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Zane Rollins' Monomyth project

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S: Paper Towns and the Monomyth

FC: Paper Towns and the Monomyth By: Zane Rollins

1: Stage I The Call | The call occurs when Margo Roth Spielgelman appears at Quentin's window. Margo comes to Quentin's window in the middle of the night and begins asking questions. She asks if she can use his mothers car and if he would also participate in driving her to different places (Rand 25). Quentin then ponders about the questions and makes his decision.

2: After being asked to participate in Margo's midnight activities, Quentin refuses to go with her. Not only does he refuse to go once but several times. He doesn't want to participate in Margo's activities because he is afraid that if he is caught his hopes of going to college will be ruined. Margo then begins to explain that there will be no felonies committed (Green 26). | Stage II Refusal of the Call

3: Stage III Supernatural Aid | Margo is also Quentin's supernatural aid as she provides him with all the materials that he needs for the nights worth of "mischief" (Green 30). Margo instructs Quintin to drive her to a Publix grocery store. After going to Publix she then tells him to drive to Wal-Mart. A few of the materials that she picked up include: fish , spray paint, and vasaline.

4: Step IV Crossing the Threshold | Quintin crosses the threshold when he starts the first task of the night. This task takes place at Becca's house where her and her boyfriend, Jason, are in the basement. The first task is when Margo calls Becca's parents then enters the basement where she finds Jason's clothes on the floor. After entering Margo takes Jason Worthington's clothes so that he can not go back inside. Quintin and Margo then proceed on to the next event (Green 41).

5: Step V The Belly of the Whale | The belly of the whale occurs when Margo lets Quintin pick a person to pull a "prank" on (Green 59). The victim of Q's choice was Chuck Parson. Chuck was a kid who had bullied Q for a while at school (Green 60). Margo decides that Q and herself will put hair remover on his eyebrows and apply vaseline to his doors. At this point Q is now involved in the mischief and cannot get out.

6: Step VI Road of Trials | In my opinion the road of trials for Q occur at two different points within the novel. All of the things that Margo forces Q to do with her all take courage and are all tough. After Q spends time with Margo and "falls in love with her", she leaves. Naturally, Q now having an interest in her, sets out to find her. She leaves him hidden clues that he wasn't supposed to find, but he does. Some examples of these things are the note in the door hinge, and decoding the lyrics and verses in the poems and songs on the record.

7: Stage VII Meeting With the Goddess | Q's meeting with the goddess occurs when Margo tells him to drive to the Suntrust Building. Q follows her orders and they arrive at the building. Margo knows the security guard here and is able to get herself and Q onto the 25th floor to check on their progress of the nights activities. It is while here that Margo begins to explain how plain and boring she thinks Orlando, their home town, really is. She calls Orlando a "paper town" because everything is unfinished and eventually falls apart or falls in on itself (Green 57 and 58). At this point Q begins to understand Margo more and learn how she feels about life in general.

8: Stage VIII Temptation from the True Path | The temptation from the true path is when the detective comes to Margo's house after she runs away. The detective questions Q and makes and attempt to talk to him about how Margo's type of situation happens all the time and that not all of them can be fixed or solved. The detective goes on to explain how he thinks Margo will end up coming back (Green 105). Q has to make a choice which is will he or will he not attempt to find Margo.

9: Stage IX Atonement With the Father | When it comes to Q's atonement with his father, it comes when he talk to both of his parents about Margo. This occurs after she runs away and the detective has left. Q's father begins to talk about Margo and her parents and agrees with a statement Q makes that Margo's parents seem rude in some ways (Green 106). At this point in the book, Q learns how his parents feel about Margo's situation and has to use all of the different opinions around him to make decisions.

10: Stage X Apotheosis | This occurs when Q finally decides that he will go search for Margo. Knowing that Margo usually leaves a trail of clues, Q begins to look (Green 111). Q and his friends searched Margo's house and room and eventually found that she had left clues dealing with a Walt Whitman poem, which Q immediately starts to decode (Green 116 and 117). One of Q's friends, Ben, then tells Q that he thinks Margo has left instructions for him to unscrew door hinges, so he does (Green 134). They then find that she again has some obsession with things called paper towns, which are abandoned or unfinished developments or areas. Finally when Q finishes unscrewing all of the door hinges he finds that Margo has left a piece of paper with an address on it. Now having this knowledge, Q sets out to find the building (Green 138).

11: Stage XI Refusal of the Return | Q and his friends are finally led to Algoe, a small town in New York state, through many of Margo's clues. They begin looking around in the town and find her car in a field next to a barn that appears to be empty. They go in and find her writing in a notebook, alone (Green 282). After greeting one another once again Margo and Q come to the conclusion that they love each other but each of them both has to go a different way in life. Neither one forces the other to come with them and neither of them choose to (Green 304).

12: Stage XII Master of Two Worlds | Margo and Q eventually discuss their futures with and without one another. They kiss and say goodbye to each other and finally make and agreement. The agreement is that they will stay in touch with each other. They both agree that they will call and email when they can and maybe eventually see each other in the near future (Green 304 and 305).

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