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You've got mail!!

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S: You've got mail!!

FC: From: "Tim Gurney" To: Subject: You've got mail!! Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2005

1: From: "tim gurney" To: Subject: hey hey Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2005 15:08:32 +0000 Hey gorgeous, hows the travelling? So i heard you managed to get your sexy self onto the train that night. Unlucky for me as i would of loved to have seen you roll back into kabul later that night. Nevermind! So where you girls at at the moment? Youll have to throw a few funny stories my way when you get the chance. Hostel life here has been pretty nutty at the moment. They over booked the hostel last night somehow leaving about 30 people without beds. So what do they do to us trusty backpackers woprking there? They kick us out of beds and put more people in our bloody rooms. It was funny though as all of us managed to sleep on the roof last night. Just threw some blankets down on the ground and passed out on those for a while, at least until the sun was scorching us early in the morn. And i have a feeling there going to do it to us again tonight. Funny times! Well kristen, keep running wild and enjoy your travels. See you in Longbeach oneday. Ciao Timmy xox | The first email!!

2: Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 09:45:32 -0500 From: To: Subject: Re: hey hey hi hi how r u timmy? sounds like kabul is crazy huh. Against all odds we made that train to sevilla. I immediatly got a bottle of wine for myself and passed out. sevilla was amazing and a little crazy. After sevilla we departed for madrid and spent a night there. have u been yet? I thought it was loads of fun. We danced in some old palace where a random guy bought us a V.I.P. table. He also got us a bottle of rum so that was cool... but he was super creepy. we r in paris at the moment but we almost missed our train here....we went to the wrong train station....typical huh. I got onboard seconds before it started moving. I was almost in hysteria. This morning we went to the louve...saw the mona lisa. After we ran over to the notre dame cathedral. now we r off to jim morrisons grave to pay our respects to the lizard king. after that off to the eiffel tower to drink some vino and eat a little cheese. Ok heres the deal.. I am contemplating coming back to barcelona around the first of july...what do you think? I dont wanna crowd your space but I believe it would be "heeps" of fun. just let me know... xoxo Kristin

3: ----- Original Message ----- From: "tim gurney" To: Subject: Re: hey hey Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 02:04:07 +0000 To see you back here would be super cool and believe me there would be no space to be crowding. Would love to see your beautiful face floating round the hostel again. So yes, bring it on. Maybe more wild times to come. So you girls sound like your travelling super fast hey? Going from place to place and im glad to hear youve been hitting the vino every chance you get. 3 euro by any chance? Well Kristen, fill me in with your plans and keep enjoying your travels. Ciao bella Timmy xo

4: Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 03:02:04 -0500 From: To: Subject: Re: hey hey We r traveling superfast but its been really fun...frustrating sometimes because I always want to stay longer. its very exciting though. On sunday, we went to visit jim with a 3 euro bottle of vino rojo. Actually I lied...we went big and splurged for the 3.50 bottle. Later, Val and I left the other girls and stole a blanket from the hostel so we could chill in front of the eiffel tower. We met dustin there(dustin the canadian from kabul) and so I hung out with those lovers. It was really fun. We got trashed and rode on a merry-go-round. Then just stayed for hours watching the tower light show. our hostel had a 2am curfew and I was forced to steal a cab from about 15 people in line for one. They were super pissed. Im sure I didnt help the negative american stereotype. The next day we took a train to munich and randomly saw a girl that when to a nieghboring high school from back home...kinda strange. now I am in munich.....probably goin to a beer garden and working on my bronze. I have been up for hours and of course the other girls are still sleeping. Well.... it looks like there are more wild times for me in barcelona. I will see your handsome face agian on the morning of June 29th. I am taking a flight from amsterdam to barcelona cause to fly was only a 10 euro more than to train it. I fly into the main airport. then I leave on july 4th. So do you suppose you could reserve me a bed in kabul. preferably in 202 on the floor..if not no worries. So whats happening in barcelona??? *Kris*

