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Birds! - Page Text Content

S: Birds! Photos from Around the World by Charlie Doggett

BC: God has made everything beautiful. . . Ecclesiastes 3:11 | 183 Bird Species Included | Photographed in 8 countries, 27 Zoos & 15 Parks | 272 Bird Photographs

FC: Birds! Photos from Around the World by Charlie Doggett

1: Nature Photography became my hobby when I lived in The Gambia, West Africa for three years. A love of nature has since found me photographing in Tennessee State Parks, our U.S. National Parks and on trips to Brazil, Guatemala, Panama, Mexico and my favorite Costa Rica! Pura Vida! The photo above is a Peacock at San Diego Zoo, California.

2: CONTENTS | Most Arranged Alphabetically by English Name 183 Species of Birds | Lago de Patexbatun, Peten Forest, Guatemala

3: African Fish Eagle Along River Gambia, West Africa | African Penguin Memphis Zoo African Pygmy Falcon Memphis Zoo

4: African Crowned Crane These beautiful birds are often referred to as East African Crowned Crane or Grey Crowned Crane but I like to just call them African because they are seen in West Africa occasionally plus a similar Black Crowned Crane. These were photographed at Nashville Zoo.

6: African Spoonbill These were photographed on the Casamance River in Senegal. Though in the same family as our American Roseate Spoonbill, they are all white with pink legs. | Abyssinian Roller, Zoo Atlanta They live all across the tropical belt of Africa known as the Sahel or sub-Saharan

7: American Bald Eagle Reelfoot Lake State Park, Tennessee

8: Anhinga These were photographed in The Everglades and the Venice Rookery, Florida

9: Bananaquit Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica Bali Mynah Memphis Zoo Native only to Bali Island of Indonesia

10: Barbary Shrike Also called "Yellow-crowned Gonolek" These were photographed at the Bird Safari Camp in The Gambia, West Africa.

11: Fire-tufted Barbet Photographed at Memphis Zoo, this barbet lives in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Bearded Barbet at left in a friend's back yard in The Gambia, West Africa. They live only in West Africa. | Barbets | Black-spotted Barbet Nashville Zoo - Native to the Amazon River Basin, Brazil

12: Bateleur Eagle in Masai Mara, Kenya Red-throated Bee Eater in Gambia, West Africa | Black-crowned Night Heron, Costa Rica Black-necked Swan, Nashville Zoo Native to South America

13: Black-capped Flycatcher in the Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica near Sevegre Lodge

14: Black Vulture Everglades National Park, Florida | Black-capped Magpie Dancing Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

15: Black-necked Stilt on Tortuguero River, Costa Rica | Black-crowned Night Heron flying in The Gambia, West Africa | Blue-black Grassquit, Costa Rica Male (inset) and female - Photographed at Corcovado National Park

16: Blue Dacnis, San Diego Zoo Native to Central and South America at right Blue-capped Cordonbleu San Diego Zoo Native to East Africa from Sudan to Tanzania

17: Blue & Gold Macaw Birmingham Zoo - Native of South America | Blue Crane Zoo Atlanta Native to Southern Africa Blue & White Swallow at Mamiraua Reserve, Brazil

18: Blue-gray Tanager, Nashville Zoo A songbird from South & Central America | Boat-billed Heron, Nashville Zoo An atypical heron in South & Central America

19: Brown Pelican Chiminos Island, Peten Jungles, Guatemala More Brown Pelican photos on the next page

20: Brown Pelican at Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica on left and Brown Pelican at Chiminos Island in Peten Jungles of Guatemala below | Brown Pelican in Everglades National Park, Florida below

21: Cardinal on my back porch in Nashville Clay-colored Robin San Jose, Costa Rica | Canadian Geese Lake Bemidji, Minnesota

23: Caribbean Flamingo Nashville Zoo Busch Gardens Tampa San Diego Zoo, CA Audubon, New Orleans

24: Chilean Flamingo, Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago at left and below is Louisville Zoo, Kentucky

25: Double-wattled Cassowary Nashville Zoo They are native to one part of Australia It reminds me of the dinosaurs. See the legs & feet up close next time at the zoo.

