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Call of the wild

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BC: Buck arrives back from one of his adventures in the wild to find his home destroyed and John, his friends and the dogs all dead from a Native American Indian attack. Buck is overcome by rage and kills three of the Native Americans in the party. Once again Buck is left with nothing. | Buck is attacked by a pack of wolves soon after John is killed, and as he fends them off, he meets a wolf that he had run with when he had left camp to answer the call of the forest. They make peace and Buck is accepted in their pack as the alpha. He is still scarred from the death of John at the hands of Native Americans. Buck kills more Indians to the point where they will not enter into his valley, and they nick name him the "ghost wolf" and his legend can still be seen streaking through the forest at the head of his pack.

FC: Scrapbook by Jake Benbow

1: The main character of the book, Buck, starts out living the perfect life ruling the land surrounding his owner's amazing mansion with spacious grounds. He hunts, sleeps and enjoys a superior standard of living, one any dog would love. | During this time, unknown to Buck, is the great Alaskan Gold Rush, and due to the increase in the population of the area, additional strong dogs are needed to pull sleds.

2: Buck is taken from his home by the gardener who slips a rope around his neck. This is the first time this has ever happened to Buck and the first time that he has ever attacked a person. | Buck is sold and taken by train to Seattle and is put in a crate. The crate gave him his first taste of hatred and he did not eat or drink the entire time in the crate.

3: When Buck is taken off the train, he is faced with a man in a red sweater. This man's job is to break a dog in and teach them their place in the world. This man teaches Buck to submit but he also sparks a spirit in Buck that no man can ever break and would later lead to the determined fighter he would become. | The law of club and fang is what Buck has to learn to survive in the wilderness and to survive the trials of man and dog in the wild. This club is what is used to beat Buck into his place giving him a lesson in pain. But the club also makes him smarter and craftier on the trail.

4: The first day for Buck in Alaska is met with much surprise. He sees snow for the first time, and he is forced to learn how to keep warm in the cold Alaskan winters which is where the book takes place. Buck sees how dogs fight and learns never to be taken off his feet. Buck makes his first enemy, Spitz, who kills a dog that had come up with Buck from Seattle. Spitz gives Buck his first lesson in reverting to the wild animal his ancestors were. | This harness is what turns Buck from a sun-kissed domestic dog to a trusted work dog. He harnesses nature inside of him making him stronger and fiercer, qualities also brought about by the wilderness around him. He earns the position of lead dog, giving him the power and the respect he deserves.

5: This rabbit represents the night that Buck submits to the nature around him and kills Spitz, acquiring control of the dogs and seizing Spitz's lead position. This is his first kill and would make him the strongest and smartest dog on the team. | This revolver marks the end of Buck 's first true sled drive. He is now considered an experienced sled dog and one of the best around. The revolver's shot is the last sound heard on the mail trip after Dave, a sled dog on Buck's team, is killed because he was unable to move. This makes the toils of the trails real to Buck. This also sums up how dedicated the dogs are to their job and how committed the dogs are to their position and how the dogs will work until they die in their harness.

6: Buck arrives at John Thornton's camp. He is still with the trio, but the team is down to 5 of the 14 dogs. They plan to cross a frozen river after being told it was suicidal. Buck is too weak and doesn't move and is beaten by his owner until John Thorton saves his life by interceding. The trio leave Buck and disappear when the ice gives out from under them. | After the long journey the drivers expect to get a long rest period. Yet, with the higher volume of miners more runs are required to and from camp. So the dogs were sold in order to buy new ones. Buck is bought buy an inexperienced trio who over pack bringing a tent, pots and pans and an abundance of canned goods. They work the dogs hard, run out of food and kill most of the dogs on their team.

7: Buck bonds with John Thornton. He falls in love with him and starts to remember his earlier life. He fears that John too will leave so Buck never leaves his side. John who has already two dogs is a down to earth man who care sfor people and animals alike. Buck shows his commitment when John tell him to leap off a cliff. Buck is to willing to follow his master's command and and must be stopped. | Buck is in a bar with John who has stepped between an evil man who is harassing a new comer. The man then strikes John, causing Buck to attack. Buck injures the man for laying a hand on John.

8: This piece of rope is from when John falls in raging rapids. His friends tie a rope to Buck who is able to save John's life from the rapids, gaining Buck much respect and revealing his dedication and courage. | Buck is made famous for what he did next for John. After a day's work, the drivers would talk about their dogs and brag about their strengths. This flour is part of a bet testing Buck's brute strength. Buck alone pulls a half ton of flour on a sled earning John over $1,000.

9: After Buck makes John so much money, John pays off his debts and some friends and he went in search for a fabled treasure of gold. The group ended up just finding a river that sparked with gold by an abandoned cabin and this cabin will be the closest thing that Buck will ever have compared to his old life. | While at the camp Buck becomes restless without work and the wild calls him. Buck starts to join the wild with all the knowledge gained throughout his life and the surrounding settings. He becomes a hunter and expresses this longing by leaving the camp to hunt and kill his own food. He expresses his dominance by killing a bear and moose on his own.

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