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[Zaya]'s OCs

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S: [Zaya]'s OCs

BC: Thanks for "You"

FC: [Zaya] | Game Start!

1: Lacie | Gender: Female First Appearance: Game Start! Other Appearances: Game Start 2! | Also known as "She" or "Alice" Lacie is the character who represents the "little dream" in 'Alice Human Sacrifice' and is who started this game along side with someone else.

2: Gender: Female Age: 21 First Appearance: Game Start! Other Appearances: Game Start 2! | Yuki Aoi | She returned from the human world after hitting 'game over' in a previous game. She reappeared at the end of 'Game Start!' She prefers quick kills over epic battles. | Once there the final battle was about to reach an end. Only Nori was left of the Blue Diamond group when she got there. After killing her, Yuki became the Blue Diamond | GameMaster for 'Game Start 2!' Reason her late appearance was due to a horrible accident she had in the human world. Resulting into the two screws on her head.

3: Yuki Aoi Blue Diamond GameMaster in 'Game Start 2!' Weapon: Any kind of firearm.

4: Gender: Female First Appearance: Game Start 2! | Mari Kohaku | A kitsunemimi or fox girl. Her actual age is unknown but her appearance seems to be that of a 18 year old. Her past is unknown. | She also has fire abilities of her own which permits her to use the ones obtained in the 'game' with much more ease. She can also turn into an actual fox but only under special conditions.

5: Mari Kohaku Red Spade Weapon: Two katanas | Kitsunemimi

6: Mizuki Heiwajima | Gender: Female Age: 19 First Appearance: Game Start! Other Appearances: Game Start 2! | After hitting 'Game Over' in the previous game she was in, she decided to return. With the temper of the famous Shizuo Heiwajima and the appearance similar to her mother's (Yumiko Jun) She might be a scary opponent after she took her training seriously in her time back in the human world right before returning to the 'game'.

7: Mizuki Heiwajima Blue Diamond Weapon: Swapped out her old spear for two much shorter ones. Now carries around a pair of gloves as well for fist fights

8: Gender: Male Age: 18 First Appearance: Game Start 2! | Yasuhiro Heiwajima | He is Mizuki's younger brother. He was first mentioned in 'Game Start!' But his name hadn't been revealed. After his older sister returned to the human world he found a key of his own and joined her to the Game World. | Even though he is the youngest, he is confused to be the eldest quite often. For both his height (he is taller than Mizuki), his behavior, and the fact that he can control his temper better than her.

9: Yasuhiro Heiwajima Weapon: Carries around something similar to a spear's handle (no blade) but is used only for defensive purposes. Prefers to fight with his fists. | Green Clubs

10: Gender: Female Age: 16 First Appearance: Game Start 2! | Rei and Rie Masa | Information on them is limited. They are considered doppelgangers. They can fuse and separate at will. Rie (Black) Rei (White) They refer to themselves as "Reiko" when fused and normal speak at the same time. They are weak at close raged battle though they rather agile.

11: Doppelgangers Yellow Hearts | Rei and Rie Masa (Reiko) Weapons: Shurikens, Kunais, etc.

12: Gender: Female Age: 19 First Appearance: Game Start! Other Appearances: GameStart2! | After Suzume was defeated and she was the last Red Spade standing she became it's new GameMaster. Not entirely evil like the previous GameMasters but her mentality has been screwed up quite a bit after the previous 'game'. | After seeing that her whip and knives were no longer enough she decided to carry around a katana as well. Her left eye was lost during the previous game.

13: Ai Naomi Weapons: Whip, Knives, and know carries around a katana as well. | Red Spade GameMaster in 'Game Start 2!

14: Others

15: The following characters may not appear any more but might still be mentioned. Others only appear when needed and a few are in the human world but don't take part in the game.

16: Gender: Female Age: 23(A) ??(B) First Appearance: Game Start! | Yumiko Jun | Blue Diamond GameMaster in 'GameStart!' In time line A. | In time line B though she is Mizuki and Yasuhiro's mother and never went to the game. After Mizuki returned from the previous game she appears for the first time. Though in her time line she's obviously older than the one in 'A'. | Married and with two children it's obvious her self in 'B' had a much happier fate.

17: Yumiko Jun

18: Gender: Female Age: 20 First Appearance: Game Start! | Suzume Akane | Always had a childish way of thinking and acting. Though at the same time her mentality was extremely screwed up. | Red Spade GameMaster in 'Game Start!' After the previous game she couldn't handle the lack of power. Since she had been caught in the game since the age of 10. In the end she went insane and it's thought that she ended up dead.

19: Suzume Akane

20: Keiichi Gender: Male Age: unknown Appearance: Appears to be somewhere around 17 though like Daichi he is much older than that. He represents the Green Clubs and is who greats those that arrive for that group. He has messy green hair and emerald green eyes. | Daichi Gender: Male Age: unknown Appearance: Appears to be around 15 but is much older than that. He represents the Blue Diamonds and is who greats new arrivals to that group. He has midnight blue hair and large electric blue eyes. | Others | Koyuki Kou Gender: Female She had been taking care of both Mizuki and Yasuhiro before Mizuki had gone to the first game. Though she did not continue after they decided to return with their actual parents when Mizuki returned to the human word.

21: Yuudai Gender: Male Age: Unknown Appearance: Appears to be around 18. Obviously he is much older than that. He represents the Red Spades. He has black and red hair and bright red eyes. | Ryota Gender: Male Age: Unknown Appearance: Appears to be around 19. Like the other three he is much older than that. He represents the yellow spades. He has blonde hair and yellow eyes. | Tadashi Gender: Male Age: Unknown He is a white wolf with properties of those of a blue diamond.

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