26: Cormorant Everglades, Florida

27: Cormorant in Peten Jungles of Guatemala in top two photos Black are Cormorants while white are Egrets also in Peten, Guatemala Cormorant in the Everglades of Florida

28: Chachalaca Tikal, Guatemala Crested Screamer Birmingham Zoo Memphis Zoo Native to central South America

29: Double-wattled Cassowary Nashville Zoo - Native to Australia | Cherrie's Tanager Male above and female right Both photographed in Costa Rica

30: Diving duck, unsure of species | Mandarin Duck Nashville Zoo - Native to Japan, China and Eastern Russia | Blue-billed Duck Busch Gardens, Tampa - Australia | Chestnut Teal Nashville Zoo - Australia | Ducks

31: Beautiful Fruit Dove Memphis Zoo Indonesia & New Guinea Doves | White-winged Dove Costa Rica | Mourning Dove The Gambia, West Africa

32: Left to Right: Golden White Eye Memphis Zoo - Mariana Islands Golden-breasted Starling Birmingham Zoo - East Africa Golden Eagle, Nashville Zoo North America and Eurasia or most of Northern Hemisphere

33: Greater Blue-eared Glossy Starling | Both at Bird Safari Camp The Gambia, West Africa | Great-tailed Grackle | Left on Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica Right in Los Chiles, Costa Rica

34: Great Blue Heron from many places | Everglades National Park | Everglades National Park | Indianapolis Zoo | Fairy Blue, San Diego Zoo - Himalayan Forests | Reelfoot Lake

35: Great Blue Turaco Nashville Zoo - Tropical Africa | Everglades National Park

36: Great White Egrets | Lago de Patexbatun, Guatemala | Everglades | Guatemala

37: Above in Mamiruau Reserve, Amazon River, Brazil | Corkscrew Swamp, Florida | Guatemala | Mexico

38: Green Heron, Everglades and Tortuguero, Costa Rica | Hamerkop The Gambia, West Africa and Kansas City Zoo

39: Hawks | Common Black Hawk above in Costa Rica | Red-tailed Hawk Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee | Black Collared Hawk Amazon River, Brazil | Red-shouldered Hawk Corkscrew Swamp Florida

40: Hoatzin, Amazon River, Brazil Mamiraua Reserve, Amazon, Brazil | Hornbills | Helmet Hornbill Minnesota Zoo - Malay, Sumatra & Borneo native | Silvery Cheeked Hornbill Minnesota Zoo - East Africa from Ethiopia to South Africa | Ground Hornbill The Gambia, West Africa + Pied Crow | Red-billed Hornbill The Gambia

41: Ground Hornbill Zoo Atlanta & Sub-saharan Africa Yellow-billed Hornbill, Nashville Zoo & Eastern Africa | Rhinoceros Hornbill, Nashville Zoo and in Southeast Asia Rain Forests | Von der Deckens Hornbill Memphis Zoo and Eastern Africa

42: Hyacinth Macaw Nashville Zoo, Native to Central & Eastern South America

43: Hummingbirds Costa Rica | White-necked Jacobin | Green Violet-ear

44: Jacanas African above Northern female left & male right | White Ibis Everglades above and Corkscrew Swamp at right | Gambia | Tortuguero, Costa Rica | Tortuguero, Costa Rica | Wattled Jacana Brazil Amazon

45: Kingfishers +Above left & center are Green Kingfishers, male (L) in Costa Rica & female (R) in Mamiraua, Brazil +At right is Blue-breasted Kingfisher of The Gambia at Nashville Zoo +Below right corner: Guam Micronesian Kingfisher at Lincoln Park Zoo | White-breasted Kingfisher Lincoln Park Zoo - Eurasia | Ringed Kingfisher 1st 2 in Brazil Amazon 3rd in Costa Rica

46: Kori Bustard, Zoo Atlanta - Africa | Long-tailed Silky Flycatcher, Costa Rica, Hotel Savegre de Montana | Lesser Green Broadbill Lincoln Park Zoo Borneo, Sumatra & Malay Peninsula

47: Laughing Kookabura Memphis Zoo - Australia | Little Blue Heron, Everglades (background) and Costa Rica (right) | Immature Little Blue Heron Acapulco, Mexico

48: Leadbeater Cockatoo Memphis Zoo - Australia | Lorikeets Nashville Zoo - Australia | Cardinal Lory, San Diego Zoo Solomon Islands & Papua New Guinea

49: Kansas City Zoo

50: African Magpies The Gambia, West Africa | Maribou Stork Montgomery AL Zoo Sub-Saharan Africa | Moorhen, Miami Zoo & St. Petersburg Park

51: Motmot Background is Roufous Motmot in Costa Rica Insets are all three Blue-crowned Motmot Nashville Zoo All live in Central and South America

52: Oriental White Stork Louisville Zoo - Throughout Asia | Mountain Robin Sevegre Hotel de Montana Costa Rica Cloud Forest | Peruvian Red-breasted Meadowlark - Nashville Zoo Native across Western South America

