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ABC Book

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S: ABC Book of Earth's Physical Features

BC: ABC Book of Earth's Physical Features. | By Tiara C. hr. 3

FC: ABC Book of Earth's Physical Features | Tiara C. hr. 3

1: A is for Archipelago | An archipelago is a group of islands surrounded by a stretch of water. The Indonesia Archipelago is made up of 17,000 islands and is the world's largest archipelago.

2: A bay is a broad inlet of the sea where the land is curved inward. The Chesapeake Bay is 200 miles long and has over 100 tributaries that drain into a 64,000 sq. mile basin. | B is for Bay

3: A channel is a length of water that joins to larger areas of water. The Old English Channel is 350 miles long and today many people try to swim in it. | C is for Channel

4: D is for Desert | A desert is a dry barren area of land that is covered in sand and has no vegetation. | The Sahara Desert is the world's largest desert. It covers 3,500,000 sq. miles of land.

5: E is for Escarpment | An escarpment is a long, steep slope that is at the edge of a plateau.

6: F is for Floodplain | A floodplain is a flat land adjacent to a stream or river that stretches from the banks of its channel to the base of the enclosing valley walls. Here is a picture of the Rhine River Floodplain.

7: G is for Glacier | A glacier is a slow moving mass of ice formed by the accumulation and compaction of snow on the mountains or near the poles.

8: H is for Highland | A highland is an area of high mounted land. An example of a highland is the Scottish Highlands which is home to Cairngorm's National Park.

9: I is for Island | An Island is a piece of land surrounded by water. | An example of an island is Ellis Island. The island is a total of 27.5 acres and it contains the Statue of Liberty.

10: J is for Fjord | A fjord is a long, narrow, deep inlet of a sea between high cliffs.

11: A lake is a large body of water surrounded by land. The picture to the top is a picture of Lake Ontario. It is the smallest of the Great Lakes in North America and it is the 14th largest lake in the world. | K is for Lake

12: L is for Lagoon | A lagoon is a stretch of salt water separated from the sea by a low sand bar or coral reef.

13: A marsh is an area of low land that is flooded in wet seasons and typically remains waterlogged at all times. | M is for Marsh

14: A mountain is a large natural elevation of the earth's surface rising above the surrounding level. An example of a mountain is Mt. Rushmore. It is in South Dakota and it has the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln carved into it. | N is for Mountain

15: O is for Ocean | An ocean is a very large area of sea, in particular, each of the main areas of water divided geographically. The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean in the world and it is a total of 41,000,000 sq. miles.

16: P is for Plain | A plain is a large area of flat lands with few trees.

17: Q is for Aquifer | . | An aquifer is a body of permeable rock that can contain or transmit groundwater.

18: A river is a large natural stream of water flowing in a channel to the sea. | R is for River | An example of a river is the Nile River. It is 4184 miles long and is known as the longest river in the world.

19: S is for Sea | A sea is an expanse of salt water that covers most of the earth's surface and is surrounded by landmasses. An example of a sea is the Mediterranean Sea that covers 969,100 sq. miles of water.

20: T is for Tundra | A tundra is a flat, treeless Arctic region in which the subsoil is permanently frozen.

21: U is for Plateau | A plateau is an area of relatively high ground. The Roan Plateau is in Colorado's Canyon and it towers 3,000 ft. above the Colorado River Valley.

22: A volcano is a mountain or hill that has a crater or vent which lava, hot vapor, rock fragments, and gas erupt from the earth's crust. An example of a volcano is Mt. St. Helen. It is 8,363 ft. tall and is in Washington. | V is for Volcano

23: W is for Waterfall | A waterfall is a cascade of water falling from a high area, formed when a river or stream flows over a steep incline. To the right is a picture of the Yosemite Falls, which is in the Yosemite National Park in California. Also the total height of the waterfall is 2,425 feet.

24: Y is for Geyser

25: A geyser is a hot spring in which water boils, sending a tall column of water and steam into the air.

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