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1: You Make My Sun Shine | Antonio being a Goof ball | The one dwarf

4: Friends are Flowers that Never Fade | So Adorable

5: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...



8: Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down | UP UP AND AWAY



11: I love the leaves, I do not know why. Is it their colors or how they fly? They crunch and crinkle Under my feet; I pile them up And take a leap! | BE QUITE

13: "Little girls have a magic all their own."




19: Say Cheese!




26: GOOFY &AWSOME Goofy as a dog who can't stop dancing O is for me ,and every one else O is for Alicia who is bird who is not afraid to fly For celebration Y is for the dance is YMCA G

28: GOOFY AND AWESOME Every day I wonder why I am my self. But then I think like a cheetah it is pressure to be me. I am very goofy, when it comes to sarcasm I make a joke out of a plain out joke. My awesome part is that I am out going "any thing is possible to me" I say. When I say I goofy I am a comedian . When I am awesome "I am a dream catcher" that means I find my dreams.I am as goofy as snorting milk out of mt nose.I say to myself every day " It is a dream to be me". I live in a fantasy world no one can stop me from what I can do or what I will do in my future, because being goofy and awesome is my destiny. People say I am a silent bug but that is not true because when I am out there I never stop talking I am a girl who can do anything .

29: Dear family, I am probably the most funnest person you know because I m my self because I make people laugh.I also make people want to be my friend because I like to make friends.I love to make jokes, I also I am a pie that make people laugh. I am like a fire work that spreads joy to the world.No one can stop me from spreading crazy into the world. Then I say WOOHOO because I am a girl who dose not give up love,Alicia

30: Dear Mom and Dad, No matter how much you tell me how weird I am I will never stop. You tell me all how weird I am , but that will never stop me from being weird. I am an awesome bowl of everything. No madder how hard I try to be right it will never happen because I am Alicia. I am a big bowl of every thing I have ingredients of awesome, silly, crazy , and every thing you could think of that represents that is who I am. Every day I say something awesome, but you think i am being goofy in my opinion I think that is all I could think of. I hope you under stand. I Alicia is what I just stated up in the letter that is who I am . So ask your sewlf when you think you are not right just remember me

31: HOW I would SPEND 1 BILLION DOLLARS I wold spend one billion dollars is by going to Justice , and spending my money on clothes and shoes.I wold give some money to charity because that is what good citizens do . | I would go to Hoot Topic and buy some bows for my hair. I love to shop so I would go to Walmart,and buy some clothes also some jewlary. I love to take vacation so I would go to Tahiti also I would go to Florida to lay on the beach.Many of people have phones so I would get a phone.Since I would have so much money I would like someone to clean my roomI would have someone payed to make a balcony that connected to my room. We have to share a computer ,but since I have so much money i I could get a new lap lap top. I would expand my room. I love to read gossip soI would get some more magazines. We don't have any animals so I would buy a puppy just for me . That is how I wold spend 1 billion dollars

32: Dear Lexi, I wold like to describe this to you, I am describing my self to you. I Alicia is a book of open adventures.Alicia is like a goofy dog who won't stop barking. You Alexis is my sister who is weird computer full of information. Rico is dorky brother who bothers me all the time.Just to let you know I am the coolest person you ever knew because That is who I am. I am weird because I have a nickname Dory.I never take myself seriously most of the weirdness comes from me. I leo0ve to mess around with other people which again is who I am. Thank you for listening.

33: Dear Mom,and Dad, You are probably wondering why I am writing this to you .I am writing this because I have to prove a point to you. The point I am trying to prove is that I have to tell you how awesome I am. I also need to tell you how goofy I am.If I tell you "I am a awesome book of awesome because that is whoI am,but you and say" no. When you say "I am goofy you think you are right. You and I need need to come to the middle and say " we are both right. By the way I am way more awesome then Lex,or Rico. I Alicia is on both sides because when I am awesome that is who I am naturally ,so is being goofy.Thank you for listening. Love, Alicia

34: HAPPY MOMENT A time a had a happy moment was when I as at Elitch gardens .My friend and I were by our selfs. The rides that we went on were Mind Eraser,tower of doom twister, and lots of existing other rides. When we went on the twister we went upside down.After we got off Twister we went on the log ride the point of this ride is that you get soaked on all of the rides that we went on I screamed it was so amazing.On the tower of doom it rose up off the seat, I could not see any thing. i got butterflies in my stomach . So here how I got onto the tower of doom . My dad calls" Alicia do you and Amerye want to get on the tower of doom with us"Fine sure . so we start dashing to the roller coaster.As soon as we get on , my leg starts shaking. 'no it is to late to say no'. The roller caster start going up.When we get onto the top its DROPS, i am screaming so loud the people could probably here me on the other side.When we get off weget off "I say I am never riding the Tower of doom again.At the end it was all good

35: Alicia This is a story that describes who I am. Alicia is a big book that is full of the awesome times.I have mentioned this many times before ,and i will not stop because that is who I am,I never take myself seriously,but I do know many things that our on this planet because that comes naturally to me. More facts about me is that i love music, one of my favorite songs are tick talk by Keisha.Bruno mars is one of my favorite artist.One of my hobbies is to dance. I love spending time with my friends because they are like sisters to me. My nickname is Dory just like in the movie.I love to mess around with people it is one of my specialties in life. I can not pick which one is my best friend because I have many. Each and every day is a joy to me because I am who I am that is so cool to me because every thing is perfect right where it is. . I am a girl who can do any thing because I am my self

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