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1: In the summer of 1944, after graduating from Washington State College, I attended a Youth Workers Conference at The Firs in Bellingham, Washington. Jim Rayburn, Young Life's founder, was presenting Young Life, and Dawson Trotman, head of The Navigators, was also there with his staff. I was so impressed by the presentation of the Gospel by Jim and the staff and the message by Dr. Jack Mitchell, Bible teacher from Multnomah School of the Bible. Dr. Jack mentioned it was so important to thank Jesus for personally dying for us. I didn't think I had ever done that, though I had been very active in working with high school kids in church and in Inter-Varsity in college. My real life in Christ then began with this decision. Jim spoke about the four year old ministry he had started while he was attending Dallas Theological Seminary. Young Life had been able to reach the popular kids in their high schools like Sam Adams and Marge Wright, who had seen their lives transformed by Jesus. At the end of the conference I asked Him if he could use my secretarial skills and my interest in high school kids. To my delight he said "Yes"! I went to Dallas and worked as an assistant secretary for Jim, helping him at the North Dallas club and the Riverside club in Ft. Worth. A couple of years later I moved with the staff to Colorado Springs when they acquired Star Ranch, and helped start the Colorado Springs club. During those years I travelled weekly to Denver with John Miller to work at getting Young Life started there. In 1948 I moved to Illinois to work with George Sheffer at Wheaton College. Along the way we memorized tons of verses through The Navigator Topical Memory System. I was there until 1951 when I married Burt Sutherland who just graduated from med school. We were in Oakland, California for a year where Burt did his internship. I worked part-time with Roy Riviere making contact to start the Acalanes High School club. In 1953 we were at Frontier Ranch for the summer where Burt was the camp doctor. Around Thanksgiving we moved to Kremmling, Colorado, to work with another doctor where we had a Young Life club in our home for a number of years. I took kids to Malibu in 1956. We moved to Michigan for four years and in 1971 we moved to Fair Oaks, California, a suburb of Sacramento, where we were on the local committee and our three kids were involved in club. We have been on a localYoung Life committee most of the time since then, joining the one in El Dorado County in 1994 after we started attending church in that area. My dear man, Burt, went to be with the Lord in 2006. These pictures are the ones I have had in a scrapbook since my early days with Young Life. A couple of current Young Life staff gals, Wendy Guiterrez and Colleen Short suggested other people might be interested in them. Bob Mitchell, former President of Young Life, and Randy Jackson, Northern California Regional Director, also encouraged me to make them available. Wendy spent hours getting these pictures scanned and sorted; Colleen helped hours with the next phase. I've added pictures from other friends who were involved during that time and appreciate so much their contribution; Mal McSwain, Sam Adams, Audrey Fox Gregory, and many others. Wendy and Colleen have been the mainstay in sticking with me over two years in getting this huge project together, all in addition to their staff assignment, training and regular ministry responsibilities. I can't thank them enough! I'm still very thankful for Young Life and its influence on me and thousands of other people through these many years. Janie Harold Sutherland, March 2012 | Introduction

4: Jim Rayburn, 1945. Started Young Life in 1941 with a vision for unchurched kids, abundant life in Christ, fun and camps. | Mr. Whipple, owner of The Firs, Dr. Jack Mitchell, favorite Bible teacher from Multnoma Bible School, Grant Whipple, Dallas Seminary graduate at The Firs, Bellingham WA, 1944.. | Some of the guests at the First Staff Conference at The Firs in WA, 1944. | Young Life women at The Firs in Bellingham, WA 1944. Front row: Hazel Goddard, editor of Young Life Magazine, Ollie Dustin, Jim's secretary, Annie Chearis, staff. Back row: Gloria Wroughton, volunteer, Barb Van Allen, WAM Mercer, staff.

5: 1942, Jim Rayburn and Add Sewell at the beginning of Young Life. | Loveta Sewell, from first club in Gainesville, TX married Add Sewell, first staff man, in 1941. Just started Tyler, TX Young Life in 1942. | George Sheffer started attending Dallas Seminary in 1941 and joined full time staff in 1947. Member of the quartet, worked at Wheaton College developing YL Fellowship. Later developed urban ministry around the world. | Bachman Lake, one of the first Young Life Camps, tents and all. | Mr. Whipple, owner of The Firs, Dr. Jack Mitchell, favorite Bible teacher from Multnoma Bible School, Grant Whipple, Dallas Seminary graduate at The Firs, Bellingham WA, 1944.

