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S: Adifferent life




3: Every time a new leaf season comes, more leafs fall and die. The leafs that are left change colors while they are hanging on their branch. The birds fly around our tree and they even live inside it. Right now I am 14 years old. I have so many dreams for my life. I change color every other season. Last year winter was really cold, it was the worst of all. I changed from pink to brown. The coldness was too much. I was very close from falling. The wind was blowing so hard that from holding on so much I lost strength on my right arm. Unfortunately I lost my right arm. Right now I am holding on my branch with my left arm only. Right now I have both of my parents with me. Right now I am orange going to pink. I am hanging from a big green tree in Hawaii. I see people dance every night. I smell coconuts most of the time. I can hear the different types of birds getting ready to immigrate. When the leafs falls they touch my hand with their old little hands. Every time a new season drops by, new birds, and leafs come alive.

5: Winter is finally her. Every night is cold but I am still hanging on. After three months of winter I have gotten weaker and weaker. I don’t know how much longer I will have to hang on for, but I do know I can be strong. Winter is finally over, it was a tough season, most of the season changed colors and the rest fell. My parents changed colorsbut I haven’t. Spring is my favorite season, it always brings me something. It brings me memories, new birds to talk to, and of course new leafs. When it’s time for spring to go it always leaves me with good memories. Summer is here I am not a fan of the hot. Summer in Hawaii is really good this is when I change colors most of the time. Right now I am orange going to pink. Next week I am going to be red. When it’s really hot more leafs dry up. You might wonder how nothing ever happens to me. But that is because when I was younger my parents taught me how to be stronger than all the rest of the leafs. They used to tell me that every time there is a strong wind blowing, just to close my eyes and put my head down because God was blowing his blessing over Mother Nature. They also told me that when it rains it is because the angels and God are crying. Last they told me that when there is a storm it is because God is having a party with the angels and when there is lighting or a loud noise it is because they are bowling. All this myths have helped me in so many ways. For example, when there is a strong wind blowing I know I don’t have anything to be afraid of because I know it is God blowing his blessing over me. Last with all these myths they told me, I learned how to be strong enough to hold on for a long amount of time. This is how I am still hanging on my branch.

7: A new season means new leafs. Then new aroma that the new baby leafs bring is irresistible. Today is one of the most beautiful days. I smell new flowers, perfume from the house behind my tree. I see people getting ready for summer; they are cleaning their backyards and getting rid of old leafs. I also smell the gasoline from all the leaf blowers people are using to get rid of the old dead leafs. I can hear the birds making beautiful melodies and whistling to each other. They all sing every time it is going to rain, they even sing when it’s raining. They hide inside my tree which is their home.

9: After summer is over, I can hear the wind starting to blow in our direction and bringing its dirty air. Summer is over, fall is now here. It is time for me to change color again. I am turning dark red almost going to brown. Every time I change color I change smell as well. The wind has being blowing so hard lately that I don't know for how much longer I will be able to hang on for. I don't feel like I am strong enough to keep holding on, especially because I have only one arm left. Even though I have being holding on with only one arm for about six years, with this weather I don't think I will be able to keep hanging on for much longer.

11: Fall is now over. Winter is here again. To be honest every time winter comes I get scared. I don't know if I am going to be strong enough this winter. The wind whispers, it tells us how low or high the temperature its going to be for the next four or three months. Tonight is the first cold night, the birds never came out, and the whole day was cold and dark. I don't think the happy birds will come out in a several months starting today. There are only about 35 leaves left on each three and about five trees with color at our town.

13: Right now there is a strong cold breeze blowing. I am not sure I can keep holding on for another night. Is really cold right now its too much pressure for me to take. I doubt I am going to be hanging on my branch by tomorrow night. Two weeks have gone by and I was strong enough to keep up with the cold and to hang on. A week has passed by and I am still flying around. Wait I didn't tell you when I fell.

15: Well I was right when I said I didn't think I would be able to keep hanging on anymore. The other night when we were all sleeping a strong wind started blowing right at us. It blew so hard that it just blew me away from my branch. It kept blowing me for about 20 minutes without stopping. I landed on a waterfall near a huge volcano.

