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Backyard Animals

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Backyard Animals - Page Text Content

S: Back Yard Animals

FC: Backyard Animals By: Mr.Grabherrs Class

1: Back Yard Animals by Mr. Grabherr's Class

2: RED FOXES Red foxes live in northern and Eastern United States.Their houses are dens there are tunnels underground for the kits or babies usually in high grass or in a hollow tree trunk.Red foxes eat rabbits,voles,mice and other small rodents.The Red Fox is a scavenger and finds dead animals or catches small animals like frogs. Their predators are bears ,hawks and coyotes. Red foxes do not hibernate and they are nocturnal. Red foxes live alone and hunt alone.When a fox gives birth they have 4 to 9 kits in one litter. humans have hunted them in the past.

3: source Switzer,Meredeth,red fox,Danbury;groller educational corporation,1986.By Hannah Theriault Nicole Stankiewicz

4: By: Jenna Magliozzi and Danja Dauti Skunks are black and white. They live in North America, deserts, forests, and river valleys. They eat insects, plants, fruit, worms, larvae, eggs, small mammals and fish. They also find their food at night and day. Skunks predators are the great horned owl, coyote, fox, badger, and fisher. The animal is nocturnal. It does not hibernate. They live alone. Baby skunks are called kits. They have up to four to six babies. A human affects the skunk because they get run over and they are scared. The skunk we are talking about is the striped skunk. | Skunks | SWyatt Blassingame National Geographic

6: Beavers are made to live near the water. Beavers live in a dome like house called a lodge. The house is mostly under water. There is a small hole under water that is used a door. the small door keeps predators out. The beavers have many predators. There are only a few major predators though, like bears,wolves and very hungry cougars. However most predators never get the beavers.

7: Beavers mostly eat leaves, bark, twigs, roots, and water growing plants. They don' t eat any meat, and are known as veggie eaters. Beavers live almost anywhere in America and some live in Canada. Mike B. Pheobe B.

9: Black Bear | Black-bears are not true hibernators they only wake up if they are disturbed. Black-bears typically live in forests. Black-bears are omnivores. Their main diet is grasses, roots, berries, and insects. Black bears will eat fish. They can develop a taste for human foods. They will also eat garbage. They have no predators. Black bears are also sighted in Pennsylvania. Black bears are just as afraid of us as we are of them. | by:Heather Neidt and Kyle Barbieri source: to Z Nobert Rosing

10: Coyotes eat squirrels,chipmunks,deer, antelope and mice coyotes have dens like bears but if the mother is about to have babies she will have to think fast she might find a used den or dig one. by shelby and elyssa

11: t

12: Chipmunks Chipmunks hibernate and migrate.They dig under ground burrows.They live and travel alone.They have lots of predators.Chipmunks have babies up to 2 to 8 are born and they are called younglings. BY Gavin & Samantha source/natural geograghy website. .

14: Deer White tailed deer live in North America, in the field. They find food in meadows. They eat grass, twigs, and leaves. Female deer called "does ” give birth to up to three young at a time, usually in May or June. Male deer fight to get a mate, which is a female deer. Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Written by : Michael John hychko Samuel Paul Olivieri: Dylan Edward Shamper

16: the black squirrel .

17: Squirrels By: Aiden Wright and Kaitlyn Perbeck Squirrels are any color. They live in trees. They eat nuts that they find anywhere. Their predators are bobcats, wolves, birds, and humans. They are not nocturnal. They do not hibernate. They sometimes live alone or in a group. Red squirrels have up to 3 or 5 babies. They live in all states in the United States. They run away when humans come near them that is how humans have affected them. Our source was Peck George, Nature’s children squirrels, Danbury Grolier limited, 1986.

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