6: Howie Kee went to Dallas Seminary, was the piano player for the first quartet, at Garden of the Gods in Manitou Springs, CO | Wanda Ann Mercer (WAM) from Louisiana joined staff in 1943, worked in Memphis, Seattle, etc. | Wanda Ann Mercer (WAM) from Louisiana joined staff in 1943, worked in Memphis, Seattle, etc. | Annie Cheairs, joined staff in 1943 from Little Rock, AK went to Wheaton College, Janie, Kay McDonald from Memphis, TN. worked as staff in Dallas, Seattle, Spokane and Berkeley | Barb Van Allen, early staff and Cathy Klein, piano player for the quartet, at the Mitchell's tennis courts.

7: Martie and George Sheffer at Bachman Lake in Dallas TX, one of the first Young Life camps. | Sam Adams #55 with the Football Team from Riverside High School in Fort Worth TX. Riverside, one of the early clubs. | Ed Whitten, Ogden Taylor, John "Goober" Webb, Bobby, "Peanuts" Roach. | Jim in Riverside Club

8: Bob Page in another old car. | Ed Phillips, adult friend from Dallas, TX and George Cowan, who helped with early Young Life. George joined Wycliffe Bible Translators and became President. | John Mitchell, early Board Member from Dallas, TX, and friend at Star Ranch. | Orv Mitchell, helped start Young Life on the board, Bob Mitchell's dad

9: Dick "Digger" Langford, Dallas Seminary student and staff. | Betty Parnell, Janie and Cathy Klein at a Dallas Cowboys Football Game. | Sonny Price, one of the first club kids from North Dallas High School | Sonny Price, hurdles track star at North Dallas High School, 1945 | Sonny Price and Pete Bennett, North Dallas High kids,1945. | Marge Wright, one of the earliest Young Life kids from Tyler, TX and Bob Mitchell in 1944 at The Firs.

10: John Miller, joined staff in 1945 from Washington DC, goofing off. | Add Sewell, first staff man, 1941, and Ann Rayburn, Jim's oldest daughter at Star Ranch, 1945. | Jim and Maxine Rayburn with daughters Sue and Ann, 1946. | Ed Whitten, Fort Worth kid, and Marty Walt, staff man from OR, 1945. | Ollie Dustin, Jim's first secretary, 1941 from Houston, TX, Maxine Rayburn and Patty Robbins, Young Life staff wife at Star Ranch, 1946.

11: Manitou Mountain Incline, Manitou Springs CO, 1945 | Staff people on Manitou Mountain Incline. | Jim and Ann Rayburn on burros at top of Manitou Mountain Incline on way to top of Pike's Peak. | Jim and Ed Wichern running down Pikes Peak Railroad; one of our favorite adventures.

12: Staff at Star Ranch, 1946. 1st row:Hazel Goddard, Jeannie Rech, Kathy Klein, Loveta Sewell, _________, Maxine Rayburn 2nd row Esther Howard, Kay McDonald, Dottie Smoot, Barbara Van Allen, Janie Harold, Annie Cheairs, Wam Mercer, Ollie Dustin. 3rd row: Wally Howard, Dick Langford, Ed Wickern, Murray Smoot, Harry MacDonald, Norm Robbins. 4th row: Gordon Whitlock, Jim Rayburn, Add Sewell, Art Rech, ______ | Cheyenne Mountain with Pooh-out Point, from Star Ranch. | H.J Taylor, President of Club Aluminum in Chicago who gave Star Ranch to Young Life in 1946 and Jim at Star Ranch.

13: Star Ranch sign at the highway, Colorado Springs, CO. | Main House at Star Ranch with Cheyenne Mountain and Pooh-out Point. | Dining Hall in old garage at Star Ranch, second story, men's dorm and caretaker's apartment. | One of the girls' cabins at Star Ranch. | Meeting lodge at Star Ranch. | Jim speaking to gang at Star Ranch, 1945. Marty Walt, Bob Mitchell, Frog Sullivan, Recie Nissan, Sam Adams and more

14: Janie with Jimmy Rayburn at Star Ranch. | Main House at Star Ranch, covered with snow. | Beautiful Star Ranch in the winter. | Cheyenne Mountain and Pooh-out Point from Star Ranch. | John Miller and Janie playing in the snow at Star Ranch.