5: From: "Kristin Clark" To: "timmy gurney" Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 04:10:55 -0500 hey just seeing if you got my last e-mail...havent heard back in a few days. Prague is gorgeous. we are leaving for amsterdam tonight. My birthday is tomarrow! hope everythings going alright. Hopefully I will hear from ya in amsterdam. xxxooo kristin From: "tim gurney" To: Subject: RE: Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 11:08:37 +0000 Hey gorgeous, Yea got your last email but i think i ws super drunk or hangover when i read it and if i replied i guess you wouldnt have been able to read it. Sweet, so your rocking on back here on the 29th. That would be super cool. The only way i can make a reservation for you is if i have your credit card details. If you are arriving in the morning though, and it is a wednesday, i dont think youll have any problems when checking in. Also ask when you get in if you can be put in 202. Mohammed will be working and im sure hell remember you. And also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Have an absolutely wild day. Well have a few drinks for you here. Keep running crazy girl and ill see you soon. Ciao love Timmy xox

6: Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 04:14:47 -0500 From: To: Subject: RE: Hey....thanks so much for the birthday shout out. Yesterday was amazing. I had a unbelievable birthday....It will be forever burned into my memory. I can tell you about when I cruz back to barcelona....cant wait. I am arriving real early in the morning so hopefully I'll be good on a bed. Its gonna be rough, my plane leave at like 6:30am. Its gonna be horrible! Well gotta run. see ya in a few.. xoxo kris

7: From: "tim gurney" To: Subject: hey hey!! Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 17:38:59 +0000 So i was down the damn internet cafe just round the corner about to throw the funniest photos onto my new myspace account and to also throw a few your way. ANd guess what bloody happens? Monster blackout and all is lost. So i wonder back to the hostel to jump on a computer and fill you in with all the boring stuff, your probably not to worried about. But anyway......i just filled you in. Im also not meant to be here still in Barcelona. We all sleeped in, waking up at about 11 without any of our stuff packed. We decide to stay one more day and head off tomoz with a plan of action. So hows the travellin going and how was your 4th of july? Your stuck there for a few days right? Hope your running wild and soaking in your last few pints of european beer. Also thanks heaps for that armband. Very cool and its looks sweet on me. Ill send ya a photo of how cool i look now. ha ha. And that message was very sweet. Thanks again Kristen. Well fill me in with some random stories luv and best of luck with your ride back home. If i havent said it already ill say again that i really enjoyed your company and i think your a really fabulous person. I know your the type of person that will have everything work out well for you in life and your going to great places. To say best of luck to you would be kinda pointless because you have it all on your side now. Going to miss you girl. Take care kristen Timmy xox

8: From: To: Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 14:37:22 -0500 Subject: Re: hey hey!! Sorry to here about the technical difficulties but you better still send me those photos. Just send me them when you get back to Aus. Sooo I'm home. kinda bummed out but my puppy was super stoked. Ha trip to pamplona postponed....Im sure your long gone by now tho. The rest of my trip was insane. Interlaken was amazing and so was the 4th. Got to b-b-q and drink heeps of swiss beer. I had the most wonderful last day in europe tho. In the morning I went hang-gliding. It made me think of you....wishing you were a bird and all. You should go...its the closest you can come to being a bird...except you dont get to poop where ever you want. After hang-gliding I went bungy jumping. Interlaken has the longest bungy cord you can jump from in the entire world! SO I thought..I have to do this. I jumped out of a cable car/gondola(you know the cars you take to the top of the mountains when you snowboard). I jumped over a lake and it was by far the most insane feeling I have ever had....way more crazy than skydivin. There was about 18 of us jumping and I was the only girl. Way too much testosterone egging me on. I will sent some photos your way. That night there was a contest at the bar for the best hawaiian costume. I cruzed out in just my bikini and won a $100 bar tab for the night. It was super sweet! I was suddenly everyones best friend for the night. I'm glad you like the armband. I'm positive you look really hot in it. I know I have already said this but I had an amazing indescribable time with you. I can sense and see in your eyes that you have a beautiful soul and your heart seems to be overflowing with love and warmth. I know that you bring happiness and bliss to everyone you come into contact with and I was no exception. I'm certain you have tons of exceptional things coming your way. Its inescapable with your karma. Miss you until our paths cross agian. Keep in touch....after all you cant forget me and if you do just glance down at your wrist. Let me know if the bulls took you down or if your still standing!? Lots of love, xo Kris ox

