually a PERFECT addition to the sexiest lineage and I still cant get over how awesome you are. I loved creeping on you with Melissa after the bars at 5 court. You always bring a smile to my face! I have great faith you will keep up my tradition of going out all the time!!! Flittle Jess- Chug a beer chug a beer!!! Dude youre the bomb, legit I’m obsessed with you and im so glad I asked you to be my flittle while we were drinking beers at tdx last bar crawl. Seriously don't ever change and whenever I come back to visit I expect a beer waiting for me. Remember that time you called me from tdx to tell me they had good beer and to get there asap, yeah that describes a big part of our relationship haha. Danielle- My follow mama, you are actually one of the best people I know. I literally think every day about how glad I am that we were pledge moms together. Our chemistry especially our dance chemistry is undeniable and I cherish our friendship sooo much. I don't know what im going to do without you next year but I know that we will stay in touch! Thanks for being the best dance partner ever! “Eightas”- I am sooo incredibly proud of every single one of you! I am so happy to be one of your moms, and I am sincerely going to miss hearing “MOMMMM” screamed every place I go, but I guess I just have to wait till I have kids of my own. Stay young, stay crazy, stay fun, stay safeI know you all will!!!!! DD Janet- I love that you still come to me for advice like youre still pledging. I love you soo much and am sooo happy to call you my sister! Thanks for taking care of me and my bloody finger before you even pledged. You rock DD and make the best Extra Fun Fetti brownies. DD Val- You have so much time ahead of you and I hope that you value every single moment you have because time goes by so quick. You are sincerely so cute and I am so happy to have gotten the chance to be your DD!

73: Kimberly Hoffman | To the sorority as a whole: Thank you so much for your never-ending love and support. When I talk to people about the last year and a half of my life, no conversation goes without the mention of my sorority and what a support system they've been for me. It goes without a doubt that pledging DPhiE was the best college decision I made and I am eternally grateful for the fun, the memories, and most importantly the people that came with it. If there's any advice I can send you off with, it is to enjoy every second of every day. Take full advantage of all your time at Binghamton and each semester you get with the family you've made here. Get dinner with your pledge class even if you have a test coming up; hangout with your lineage even though you should probably start that paper due next week; go to another organization's philanthropy event even if it does not seem to interest you at all; and if it means spending all day in the library just so you can go to the mixer later that night, then go and claim your spot in the North Reading Room. Don't miss anything that you don't have to. Every moment spent thinking about the what-ifs, is a moment that could instead be spent just living them. So do it--- try new things, force yourself to meet new people, go out when you feel like staying in or stay in and bond when you feel like going out, put yourself above the drama, don't sweat the petty things, and walk away from Binghamton with a better version of yourself than you could have ever possibly imagined (esse quam videri?). So thank you Delta Phi Epsilon, for letting me smile through the pain and laugh throughout the struggle... because life's too short to be anything but happy. To my beautiful lineage: Ashley, for anyone who doesn't know, the first time I met you, you were sick, you sounded like a frog, I thought that was your normal voice and I thought you were weird. Then I met you when you weren't sick, I was instantly obsessed with you, and now I don't know what I'd do without you. You are actually my child and even when I have real children of my own, you will still always be my first kid. I get so excited whenever I see you, especially when it's been after a long period of time, but also even when it has just been a few hours. You are perfect and I love how we see eye-to-eye on practically everything, including our mutual love for headbands and our mutual hate for TSwift. You out-sassy me and I am totally okay with that. Please become a downstate girl like the rest of your lin, because Corning is just too far. I love you too much for words my precious little child and I am so glad you're my small. Stay sassy and stay you, because you're wonderful. Bri, as soon as Ashley started telling me about you, I knew you'd be a perfect fit. You are the absolute sweetest and cutest and I'm so glad we've gotten so close over the past year. You are so thoughtful and caring and I'm so lucky to have you not only as a littlelittle but as a great friend too. I also fully embrace the ditzy side of you. Remember when you thought my bandage was a tattoo?? You are seriously one of the most genuine and kindhearted people I know, and this lineage is lucky to have you. We never run out of things to talk about and you can always make me laugh. Love you so much Brianna, never change. Princess Rachael, you are such a character and I am so glad you are a part of this lineage *omg I can't, like I cannot*. In the small amount of time I've known you, I'm glad that we have already made a bunch of memories and discovered how much we have in common (minus your dislike of bagels). Whether we're discussing what we love at Whole Foods, conversing via Snapchat or you're dragging me down with you as you topple down the stairs, you're a perfect