17: I remember when I was little I used to tell my parents how I wanted to know how floating would feel like for a leaf. I also remember telling them I always wanted to go to a magical place. Right now I am floating on a beautiful crystal clear waterfall. I am on the edge of the waterfall. I can feel the hard rocks under me I can hear the water falling down and I can hear like a slam when it touches the ground. I can finally smell clean air and clean water that Mother Nature has. I am really excited to see what is next for me.

19: When I felt my tree or what humans call it “home”. My parents were felts on their branch. They were really sad of me leaving but they were happy I was able to an accomplish my dreams. One of my dreams was me to float. My another dream was to go to a magical place. Last I finally got to experience a different life from the other leaves.

21: When I was on the edge of the waterfall I was really scared but excited. Once I was about to fall a strong wind bell me over the rainbow I could see the colors clearly. I touched the birds as they flew around me. Unfourtunelly i can still smell pollution in the air. Have never thought I was going to be able to fly. Thanks to the strong wind I am able to fly and have the opportunity to live what most of the people or leafs don't usually live.

23: The colors of the rainbow are beautiful. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Right now all I see is a lot of fabrics and I can see the end of the rainbow. I had the choice to pick between going to the end of the rainbow or to go to a chocolate factory. There was another factory that makes coffee. I always wanted to know how chocolate was made so I went to the chocolate factory.

25: The factory I went to was one of the biggest companies in the whole state. When I went inside the factory, all I could smell was pure chocolate. There were all kinds of chocolate. They had milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. There was a department where they only had all the ingredients and little candy they put on the chocolates. They have so many different flavors and colors to put on the chocolates. When I started moving around I saw how many workers the company had. I saw how hard they work to earn their salary and to able to get money to buy food and pay for their homes. While I was flying around many people saw me but they kept minding their own business. When I saw so many grown up people I realized how much I miss my parents. I know that they are happy for me right now because they knew I was tired of having to hang from a tree 24/7. Once I got out of the chocolate factory I took some candy with me for my parents.

27: Its finally time for me to go to the magical place I have dreamed of my whole entire life. I am flying once again, faster than before. There is a very strong wind blowing. Right now it looks like I am going to a volcano. I have seeing a volcano before, the ones at Hawaii are really big and scary at the same time. I can finally see the volcano up closely, it is beautiful. I can see the lava moving around and rocks falling in. At this point I am sure my destiny has nothing to do with a volcano. The wind stopped blowing the only thing that is pushing me forward is a little breeze.

29: At that moment I felt so free, I left all my thoughts in the past. I could see the blue sky, crystal clear water under me, and birds flying surrounding me. I smelled fresh air. I was eating the chocolates on my way there but I still saved some for my parents. I remember once my mom and I had a conversation on what our dreams were. I was about five years old when we had this conversation, I barely knew what life was about but I did know what my dreams were. I told my mom I wanted a different life from all the rest of the leafs. I wanted to go a magical place that no leaf has ever being to. She said that with faith and hope all my dreams could come true. It was true I never lost my hope and faith and now here I am living my dreams. Once there were no more breezes, I landed on this beautiful big turquoise color ocean. While I was landing on the water I realized that this was the magical place I had always dreamed of. I was the happiest leaf alive.

31: The water wasn't cold or hot, it had a nice warm temperature. There were so many different species of fish. For an ordinary leaf like me this doesn't happen to everyone or just because. I floated on the ocean for a whole day. There were whales coming in and out. Sharks chasing other fishes for food, and other different fishes trying to find what to eat. This was an experience I will never be able to forget. This was the best day of my life!

33: I was losing strength on my arm, I was so tired of floating, that is when I looked up at the sky and asked God for help. After a while I fell asleep. I heard someone calling my name several times; it was my friend Freddy from back home. He is a bird that lives in my tree. He said he always comes around here to get food and some fresh air and that is when he saw me. While he was taking me back home I started thanking God for making my dreams come true. Once I got home my mom had a huge smile on her face. She hugged me like there was no tomorrow, and so did my dad. While I was telling them my whole experiences they were eating their chocolates. Seeing a rainbow, going inside a chocolate factory, see all the different species of animals and floating on a beautiful ocean, there were all my dreams, and they all came true.

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  • this is the story of a leaf going behind her dreams. she alwayas wanted a different life from all the rest of the other leafs. she had to go through struggle like veryone else but she still never gave up. she went behind her dreams and she made them come true.
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