9: From: "tim gurney" To: Subject: Re: hey hey!! Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 13:13:20 +0000 Hang gliding and bungy jumping! Your one wild girl hey! Awesome to hear youve been running wild. Well our hitching adventures have been super wild so far. Weve riddin in trucks, been stopped and fined by the police and had one guy that refused to go under 190 km. We did make it to pamplona and what a nutter of a city this is. The spanish really know how to party. Also managed to squeeze in two bull runs while ive been here. The run down the street is crazy but the insaneness starts when you enter the bull ring. They decide to let one bull go at a time in the ring to run wild with the stupid tourists. Ive got some excellent photos ill have to send your way of that aswell. Well ill fill you in with more of our adventures soon when i manage to find a cheaper computer place. Awesome to hear you made it home safe and remember to send a photo of your dog with a bird in its mouth. Dead or alive! Keep running wild Kristen Timmy xxox

10: From: To: Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 17:03:02 -0500 Subject: Re: hey hey!! Wow i am rediculously envious of you.....the run sounds like a nice adrenaline rush. people tell me that the party in pamps is off the hook so I sure you pushed your liver to a new extreme. so wish I could have been there. I'm glad to hear the hitch hiking went somewhat smoothly. I'm sure that was a sweet experience. did you end up meeting any of the kids you met in barcelona? That aussie girl emily e-mail me and she has had some bad luck in lisbon. She got held up with a knife and got her stuff jacked. Her ipod, money, everything. ouch huh?! anyways lifes been unexpectedly good here in the LB. School started a few days ago but I love my class...its super interestin and my professor is amazing. I have been goin to the beach and out to the bars a lot. Yesterday a friend from New Zealand came out see me so I showed em' around. Last night I took the kiwi out to a huge club in newport beach with about 6 of my girlfriends. soooo fun...I danced my little bum off for hours.....kinda like fellini. ha. I am hurting this morning tho..its taking a strenuous effort to make sentences at the moment. n e ways where r ya now? when do you go back home? gotta go....I'm leaving from san diego for the weekend and my bros waitin on me...I'm sure SD will bring about some nutty stories to send you way! Hope to hear from ya soon. safe travels lots of love, kristin

12: From: To: Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 19:54:54 -0500 Subject: Re: fotos those are some sick fotos! It looks like you have been ripping up espana. you guys make me sooooo jealous. just not fair. sooo when r you goin back to the homeland? r you bummed or ready to go? well lifes been insane. I've just been running wild all over southern california. lets see.....last weekend I was in vegas for 2 days. I know a guy who can get us into any club without waiting or paying the cover....this is sooo key in vegas! so naturally we went nutz. the weekend before I was in san diego for 3 days for a Clark family reunion. my family drinks like fishies! my family would get my brother and I liquored up at dinner then we would go out all night. good times. this week I went to a bunch of parties. last night I cruzed up to LA for a huge bohemian themed party and this morning I draged myself outta bed to go to the US open. Today was the finals so I watched heats for hours. the last heat was between Rob Machado and of course Andy Irons. I wanted to see Machado win but Andy killed it out there. Andy didnt win by too much tho. There was thousands of people there....crowded with OC kids. They had a 1200 pound surf board down there that was from Australia. This board was 40 ft long and they fit 60 people on it and rode a wave in....possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. I gotta take a little siesta and then we r goin out to celebrate the end of the open down in Huntington Beach. yeeeaaaa lots of love, Kris xoxoxoxo

13: From: "tim gurney" To: Subject: Date: Sat, 08 Oct 2005 14:22:36 +0000 Hey sexy havent't heard from you in a while!! So give me the lowdown on whats been happening. Im back in aus and have recently got wild at a wedding in adelaide. Im now slowly road tripping my way back up to the gold coast and waiting your arrival. Would love to hear all the stories so please fill me in. yaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Timmy

14: From: To: Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2005 19:20:48 -0500 Subject: Re: Hey honey! I have been meaning to send a message your way for a while. ahh weddings... good times, sooo jealous. Who got married??? I'm sure you caused mayhem as you should. I wanna hear details. Have you seen wedding crashers?....if not you must! N-e-ways, life is good in the LBC. Just going to school which happens to be kicking my butt at the moment(taking 18 units...6 classes) papers, midterms and more midterms. I'm working about 2-3 days a week for a public health service company. Its just a temporary job distributing out flu shots. Other than that just partyin a few nights a week. Lost my ID this weekend in manhattan bummed. I'm in a beer pong league on friday nights which is outta you guys play that????? We are in the third week of the season and I'm dominating! No one thinks a girl has a chance but you and me know their all backwards! I'm goin to vegas in 2 weeks for about 3 days...cant wait. Goin with 5 other kids...mostly from my uni and one I meet in OZ a year ago. Sooo I wanna hear about how being home is your fam was estatic to see your hansome face. so now its back so reality for a little while huh? Well, I will being seeing you this time next year. I have a master plan.......just wait. Its might just wanna jump in on it. cant tell you yet though. Just have to focus on graduation for now. Also, I have all the fotos from europe online but my labtop is being a jerk to me. I will send you the site when its treating me well agian.....much love to ya... Kris

