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2010 zay

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2010 zay - Page Text Content

S: Xavier Kai 2010

BC: To Be Continued...

FC: Xavier Kai Pasquarella

1: The Story of your...

2: Progress | September 1, 2009 | Normally, I'd wake up for the first day of school nervous about helping 26 fifth-graders learn everything they need to over the next ten months. However, today there was no time to think about my students. Today I found out that I was pregnant. I was now responsible for helping you, a 2 week old fetus, learn everything necessary to live a healthy and happy life.

3: Sharing our Secret | For the first 12 weeks you were our little secret... well, sort of. Mama's friend Cheryl knew on the first day of school-Mama was exploding with excitement and just had to tell someone else. Then of course, "Uncle" Gary and "Aunt" Brigid guessed one weekend while we were having dinner. And we might have possibly told your "Cousin Auntie" Bridgie a bit earlier than everyone else, but she needed some good news that night. Grammy and Grampy found out at Almonte's Restaurant. Granny and Mr. Grandpa found out over dinner at Rosy's. Daddy had to go into NYC to tell Uncle Jim and Samantha. Mama texted Uncle Eric and Uncle Ken. Auntie Liz opened a secret envelope in the car on the way to Beens's birthday wings. Unle Jeff was fixing our computer when he found out. And well, everyone else just got the news the old fashion way... through the grapevine.

4: December 2009 | Doctor visit - Find out gender

5: It's a boy! I'm starting to think the Pasquarella clan doesn't have girls. Your last 7 cousins have been boys. Although there is no time to think about that now. We have more important ideas to ponder. What will we name you? A name is so important. It should fit you, but not define you. It should describe who you are to us today, and honor who you will grow to be tomorrow. Right now suggestions are floating around: Daddy likes Travis and Trey. I'm fond of Gideon, Harper or Kai. Your grandfather's are pushing for Richard; Aunt Liz suggested Ronan Xavier. Hopefully, we find the perfect one to represent you. It needs to be something with a graceful strength- you tend to swoop and swim more than kick and punch when you say hello to us these days.

6: To Do Before May 10, 2010 -Install new kitchen cabinets -Tile kitchen & bathroom floor -Cut and install countertops -Locate and repair septic odor -Relocate den into living room -Install wall mounted television -Clean out basement -Design and create nursery -BREATHE!

7: No matter what craziness is happening during the day... Daddy never misses his "Zavy Time". Every night before falling asleep, your daddy rests his ear upon my belly. He quietly listens to the beat of your heart and updates you on the day's events. And every farewell ends the same way... | "I love you Zavy. You grow strong."

8: To: From: Date: Tuesday, May 4, 2010 12:45am Subject: Dance Done Hey, Tom. I just wanted to let you know that I just finished choreographing the "Welcome to the 60's" dance for the spring performance. Jim finally sent me the music around 10pm tonight. I should be able to teach it to the kids at recess this week. That is if I make it to school tomorrow. Who knows- all this bouncing around may just put me into labor tonight. If it does... I officially blame you and Jim for throwing this dance my way one week before I'm due. Just kidding. See you tomorrow. -Amanda | Famous Last Words...

9: The Story of your... | And 2 hours later, I woke up Daddy and very calmly said in between a smile and nervous laugh, "I think my water broke." Daddy tried to remain calm. We called the doctor who told us to get to the hospital by 7am. Over the next four hours, Daddy began gathering together an overnight bag, filled mostly with cameras, while I wrote sub plans for the day and called various people. I was admitted to Danbury Hospital at 7:30am (we tend to be late) and labored until midnight, when the doctors finally decided you needed to come out via c-section.

11: You were only two seconds old when I fell in love with you. While Mama was recovering from surgery and the nurses had finally scattered, I held you, strong arms protecting your fragile body, and whispered... "I am your Daddy." The room was still, ceiling lights dim. You were staring up at me-peaceful, trusting. And I stared back at you with tearful eyes and a smile.

12: 5/5/10 2:13 am 6 lbs 14 oz 20 inches

13: And, oh what a crowd you drew.

15: Family & friends all came to meet you.

16: "A new baby is like the beginning of all things- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities."

17: It was Mother's Day when you finally came home. You had a name, though last minute it came. | In fact you had a few: Zay, Zavy, Zay Kai, Monkey, Peanut, & Snugglebug.