addition and I can't wait to play in the city all summer long. I love you so much already and know you'll be a great asset to the sorority! To my Phi Betas/5 Court: Three and a half short years ago when people told us "get ready to meet your best friends" or "prepare to find your bridesmaids", I laughed it off and thought those were just nonsense things people said when someone was about to join a sorority. Fast forward to now, three and a half years later, and I cannot picture my life without you. You guys are my backbone, my support, my confidants, my psychologists, the sisters I never had, and most importantly, my very best friends. As dysfunctional as we are and always have been, look, we made it! 5 Court will always be my home and thank you for making me feel like I never left it. Alyssa, it's only fitting that I got you here this time after consecutively forgetting you at every single Omega. HOW!? My college experience would never have been the same without you, so thanks for being bold enough to ask me to be your roomie even though I swore I wanted a new college start. We don't go anywhere without each other, people still confuse us for one another, and that is rightfully so because you are the best roommate, friend and lez lover. Risa, I can't even put into words what our friendship is. Ever since we bonded over making those stupid pc bracelets, our love and our bond has just grown and grown. Thanks for always letting me lay on your bed and make you procrastinate for hours. I can talk to you about anything and we are always on the same page and always around to go to each other for the best advice, love you!

74: My Lineage: I am honestly in the best lineage in all of dphie. We are all so different and bring something unique to the table. I know I can come to any of you with anything and you will have my back.. or tell me I’m an idiot. Little, I love how much you have grown in the sorority and I’m so proud of you. You’re going to succeed wherever life takes you. When something big happens to me, you’re one of the first people I tell. I cherish your opinion and trust your advice; I’m so lucky to call you my little. I can’t wait to keep in touch and hear about how your life is going and how you’re raising the little one (hey, Val). Your smile literally makes me smile and I’m going to miss you so much once graduation ends. Of course, we’ll still see each other but you definitely won’t live a block away anymore. I love you! Little Little, you remind me a lot of myself so naturally, I’m obsessed with you. Your smart, beautiful, and I love your perspective on things. My first two years being in the sorority I was so MIA and that is honestly my one regret. School is incredibly important but don’t forget about that happy balance once you come back from abroad. Also, thank you for introducing me to Tina’s two weeks before I graduate..love ya. Little Little Little, you are not at all who I thought you were when we first found out you were in the lin (remember when we just made up all these things about you??)- anyways, you’re seriously way better. I wish we could have gotten to know each other more but rest assured, you’ll be getting texts/calls from for the next three years (I need updates!). Love you already and take care of my little this year. Pledge Class: WHY DID WE JUST BECOME FRIENDS?? We could have had a complete four years together. I’m kind of over it, ya know better late than never. You all have made me love college. You’re my best friends and have really helped me open up and find myself. For that I will be forever grateful. When I think about my pledge class, I think about our times at 5 Court, laughing, crying, and just being weird, I think about how much fun we have at mixers, I think about the million inside jokes we all have, and I think about how you guys are unconditionally there for me. You all are so beautiful inside and out and I’m excited to start the new chapter in my life with you guys by my side (but unfortunately not literally-hi, Dana). I know graduation isn’t the end for us, it’s the beginning. Phi Betas are fun. Looking back at my last four years at Binghamton, only one thing comes to mind: dphie. Being a part of something as special as dphie has helped me grow into somebody that I am proud of. You girls have challenged me, motivated me, and loved me no matter the circumstance. I am truly so lucky to have made friends that I know will be in my life forever; years from now I’ll be proud to say we met because of dphie. I love all ninety of you and I am confident that I’m leaving behind a sorority that will continue to grow and fill with girls that are fun, passionate, smart, and beautiful. Never stop loving each other and remember to forget the little things because they really are just so insignificant. Don’t be judgmental; everybody has a backstory. Support each other, encourage each other, and defend each other. Be proud to be in dphie, I know I am. I’m sure I’ll see you all soon! Oh, don’t forget to email me, chutchi1- don’t forget it~ I’m sure bmail still works on alumni island. | Cathleen Hutchinson