15: From: "Kristin Clark" To: "timmy gurney" Subject: happies and merries.... Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 22:28:25 -0500 hey hope you had a merry xmas and have a happy new year! You have already given out your kisses for the new year but I hope ya saved me one. I am getting ready to head out for the nite and was thinking back on this last year.... and your face seemed to creep in. Hope everything is better than good and I will see you in 2006 or 07'(i am keeping my end of the pinkie swear). Lots of luv to you. xxxkrisxxx From: "tim gurney" To: Subject: RE: happies and merries.... Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2006 08:57:41 +0000 Hey sexy, Happy new year to you aswel. I had a monster night last night. Cruised to a beach party down at a local beach called Mermaid beach. A couple of hundred people there and a few djs. Awesome fn!!Hope your night went well. So i might be seeing you sometime this year or next hey? Sweet........really looking forward to it. We'll run wild in the town. I'll keep a lookout for a stairwell you can get lost in. Ive already found a baclcony we can both pass out on. Ohhh, good memories. Throw me a phone number i can possibly call you on sometime. If you wanna chat to an aussie ring this number and ill possibly pick up..........617423610395 Take care luv and remember to Look famous!! Be legendry!! Appear complex!! Act easy!! Radiate presence!! Travel light!! Seem a dream!! Prove Real! Have a good one Timmy xxx

16: From: To: Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 17:22:28 -0500 Subject: RE: happies and merries.... happy new year!!! Sounds like you had a sweet new yrs. having new years in the summertime would be sooo wild. I had a crazy nite bringing in the new year. I had a party at my house. A bunch of friends came over and we had karaoke and a bon fire in my pit in the backyard. My puppy was running around luvin on everyone. good times sooo yeah I will hopefully see ya within a yr or so. I am graduating in aug of this year! Then I am roam about. plans are still in the making. aus is one of the many destinations that wont be missed. I would love if you would gimme a call so I can hear that aussie dialect.... (562) 822 8357. well take care timmy! xoxoxKristinxoxox

17: From: To: Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 21:33:11 -0500 Subject: hey luv Hey luv - Well I just tried to call you about 15 times. Sorry I lag at gettin back to ya. Yeah, I must be doing something wrong :) I have to use a land phone and my house doesnt have one. Soooo I tried from my folks house but no luck. Anyways I will try agian soon...just wanted let you know I got your message and havent forgotten about you :) Hope your enjoying the summer over there. Hopefully we get in touch soon. xoxox kris

18: From: "Kristin Clark" To: "timmy gurney" Subject: v day Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 15:00:33 -0500 Hey luv, Just wanted to say happy valentines day (even though you dont celebrate it )! How have you been spending your days lately??? Is your summer going well?? miss you. Kris xoxoxo From: "tim gurney" To: Subject: RE: v day Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 06:07:44 +0000 Hi gorgeous, Happy valentines day to you too. Of course we celebrate it aswell. Roses, dinners, and all those other valentines day things. Well ive been working a fair bit lately, getting into the Location scouting more and working on set with some pretty cool people. Also been getting stuck into the surf. Had some pretty awesome days over at straddie. You might remember south stradebroke from when you were last here. Great waves but can get super crowded at times. So how's school treating you and when are you coming over this way? Yea ive left a few messages on your answering service from when ive tried to call. I will try again though. Look forward to chattting you luv and hearing that accent again. Hope your all well and enjoying yourself. Take care Timmy xox

