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Cape Cod Project

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S: Cape Cod 2012

BC: The memories of my Cape Cod trip will last a lifetime. I learned a lot about nature and habitats on the Cape. I had fun and made new friends. We grew from small packs of friends to one whole friendly unit. I am very thankful to my generous teachers for this gift. . . . BC 2012

FC: Cape Cod 2012

1: The Cape Cod trip was super exciting! When my mother drove up to drop me off, I saw kids and bags standing next to cones on the sidewalk socializing. As I walked toward the sidewalk, I noticed Peter had just arrived. I put my luggage next to his, and noticed a bin full of fun stuff ready to be packed on the bus. I saw a whiffle ball, a frisbee, Oreos, and more! Kids arrived at various times, unloading all their bags and waving to parents. As we waited for the bus for 15 minutes, all the groups got together and were talking about what everyone was bringing for the bus ride. As we boarded the bus, we packed our luggage bags into the inner section of the bus. Going up the bus steps I saw what I expected: two seats per row, a storage room above all the seats, a bathroom, and several TVs. My favorite part of Cape Cod was definitely the sand dunes. The sand dunes was a blast because I was with all my friends jumping off the dunes, landing into the soft, welcoming sand. After a while of jumping and having fun, I remember we were chilling out in the lower part of the dunes, and I decided to “bury my legs”. So I buried myself up to my waist. Peter and Joseph, who were talking next to me, grabbed a bunch of sand while my legs were still handicapped under the sand and piled sand up to my neck! It was a blast! | Blase and Charlie at Woods Hole Center, the first place the group visited on Cape Cod. | I had the most fun at Bass River Sports World, the movie theater, and spending time with friends in the cabins. I loved playing mini-golf at Bass River Sports World with Peter, Jack, and Andy. We didn't keep score and we just had tons of fun! I remember getting a hole-in-one! At the movie theater we watched The Three Stooges. It was fun to be around all my friends laughing at the funny parts of the movie. Back at the cabins was an awesome time! Most of my closest friends were sleeping near me, so we were laughing with each other most of both nights! We were tired in the morning but the memories were worth losing sleep for! After our class Cape trip, I realized that this special time will be in my memory for the rest of my life! It will stay with me because there was a lot of people I socialized with that I didn't really know before. Now I have a strong relationship with those people.

2: The entire Starfish group pose for their first group photo outside of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution with an ocean painting background. | Peter is pitching and Blase is fielding during a pick-up whiffle ball game at the Woods Hole Park during a foggy day on Cape Cod.

3: Jordan, Greg, Jenia, Kate, and Liz are walking on the Buttonbush Trail, the only trail in the USA for the blind. They closed their eyes to simulate what blind people feel like walking on the trail.

4: “Joe, wait!” I called to Joseph. “Let me get my camera.” I sprinted all the way back to the end of the bus, shuffled through my backpack, and pulled out my gray Canon camera. I jogged off the bus and started walking once I was in the parking lot. Joseph hadn't waited for me. Walking along on the nature trail I saw a huge dark gray bubble beyond the short layer of the trees float over the ground. On top of the bubble were small bursts of colors that later I recognized as kid's shirts. Walking closer with anticipation, I noticed the features of a gigantic rock, standing about 20 feet above the ground. One thing I immediately noticed was how isolated it was from other rocks. It was located in a wooded area surrounded by trees instead of other big rocks. Woah! I thought, giving my camera to Ms. Monahan so she could take pictures of us on top of the huge boulder. I made it to the top of the rock, but as I climbed Doane Rock I realized it is really bumpy, with small indents as if man-made for climbing. However, it is really steep, so climbing to the top was difficult. The top of the rock stands about 18 feet high and about 12 feet wide. Half of the rock is visible above ground and the other half is underground. Doane Rock was put into its place by a melting glacier from Canada. The glacier was almost two miles thick so the rock was a pebble compared to the glacier. Doane Rock is a glacial erratic, meaning no other rocks are the size of this one in its area. Doane Rock was named after John Doane, one of the original settlers in the area at that time. | Doane Rock

5: Students find a spot to hold on to Doane Rock as they climb their way to the top.

6: The sun crept out of the sky while Blase, Braeden, Caroline, and Lucas were journaling atop of Doane Rock. Mr. Gorsky was peering over the trees on top of this 18 foot rock.

7: A look at Doane Rock before our group's visit.

8: Cheers! Girls are enjoying their first night in the decorated dining hall at the Sea Camp. | As we walked down the main pathway looking at all the numbers on the cabins, we finally saw the one that said 6!