75: SORORITY: Stay awesome. Pledge class: You guys rock. Thank you for always make me smile, always pushing me to go out, always accepting me with all my flaws, always making me reach for the stars and always having my back. I am so excited to see where each and every one of you will go in the next few years. You all possess such genuine qualities and have so much passion. That in itself will make each one of you so successful. Keep caring, keep doing you, keep playing dead, keep playing would you rather, keep letting me pimp you out and keep making me proud. I love each and every single one of you to pieces. Little: Man I love you. Thank you for always listening to my rants and always calming me down. I love your sassiness and how you hate the rats of the sea and your creeping abilities. You make me so proud to call you my little. I am SO excited for you to be philanthropy and can't wait to see all the amazing things you do! You have grown so much these last few years and it was amazing to watch you turn from a mess of a sud to a senior bubble (hahahaha the irony in this statement when you are older than me). I love you little and can't wait to play in god's land (yes i referred to BROOKLYN as the god's land) Littlelittle: My twin. You have made college such an adventure. I can always count on you to be down for everything and understand everything I'm feeling... especially the I wanna die texts i sent you on the daily basis. I love when we chat on the phone for hours WHEN WE ARE BOTH in binghamton (#lazyfucks) and when we are ratchet in the dt binghamton. You always talk about me graduating like I'm dying but on the real I will ALWAYS be here for you. Only a phone call/four hour drive away<3 Littlest: I love you and your ability to NEVER ANSWER MY TEXTS. "I can't answer group chats with more than five people". Don't forget me next year and answer my texts every once in a while. I can't wait to see all the amazing things you do for the sorority! Thetas: I AM SO PROUD OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. You guys have exponentially made my college experience that much better. You guys are NOT a disappointment... you are DISAPPOINTING. It's different. Keep rocking it and I can't wait to see everything you do for DPhiE. Each and every one of you will be such an incredible asset to this sorority! I love you ALL <3 J Hoff, Gub, - You are both alright. Keep doing you. I guess i'll miss you. Holla at me once in a while. Keep marching and keep being dramatic. <33333 | Sarah Laraichi

76: Danielle Napear | Sorority: Thank you for making my already great college experience and making it even more amazing these last 2 and a half years. Each of you are amazing individuals and I will miss you all so much. Thank you for always calling me trendy and supporting my dance moves downtown. Always remember why you joined the sorority and keep loving each other and being freaking awesome. Embrace your time here, it flies by too quickly. School is important, but having fun and enjoying friends and life is just as important as well. Gammas: I can’t even begin to put into words how incredible you all are and how absurd we are as a group. I can’t even imagine not living in the same apartment and talking about sex constantly. You have all become my best friends and even though we are moving onto the next stage of our life, this is only the beginning for us. Thank you for not judging me ever and I love you all so much. Lineage: WE ARE SO BIG AND AWESOME NOW! I will miss us so much. Please keep me in the loop with newest additions! Katie, I couldn’t be more happy with having you as my little and I love that we’ve become so close recently. You are actually insane, I cannot keep up with you, but I wouldn’t want it any other me. I will truly miss you so much. Chelsea, you are the often the voice of ration in our lineage, and I actually get so excited when I see you on campus and when you’re fun with me and come out. You’re so chill and perfect, don’t ever change. Elyse, my love for you is out of this world; I am so proud to call you my eta baby and my little3. You are truly a wonderful person inside and out; I love talking to you always and I love you so much. Courtney, even though my time with you has been short, I feel like we have become really close this semester and I’m obsessed with you. I think you’re the perfect newest addition to our lineage. I will miss you so much as well, but we have to hang out all the time on Long Island. Etas: You all make me so proud to call you my children. I honestly still miss seeing all of you all the time and I still get so excited when I hear “MOM!” and get to hug you all. I know you’re all bigs now, but youre still so small in my mind. I love you all and will miss you so much. I hope you look up to me in a similar way that I looked up to my pledge moms and continue to be amazing sisters. Please keep in touch and don’t let any new pledge classes forget who I am! 5 court/Betas: The betas are so fun! So happy I have become so much closer with you guys this year; thank you for always having your door open for me and the gammas. I couldn’t be more happy to be seniors with you guys. There’s too many of you to call out individually, but I love you all so much and I know we will keep in touch. Nicole: I can’t even. We say this all the time but I actually think about it a lot and there isn’t possibly a better person I could have chosen to be pledge mom with. Youve became one of my best friends this year and I love how we can always recap our crazy nights and stories the next day and you’ll never judge me. I actually will truly miss our dance practices and of course absolutely killin’ it on the dance floor with you at mixers. Thanks for being perfect, I love you so so much. DD’s: Love you both! Danielle, you are so cute and beautiful, thanks for always hugging me when we see each other. Rachael, I love you so much. I love how excited you are to see me when we are out. Please feel free to keep texting me all the time with random stories even after I’m on alumni island. I will miss you so much! Fico: you’re actually my twin. You make me so incredibly happy. Please don’t ever change a thing. You’re so wonderful.