19: From: To: Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 14:47:28 -0500 Subject: RE: v day wow, yah you guys do celebrate it.....its a roman catholic valentine...right?? I always associate it as an american holiday....just excuse me for being a lame american :) anyways...ya know what else is lame??? I only got one message from you like a month ago. dont know whats going on there. Like a said before...I tried to call but it didnt work. oh well, I still have hope! sounds like work is going good, eh? did you quit that job at the hotel? what kind of set do you work on? seems cool and I'm happy for you....your working in the field your interseted in :) good to hear your surfing...I bet your missed while traveling. I go to the beach all the time with my brother and video tape him. Its fun. I am just going to school as ussual and dominating in all my classes. Its my last semester and I am starting to get all nervous about what the hell I am supposed to do with my life. I have no ideas. I am accepting all advise so feel free to drop a comment in the box. All my friends will still be in school and I will be graduated....kinda crazy. All I know is I want to travel soooo..... I guess thats my plan for the next year or two or three or four...Just kidding (and maybe I'm not). I will worry about it when I get back... so here is the situation...I am planing on leaving for a trek around the world this fall. I am starting in tibet. I am going to work in an orphanage for almost 2 months teaching kids, taking care of them, and giving all the love I am capable of. I am really excited. From there I am going to stumble south...laos, thailand, indo, etc. ( I will have to talk to you about that....gimmie some direction) Then, end up in Aus. I wanna work in aus for 4-6 months. not really positive on where. then I got a lot more traveling but I need to see where I am at financially when I leave. ideally I wanna go from Aus --> NZ ---> South Africa(& other countries) ---> Brazil----home. We will see though... well I hope life is treatin you nicely and your living everyday like it was your last. I will talk to you soon timmy. Get tan for me...its winter and I am looking deathly over here! much luv to you, kristin

20: From: To: Subject: RE: Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 17:46:47 -0800 Hey handsome, So whats been goin on?? It sounds like you are runnin wild. That night at the fair sounds like so much you have any fotos from it? would love to see them, especially your awesome smile. I want some fotos of your aus life. I will send you some of me and the girls. I was so happy to get your call...defiantly made my week :) Sorry I spent half of the call trying to get out of the library! It was nice to hear your voice....however I think it made me miss you lots. I will drop ya a line within the new couple weeks. California is doing me well. The last few days have been really hot, have been goin to the beach. Pup dog and I chased some seagulls and went swiming...the water was painfully cold. Those days are over now....the rain is comin again :( Last week I had 6 brain in on overload. I when out and super drunk this weekend. Looking forward to spring break. we are goin to las vegas for 4-5 days. Yeesss!!!! I'm graduating on May 25th, and having a rager on the 26th. Wish you could come and party. Then I have some summer school to finish up. I am going to go to grad school and do my dissertation in multicultural communications. Anyways, hope everythings going the way it should. When are you going to brisbane??? Talk to ya soon luv. I will give you my travel itenerary when I get the flights scheduled. maybe you could think about coming with some me it would be insane. I will need to talk to you about laos and thailand when the time comes. cant wait....Miss ya. lots of love, Kris

21: From: To: Subject: life as is... Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2006 15:59:47 -0700 Hey love Hows in goin over there??!! Life treatin ya alright? Whatcha been up to these last few weeks? Summer time fading away over there in aus? It starting to get soooo hot here. It is currently about 100 degree I think that like 37 degrees C for you aussies. Anyways, graduation was awesome...I scored some serious $$$. Gonna fund my traveling lifestyle pretty soon. The grad party was crazy times. We had a band, full bar, taco stand, etc. My folks have this huge house right on the water..such good times. The next morning I did I total count of the damage and it turns out we are all alcoholics. we drank 15 handles of liquer, 10 bottles of vino, & a full keg. wish ya could have been here :) I will send ya some fotos of the zoo. Now I am just working a ton and saving. I got a new job (second job) and it seems pretty fun. I am going to be doing liquer sales at private upscale celebrity parties. Like the oscars and the grammys, etc. A lot of parties for muscians too. Cant wait...well, I'm off to the beach with my pup. Talk to ya soon luv muah xoxox Kristin

22: From: "tim gurney" To: Subject: RE: hey aussie Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 06:16:24 +0000 Hi gorgeous, I think i gave you a token drunk phonecall last night. How funny!! You could have heard this drunken aussie chatting to you about some random antics. All is awesome this way. Settling in the new pad. Getting to know all the pubs and clubs round the joint. Definate goods times to be had. We are also apparently in the middle of our winter but the days here have been so great and sunny. Lovin it!!! Ill ring you sometime soon for a chat (might or might not be boozy) unless you beat me to it. Hope you doing well over there luv Love from Timmy xox