18: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Theresa Russo | Henrietta Kessler | Frank Russo | Amanda Jannelli | Richard M. Jannelli | Camille D. Salvatore | Michael F. Jannelli | Gussie Lambert | Louis Kessler | Theresa Ragazinno | Nicole Russo | Maria Zirpola | Vito Salvatore | Rose ? | Francis Iannelli

19: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Steven R. Pasquarella | Joyce C. Pane | Clement R. Pasquarella | Christine M. Marasco | Philip A. Pane | Dorothy Shaw | John L. Pasquarella | Mary McNamara | Joseph Marasco | Rose Tomanio | Antonio Pane | Nellie ? | James Shaw | Rose ? | Clement Pasquarella | Ground yourself with the strength of your roots. Soar high by stretching out your wings.

20: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Italian Austrian | Austrian | Italian | 3/4 Italian 1/4 Austrian | Italian | Italian | Italian | Austrian | Austrian | Italian | Italian | Italian | Italian | Italian | Italian

21: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | 1/8 Irish 1/4 American 5/8 Italian | 1/4 Irish 3/4 Italian | Italian American | Irish Italian | Italian | American | Italian | Irish | Italian | Italian | Italian | American | American | Italian | Italian | Xavier Kai Pasquarella 11/16 Italian 1/16 Irish 1/8 American 1/8 Austrian

22: 1 month | 2 months

23: 3 months | 4 months

24: Years ago we were hiking in Maine when we finally realized that our adventures would not end if we had a child. Rather we would gain an eager explorer to share the world with.

25: Walter G. Merritt County Park Patterson, NY

26: Danbury Green Beyond the Wall Concert

27: New Hope, PA | Fourth of July

28: Baptism August 14th St. Joesph's Church Deacon Vaughn (the same man who married us)

29: Godparents: James & Bridgette Pasquarella

30: Atlantic City, NJ Cousin Auntie Bridgie's 21st Birthday September 2010

31: AC

32: 5 months

33: 7months | 6 months

34: Your world was filled with music. There were Ants that went Marching Along, an Angry Young Man swung in at times, multiple Phish swam past while the Downeaster Alexa went cruising by. Or often we just sat in the la la waiting for the Ya Ya pondering What is Life and are these the Very Best Years, waiting for a Revelation. | Your laughter was music to our ears

36: 5 months First Foods: Brown Rice and Oatmeal Avocado, Peas, Squash Apple, Banana, Mango, Pear | Stepping | Stones

37: It's terrifying how quickly the time passes. It seems like every time I blink you're doing something new: -Smiling: 2 months -Laughing: 3 months -Bottom Teeth: 4 months -Sitting: 5 months -Creeping: 6 months -Crawling: 7 months

38: We spent as much time as possible outdoors. We walked, hiked, and strolled around. | In the spring, I'd bring a blanket outside onto the porch and we'd play for hours. As Autumn came you needed no toys. Colorful leaves floated down completely amuzing you.

39: There was a sense of tranquility and intrigue in your eyes every time we stepped outside.

40: To Do List 5:30 am: Wake up and snuggle in for a morning drink. 6:00am: Laugh and play with Daddy waiting for Mama to get dressed for work. 6:30am: Daddy picks out my clothes and I wiggle and squirm my way into them. 6:45am: Off to Granny's in Mama's "vroom" 7:10am: Wave Mama off to work, Sesame Street with Mr. Grandpa, 8:00am: Oatmeal and Fruit (Hopefully bananas!) with a game of "Pick-up the Fireman, Granny" topped off with a little "Clean-up on Aisle Five." 8:30am: Play! 9:30am: Snuggle in with Granny for a nap- make sure she doesn't put me in the crib! | 10:30am: Play with Uncle Eric... top cabinets here I come! 11:00am: Milk and Puff Break

41: 11:30am: Ride my fire engine 12:45pm: Vroom ride to Grammy and Grampy's 1:00pm: Stroll around the block 2:00pm: Cereal, fruit, and veggies 2:30pm: Read Playthings with Grammy 3:00pm: Play downstairs 3:30pm: Walk with Grampy until I doze off (Make sure they snuggle me- NO crib!) 5:00pm: Milk and Puff Break 5:30pm: Sing "Octopus's Garden" 6:00pm: Mama's here... head home in vroom, quick nap. 6:45pm: Cereal, veggies, and fruit (Hopefully mashed peas!) 7:15pm: Play with Mama and Daddy 8:00pm: Dance and sing "Ya-Ya" 8:15pm: "Bathie" (Laugh when rinsing hair, and kiss Rubber Duckie) 8:45pm: Milk and Mama snuggle 9:00pm: Sleep on Daddy's during SVU

42: "It came without ribbons. It came without tags..."

43: "What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more."

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