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Bentley Stories

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S: Bentley Meikle

FC: The Adventures of Bentley Meikle

1: Mommy gained 45 lbs with you!!! Holy cow! I kept telling everyone you had better be a big baby because I was getting sooooo fat. Don’t worry you were worth every pound!!! I can’t really say how I carried you because you were EVERYWHERE! You were so big you took up all the space I had! Mommy went into labor on a Friday, I was having some pretty good contractions and grandma insisted I go to the hospital. To my dismay they told me I was only dilated to a one and sent me home. I continued to have contractions 5 minutes apart throughout the night and went in the next day at 1100. Thinking to myself, this hurts so bad something has to have happened, nope I was still a one. Dr. Hall had me stay in the hospital stating that being in labor for too long can wear out a mother and a baby. He said he would induce me on Sunday if nothing happened. The next morning after pacing the hospital floors I was happily a three, and could have my epidural. They started me on pit and by about 1:00 p.m I was a ten. However, following in your sisters footsteps you wouldn’t drop. So, I pushed a few times, which caused your heart rate to drop. I then told Dr. Hall I would like to have a healthy baby, we then decided a c-section would be best for you and I was taken into surgery. They took you out and sent you to the NICU. When they told us your weight we looked at each other in shock and then smiled. Daddy smiled extra big as if saying "That's my boy." What a proud Daddy!

2: Uncle Austin was sooooo excited to finally have a little boy. When we found out what we were having we went and decorated his truck at school in blue and green and wrote “Congrats, it’s a boy” we were a little worried people would think he had gotten his girlfriend pregnant but he was so excited it didn’t matter. | What was Bentley doing at 0-6 weeks? You were EATING!! I’m pretty sure I put an insane amount of hours into feeding you those first couple weeks. I guess it took a lot to keep up that figure of yours! Aunt Hayley bought you a bib that said always hungry. Everyone just knew if you started crying, you were hungry!!!

3: What was Bentley doing at 8 weeks? You were such a sweet little boy. You had great big gummy smiles and loved to talk. The nurse at your 2 month appt. said she had never heard such a talkative 2 month old. She also said that a big 2 month old weighed up to 12 lbs. You however, topped the charts at 15lbs 7 ounces. Way to go!!! In your defense you were also a very long baby. I loved it, I had always wanted a chubby baby and you were so fun to snuggle. You were always happy. At night when you would wake up you wouldn’t cry, I would know you were awake because I could hear you chewing on your hands! In the morning you would lay in your crib and talk until we came in, then you would give Marley and Mom a big grin as if to say, “glad you found me.” People always commented on your cry, because you never really cried, you had this sad little wimper that was just heart breaking. You were sooooo content and sweet. We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter little boy.

4: GO TEAM! | What was Bentley doing at 9 weeks? This was a very busy week for you. Sister painted your head with milk. She wanted to drink out of my cup with a straw. I was busy cooking something and looked over just as (or so I thought) she put the first few drops of milk on your head. I was wrong however, apparently she had been doing this for a while because your head was covered in dried milk. Good thing you were so sweet and calm. What was Bentley doing at 2 1/2 months? You started to giggle. You were very ticklish and if I tickled you under your chin you would giggle. You were also very alert. People always commented on how alert you were for a 2 month old. You had found your hands by now and would suck on them as if you were starving, which most of the time you thought you were!!! Still just as sweet as ever and very patient with your big sister.

5: What was Bentley doing at 4 months? You were still growing like a weed. Every 4 weeks you went up a size in pajamas and were now wearing 18month pj’s. You weighed a wopping 19lbs and were still happy as ever. Mommy started giving you baby food and you would suck on the spoon like, as usual, you were starving. You would fuss because I couldn’t get it in fast enough. This was when you finally started going more than 2 hours in between feedings. Don’t get too excited though you still ate every 2 1/2 hours. My visiting teacher was in love with you and it wasn’t hard to see why you were the sweetest little boy ever!!! She said it was worth making you cry just to see that sweet lip pucker and cry. Marley of course still loved you and was calling you Bentley Buddy. You were the first thing she asked about every morning and couldn’t wait for you to wake up from your naps. Grandpa Jack asked me one day if I had thought about having your pituitary gland checked. Don’t worry you weren’t that big and you weren’t fat you were just a big dude and we loved you!!! Aunt Erika asked Addi if she would like a brother and she said no, she just wanted Bentley. If she couldn’t have you she wanted another sister!!

6: What was Bentley doing at 6 months? You were one busy little boy!! You were rolling over very well and could get just about anywhere you wanted to. You soon progressed to turning yourself in any direction and then rolling to where you wanted to go. It was usually to my plants that you weren’t supposed to be in! By 6 months you were starting to scoot backwards and pushing yourself up on your knees. You became very frustrated because you wanted to be doing everything sister was and you just couldn’t quite do it. You started spitting and yelling. If Marley screamed you would try and outdo her. Then you would give us one of those famous grins, like we should be soooo proud. Don’t worry we were proud. You were still just as sweet as ever and everyone always wanted to love on you. You would lay your head down on them and just snuggle. So precious. | You were a little stinker at night however. You refused to take a bottle if mom was anywhere in the house. I don’t know how you knew, but you knew. You were up every 2-4 hours depending on the night eating, and since you wouldn’t take a bottle, mom was also up every 2-4 hours. Everyone would tell me to just let you cry and then when they would hear your sweet little cry they quickly understood why I could not do that!!! You also got your first two teeth, Daddy kept saying they were coming in and mommy didn't believe him. Then the day after I told him he was crazy, in came your first one, not long after it's match came in. Who would've guessed? You of course were never grumpy, just your sweet little self!!!!