23: From: To: Subject: RE: hey aussie Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 16:32:46 -0700 ahh nice to hear that message you left me. I'm pissed I missed your ring :( I love to hear your drunken little aussie voice. haha. I just tried to call you but it wasnt working out. It is a cell phone number I have right? Damn operator couldnt figure it out. Anyways, good to know life is treatin ya well. How is your new place. Brisbane right? Love to hear all about your new adventures in the pubs. I can only imagine the troubles your getting yourself into over there :) Sooo I was calling earlier to let you know my rough draft itinerary. As of now I will arrive in aus during the last few days in January!!!! I am acutally leaving the US in the middle of November but I wont make it to aus till jan. Are you ready? No really. Are you ready? Its gonna be mayhem. But really, I should be there from the end of jan - may. 4 months as of now. Then I fly to NZ... then to africa. I'm not really sure where I am going to post up for the time but I will figure that out. Well life is good. I have lots of stories for you from my summer here in california. Its been non stop. I have been surfing a bit. Getting a serious bronze goin. Drinking lots. Going out on the boat. Taking makaio to the beach. Enjoying being single. (I just got out of a hardcore relationship). And trying meet people with good energy and interesting things to say. I will send you some pics when I get a chance. You have failed to send me any? Whats up??!! Anyways keep doing what your doing because it sounds like your doing some things right. Lots of love to ya. xoxox Kristin ***So I'm sitting in my living room and makaio trots in. Then drops a pigeon on the floor right in front of me. haha. He finally caught a bird!! No training from timmy required. arent you proud?!**

24: From: "tim gurney" To: Subject: RE: Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 01:55:00 +0000 Helllllooooo sexy, How ya been? Hey, i got your missed call the other day. Well i didn't get it when you called as i had it in for a service, coz its playing up a little. Shitty things!! So when i did get it back, after 4 days of complete uselesness without one, i had a load of missed calls and messages. When i got to yours i was 1) stoked that i got a call from you but 2) bummed that i missed it. Awesome to hear your voice again. But unfortunately im back without one again. I had my sisters birthday on the weekend and the whole family went out for the occasion. Super funny times!! Hilarious seeing the old man dancing it up on the dance floor, busting a move. Anyway towards the end of the night i suddenly realised i no longer had a phone. During my drunken going-on's of the night i somehow lost it.....not surprisingly though. It was a night of jager's and brutal cocktails, of which my mates spiked even more with shots of CHARTREUSE. I was a dead man!! Got filled in the next day. Cheers boys. So i no longer have your phone number. You'll have to pass it on to me for the 20th time. Sorry. I should be getting my same number back in a week or so when the insurance claim go's through, so you can still get me on that. haha So how have you been? Uni finished? And how's the saving for this almighty trip? We are having the worst ever droughts in history here at the mo. Water restrictions gallore and dam levels to an all time low. Killer!! It would be sweet if you could organise and learn an American rain dance and bring it this way with you when you come on over. Would be super cool. Can't wait to see you again Kristen and i hope your smiling doing whatever your doing right now. Catch ya soon Timmy xo

25: From: To: Subject: timtam Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 02:39:58 -0700 Hi my love! lost your phone eh? I would poke fun at you but I have been in your exact dilema before...going out, shots of random liquor, the next you know your waking up thinking where the hell is my phone???! Pretty typical of an alcoholic :) haha sounds like ya had a good time with the family though. I hope everything else is going well. How is life? Loved the photos you sent me! It was nice to see some more recent pics of your smiling face. I will send you some back when I get some time on my side. Anyways life is good as ussual. Uni is done..has been for a few months now. Kinda wierd with all my girls going to school and studying all the time and me not having too. Actually it is wonderful is countless ways. I have been working tons, saving. I also have been matching that with going out a lot...probably way to much! I have been partying in hollywood tons...or as I like to refer to it as hollywierd. Last night I when out to some crazy club/bar and then to a house/mansion party in the hollywood hills..needless to say we all stayed up till 8 or 9am. Every fiber in my body is unhappy about that rockstar maneuver! :) Then today was followed by me making a visit to the Los Angeles health department for my travel immunizations...just outright horrible! They treated my like a pin cushion those bastards :) I have to get 14 shots...7 I had today and 7 more to go next week. I got shots for things I cant pronouce. The oucome is me no being able to move either arm in almost any direction without massive pain! Typing is a stuggle :) Sooo I leave here in a few weeks...getting very amped about it all. Getting short breaks of sadness from time to time for all my family and friends I will be missing. oh and not to forget my pupdog. I am so excited to get the hell outta here though....its time and I am ready. So for aus..I will be there is just a few months...I fly into melbourne and then I am going to journey north to you over a few weeks. Then I am gonna make a plan of attack for the next 4-5 months I will be living there. Not quite sure how this will all work out but I think thats kinda the point. Anyways its nice to hear from my favorite aussie and I am expecting a phone call sometime in the near future :) much love, Kristin