15: Harlan Harris, getting Christmas Tree at Star Ranch. | Pat Evans, from North Dallas High School, at Star Ranch who later became the doctor for the Dallas Cowboys. | Art and Jeannie Rech with Maxine and friends at Star Ranch. | Jim with Sam Adams, Frog Sullivan, Sonny Price and other guys at Star Ranch.

16: 1st Work Crew at Star Ranch - Sam Adams, Poncho Page, Ed Whitten. | Jim and friends climbing to Pooh-Out Point on Cheyenne Mountain. | Harry MacDonald and others climbing Pooh-Out Point. | View from Pooh-Out Point to Colorado Springs and valley below. | First Work Crew at Star Ranch - Dick Simmons, Ed Whitten, Sam Adams, Sonny Price, Dee Odgen, Bob (Poncho) Page.

17: Digger Langford, Sarah Bransford and John Miller entertaining at Star Ranch. | Orien Johnson, Wam, Annie Cheairs, etc. with Cathy Klein at piano entertaining at Star Ranch. | Birdie on the Perch at Star Ranch. | Ping Pong Blow Ball contest at one of the early camps at Star Ranch. | Janie at Star Ranch on one of the big rocks.

18: Jim and Daws Trotman, head of The Navigators, in 1946. | Ann, Jim's oldest daughter, at Star Ranch. | Ed Wichern, Dallas Seminary. staff in Dallas, Tulsa and Memphis, and Rod Johnston, staff in France. | Young Life Office in the woods above Star Ranch, which was miraculously saved from a forest fire in 1948.

19: Wheaton College volunteers, Jack Mayhall, who became involved with The Navigators and Jerry Elder who joined the staff in 1951 and later Wycliffe Bible Translators, with Jim Rayburn. | George Sheffer and Frog Sullivan, one of the first kids who became a Christian from Memphis, TN, at Star Ranch. | Dick Powell at Star Ranch | Janie's first Car. Frog took it to Peyton, CO Young Life Club - 25 students in school and 5 in graduating class

20: Betty Duncan, from Frog Sullivan's club in Peyton CO. Later staff and Jim's secretary. | Orien Johnson, staff and comedian. | Gil Dodds, world indoor record holder for the mile in 1944. Did high school assemblies with Jim all over the country in 1948. | Gil Dodds and Jerry Elder at Star Ranch.

21: Janie after skiing accident on Pike's Peak. | Janie on crutches and H.J. Taylor at Star Ranch. | Mal McSwain on right with friends at Star Ranch. | Mary Ellen Mathers at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Joined staff in 1951.

22: Barb Priddy from Memphis, TN. at Star Ranch, 1949. Graduated from Wheaton, taught a year, got polio. On Staff in Dallas, Seattle and LA. | George Sheffer and Roy Riviere at Star Ranch. | Millie & John Carter, 1951. Millie joined staff in 1948 after graduating from Wheaton. John became Administrator and Property Division Manager in 1950 Married in 1950. | Add Sewell, Young Life staff, note tie.

23: Bob Mitchell and Poncho Page, entertaining in Kremmling, CO. | Will Wyatt and Ron Hanna, wranglers, with John Miller in the middle, at Silver Cliff Ranch. | Lee Cray at Silver Cliff Ranch. She joined the staff after Wheaton College in 1951, was on the Station Wagon University in 1951-52, worked in Denver for 3 years with John Miller and Frog Sullivan. | Young Life Leadership meeting, 1949 at Wheaton College with 100 students attending. George Sheffer, leader, Lee Cray, 1st row 2nd from right.

25: Tom Bade and his car with admirers at Wheaton, near Young Life office, 1949. | Joe and Mary Ellen Howard, 1950 at Wheaton College. Mary Ellen staff in Memphis in 1952 and Joe, staff.in Colo. Springs and then California after their marriage in 1954. | Lee and Ron Hanna. Ron, staff in Albuquerque, NM., married Lee in 1954. Moved to California where Lee was the first married staff woman. (on 40th anniversary) | Sandy and Audrey Fox, twins from Park Ridge, IL, in the middle, with two friends at Frontier Ranch in 1952.

26: Frontier Ranch entertainers - Ron Singley, _______, Dick Lowey, Rex King and Tom Bade. | Tom Bade & Phil McDonald doing the Ballet! | Cecil Dickson from Shelby, NC with Mal McSwain and Fox twins at Fronter Ranch. | Gal and Jane Myers doing laundry at Frontier Ranch. | Sue Rayburn (left) Sandy Fox (right) at Frontier Ranch with friends.

