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Zoya's first year

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Zoya's first year - Page Text Content

S: Zoya's First Year (2011-2012)

BC: The journey has begun...

FC: Year One | Year One | Year One

1: ZAH | Zoya | Abigail | Hawes | June 5, 2011 | 6lbs 13 oz | 3:25 am | 47.5 cm long

2: {the expected} | We knew we were pregnant even before we took the pregnancy test on October 30, 2010. Omar and I were planning on having another baby, so it came as no surprise when we found out that I was pregnant. Truth be told though, this was a stressful time as Xavier was just released from the hospital after a 3 week stay. Nonetheless we were quite elated to know that in a couple of months we would be holding our precious newborn in our arms. | 5 | {the expected}

3: This pregnancy has been so different from my first one thus far. During the first trimester, I have been literally always nauseous...whether I eat or not, morning, noon & night; I never seem to have enough energy and am always sleepy. At this point, I'm praying that this trimester passes quickly as the doctor told me that these complaints will be over once the 1st trimester is done. On the other hand, I'm glad to say physically, I have not gained as much weight as the last time. All I have to say though is good riddance 1st trimester, hello 2nd! | 12 | 7 | 10

4: Ahh...blessed 2nd more nausea. It's been a quiet, fun time with us just waiting patiently for our new baby. We heard your heart beats for the first time on January 4 and felt blessed to have you in our lives. Your first movements were on January 11 and I enjoy that private moment when I can smile, touch my slowly curving belly and share with this baby.

5: This trimester has been a quite challenging one...I've been more tired and aching all over. And to top that off, being this pregnant and taking care of an active toddler boy is not the easiest of task. This trimester is when we finally decided on your name - Zoya. I've always liked the name Zoya, your dad thought it was quite pretty and Xavier also caught on to the name quickly. So now your dad is waiting patiently for your arrival, while I'm waiting impatiently as I am fatigued and want my body back! | week 29 | week 31 | week 29 | week 31 | week 33 | week 37 | week 37 | week 35 | week 33 | week 35

6: February 17, 2011 | As I write this, I'm looking down at my big belly just moving and changing shape as this little girl rolls around inside of me. This pregnancy has been as wonderful as my first. Even though I have done this before, I'm still in awe at what a miracle it is. I feel like the last six months have passed so fast and can hardly wait for her arrival in June. | Her brother loves to rub my belly and say "hello baby, I loves you"". I can't wait to hold her in my arms and get to know her better. And I can't wait to see her interaction with her dad as I know their relationship will be so sweet. And I hope | her relationship with her brother will be a great one that they will both cherish. We were absolutely thrilled when we found out we were having a little girl. I know she will be as important and special as her brother is to this family. She'll be our little June bug. | ...And we are all anxiously awaiting her arrival. She's well loved already.

7: Your father was elated when the doctor said 'It's a girl"; but I must admit that I was a little scared as I have never been much of a girlie girl. But fear gave way to elation as we saw you on the monitor opening your mouth and moving about...and I couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear.

8: We were at home when the first contractions hit me at around 10 pm. At | first the contractions were bearable, then around 11:30pm, they started coming fast and furious; they moved from seven minutes apart to less than three minutes apart. At that time I told your father that it was time to go to the hospital. You seemed to be following in your brother's footsteps as it was a Sunday morning and rain was pouring when we left for the hospital. We reached the hospital around 12 am and went through the process of getting prepped for delivery. Since my water hadn't burst as yet, the midwife had to burst it and she found meconium in the water (just like with your brother),; so we knew we had to get you out as soon as possible. At this point I was only 4 cm dilated but the contractions were so bad, I felt as though I would pass out from the pain. Your poor father, with each contraction I either bit him or dug my fingers into his skin. All this time, with each contraction I felt the urge to push but the midwife told me not to as I was not ready as yet and could hemorrhage. So I valiantly resisted the urge; but at 7 cm dilated I could hold it together no longer and made one push and your head immediately came out. I didn't even make it to the delivery room and your dad almost missed you being born as he was outside waiting to be called inside.. You were born at 3:25 am | weighing 6.8 lbs and we were never happier to see our new, healthy baby girl.

