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Bats, Bats, Bats: A Collection of Short Stories

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Bats, Bats, Bats: A Collection of Short Stories - Page Text Content

BC: This book was created by gifted education students in grades 3-5 at Doak Elementary and Chuckey Elementary. October, 2011 Angie Tipton, teacher

FC: BATS, BATS, BATS A Collection of Short Stories by Aubrey, Nicholas, Matthew, Ansley, Alex, Olivia, Ashlyn, and Sedona

1: This book is dedicated to all who choose to overcome their fears with knowledge. We aren't afraid of bats any more!

2: Table of Contents The Magic Flyer by Nicholas 4 Stellaluna Flies Again by Aubrey 8 Bobby, The Not-so-Blind Bat by Matthew 12 Amy,The Curious Bat by Ansley 16

3: Table of Contents Just An Ordinary Day by Sedona 20 A Bat Goes to School by Olivia 24 A Bat Gone Missing! by Ashlyn 28 Bat Facts by Alex 34

4: The Magic Flight By Nicholas

5: ytyyyjhjghjgj | It was a regular day, 8:30 eastern time, and The Orlando Magic were playing the Phoenix Suns. I was going out for my late-night bug snack, and Jason "J-Rich" Richardson was going up for a one-handed slam, when someone yelled out, "Bat!" I dropped in mid-air, but was able to return to my flight. I could have died because unlike birds, bats can't take off from a dead stop.

6: On the way back from his monster jam, "J-Rich" saw me dropping down. The game was put on hold until I was caught. Stan Van Gundy handed Richardson a net and he caught me about 10 minutes later. I snuck back in at around 10:00, and got my supper. My mom said, "I saw the commotion you caused, and you are in big trouble, Mister." I said, "But mom, I was hungry." "I don't care." So I just went to my turned off light and started hanging upside down waiting for tomorrow.


9: There I was, sleeping in my colony, when I felt a tap on my wing. It was Lulu. "I have a very strange itch on my nose. It's not that bad, but I don't like it." said Lulu. "Maybe you have White Nose Syndrome." Boy, I hope not! thought Stellaluna.. It was 8:00 pm. So Stellaluna got up and got her breakfast. Then my friend Freddy came up to me and said his nose itched too! Then I really thought that White Nose was going around!

11: My irregular day went on. Whitney came up to me and said her nose itched too! Oh no! It was going around! And then the only possible thing that could still go wrong DID go wrong! My nose started to itch! As I flew around panicking, I ran into a bunch of mosquitoes! Of course, I don't eat bugs, I'm a fruit bat. But now I know why the noses of my friends and me have been itching! I couldn't eat them, but my friends in another colony could! Yay!!! I told all my friends and in a few days our noses stopped itching! THE END

12: Bobby The Not-so-Blind Bat | written by Matthew

13: So, last night while searching for food, I noticed that there were no big, fat, juicy moths around. And to make matters worse, I had a cold. I don't know why. I guess it was my echolocation or something. So tonight I was doing something for myself...I WAS GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!!!

14: The next night Barry was ready,he fastened his flight goggles in place. He opened his talons and swooped down out of the barn. "I love being a bat!" he said. SO,he went back to the place he usually found the most bugs. He recongnized that there were no bugs..."AGAIN!" Barry shouted. And he swooped down so close to the ground he hit an animal.

15: It was a bullfrog,"AHA!" I said. "This...This is my problem? A bullfrog! I have to put an end to this." I said. "Mr.bullfrog, could you pleeeaaaase stop eating my bugs," I said . "Well, I need to eat so I can survive, don't I?". "Well, I guess so. "I'm sorry I've been eating your bugs, Barry. "I know. We could share them." I said. "Yeah," bullfrog said. "Wanna share a bug?" "Sure." said Barry. and so they both lived happily ever after

16: Amy the Curious Bat by Ansley

17: One day Amy was flying, and she saw a big, juicy bug. She swooped down but when she got so close the bug flew away! Amy was very hungry and wanted food. "I am hungry!" she said. So she kept flying, and found that same bug again. Swooping down very quietly, she got the bug! "Yum yum!" she said. Even though she was still hungry, the sun was coming up, and Amy flew home to rest.

18: While she was sleeping, Amy had a dream that she was flying around at daytime! She got so curious in her dream that when she woke up she decided to go look around outside.

19: She saw humans! They were playing soccer. Amy went back to her friends and told them about going out in daytime, and her friends were amazed. THE END

20: written by Sedona | Written by Sedona | Just an Ordinary Day

21: Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a bat? Guess what, I am one. We are misunderstood by humans. They think we are mean and vicious, but we are mammals, too. Just because we look ugly doesn't mean we aren't mammals. Did you know that we have eight fingers? Four on each hand. We have skin or a membrane in between them. All bats hang upside down to start flying. Then we let go , and we are off. That is how we fly. We also sleep in a cave upside down. We have claws at the bottom of our feet. This allows us to hang upside down.