26: From: "tim gurney" To: Subject: how to import a dog! Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 03:56:23 +0000 Hey kristen, Awesome chatting to you the other night. Super cool. Can't wait to see your beautiful self again. So you'll have to forward me your details on your africa trip. I've always been super keen to check it out sometime and i think you could possibly be my motivation. It would be a super cool place to check out and like you said, 'Watch a lion rip apart and devour another animal.' yyeaaa Anyways babe, hit me back and look forward to throwing back a drink with you sometime. Ciao Timmy xx

27: From: To: Subject: RE: how to import a dog! Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 12:41:07 -0800 Timmy, so nice to hear you voice that night! We were driving home from hollywood that night and I suddenly realized that I had to talk to you! Haha when I told you on the phone that I wasnt very intoxicated...I lied. I promise I will never lie to you again :) I would be honored to be your motivation to come on a journey to africa. Do you have any clue how amazing that would be. I'm not sure you fully understand! I am still trying to get all the details about the dates, etc right now, but I will sent them your way very soon. Once again, I cant wait to see you either! Everytime I'm writting these emails I cant help but get super amped about it! muah xxx kris

28: From: "tim gurney" To: Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2006 20:20:29 +0000 hey babe, hope the trekking is going well for you and you haven't busted a lung yet. wish i was in your shoes totally. I loved the trekking i have done before especially over in south america. Hey i thought of something else the other day. The byron bay blues and roots festival will be held early April and tickets are on sale now. Are you keen to go? Stellar line up. Will definetaly be a wild time. Goes for about 5 days (most probably know that already) but im thinking of going for 3 (sat, sun, mon). Bring on the mayhem!!! yeeaaaaaaa take care gorgeous timmy x

29: From: To: Subject: RE: Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 00:32:41 -0800 hello luv, you know I am down to go :) sounds like a awesome time to be had. your making me so amped to come to aus...keep it up! I am ready for the beach, sun, sand, and beers. I am freezing my ass off over here. My california blood is struggling but I am having a blast nonetheless. The atitude makes you a bit of a light weight so I got one thing on my side...the lhasa (tibetan) beer is really good. light and sweet tasting (girlie I know). So I need to be in brisbane before feb 11th? is that good? I think I will be hitchhiking from melbourne...I realize thats a long trek but I believe I can manage. if not I will jump on a bus to speed it up. Hope all is well and your getting some sunshine for me..I will give ya a call sometime soon! xoxox kris

30: From: To: Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 08:00:20 -0800 hey just a quickie. This could possbly be the 20th time I have asked you this but...whats your number again?! ha i forgot to write it down when I was packing for my trip :) I was about to call you but I kinda need a number.....this was a major obstacle when attemping this drunk last night. Maybe its a good thing! I bought a bottle of whiskey and found myself at some chinese club boogie-ing my life away. I met a few other characters (an guy from israel, a hawaiian, and some japanese girl) who came out with me so I didnt get totally molested by those chinese bussiness men. call me crazy but they are just not doing it for me. haha k I'm rambling...send me your number so I can speak english with someone :) xoxo kris

31: From: "tim gurney" To: Subject: RE: my house Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 13:00:43 +0000 Thats amazing!! Wow. Good to see someone goes for the extra effort. I was spewing i missed your call this morn. Actually it woke me up and i looked at the phone and it said 'Withheld' number, so i left it. When i checked the message after i was spewing. There was no way of me being able to call you back too. What time was it when you rang? It was 4 in the morn here. Promise i answer the next one babe. Ciao p.s have you started growing some extreme body hair to keep you warm over there yet?