9: Coming Home: | On June 6, we got to take you home from the hospital. Your big brother was so excited to see you and was all over you when we went to pick him up from school. He kept touching your head and your hands and wanted to kiss you every minute. Welcome home Zoya!

10: These early days have certainly been unexpectedly challenging. From the start, you have been undergoing tests. Just before we left the hospital, the paediatrician told us that you were born with a sacral dimple.....which could mean a spinal abnormality. So for the first week of your life, you had to undergo an ultrasound on your spine. Thankfully, it revealed no | abnormalities; all was | well and we could | breathe a sigh of | relief.

11: The next thing was the fact that after your 2nd week, | you started vomiting at least once a day without fail. I took you back to the hospital and they ran a barrage of tests. Again, the results showed nothing abnormal. On top of that, you are a colicky baby, so as a result, you are so extremely fussy. Luckily, though, you have been nursing great & only awaken once per night.

13: To the world you may be one person, but to one person you are the world

14: Being a mother is learning about strengths you never knew you had, and dealing with fears you didn't know existed.

15: A baby girl... one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know

16: He holds her hand....she holds his heart

18: At 1 month old, you are a very active baby....always moving your hands and feet. It seems as if the only time you are not moving them is when you are asleep. You are a little diva already, as you dislike being alone or being placed to lay down. | As soon as you are placed in your rocker | or left on the bed for any period of time - you start crying.....I mean | a loud, high pitched wail that literally turns you red in the face & | causes you to choke. So for now, you're our little handbag as you are | always in hand. You seem to be determined to be a "finger sucker"; | caught you with your thumb in your mouth at 6 weeks old. You're nursing | great and now weigh 11 lbs and are 5.5 cm (2.7 inches) in height. | M I L E S T O N E S | You hold your head steady | for a few minutes while being | held upright. You've started smiling in response to our smiles and | following our faces when we move from side to side. You can bear | some weight on your legs when we hold you upright. You're strong.... | you can firmly grasp our fingers as well as your rattle. You started | . laughing out loud, squealing in delight & cooing loudly at | 7 weeks. By the end of the month, while on your stomach, | you could raise your chest, supported by your arms. | July 5, 2011 | July 5, 2011 | July 5, 2011 | July 5, 2011

20: We love your ....... | At 1 month old, you decided to grace us with a sweet smile. It was so infectious that we couldn't stop smiling ourselves. You were 5 weeks when you flashed your first grin and it took another week to capture these photos of you smiling. Your chubby little cheeks grow round & your mouth curls upwards at the edges in the most adorable way. | July 18, 2011

21: 1st | visit | July 24, 2011

22: Xavier couldn't be any happier to have his little sister around him. He loves playing with, hugging and kissing you. He calls you his baby and has no doubt become really protective of you. There are some mornings when the first thing he says is "Where's Zoya?". It means a whole lot to us that you two have a great relationship and we hope it continues throughout the years.

23: Growing up so

24: Aug. 4, 2011

26: Aug. 5, 2011 | Aug. 5, 2011 | Our baby is two months old! I can describe you in one word: make our hearts melt. Everywhere we go with you, either people are stopping | your beauty or I hear them whispering "she's so cute". | the thumb sucking by getting | you a pacifier...but you are having none of love that right thumb! | M I L E S T O N E S | You are now attempting to sit up. When we have you in a reclined position in our arms, you fight us to sit up. You're so determined to sit | up that even when propped by a | pillow, you use your elbows to | a sitting position. You're now | 61 cm in height and weighing | 12 lbs. Smiling is something you | You are our beautiful little "chatterbox" too.....always cooing loudly and | squealing in delight. | love to do; there are even times when you smile without prodding...... | you just look at something and start | smiling. You can bring your hands together and discovered | the joys of having your fingers | in your mouth. You've started | us to comment on | This month, I've been trying to circumvent | to keep your head level when | being pulled to a sitting position. You are growing up so fast!

28: Mommy's best friends


31: '

33: You are such a little eager beaver, wanting to do everything already. Look at you, using your elbows to try & sit up as well as forcing yourself to stand...

