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FC: Graduation Day By: Amber Cicak! Mrs.Phelps 2nd period

1: Once upon a time... | there lived a beautiful princess that woke up to her mother SCREAMING at the top of her lungs, “KAITIE WAKE UP, you’re going to be late for school!” Finally, my last day of high school and the last day I had to hear my mom scream for me to wake up. I planned a long time ago to move out the INSTANT I graduated. So the plan was going smoothly, I had already moved all my boxes downstairs and all I had to do is get through one more day of high school!

2: I went to school, expecting a quick easy day, but then I realized the goodbyes I’d have to face. Honestly, I don’t think it would be that difficult for me because I really only had one true friend, Kristle. We had been best friends since 5th grade but as I much as I thought I was going to miss her, I knew she had her life already mapped out, four year college, and a well paying job, a nice family, and I knew I couldn’t be like her. So we had said our goodbyes earlier this week knowing we’d split into different directions and eventually loose touch.

3: As I got to school, I saw everyone crying, everyone hugging and it bothered me because I doubted anyone would honestly keep in touch or even remember the person they're hugging in 5 years. I trudged into my first period excited that I was hearing my monotone, overweight, history teacher, Mr. Compton, give us a lecture for the last time. Thirty minutes into the class, I realized I hadn't gotten much sleep last night. I was in the back of the room so I figured it couldn't hurt to shut my eyes for a while.

4: “Katie, I’m SO glad you talked me into coming on this road trip with you.” Kristle said, beaming at me. “I know! I’m just glad that you actually came, it would suck to drive by myself.” I told her, thinking of how lonely I’d be if she hadn’t decided to tag along. | We both sat there, driving away from our hometown Phoenix, Arizona going to no where in particular. Suddenly, I heard my phone ringing, I knew who it was.

5: “Are you going to answer that?” Kristle asked me with a puzzled look on her face. “No, it’s my mom, she will be wondering where I am, as if your mom hasn’t already called her to check if you’re at my house, we have been gone almost 30 whole minutes.” I teased, remembering how much of a control freak Kristle’s mom was. | I looked at her, making sure I hadn’t hurt her feelings and kept driving. My mom called again, and probably three times after that. I turned the radio up, hoping it would distract me. The phone rang for the seventh time, and I realized it was sister calling from San Francisco. I quickly answered, wondering why she had called.

6: “Hello?” “Hey Kaitie, Mom called, she’s freaking out” “About what” I said, figuring out why my sister had really called. “I don’t know something about you running away and how you’re always misbehaving.” She mumbled. “I’m not running away, I'm not four years old anymore, I can take care of myself” I said, feeling the anger bottle up. “Whatever, she said to be careful, the west coast is supposed to have bad weather, and we all know the storms stress you out” my sister warned, sounding a little scared for me as well. This was true, ever since I was a little girl, something about the storms made me tense up, and freak out, and it never seemed to go away.

7: All of a sudden I saw a big flash of lighting in the sky. I dropped my phone and froze, closing my eyes tight. I could barely hear Kristle screaming in the background pleading me to watch where I was going. I counted back from ten; something my mom had taught me to do. When I opened my eyes there was a monster tractor trailer speeding towards us. “NOOO, WE CAN'T DIE, KRISTLE,” I screamed looking at my best friend. I shielded my face, expecting the worst pain imaginable. I couldn’t believe this was it. Was this the was I was going to die?!

8: “What was that Kaitie?” Someone was shaking my shoulders, I opened my eyes. Was I dead? Where was Kristle? “Wake up Kaitie!; or Mr. Compton going to give you detention!” said one of my classmates. I suddenly realized where I was, I slowly opened my eyes. It was not a surprise that when I looked around, everyone’s eyes were on me, even my monotone, overweight history teacher.

9: “Kaitie, do you mind sharing with the rest of the class why you feel the need to cry and scream while I’m teaching?” he asked, with a sick smile on his face. I touched my face and sure enough I felt the tears dripping down onto my desk. I felt my face grow hot, why did teachers always have to do this. | “I guess I fell asleep and had a nightmare” I said, embarrased. I felt like I was four years old. “Well I guess I’ll see you after school for detention” he said, still smiling like he enjoyed seeing me suffer.

10: The bell rang, thank god, no more questions. I couldn’t believe I had managed to get detention on the last day of school. Or that I had just cried and screamed like a baby in front of everyone in the class. | I couldn’t figure out why I had started crying, until I saw my best friend walking towards me, she waited to walk with me to second period. | Then I realized maybe I wasn’t ready to move out, be alone and leave Kristle and my family behind. Besides, who would be there when the thunderstorms came?

11: Setting The setting of this short story took place in Phoeniz, Arizona. It was almost summer, and graduation was near. It was modern time and Kaitie was 18 years old. Most of the story took place in her highschool class, where she dreamed of a car accident on the road to nowhere.

12: Protagonist The protagonist of the story was the history teacher. Mr. Compton was described as a old, overweight, monotone teacher that took much pleasure in ruining his student's lives. He embarrassed Kaitie and called her out for screaming and crying in her dream.

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