7: Lets go Team! | What was Bentley doing at 7 months? You were crawling!!! Two months ahead of sister! You were such a tank Mom thought for sure it would be while, but you proved me wrong. You were soooo cute, you would wag your bum and then do a little hop with your legs until you could get yourself going. You waited to try until we went on vacation to see Aunt Erika in North Carolina, so Daddy missed the first time, by the time we got home you had it perfected. When I told him you were crawling he said "little stinker!" I thought you would be into everything, because you were pretty busy just rolling around eating my plants, but you weren't. Just like sister you stayed right by me!! You also learned to patty-cake and wave bye-bye on the airplane ride home. Sooo Sweet!!

8: What was Buddy doing at 8 months? You were one very busy, sweet, little boy!!! Did I say that you didn't get into things when you learned to crawl? I lied!! You were into everything and everywhere! You drove poor Marley nuts because you were always right in the middle of her business. You quickly learned to stand up to things and then the trouble really began. Lots of bruises to that sweet big noggin'. You also always had your tongue hanging out of your mouth to concentrate. Just like Uncle Austin. Marley called you Buddy Nooner, we have no idea where this came from but it stuck and we would catch ourselves calling you that too. An old man at the mall one day asked if your name was Buddy, poor kid. You weighed 24 lbs at your 8 month appt. and it wasn't fat, you were a TANK!!!! And of course WE LOVED YOU!!!

9: What was Bentley doing at 9 months? You had learned to say Dada! So sweet, you were quite a jabber box and we could sometimes get you to say Mama, buy mostly just Dada!!! You remained very sweet, but got into lots of trouble quietly. You never sat still and were ALWAYS getting hurt. One day I heard you screaming and couldn't find you, you had tried reaching something in the tub and had fallen in on your head. That head got you into a lot of trouble.

10: 4 | 7 | 26 45 | What was buddy doing at 10months? You took your first 2 steps!!! You had pretty good balance and probably could have taken off walking, you just weren't quite brave enough. You would sit down and crawl as soon as we let go of you and the more we pushed the faster you sat down and crawled. Occasionally if you were really excited and distracted you would walk without thinking. By 10 1/2 months you had figured out it was ok to walk and started doing it consistently on your own. You even attempted turning. By 11 months you were on a run. You would pace the house back and forth all day long and no matter how many times you fell you always got back up!!!

11: What was Bentley doing at 11 months? You had learned to pout. Every time someone made you mad or you didn't get what you wanted you would lay on the floor face down and pout, pretty sweet at 11 months old! Hope you outgrow it!! You were very sensitive and would pucker and sob if you were told no or if mom put her finger to her lips to tell you to be quiet. You had to be in the middle of everything whether you were big enough or not. I guess that just comes with having an older sibbling. As always you were very busy but also very sweet!!!

12: What was Bentley doing at 1 year old? You were wishing you were doing everything and trying to do everything. You loved anything with a motor. Including but not limited to the four-wheeler with papa and the lawn mower with daddy. Once it stopped or someone tried to make you get off you would get mad and cry. If the neighbor was mowing his lawn you would try and hitch a ride with him. You were ALL BOY and though papa and daddy never came right out and said it, they LOVED it. You had been saying daddy for a while and would occasionally say mama on accident. You also said this and would point to things. You were always happy and always busy. You loved to go outside and if any door in the house opened and you didn't get outside you would throw a big fit!!! A couple months later you learned to say BUS, you like sister, got very excited to see the school bus. You had also perfected telling us to shhhh, mostly in sacrament when we told you to shhhh. You would put your finger up to your mouth and smile reallly big!!! | Nooner Bug 1 Year

13: 18 Months I can't even describe what a sweet little mess you are! You always take Sister her sippy before you get yours. You have learned to nod your head yes when you want something, and to Daddy's great pleasure you have learned to say "Daddy's Truck" and always want to ride in it. Daddy can't hardly stand it he loves you sooooo much! Actually we all think you are a cute little stinker.

14: You have now learned to poop in the potty! Yippee! You brought the princess potty out in the family room one night and daddy sat you on it and you pooped! One morning after that you were crying while daddy was trying to put you in the tub, he put you down and you ran and got on the potty, you needed to go potty! What a good little boy! You love Curious George and will only wear your George Jammies at night! We were worried when Presley was born that you might eat her for dinner, but to our pleasant surprise, you love her, you get down next to her and talk and kiss her, not always so gently but you try! You LOVE tools and spatulas, every morning the first thing you look for is your "La" Then for a frying pan to go with it! You also call pillows "Lo" What a mess!!!