34: I can hardly believe that you're already 3 months old! In the last month, you've really grown a lot | and have such a big personality. You love to hold "conversations" with us, cooing loudly; it's almost as if you're answering us when we talk to you. You are a playful love when we play games, especially peek-a-boo. You love being tickle.d, which causes you to laugh a lot. One thing you love to do is stand....when we try to make you sit, you stiffen your legs and we have to literally force you to bend your knees to get you to sit. You have also became a pretty vocal and loud little girl, screaming as though you want to command the attention of everyone around you. | M I L E S T O N E S | started to drool a lot, so much so that you change bibs about | You're now 13.5 lbs and 68.5 cm in height. You started rolling | on your right side and are reaching for objects hands. You've | five times for the day. Your head control is extremely good | and can hold your head up to 90 degrees when on your | yummy. You have also started to turn your head whenever | you hear familiar sounds (like your brother's voice). We love to | watch you grow and master new things!

38: 19.9 | 19.9 | 2011 | We made the decision to pierce your ears early and I tell you, I was almost sorry when you started bawling. But I think you cried more because you were being confined than for the actual piercing. As a matter of fact, right after your ears were pierced, you were back to your normal laughing, bubbly self.

40: You absolutely love sitting in your vibrating | chair! Once you feel the vibration, you laugh & seem to have a grand ole time. It's | soothing too and you end up falling asleep in it most days.

42: At 4 months, your personality is shining through. You're quite a determined little girl who remains happy and playful. You are fascinated with your brother; once he's near you, you watch his every move and laugh. You had your first sickness (bronchitis) at 4 months because of him....he had it and was constantly playing with you. You absolutely adore your father. Each time you see him, your face lights up and you've started to reach out for him to take you. Where food is concerned, you're a little monster...we assume we won't have any problems with you when we start you on solids as you are always reaching out for our food and drinks whenever we have them in our hands...we can't eat in peace when you're around! | M I L E S T O N E S | Now you're attempting to lift yourself when lying make it quarter of the way before calling it | quits. You've started sitting up unassisted without falling and you couldn't be | any happier. You are getting quite | adept at using | your hands, picking up things and | passing objects from one hand to the next. You are now | at the stage where everything goes into your mouth...hands, toes, paper, | toys.....we have to be vigilantly watching you! You don't seem to like the bottle but are still nursing great and now weigh 14lbs 11 ounces. | Oh how you love to've mastered | the art of rolling and love to roll from your front to | your back all the while laughing and having fun.

43: Oct. 5, 2011 | Oct. 5, 2011

45: Our poor baby caught her first cold (of course from your brother cause he's always kissing you). We had | spit it back out; so much so that daddy had to hold your nose to force you to swallow. | such a hard time giving you would wriggle and bawl so that it was hard to get the | medicine into your mouth. And when we did get it in, you would make these gagging sounds and

46: You started sitting up without assistance a couple of days after you turned four months. Even so, we placed a pillows around you in case you toppled over. Fast forward to a couple of weeks later, and you've become quite a pro. You no longer sway from side to side and sit up without us being afraid that you will topple over or land on your face. We're sure it won't be long before you're on the move. | O | C | T | 08 | 2011

47: November 1, 2011 | November 1, 2011 | November 1, 2011 | November 1, 2011 | November 1, 2011 | November 1, 2011 | November 1, 2011 | November 1, 2011

48: 5/11/2011 | 5/11/2011 | M I L E S T O N E S | You have done so much this month! | You've finally done so dislike lying | down that you tried and tried until you are now | able to lift yourself into a sitting position, whether lying on your belly or your back. | The teething process has day we noticed that your gums were swollen, then 2 days later, we saw and felt the sharp edges of teeth coming in. You've started to make two syllable words like baba & ah-goo. What's surprising to us also, is that 1 week shy of turning 6 months, you started pulling yourself to a standing position. You have also started to prepare yourself to get on your knees and push off. | Five months have passed so fast.! You've proven yourself to be a very frisky little girl who's always on the go. Whenever we leave you in one area, we come back to find you in an altogether different place and position. You love being held and are always reaching out for us to lift you and smother you with hugs and kisses. Blowing bubbles with your mouth is a new hobby that you love to "practice". You still crave attention and | by no means like being left alone. Your grandmother takes care of you during the days and you love to being held and cuddled by her. You and your brother are pretty funny when you are playing love playing with him even though he's not the gentlest with you......and make no bones about it, you can be a little rough on him yourself.!