77: It sounds so corny, but I truly would not be the person I am today if I had not joined Delta Phi Epsilon. I could not be happier with the person DPhiE has shaped me to be and the relationships I have made are immeasurable. Even though most of you were not here when I started this experience, each of you have managed to touch my life in some way and I could not be more appreciative of that. Betas: I could not imagine a more weird, crazy, hilarious, amazing group of people to call my best friends. So many things have changed since Spring 2011, but our bond remains ever strong. You are my conscience and my level head, while also consistently pushing me out of my comfort zone (and I am so grateful for that). Thank you for being not only the greatest support system, but also the people I can have so much fun with on any given day of the week, whether it is by playing dead or damaging our livers. You truly are the best people I know. Sindhu: From day one I never truly saw you as my little; you were simply a friend, who quickly turned into one of my best friends in the world. I truly strive to be more like you each day. We make each other stronger and I know I can turn to you and trust you with anything. Even though we won’t be a ten-minute walk away next year, I know that nothing about our relationship will change. I could not be more proud of the person you are, and I cannot wait to see all of the amazing things you do in the world. Kelly: It’s crazy to think I have only known you for one year because it feels much longer than that. I am so happy we have been able to get so close (maybe its because we live the same life). You have grown so much from my quiet littlest and you continue to inspire me with your strength & maturity. Thanks for always joining me on adventures and I cannot wait for all of the hangouts in Brooklyn. Jackie: Never did I think I would get so close to my smallest in three short months. You fit into this lineage seamlessly and I could not be happier to have a blonde partner in crime. Even though you are constantly encouraging me to make bad decisions, I love ya. I am sad to leave you so soon but I know we will remain close and have many LI dates! Paige and Toner: You are two of the greatest friends I could ask for. Thank you for always being there no matter what. Even though we didn’t pledge together, I feel like we’ve been through it all and I couldn’t be happier to share so many crazy experiences with you two. Papa: You are one of the most amazing people I know. From your incredible generosity and positive attitude, to your amazing advice, I don’t know what I would have done without you these past two years. Without you, BSAL would not be in existence and you are going to do such an amazing job as President! Jess/DD: My little twin! You are so cute and sweet. I’m sad to leave you so soon but I can’t wait for you to have the most amazing three years of your life in DPhiE. You are going to do such amazing things! Remember to keep smiling and enjoy every second of it. | Hallie Steinman

78: Gammas I'm grouping everyone together because I can’t make it through you each individually without sobbing. You guys are my best friends and there is no way that when we started pledging I would have believed we would do some of the things we have done together. You guys have always been there for me no matter what and I am always going to be grateful for having you guys by my side though out the past three years. Little you have made being in the sorority mean that much more to me. Big Little reveal was one of the happiest day of my life, no joke the only thing that might top it is having my first child. You are such an amazing person you are always there to remind me to just live life and have fun! Little Little when Libby told me you were joining our lineage I couldn't have been happier after finding out you were equally if not more obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer than me. You were a perfect fit and I am so happy I’ve been able to spend so much time with you. You are such a positive person and you make me so happy every time I see you. Little Little Little I’m so glad I was able to get to spend time with you before I graduate. You are so driven and determined to accomplish goals you have set. I know that you will always accomplish what you set your mind too! I always knew the day it was my turn to graduate it was going to be hard but having to leave behind the sorority is making it one of the hardest things I have had to do. It has allowed me to meet so many amazing people who I know will be lifelong friends. The sorority has be helped me become the person I am today and I will always be thankful. I love you all so much and I am truly going to miss being a part of such an amazing sisterhood. | Emily Toner