15: What Was Bentley doing at 2 Years Old? You weren't talking!!! You said a few things and the pediatrician kept telling mom that as long as you had 10 words you were doing fine. One night you were up quite a bit crying, the next morning mom realized your ear was draining. Poor litte guy. This was your third infection in a short time so we decided to put tubes in your ears. You were just 2 months shy of 2. You were absolutely hilarious! Mean as all get out until the versed, then a little giggle bum, you could hardly keep your eyes open. Your talking definitely improved, but you still sounded like you were speaking a different language!! You went from saying "dad's truck" to saying "where my daddy's truck go?" What a mess!!! You were a little stinker ! Anything you can't say is either "Lo" or "La", you did start calling your snuggie your "nuck" and you would say "ma nuck me" when you wanted to be snuggled. We went to feed the ducks which you call gocks, and you would say "gock" then smack your lips trying to get them to come to you!

16: You have learned to tattle and mom always knows who is the guilty one now, if it's Marley that was mean you come running to me saying "Mawy did!" If you are the guilty one you sit there silently hoping to not get in trouble!!

17: Our Little Ham!! 2 Years Old You are an absolute joy to have around! We are constantly laughing!! The things that come out of your little mouth are hilarious! You love tractors and have recently become a fan of Lightening Mcqueen and Mack. You point out every truck you see that is a semi and looks like Mack. You also answer everything with a question!

18: You have recently started liking Maximus and Flynn from Rapunzel. You had one of Marley's purses one day and I asked if it was your purse, you said "No my satch" meaning your satchel. Then said "Like Flynn" You call football's "Queemball's" You call Daddy's truck "my truck". "Daddy you bring my truck back?" "Daddy take my truck work." At 2 and 1/2 we started potty training! You have done great! Mom had to do a little bribing and bought you a "baby Mack" but within 4-5 days of taking you potty every 1-2 hours and a few accidents later you are doing great! You are now absolutely obsessed with Lightening Mcqueen and Mack. Mom can't take you into Toys R Us anymore because you know exactly where the Mcqueen stuff is and throw a holy temper tantrum when we have to leave without whatever it is you might have picked out!

19: Bentley 3 Years Old

20: Nooners now 3!!! You are becoming more obsessed with Lightening Mcqueen and are having a Mack birthday party. You say "lucky" and "lummy" for yucky and yummy. You are very protective of any family member unless it is you that is being mean to them. You absolutely can not say Porter, you call him Quarter. We tell you, say Papa, "Papa", say Presley, "Presley, say Porter, "Quarter". What a little ham! You absolutely refuse to learn your colors. You tell us what color something is in relation to the Lightening Mcqueen characters. Anything red is "queem", blue is The King, and green is Chick. You won't learn your letters either. You tell me you don't know what the letter A says so I sing the letter song to you and you say "Hey, I know dat song" You are absolutely content to stay home and drive your cars and now planes around the house. We can be in the middle of something so fun and you say you want to go home.

21: You learned to ride your bike this summer. You asked mom when we could take the training wheels off of your motorcycle. I told you when you could ride your bike without them. I found you out in the garage trying to take them off your bike. I decided to let you give it a try and you took right off! Three years old and no training wheels!

22: Play Ball!

23: What was Bentley doing at age 4?? You are still a little mess! You have now become obsessed with transformers. Any and all. You had a transformer birthday party and have just become more obsessed with time. You have had Daddy make every transformer possible out of perler beads and also had him draw them. You love staying home and playing cars or transformers. If we go somewhere you are always asking to go home no matter how much fun we are having. You started preschool this year and love Miss Deanna but would still prefer to stay home. I went on a field trip with you and you didn't want to ride with me, you wanted to ride with Miss Deanna. I asked you if you wanted to go to Miss Deanna or start kindergarten next year and you said " I think I will just stay home." Kree Darrington is your best buddy, I think because you have gotten him hooked on transformers also. You are our little protector. You are always watching out for mom. You rub my back and bring me blankies. Such a tender little heart!

24: What was Bentley doing at 5 years Old? You are a sweet, quiet (most of the time), little boy. You LOVE hanging out with other boys. You are thrilled everytime there is a "boys camp" that you can go to with dad and you might just get a little braggy about it to your sisters. You are a good little sport with all the girls you are surrounded by, but you are absolutely thrilled when you get to play something besides dolls and house. You are still a transformers fan and this summer you played T-ball for the first year. You did great but are looking forward to the year you get to play pitching machine because you know there won't be any GIRLS! Your favorite place to visit is the ranch and love to get dirty and ride razors. You are still a tenderhearted little guy and are a little sweetie with baby Indie. You are still a little homebody and never beg to stay anywhere because you like being at home.

25: You started your first basketball team this year and informed Presley that, " I am actually a good player." You are a confident little thing. Then you told her "When I was little, I used to go watch Daddy play basketball." So sad that you already don't consider yourself little. Kree is still your best buddy, but you do have a "best friend" at school named Kenyon.

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