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21st century project

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S: Poverty By: Brenna Wisler

FC: Poverty | What is the difference between me and you? | By: Brenna Wisler

1: "Hi, I'm Niquitea. There are so many kids like me who work all day to survive." When Niquitea gets up in the morning, she gets right to her chores while watching after her three little brothers and three little sisters.

2: "I'm Ashley, and I have a little brother who is always annoying me. Why couldn't I have been an only child?" Ashley has only one chore which is to make her bed in the mornings.

3: "I can't wish for anything more than a good education. I want to be able to read and write."

4: Ashley hates school. "I would rather stay home and watch TV! Every morning when my mom drives me to school, I have to fight my brother for the front seat. It's torture when I have to sit in the back seat. School isn't worth the hassle. Not to mention I have to wear a stupid uniform everyday! I bet nobody in the world actually wants to go to school.

5: Do you think both of these girls are in poverty or just one of them?

6: "I only have a mother because my father died after drinking dirty water." Being a family in poverty without a father is very hard. Many people in villages like Niquitea's are troubled with their water holes becoming dirty from animals (18). | 18."Diseases of Poverty." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 04 Dec. 2012. Web. 16 Apr. 2012. .

7: "My dad is so annoying. Every day after school he asks me how my day was. It gets really old. My days are always the same, I sleep through every class, then go home. Most of the time when my dad tries to talk to me, I just text my friends and block him out. Basically all I do is sleep and text!"

8: Poverty is when you do not have the basic things that you need to live. Those things are food, water, money, or a home. Is this more like Niquitea or like Ashley?(19) | 19."..:: What Is Poverty? ::.." ..:: Fight Poverty ::.. Web. 16 Apr. 2012. .

9: Niquitea walks miles everyday in hopes to find some water. "Even if I do find water, I'm not always sure if it will be okay to drink or not."

10: "Water is so bland. There is no taste, so I drink juice and soda." Ashley can choose between water from a water bottle, or from the tap everyday, anytime she wants. Poor Ashley has to drink three glasses of water a day because her mother doesn't want her to get dehydrated.

11: Naquitea's family is fighting to live. The eight people in her family spend only $1.25 a day. They need so much more.

12: "I only get $25 a week for an allowance. All the rest of my friends get $30. My parents are so cheap. I should be getting a lot more since I make my bed everyday."

13: Niquitea sleeps on a shabby mat on the dirt floor. She lives in a one room hut with the other seven members of her family. (19) | 20. "Haitis Poverty Statistics P-81 Haiti Relief." Haitis Poverty Statistics P-81 Haiti Relief. Web. 17 Apr. 2012. .

14: Ashley lives in a huge house, and has a queen size bed. "I only have a queen sized bed, and my parents have a king sized one. It's not fair. Also, I only have four pillows, and they aren't fluffy enough!"

15: "This is my family, and we all have two outfits to wear. None of the clothes fits us, but at least we have something!" Niquitea doesn't have any shoes so she has to be extra careful of where she walks.

16: "I only have two walk in closets because my mom won't buy my anything until something else gets ruined. I do not have enough stuff, can't she see? I only have 25 outfits and 20 pairs of shoes!"

17: As you get older, you can become more involved. You can do things like the 30 hour famine which is when you don't eat for 30 hours and raise money for those in need, or the operation christmas child which is when you fill a shoebox full of things other kids need, and send it to them for Christmas. | We can help people like Niquitea. As little kids, it's hard to help, but you can start by not wasting any food, and cleaning your plate.

18: Sometimes we think our lives are bad, but we should count our blessings. Do we really have it as bad as we think?

19: There are many types of poverty. Niquitea is in financial, physical, and mental poverty, while Ashley didn't fit into any of the categories.(#1) | 1."Poverty 101: "Introduction to Poverty"" Life Initiatives. Web. 11 Apr. 2012. .

20: Poverty is not having what you need and being extremely poor. (3) | 2."..:: Causes of Poverty ::.." ..:: Fight Poverty ::.. Web. 11 Apr. 2012. . 3."Poverty." Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com. Web. 11 Apr. 2012. . | 1. There are not enough jobs for everyone, (2) | What causes poverty? Things that start poverty are; | 2. There is not enough food in some countries for everyone.(2) | 3. And too many people live in one place, making things harder. (2)

21: Although there is no perfect solution to poverty, we are working to find one. Sharing and being generous are big steps to help this issue. So from now on, make sure you count your blessings before you start complaining. Be thankful for what you have, unlike Ashley.

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