22: I am a fruit bat . Other bats eat insects and other small animals such as mice. "Dinner time,"said Momma Bat. We had Mangoes for dinner. It was very delicious. "Yum", exclaimed Brother Bat. After, dinner I went up to my room to go to bed. I was very tired from all the hard work. I flew into bed. I decided to watch some television, but as I lay in my small bed, I fell fast asleep.

23: In the morning I woke up to the sound of buzzing noises. Later I found out that it was the owner's alarm clock. After he left for work, all of the bats in our colony flew out of the attic. We flew down the stairs to the kitchen.Then our day started all over again.

24: A Bat Goes to School by Olivia | Not one bat in my colony has ever gone to get an education, but that is my dream. I yearn to know about the creatures that fly during the day and the stars that shine each night. My folks always said it wasn't possible for me to go to school, because bats don't get out much during the day. We usually just go out during the night to hunt for food. Even though my family told me not to go, I was determined to move to East Tennessee for an education.

25: Finally, after all that traveling I found a school, called Doak Elementary School ! Right now I'm living in the rafters of the covered area at Doak. It is so exciting living at a school. For the past couple of days I've been listening to teachers teach their students. Listening to the teachers is helping me learn more about the things in this world.

26: This morning, a strange noise woke me up. Then, all of a sudden kids started rushing in the school ! I darted into the building, and started flying around everywhere. The principal came right at me trying to capture me. She could not get me, so a teacher I had seen earlier tried to capture me, too. I was so terrified of what would happen to me if they captured me. My heart was racing when all of the sudden the custodian got a colander from the cafeteria and tried to capture me under it. Now, my heart was really pumping because now there were three people trying to get me! Finally, I gave up, and the custodian captured me with the colander. The nice thing was they relocated me to a bat house right outside of the school! I can see all the kids every day when they come in and the 5th grade comes and feeds me after lunch everyday.

27: My bat house is a very nice gift to me, and there's even other bats in there, too. The principal sometimes lets me stay in her office with her. (I think she really likes me!) Doak is a very nice school, and I'm finally learning about all the creatures that explore the earth. Finally, I am the first bat in my colony to go to school, and I love it! The End

28: by Ashlyn | A BAT GONE MISSING!

29: One night as the sun was setting, the bats in my colony set out to begin our search for food. Franky, my little brother, had just been flying for about a week and loved to exercise his new freedom. Before I knew it, Franky was gone!

30: I looked everywhere for him. Finally, I asked my sister to help. "I have to find him!"I yelled. "Mom will kill me! He could be anywhere! He could already be across the border. Can you help me, Little Sis?" "Don't panic. I will help, Ashlyn! The best thing we can do is stay calm. I'm sure he wouldn't go far."

31: So we looked by the most popular place that bats go. It is called the bat's creek where we can find water and yummy bugs.But I did not see him anywhere! "Maybe he is in the caves!" So we flew over to the dark scary cave. My sister started shaking just looking at it. Even though it was so scary, I just had to find Franky! I grabbed Isabella and dove into the caves! She screamed when she saw a big coal mine car. We landed and tried to piece the puzzle together. Turns out that the cave is an abandoned coal mine!

33: I flew around a bit getting very nervous before I saw a very small bat in the smallest corner there was! He flew right into my arms and gave me a big hug! It was Franky! Suddenly the old mine started caving in! I grabbed my siblings and averted the falling rocks! Isabella shrieked and Franky yelled! Finally, I flew out of the cave, and I was so scared I flew all the way home.

34: HOW LONG CAN A BAT LIVE? A bat can live up to 10 or 20 years. The oldest bat on record lived for up to 32 years. Wow, that bat is older then I am! By Alex

35: Bat Wings *Bat wings are made of two thin layers of skin stretched over the bats arm and fingers. When bats fly, they don`t just flap their wings up and down, they pull their wings in like they were doing the butterfly stroke in swimming. Bats use their wings for more than just flying, they can wrap their wings around insects or fruit while eating it! *http://www.kidzone.ws/animals/bats/facts7.htm

36: *During spring, bats return from migration or awaken from hibernation and the females begin having baby bats called pups. Bat pups are tiny when born, but grow up fast. Some species are flying and hunting on their own within a month of birth. Bats, like people, usually have one baby at a time, but sometimes have twins. Pups are born without hair--they look tiny, scrawny and pink. They drink milk from their mothers like all mammals do. They are born with strong legs and claws because they have to hang on to Mom when she is roosting and to the cave when she is not there. If the pup loses its grip and falls, it will die. *http://www.kidzone.ws/animals/bats/facts7.htm

37: Images used in this book were found at... http://www.kidzone.ws/animals/bats/photos15.htm http://classroomclipart.com/clipart/Clipart/Animals/Bat_Clipart.htm http://www.about-bats.com/free-bat-clip-art.html

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