52: When a girl is teething, relief is looked for everywhere! You've been chomping down on any and everything that you can get hands on, except your teething toys (go figure!). You've become clingy and a little fussy, so it'll be nice when you finally cut those teeth.

55: You started crawling near the end of 5 months. You started with a scoot - you would get on your hands & knees and rock, move one knee forward, move the other forward and then stop. Then one day, you just took off, pleased with yourself! A week after these pictures were taken, you were speeding around everywhere.....we couldn't keep up. There's no stopping you now! | Nov. 19, 2011

56: .............................................................................................. | .............................................................................................. | I went to get my hair done and aunty Felicia (hairdresser) decided that she wanted to comb your hair. So I put you to nurse while she plait your hair. After it was done, it curled right up and looked like you had in chiney bumps. You were the cutest little five month old baby girl with her very first professionally done hairdo. | first

57: The following week we decided to try cane rows on you. These cane rows didn't last very long (3 days) as the texture of your hair is still soft. Even so, Aunty Felicia did a splendid job and you couldn't look any cuter.

58: There seems to be no limit where you are concerned. You've mastered sitting up by yourself & now decided that you wanted to learn how to sit up from a lying position. I remember the first time I saw you perform this feat and was quite amazed at your prowess. You are a little girl wonder!

59: keep an eye on you, just in time to see you pulling yourself up. I had to make a mad dash for you as the bucket was shallow and you would've toppled over. I became like a stalker as I was determined to capture you performing this feat again. And you did so 3 days later when these pics were taken. | I remember this milestone | like it was yesterday because | of the surprise and shock I | felt seeing you pull yourself | to a standing position. We | were outside & as usual, I | had put you to sit in a wash | bucket while I hung the | clothes. I turned around to | Dec. 4, 2011

60: You are now at the half year mark and 6 months seems to have gone by so quickly! You're a real social butterfly right | love meeting new people and love any and all attention You continue to be a very active child; I don't think there is ever a time, other than when you are | M I L E S T O N E S | You are now weighing 15 lbs 5 oz and 70 cm in height. You're now like a little bird that has been freed as you are crawling down the place like nobody's business. As for pulling yourself to a standing position, you've become a real pro - you'll use anything at your disposal to do this - chairs, grill, settee, our legs, among other things. We started you on solid foods this past month. Funny thing is you're not | a fan of "baby foods", | ...but surely have no problem attempting to eat | whatever we're eating. | So we've started you on chicken, fruits, banana, | porridge & the like. | sleeping, that you're not moving about. You love playing with tv remotes, cell phones, clothes pins, | And you are soooo loving it! | paper, more than with any of your toys and now "complain" whenever we take them away from you | 5 | Now once you pull yourself to standing using the table, you move sideways | along the table.

62: Dec. 11, 2011 | We introduced you to solids couple days after you turned 6 months. You were showing all the signs of being ready!....watching intently as we ate, fighting us for our food, nursing more often and not seeming to be satisfied. Your dad & grandma have been putting food to your mouth here and there but this was your first full meal. We started off with banana and you seemed to enjoy it. As a matter of fact, you were so enthused to be having your own meal, you kept fighting me so that you could "feed" yourself.....taking the spoon from me every chance you got. I'm sure you can't wait to get your hands on all the scrumptious food that you see us munching on!

64: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . | . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . | . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . | whole | LOTTA | love | LOTTA | LOTTA | LOTTA | LOTTA | LOTTA | . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . | . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . | . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

65: Nov. 28, 2011 | The teething process started last month and continued into this month. It has not been treating you nicely at all. There have been times when you suddenly arch your back and just start crying uncontrollably. We try soothing you, giving you panadol and using the teething gel but nothing seems to work until the pain subsides. We hope your other teeth don't treat you so horribly.

66: babe on the

67: now that you've made great strides in crawling, & standing we're excited to see | how far you'll go! | We were amazed when you started making push-ups shortly after your | fourth month | and even more astonished & proud when you started showing serious interest in crawling during your | fifth month

68: December | 25, 2011

69: ' | We had a traditional Christmas morning with you and your brother opening your gifts. Then the next day (Boxing Day), we went by Uncle Les & Aunt Julett's to the Christmas block party they were hosting. You were not your usual, bubbly self | as you were not used to the strange faces and so much | noise. Nevertheless, we still think you had a great | time with family.