32: From: To: Subject: your fired Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 21:01:50 -0800 TIMMY your fired!!! hahaha you missed another worries :) I call you from the internet and I am on here everyday. When I called last it was 3am are just 1 hour ahead of me. Forgot to let ya know I have an international cell phone. Its really expensive to talk on but you can throw out a text message if ya like :) +447624103756 (its a UK #, I think the plus sign means two zeros...or you can make the plus by holding down zero for 2 secs) try ya again later timmy, kris xoxox

33: From: To: Subject: time is flying... Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 02:32:50 -0800 Sooo timmy, I am here.....whew after a red eye from indonesia to melbourne I arrived here earlier today. YEAH! Anyways just letting you know :) I think I will stay here a few nights and then set off for sydney then keep rolling up the coast. I think I might stop in new castle because I never stopped there in my previous travels here. I dont really know. Let me know if you have any suggestions on sweet spots to stop in while coming up the coast. And also what do you think the best way to travel would be...train or bus? or maybe some aussie contraption I dont even know about. haha. But really what do you think the cheapest and least painful way of getting up there? I was going to hitch-hike and might still but that kinda depends on if I meet anyone who might want to as well. I dont think its the best idea to hitch-hike being a solo girl and all. But if I could find a companion then its on :) Hope to talk to ya soon...I will give you a call within the next day or so. Dont call me cause I no longer have my international phone. Damn thing was way too expensive so I ditched it with my brother :) see you soon love kris

34: From: To: Subject: timtam Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2007 18:05:57 -0800 Hey so you gotta send out some positive vibes for me. I lost my camera in sydney..on the ferry to manly beach...horrible! So I am staying here till maybe mon or tues to wait and see if someone returns it. ha. I'm crossing my fingers. Anyways I know the concert is on sunday but I cant remember what day you said you had off work. Are you working thursday? Anyways there is talk of me coming up there by motorbike but I'm not sure. My buddy has his motorbike here! Would be sweet :) Well I was gonna come to brisbane either thurs or fri but I wanted to see if you were working. Thanks timmy. kris

35: From: "tim gurney" To: Subject: all it takes is a finger!!! Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2007 13:54:39 +0000 So my love, here i am sitting at work, thinking about how much you love the word 'jerk', i am a little bored as you can tell, just cruising along using only a few brain cells, only thirty minutes to go till i leave this place, and get back home to kiss your beautiful face. Public holiday tomorrow to help bring in the coin, it certainly is better than a kick in the groin, followed by a night chilling down the gold coast, spending it with a very special girl i love the most, will we be rolling back to brisso with a touch of a tan, with Kristin trying to catch up to Tim as fast as she can. Almost home now to see my girlfriend, a person where Tims time he loves to spend, Looking forward to seeing you and give you a kiss on the lips, a moment in time i never want to skip, I know i'll have a great sleep laying next to you, coz, through my eyes i have the best possible view xxx

36: From: "Kristin Clark" To: Subject: RE: all it takes is a finger!!! Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2007 23:33:14 -0700 My heart is overflowing with love and happiness...and its because of you. thanks for making my day with this one. I love you so much. I have never felt like this about anyone, ever. You won've got me :) I had a less than decent day today and cant wait for you to come home and cheer me up...with kisses and cuddles. this email did a damn good job already though :) miss you babe xoxo

37: From: To: Subject: RE: all it takes is a finger!!! Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 19:12:52 -0700 I just wrote my dad and told him that you are coming to NZ with me and then going to continue traveling with me after that. I told him I love you :) I'm happy.

38: From: "tim gurney" To: Subject: thoughts Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2007 13:55:45 +0000 Thoughts of my GF while at work. Here i go again, for the 20th time today, thinking about your travels, Also wondering how the next year together will unravel, I really cannot wait to go travelling with you, coz to me you really are to good to be true. You have been away from me for only a few days, Thinking of you like crazy, i can't even think of a rhyming phrase, Im looking forward to you being back in my arms, you bring me more luck and happiness than a bracelet full of charms. Im glad your having great times with your mum and your bro, Road tripping round the Aussie countryside too and fro, Coz times spent travelling with your family are never to be passed, As these are the times that go way to fast. Hope your spreading your beautiful smile across my country, a smile so breathtaking all us aussies would agree, Enjoying every adventure, every new chance to be had, Times to good, to fun, to rad. Well its my time to cruise on, but only home way, Back to my bed, back to where i lay, Thinking of my girlfiend, my best friend, Where one day, once again, our two souls will blend. I love you krisin!!! xxxxx

39: From: To: Subject: RE: thoughts Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 21:15:02 -0700 You are too good....that was the sweetest one yet babe. I love you sooo much and cant wait too be back in your arms!! This one made me on the a borderline tear. Thanks so much that. I will call you tonight...even though I talked to you only a few hours ago I already miss your voice. I would try and attempt a poem back but I am in some stinky backpackers internet cafe! I love you!!!!!!!!!! xxxx kris xxxxx You make me happier than I knew was ever possible.

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