27: Ron Singley and Rex King at Frontier, entertaining. | Indian Entertainers at Frontier Ranch. 1953 Back Row: Tom Byron, Ron Singley, Phil McDonald, Rex King Front Row: John Miller and Tom Bade, friend. | Singing group at Frontier -HarryMacDonald, Phil McDonald, Dick Lowey and Sally Meyer,

28: Harry Mac and Tom Bade, entertaining at Frontier Ranch. | Burt Sutherland, Camp Doctor for summer in 1953 with Janie in front of the Medicine Man at Frontier. | God's special surprise and gift to Janie- Burt Sutherland. Married on June 16, 1951 in Wheaton. Drove to Oakland CA for his year internship.

29: Young Life staff at Staff Conference in 1949 at Star Ranch. Front row: Loveta Sewell, Kay McDonald, Sarah Bransford, Millie Sisco, Recie Nissen, Edna Beene, Marjorie Wright and Wanda Ann Mercer. Back Row: Jerry Elder, Norm Robbins, Orien Johnson, George Sheffer, Jean Rech, Wally Howard, Add Sewell, Patty Robbins, Bud Carpenter, Esther Howard, Dick Langford, Janie Harold, Art Rech, Ollie Dustin, Marty Walt, Flossie Wetmore, Roy Riviere, Annie Cheairs, John & Beverly Miller and Jim Rayburn. | Meeting at the club room in The Kiva , Frontier Ranch 1951. Front row left: Marge Stone, Audrey Fox etc. Back row right, Martie Sheffer - staff wife.

30: Jim Shelton, staff, entertainer, and his trombone! | Andy "Goldbrick" Delaney, famous chef at Frontier Ranch, 1953. | Jim and Phil, staff and entertainers, at St. Elmo, CO, Ghost Town, 1955. | Typical Goldbrick greeting at Frontier dinners. | Staff wives being hosted to dinner by work crew: Esther Howard, Martie Sheffer, Poncho Page, Maxine Rayburn, Loveta Sewell, Sonny Price, Jeannie Rech and Sam Adams.

31: Goldbrick with his special BBQ at Frontier Ranch in 1953. | Mountain behind the swimming pool at Frontier Ranch | Work Crew taking staff wives to dinner while husbands served. Maxine Rayburn, Marty Walt, Loveta Sewell, Sonny Price, Dick Simmons, Jeannie Rech, Sam Adams.

32: Station Wagon University (SWU) College Grads traveled to outstanding theologians and institutes around the country for concentrated courses - Bob Davis and Doug Robinson in photo. Other members: Mary Ellen Mather, Lee Cray, Anne Belding, June Gadske, Hope Baillie, and Bud Bylsma. | Mal McSwain in high school, 1945 | Don and Bob Reeverts, Bo Stalcup, Mal McSwain and Jim Crawford from Oklahoma City, at Frontier Ranch.

33: Jerry Kirk, middle, from Seattle, and Audrey Fox, right, at Frontier Ranch, 1952. Jerry, on work crew at Silver Cliff, saw Frontier with Cy Burris and they prayed it would belong to Young Life. | Young Life Staff men in 1950 Front Row: Bill Starr, Tom Raley, Orien Johnson, Art Rech Second Row: Harry MacDonald, John Carter, Roy Riviere, Wally Howard, Bud Carpentar, George Sheffer. Standing: Ed Wichern, Norm Robbins, Jim Rayburn, Bob Mitchell, Add Sewell, Bull Durham, Dick Simmons and Van Nall. | Hiking at Half Moon Gulch in Colorado.

34: Maroon Bells - most photographed mountain in North America, 10 miles from Aspen CO. Jim led 7 guys on a climb to the top of one peak in 1951.

35: Maroon Bell climbers. Front: Bob Mitchell, Bob Fry, Tom Byron. Back: George Norris, Jerry Yearwood, Jim Rayburn and Burt Sutherland. | Burt came within 5' of a 500 foot drop after sliding on the snow which became ice. Big thanks to God.

36: Maroon Bells and climbers: Tom Byron, Burt Sutherland, George Norris, Bob Mitchell, Jerry Yearwood, Bob Fry and Jim Rayburn. | Jim climbing near St. Elmo. | Staff Hikers near St. Elmo.

37: Carleen Barclay at Old Miner's House near St. Elmo | Old Mine in CO | Climbing to old mine in CO | Carleen Barclay and friends at Old Miners Cabin near St. Elmo.