70: Since being introduced to solids, there's been no stopping you! You have eaten practically everything.....potato, chicken, june plum, mango, fish, crackers, lettuce, bread....and the list goes on. You have a healthy appetite that we hope continues as you grow.

72: M I L E S T O N E S | If I had to use a phrase to describe you, it would be "always moving". Nowadays, you rarely sit still for a picture & I had a heck of a time getting these 7 months pictures. You're beginning to have "stranger anxiety" and hardly want to be held by people you don't know. You're becoming a big girl who now weighs 16 lbs and measuring 28 inches. You continue to eat like a champ and haven't refused anything as yet. You are a curious little | Jan. 05 2012 | The list of things you can now do continues | to grow: you can clap now, you know your | name, you know how to come off high surfaces feet first and you've also learned how to wave goodbye. You're our little girl wonder - once you see an out-of-reach object, you figure out how to get it. Keep growing and learning baby girl! | girl who loves to watch and imitate us.

74: All Things Grow Better With

76: food | everything

78: You love your bath time; it's one of your favourite times of the day! When you moved from your "bath chair" to your "big girl" bath tub, you loved it, as sitting up and the addition of bath toys made it a whole new fun experience. | You love your bath time; it's one of your favourite times of the day! When you moved from your "bath chair" to your "big girl" bath tub, you loved it, as sitting up and the addition of bath toys made it a whole new fun experience. | You love your bath time; it's one of your favourite times of the day! When you moved from your "bath chair" to your "big girl" bath tub, you loved it, as sitting up and the addition of bath toys made it a whole new fun experience.

80: I don't think anyone believes me when I tell them that our eight months old baby girl has started to throw mini tantrums.....but that is exactly what you are doing. And you are | oh so dramatic with it too!!! Whenever you don't get your way, you look at us and either hold your face and start crying or you lay on | your belly with arms outstretched and whimper...imagine that! | M I L E S T O N E S | M I L E S T O N E S | One of your favourite games now is "catch" giggle and | laugh a lot when playing it. | You're now using some | objects in the correct manner, e.g. you put phones to you ear and you point the remote at the tv. Your babbling is starting to make some sense as we can can | You are becoming less interested in taking the | bottle; as such, you | eat practically every | thing we eat. You're a | hear da da, hello and bye bye. | little tomboy too, trying | to climb everything! | The most exciting milestone you | accomplished this month happened on the last day (March 4). You stood all from chairs, tables, etc. I couldn't help but | by your lonesome, without any help | when I saw you accomplishing this milestone. We continue to be so amazed by you.

87: ............................................ | ............................................ | ............................................ | ............................................

88: m | o | n | t | h | s | o | l | d | March 5, 2012 | we do, you wriggle and clench your teeth and don't want to take your | times you will stay down and explore all by yourself but once we leave the | reason we don't know, you've been refusing the bottle; no matter what | milk. So, we have had to increase your intake of solid foods. You love | M I L E S T O N E S | to play baby chase a lot - you start to crawl and turn around often to | make sure we're following you. You laugh in anticipation and crawl so | much faster when you see us following you, then squeal with delight | when we catch you. You've started to dance; whenever you hear music, you do this oh so cute up and down movement. You're such a little tomboy too...... you are usually | At nine months old, you are a 50-50 mix of independence and clingy. Most | room without you, you holler & bawl to be in our arms. Recently, for some | trying to climb | onto or into something! | Your top four front teeth are coming | in all at once; this has caused you to not want to | eat much and to be biting everyone in sight. You're standing by yourself more and more everyday but you don't stand for very long | as yet. You are not walking by yourself as yet but you are quite | adept at walking and holding our hands. Your sleeping patterns are changing; most times you sleep throughout the night, occasionally waking up around 12 am but it's not often, so I can't | complain. Since you've not been eating, you've not gained much weight this month, so you only weigh 17 lbs 5 oz and are 72 cm in height.

