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AP Biology Summer 2012 Term Collections

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FC: AP Biology Term Collections Created by: Raymond Khuc

1: Heartwood- the dense inner part of a tree trunk, the hardest timber This is a picture of my fence.

2: Cuticle Layer of a Plant- waxy coating that helps prevent desiccation

3: Dicot plant with Flower and Leaf- flower whose seeds typically has two cotyledons or embryonic leaves

4: Modified Leaf of a Plant- the leaf has modified itself to its surroundings

5: Stem-woody- the stem contains wood structures

6: Stem-herbaceous- stem with little or no woody tissue; green; leafy

7: Epithelial Tissue- covers the whole surface of the body

8: Lipid- used for energy storage- the fat in my thighs hold energy and saves it for warmth later on

9: Modified Stem of a Plant- the stem of this plant has modified itself to protect them from outside invaders

10: Niche- the role of this bush is to provide shelter and protection for animals

11: Thorn of a Plant- the thorn of this cactus helps protect itself from other creatures

12: Keratin- key structural component inside hair This is a picture of my younger sibling's hair

13: Adaptation of an Animal- the bird has to adapt to its surroundings to feed and find shelter

14: Flowery Ovary- female reproduction organ of the flower

15: Parasitism- Here, evidence of paratism can be observed, an organism has eaten through the spinach.

16: Pollen- fine course powder that carry the sperm cells

17: Vascular Plant Tissue-the tissue inside the stem transport nutrients and fluids internally

18: Insect- a small arthropod animal that has six legs and generally one or two pairs of wings. The black speck is a picture of a dead beetle.

19: Ectotherm- the turtle is an organism that regulates its temperature by sunbathing This is a picture of 2 turtles at the temple on Synott.

20: Deciduous Leaf- this tree loses its leaves seasonally

21: Amniotic Egg- is any of a group of vertebrates that have an amnion during embryonic development, including reptiles, birds, and mammals.

22: Angiosperm- a plant that has flowers and produces seeds enclosed within a carpel.

23: Annelid- large phylum of segmented worms This is a picture of a worm

24: Arthropod- an invertebrate animal having an exoskeleton, a segmented body, and jointed appendages

25: Basidiomycete- are various members of a large group of fungi bearing sexually produced spores on a basidium.

26: Bryophyte- a non vascular plant that produces neither flowers nor seeds

27: C4 Plant- a plant that utilized the C4 carbon fixation pathway in which the C02 first bound to a phosphoenolypyruvate in mesophyll cell. This is a picture of canned corn. Corn is categorized as a C4 plant

28: Commensalism- a relationship between two organisms where one organism benefits without affecting the other This is a picture of a type of commensalism between a clownfish and anemone on my macbook default wallpaper.

29: Exoskeleton- are organisms that have an external skeleton that supports and protects its body

30: Lepidoptera- an order of insects that comprises the butterflies and moths There is a butterfly blending into the bark of the tree

31: Long Day Plant- are plants that flower only after exposed to light periods longer than a certain critical length

32: Pollinator- an insect that carries pollen from one flower to another This is a picture of bee's hive, bees are a type of pollinator.

33: Protein Fibrous- are insoluble proteins found in skeletal and connective tissue This is a picture of my muscles.

34: Scale from Animal with two chambered heart This is a picture of a red parrot fish

35: Spore- a minute, typically one-celled, reproductive unit capable of giving rise to a new individual without sexual fusion. This is a picture of a bag of edible mushrooms.

36: Dry fruit with seed This is a picture of pistachios

37: Fruit fleshy with seed This is a picture of strawberries

38: Endotherm- creatures that can generate their own body heat using chemical means; they do not require the environment in maintaining their equilibrium This is a picture of two Chihuahua pups

39: Frond- large, divided leaf that are commonly used to describe the leaves of ferns

40: R-Strategist- are categorized by small sizes, and a fast reproduction rate This is a picture of two parrots in a cage.

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