38: Kathy Peace and Herb Myrhe. Cold water doesn't stop hikes! | Kathy Peace, met the Lord in the first Tyler, TX club, where Sewells were leaders. Attended Wheaton College, joined staff in 1947, worked in Dallas, Colorado Springs and Tyler, TX. | Bob Chambless, Tyler TX and Bill Starr at St. Elmo, 1951. | Staff with Vernon Grounds, President of Denver Seminary. Back: Jim Rayburn, WAM Mercer, Marge Stone, Dick Langford, Vernon Grounds. Front: Wally Howard and Ray Riviere.

39: Ted and Nancy Johnson, who Burt and Janie introduced to Young Life in Oakland, CA in 1951. | Victors at the top of Mt. Yale - 14,202 feet in 1953. Will Wyatt, Jack Potts, Hal White, Silva Roark, Craig Frans and Burt Sutherland. | Don Reeverts, Nancy Unger, Mal McSwain, Bud Bylsma at Frontier Ranch 1954. Bud part of Station Wagon U in 1951,1952. Jim Crawford in front. | Ron Frase, graduated from Wheaton in 1948, 3 years on student staff while at Fuller Seminary. Staff for 3 years in Pasadena. Prof at Whitworth College, helped get YL started in Brazil.

40: Students at Whitworth: 1950, working with YL -- Phil McDonald, Ken Gamble, Dave Beamer, Bobby Roach, Don Taylor, ______________ | Frontier Ranch entertainers, 1956. Jay Grimstead, Dick Lowey, Phil McDonald and Sylte sisters - Deanna, Joan and Deandra | Mt. Massive 14,518 feet and Mt. Elbert, 14,321 feet in 1946. Climbers: Dick Simmons, Harry MacDonald, Sonny Price, Jim Rayburn, Sam Adams, Bob Page, Edmond Whitten, Bob Mitchell, Ed Wichern and Dee Ogden who took the picture.

41: On the First Peak. | Poncho Page, flying down a rock slide about 1500 feet long. | A good climb on Mt. Massive! | Enjoying a long snow slide, one of Jim's favorite ways to get down a mountain fast. Fun but sure cold! Sam warming his hands at the bottom of the hill.

42: Staff 1952 Frontier Ranch Front row: Viola Sellers, June Gadske, Marlys Neilsen, Gloria Gunderson, Marilyn Osterlund, Betty Koopmans, Sarah Bransford, Ollie Dustin, Anne Cheairs, Kay McDonald, Jerry Kirk, Doug Robinson, Mike McCutcheon, Hal White, Craig Franz Ronnie Frase. 2nd row: Maxine Rayburn, Marge Potts, Betty Duncan, Velda Simmons, Edna Beene, Millie Carter, Joan McDonald, Loveta Sewell, Doris Riviere, Recie Raley, Ruth Starr, Jay Nelson, Bev Miller, Esther Howard,,Patty Bylsma, Dick Langford, Eileen Langford, Lillian Johnson, Virginia Carpenter, Jane Bade, Hope MacDonald. 3rd row: Jim Rayburn, Dick Simmons, Norma Robbins, John Carter, Add Sewell, Roy Riviere, Ted Benson, Bill Starr, Martie Sheffer, George Sheffer, Carl Nelson, John Miller, Wally Howard, Bud Bylsma, Rod Johnson, Orien Johnson, Bud Carpenter, Tom Bade, Harry MacDonald

43: Malibu Cookout on the point by Golf Course. | Tom Hamilton's Yacht, introducing YL Staff to Malibu in 1954. | Tom Hamilton, builder and owner of Malibu, in his yacht and Betty. He sold camp to Young Life for $300.000. Miracle. | Malibu from Look Out Point, tide going out, 1955. | First work crew cleaning up the Pitch & Putt Golf Course at Malibu, 1954.

44: Gals in Janie's cabin -Bev McIlwain, Nancy Jayne and Georgeann Field, etc, at Malibu, 1956. | Janie with girls at Malibu | Roy Riviere, staff, teaching water skiing at Malibu. He became a Christian in one of first clubs in Tyler, TX. | Queen Helen of the Esquishmoes contest. | Blindfold Race at Malibu.

45: Cast of Goldilocks | Back cover - Malibu water skiing on Princess Louisa Inlet | Janie and cabin full of girls | Kids on dock saying goodbye | Chatterbox Falls at the end of the Princess Louisa Inlet | Sampling the seafood

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