90: "Families are like fudge mostly sweet with a few nuts." ~Author Unknown | There's nothing like family! Grandma's brothers visited Jamaica this month, and we had a family get together where ate, chatted and had loads of fun. Then later in the week, we paid a visit to the place where your grandmother and her siblings grew up - New Eden, Portland. We had so much planned to do that day; however, it rained and we were confined to the house for the most part. Nevertheless, it was great getting together with the family.

92: It's been 3 months since you first started teething and already you have six teeth! The teething process is not the easiest of stages to pass through (not for you or us)....but look at those big, beautiful, toothy smiles.

94: It's a whole new world now! This is such an exciting time, seeing you pulling yourself up to a standing position without help from anyone or anything....and keep standing for a few seconds before falling. Walking world here she comes........

98: M I L E S T O N E S | M I L E S T O N E S | You have two more | teeth coming in on the | bottom. You've mastered | the art of | can climb onto everything! | Our brave little're not afraid of anything and aren't afraid of a few bumps - we can hardly keep you down! We think you are a little "ginnal" too; whenever you do something you realise you shouldn't, you crawl into our arms and give | us this shy smile - it's hilarious. You're such a handful, your poor grandmother has her fill with you in the days. My absolutely most treasured memory of you at this stage is the way | you squeal & scream in delight when I pick you up from your | grandmother in the evenings. I tell you, it's one of the | highlights of my day! Time surely seems to be flying cause I can hardly | Yay, you have taken your first steps all by yourself | and although you're not confident enough to full out walk, we know you're capable and think that you will do so before you turn 1 year old. You understand "no" (but don't always follow it). You've begun to mimic a lot of what you see us do like using the nail clip to try and "cut" your toe nails, among other things. Feeding yourself is also a new thing that you've been attempting to master (it's messy, but you'll get there eventually). We can't tell you enough how much we love seeing you learn new things! | believe | that this little ball | of energy "just born the other day".

99: Oct. 5, 2011 | Oct. 5, 2011

100: 09/04/2012 | 09/04/2012 | 09/04/2012 | 09/04/2012 | 09/04/2012 | 09/04/2012 | 09/04/2012

102: You're not a fan of combing your | hair; so I have to wait 'til you're | fast asleep and perform all sorts | of gymnastics to get it done.

107: Trelawny | April 28-30, 2012

110: Your personality continues to blossom and you know what you want, when you want it! Another demanding child! But you also have a fun and sassy little personality. You eat anything that is put in front of you and seem to enjoy it all, especially green vegetables like calaloo, lettuce, cabbage, pak choi. You're still a little busy bee who hardly stays in one place too long and definitely does not watch television...well, actually, you'll watch it but only if music is on as you love to dance. | At 11 months old, you gained much confidence & started walking and have now become unstoppable. You're so excited to walk that sometimes we have to be telling you to take your time as you are moving so fast! To our surprise, you know how to say your brother's sound so cute saying "Abia". You are just getting to be such a big girl! You are mostly grins and giggles and bring such joy to our lives. | M I L E S T O N E S

112: Motherhood is an all encompassing emotion where your entire being is filled with love so pure, it is beyond words. | Motherhood changed my heart and has made me | Motherhood is... | Motherhood is... | Motherhood is... | Motherhood is... | Motherhood is...

114: Look who's | These weren't your first steps but they're definitely close. You made your first wobbly steps on May 23 | & in no time at all were confident enough to be running around outside. We knew | you'd start to walk by yourself this month as you were already | walking when we held your hand. There's | surely no stopping you now! | Look who's | Look who's | Look who's | Look who's

116: shenanigans

118: I can't even begin to express how much we've enjoyed watching you grow and learn for the past 12 months. That once teeny, tiny baby sleeping in our arms has now become a happy, walking, climbing, babbling baby girl who is curious about | the world around her. Each day has been an adventure with you and we couldn't | imagine life without you in | it. You've | never ceased | to amaze and | impress all | first with how adorable you are and then with how smart you are. | around you; | It felt as though every time we turned around, you were learning something new. You are already pretty independent and feisty, so we can only imagine what the | years to | come have | in store for us. We wish so much for your life Zoya and hope that you will know that we will always be here for you. We feel so lucky and blessed that God chose us to be your parents. We simply love | and adore you more than words can express!! | months

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