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Animal Creations By Becky J Bodine

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S: Animal Photography

BC: Primate vs Human: Tug of War

FC: Animal Photography By Becky J Bodine

1: These pictures have all been taken by me. Some of the pictures have been photo edited, while others have not. These are my visions and works of art. I hope that you enjoy them. | ~Becky J Bodine | Create | Inspire

2: Stalking in Black & White at the Topeka Zoo

3: Lioness is Rest at the Topeka Zoo

4: Daydreams at the Topeka Zoo

5: Lazy Day at the Topeka Zoo

6: Johnson the Bob Cat | Topeka Zoo | Interesting Fact: The calls of a bobcat can sound strikingly similar to that of a domestic cat, although piercing screams and a coughing bark are uniquely its own.

7: A Big Small Cat: Weighing in between 150 and 230 pounds the cougar is larger than some "big cats," but is probably more closely related to smaller cats. By Any Other Name: This buff-colored feline, also known as the puma, panther or mountain lion, is highly adaptable and at home in tropical rain forests, high mountains, conifer forests and deserts. | Original Cougar

8: Baby Snow Leopard Sunset Zoo, Manhattan KS | Primarily due to poaching, snow leopards are an endangered species. Not only are they hunted for their pelts, but traditional Chinese medicine calls for snow leopard body parts and bones. Similarly, the leopards' decreasing habitat also contributes to their decreasing numbers.

12: A Lion and Me By Zeleena Lizelia What I like most Is so mystical and mild. And that is the wonders. The wonders of the wild. To see those great beasts Roaming on the plain, Then if that Savanna is gone, Things won't be the same. How I love those lions And their warm soft fur. And it reminds me Of a beautiful cat purr. To think they're endangered It's so sad to see. If only I could meet one. A lion and me.

14: "Stalking"

15: "Roar"

16: Gritty | Underpainting

17: TIGER, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

18: God made the cat in order that humankind might have the pleasure of caressing the tiger.

19: “When a man wants to murder a tiger, he calls it sport; when the tiger wants to murder him, he calls it ferocity. The distinction between crime and justice is no greater.”

20: “There's a Polar Bear In our Frigidaire-- He likes it 'cause it's cold in there. With his seat in the meat-And his face in the fish -And his big hairy paws In the buttery dish, He's nibbling the noodles, And munching the rice, He's slurping the soda, He's licking the ice. And he lets out a roar If you open the door. And it gives me a scare To know he's in there-- That Polary Bear In our Fridgitydaire.” ~~ Shel Silverstein, A Light in the Attic

21: The red panda is a chestnut-colored panda with alternating light and dark rings on the tail. It is mainly nocturnal and solitary, and spends most of its time in trees, where it uses its long bushy tail for balance. The red panda lives in the dense, cool temperate forests of Myanmar and the Himalayan Mountains in South Asia. It is threatened throughout its range by poaching and habitat loss. | Do not run from a bear! You cannot outrun it! A bear will normally make a fake charge, in which it turns away at the last moment. If you turn and run away the charge will be come more aggressive and lead to a more aggressive attack.

22: Arctic Fox: This fox is the only canine with a coat that changes color seasonally; its winter coat is white and its summer coat is blue-gray or gray-brown. | Among true wolves, two species are recognized: Canis lupus (often known simply as “gray wolves”), which includes 38 subspecies, such as the gray, timber, arctic, tundra, lobos, and buffalo wolves. The other recognized species is the red wolf (Canis rufus), which are smaller and have longer legs and shorter fur than their relatives.

23: African Wild Dogs | Each day begins with a greeting ceremony. Sounding like a flock of songbirds, the dogs fill the morning air with excited chirps and twitters as they gear up for the first hunt of the day. They run shoulder to shoulder and then pause to leap over and dive under each other. The dogs appear to "kiss" one another, licking and poking at the corners of each other's mouths. But this is really a food-begging behavior that plays an important role in social bonding within the pack. From there an excitement begins to overcome the entire pack until all the dogs are jumping and play fighting with each other, increasing their energy as they prepare to go on the hunt!

24: Smoky the Coyote Topeka Zoo | - Coyotes can live and have adapted to virtually all types of habitat. From arctic to tropic, country to cities, desert to tundra. | - It is estimated that at least 400,000 coyotes are killed each year (one coyote is killed every minute) by federal, state, and local governments but also by private individuals.

27: There is only one species of giraffe, with nine currently recognized subspecies. The different subspecies can be recognized by their patterns and also by where they live in Africa. Masai giraffes, from Kenya, have patterns that look like oak leaves. Others have a square-shaped pattern that looks like the giraffe is covered by a net. This is the reticulated giraffe

29: Chimpanzees make a grunting sound when they are happy. A toothy "grin" actually indicates fear or anxiety.

30: Gentle giants They are the largest of all primates—the group of animals that includes monkeys, lemurs, orangutans, chimpanzees, and humans. Gorillas are peaceful, family-oriented, plant-eating animals. Gorillas have no natural enemies or predators, yet these peaceful creatures are very endangered because of humans.

31: Tiffany the Gorilla (Topeka Zoo)

32: This is Tiffany's Nose: No two gorilla noses are alike! Researchers in the wild take close-up photos of each gorilla's face to help identify individuals.

33: Orangutans are the loners and the daydreamers of the great apes. While chimps, bonobos, and gorillas are usually found in groups called troops—socializing, foraging, or playing—orangutans tend to be more solitary. It's not that they don't do all the things the other great apes do, it's just that they seem to have a more internal approach to everything.

34: Despite the hippos' cute appearance, they are among the most dangerous and aggressive of all mammals. Their canine teeth and incisors grow continuously, with canines reaching 20 inches (51 centimeters) in length. Bulls especially use their canines for fighting.

35: To ward off enemies, a hippo may yawn, scoop water with its mouth, shake its head, rear up, lunge, roar, grunt, chase, and make a loud wheezing sound, all of which are threat displays. A hippo can kill people if it's provoked or feels threatened. But the impressive tusks and canine teeth are used mainly for defense or fighting with other hippos.

36: Bird Shots (Clockwise): Ducks & Flamingos (Sunset Zoo) Ducks (Cheyenne Bottoms) Bird Flock (Cheyenne Bottoms) Duck Family (Sedgwick County Zoo)

37: Pond Scenery: Gage Park Fishing Pond | Tortoise (Topeka Zoo) | Siamese Fighting Fish

38: This is Pokemon. He was my Siamese Fighting Fish. He passed away in December 2011. He was 5 1/2 years old.

44: While I named this photo "Little Big Horn", this is actually an Ibex (wild goat). I took this photo at the Rolling Hills Wild Life Adventure Park in Salina Kansas.

45: Dhanni Bull, Punjab Province of Pakistan (Taken at the Sedgwick County Zoo)

46: Ankole Bull: Lake Mobutu to Lake Tanganyika in eastern Africa (picture taken at Sedgwick County Zoo)

47: East African Crowned Crane Topeka Zoo

48: Kansas History Museum Wilderness Trails

49: This is a white tiger at the Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo. This was taken in 2006 and was one of my first attempts at animal photography.

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