53: Osprey Left inset in Everglades, Florida Bottom inset at Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee Background in Peten Jungles, Guatemala

54: Pygmy Owl Family "A prize find" in Guatemala Mottled Owl Also in Los Torrales, Guatemala On the same forest hike | African Scopes Owl The Gambia | Owls

55: Great Horned Owl both on left Reelfoot Lake State Park, Tennessee Native across the Americas | Eurasian Owl (top) Nashville Zoo - Eurasia Eastern Screech Owl, Nashville Zoo Common from Mexico to Canada

56: Ostrich Left: Nashville Zoo Male Center: Memphis Zoo Female Bottom: Masai Mara, Kenya Male Native to Africa

57: Peacocks Above: San Diego Zoo Left: Gulf Breeze Zoo, Pensacola Right: Busch Gardens, Tampa

58: Palm Nut Vulture The Gambia at right | Pied Crow The Gambia, West Africa | Piping Guan Nashville Zoo Trinidad & Venezuela | Ravens, White Castle, London - left Below at Yellowstone, Wyoming

59: Resplendent Quetzal Costa Rica | Female

60: Riverside Wren Corcovado, Costa Rica Red-capped Cardinal Nashville Zoo - South America Roseate Spoonbill Tampa Lowry Park Zoo, Florida Rufous-collared Sparrow Costa Rica

61: Saddle-billed Stork, Nashville Zoo - Africa - Sandhill Crane, Birmingham Zoo

62: Scarlet-headed Blackbird, South America Saffon Finch, Nashville Zoo - Amazon Basin | Social Flycatcher, Costa Rica Senegal Coucal, The Gambia, Africa

63: Scarlet Macaw Nashville Zoo - American Tropics

64: Scarlet Macaw Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica above Antigua, Guatemala, left

65: Silver-beaked Tanager Nashville Zoo South America Collared Plover Amazon, Brazil Seagull Everglades Swamp Palm Greenbul The Gambia

66: Snowy Egret, Tortuguero, Costa Rica Tufted Flycatcher, Savegre Mountain Lodge, Costa Rica

67: Tiger Heron Brazil Amazon (background) Costa Rica (inset)

68: Collared Aracari, Roadside Costa Rica | Keel-billed Toucan Tortuguero, Costa Rica | Chestnut Mandibled Toucan Nashville Zoo Honduras south to Ecuador

69: Toco Toucan, Tampa Lowery Park Zoo - Central & Eastern South America

70: Black-headed Trogon Tikal, Guatemala | Baird's Trogon Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

71: Tropical Kingbird Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

72: Turkey Vulture, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

73: Turkeys | Oscellated Turkey, Tikal Guatemala | Royal Palm Turkey Nashville Zoo

74: Village Weaver The Gambia, West Africa | Victoria Crowned Pigeon Little Rock Zoo - New Guinea

75: Western Reef Heron The Gambia, West Africa | Western Grey Plantain-Eater Nashville Zoo - West Africa | Western Tragopan Nashville Zoo - Himalayas COVER PHOTO

76: White-necked Puff Bird, Costa Rica White-crowned Robin Chat, The Gambia | White-necked Heron, Brazil Amazon White-headed Buffalo Weaver San Diego Zoo - East Africa

77: White Pelicans Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

78: White-crested Turaco Nashville Zoo - Nigeria & Kenya

79: Pelliated Woodpecker Nashville Zoo - USA | Red-crowned Woodpecker Osa Peninsula Costa Rica | White-cheeked Woodpecker Northern Mountains of Costa Rica

80: Wood Stork Everglades National Park, Florida | Wood Stork Corkscrew Swamp, Florida

81: Yellow Grosbeak Nashville Zoo Mexico | Yellow-rumped Cacique Nashville Zoo - South America | Yellow-throated Euphonia Tikal, Guatemala | Yellow-faced Grassquit Cloud Forest, Costa Rica | Yellowish Flycatcher Cloud Forest Costa Rica | Yellow-throated Laughingthrush Lincoln Park Zoo India, Bangladesh Myanmar

82: Yellow-crowned Night Heron Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica above Six-mile Cypress Slough, Ft.Meyers, FL Found through most of the Americas | NOTE: From this point on, birds are not presented alphabetically & some are unknown by name to me.

83: Great White Egret Venice Rookery, Florida

84: Snowy Egret above in Venice Rookery Great White Egret left in Venice Rookery

85: White-throated Bee-eater The Gambia, west Africa | Red-winged Blackbird Venice Rookery, Florida | Great Blue Heron Venice Rookery, Florida

86: Unidentified

87: Unidentified

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