79: Phi Betas/5 Court: If it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be Alyssa Kelly Wongton. All of you have molded me to the person I am today, whether it be my weirdness or my funness (I am fun yay) it has been because of all of you. Thanks for always being there for me, whether it be wishing me good luck on an interview, or waking me up to make sure I make it to work on time. It is the little things that brighten up my day. You all are the most genuine bunch of girls I have ever met which makes me 100% comfortable with myself when I am around you. You all possess great qualities, whether its dedication or selflessness, you remind me to become a better person each day. I am going to miss playing “Would you Rather” or “Am I dead?” for hours on the couch and going out as much as I can jump around in the bars without any of you judging me! I know we will keep in touch and spend time together on Alumni Island. Thank you all for being amazing! Ally: I could not have asked for a more perfect little. I remember the first time I met you at our pre rush pregame when you came into our room! I am glad all my pink stuff did not scare you away because without you I don’t know what I would do. We match perfectly and I think it is because we always understand each other and you always support me with anything I do. There is never a time we are not on the same page which makes our relationship so strong. Talking to you for hours on end about everything always makes my day. You are chill (zen lin lol), beautiful, smart and the best friend a girl can ask for. Lets spend our summer together and eat L&B everyday please (Keith can come so we can do the cat dance)! I am so proud to call you my little and watched you grow since day one. You are going to become an amazing nurse one day. You will always be my Lil Al <3 Love you to the moon and back! Rebecca: I don’t know if it is a coincidence that you lived in Bingham 321 right after I lived there but I know it happened for a reason because now you’re my little little and it has been amazing ever since I met you at 141. I know I can always count on you for being dt and living it up (when you are not at work). I’m so happy that we have gotten so close over these past few years. I’m sorry I never upload my pictures, but I will get them to you one day! Just like the whole lin, you are always so chill and down for a good time! I can always count on you to do anything for me, big or small. I am going to miss you so much! I just came across the post it that if I go abroad, you will be visiting me, so I hope this is true! Love you! Lil Ally: My baby!! Not only are you my child, you are my lilx3 and I could not be any happier. I remember you on bid night, drinking all those shots and holding it down like a champ (just like your big). I am so glad that I got to be your PM because I think in the limited amount of time we had together, we have gotten so close. You are just like me- jumping around downtown and loving all the cute bunnies that exist in the world. I am always so excited when I see you (and Jacob) and I can’t wait to come and visit! You are going to do amazing things for the sorority and I know the sorority will help you grow into the best person I know you can be. Love you so much! Also, thanks for allowing me to take random photos of you all the time. Phi Thetas: I am so proud of each and every one of you! You guys have already accomplished so much while being in the sorority and you still have so much time ahead of you! I am so lucky to have 23 children to call mine. You have proven that you are dedicated, fun and smart and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you. Always remember your roots. DPHiE will change you, shape you and give you everything you could possibly want as long as you give your 100% so jump in and don't be afraid to give it your all! I love you all and cannot wait to visit! Ashley: My amazing DD! You are one of a kind. You are so trendy, fit, fabulous and weird, which literally makes you perfect. I am so glad I got to be your delta diamond and I love it when you still ask me questions, even until this day. I hope your next year at Binghamton will be amazing, and even if I am not around, I will always be here for you! Love you so much! Sorority: You all are a huge part of my life and I will never forget any of the memories. Thank you for honestly being “so diverse and awesome.” It is because of that that I am proud to be in DPHiE. Continue to make memories, laugh, smile and always enjoy your time together, because four years goes by extremely fast. Always put 100% in everything you do like philanthropy, rush, mixers and everything will be successful. Remember, it is what you make out of something that determines the outcome! I wish you all the best in everything that you do, and if you ever need anything, I am only a phone call away! Thank you for making my college experience one I could never forget. | Alyssa Wong

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