9: Blase just got a hole-in-one on hole 6! | Blase is posing next to the iconic gorilla of Bass River Sports World. | As the sun sets, Rudy, Dianna, Blase, Anna, Joe, and Andy share stories while eating ice cream.

10: “Don't look down, don't look down,” I kept repeating to myself as I walked down what seemed like a plank on a pirate ship, but it was only a walkway onto the dock from the land. The dock was bouncing as we walked on it, so only a few of us were to go down at one time. Following Jakob to the Naviator, I walked up a few steps to reach the same level as the big boat. “Find a place anywhere on the boat, we'll be going out as soon as everyone boards,” the tour guide said. I found a seat on the side of the Naviator next to Gabe and Braeden. “Okay, as we pull up our mollusks net, please make your way to the front of the boat where Ellis will be. Or stay here in the back with me,” the tour guide said. I went in the front with Ellis. He brought a bucket with water that I guessed had a few organisms in them. But as he set the bucket down, I noticed there were tens of organisms in the bucket. “This one here is a sea snail,” Ellis said. “Who wants to hold it?” My hand shot into the air. He motioned me to put it down and placed the snail in my palm. It felt like nothing at first. But then very slowly, the tiny legs crept out of its shell and tickled my hand. It was crawling in my hand when Jenia asked to hold it. After holding all the small animals the guides dropped out the mollusks and dropped a net that was supposed to be for arthropods. After a few boring minutes of nothing, they pulled up the net and put the caught organisms in a bucket, repeating what they did for mollusks. Again I went to the front of the Naviator where Ellis was. He took out first a spider crab. “ got its name from the long, spider-like legs it has...,” he preached. I was only paying attention to when he was going to say “who wants to hold it?”. Once he did, again he let me hold it first, but had me grip it so my hands were on the side of its shell so the legs wouldn't snap at me. It almost slipped out of my hands. The shell had a slimy feel to it, probably from the waste in the water. I passed the spider crab along to Arianna. I grabbed a much smaller crab in the same manner that I held the spider crab. It felt much more uncomfortable taking it from the bucket,because the crab kicked its legs as it was trying to get away. “Will everyone return their creatures to the buckets. We will be heading back into the dock,” the tour guide announced over her microphone. After the fun of holding the mollusks, arthropods and other organisms we rested for lunch and relived the highlights of this experience. | The Naviator

11: Gabe, Joseph, Charlie, and Blase are joyful as they board The Naviator to collect sea creatures. | Max and Peter are listening to the tour guide as he shows them a spider crab. Some of the students were able to hold this creature.

12: Blase takes a look through a magnifying glass to see what is actually in the "clear" water. Instead of clear water, in contained many planktons and other microscopic organisms.

13: Mr. Gorsky is shocked at how strong the little spider crab is as he holds it carefully so it doesn't escape his grasp.

14: Blase is holding a sand crab. | Blase is carefully holding on to a swimming crab. | Students are taking pictures of the captured mollusks. | All the organisms captured in the Naviator nets. | Blase smiles with a crab! | Blase is careful the spider crab will not try to claw at him as he holds it carefully.

15: Blase had a chance to hold all the creatures captured on the Naviator. Some of the included organisms were crabs and snails, as shown below. | Blase is grasping a smaller crab. | Blase has a swimming crab it his hands. We don't do this every day at Wayland Middle School!

16: A seal pokes his head out of the sky blue water as it peer at the Naviator drifting by. | A horse shoe crab gets washed up to shore along with other sea organisms.

17: Among the horse shoe crab, washed up on shore were rocks and microscopic organisms. If you look very closely, there is a green crab scuttling along the rocks trying to get free.

18: The Sand Dunes | On Thursday we went to the sand dunes with other bus groups. There was a quarter-mile trail before we reached the sand dunes. After taking my shoes off on a designated area, I looked up at the dunes only to see ant like people standing on top of the dunes, and some people jumping, rolling and running off the dunes. Charlie, Joe, Peter, and I walked for what seemed like an hour to get to the top. When we finally got to the top, I took a look down to where I just was. “What if someone fell all the way down to the bottom?” I asked to Joe. “It'll be a long way back up”, he said as he sprinted off a pointy part of the sand and leaped off and disappeared. Seconds later he returned and said it was awesome! After that is when I decided to jump off. I felt the wind blowing against me, but it didn't stop me from jumping. I took a short breath and left my feet, falling for what felt like a minute, but was only a few seconds. I hit the soft silky sand with my feet and flopped onto my back. Wow! That didn't hurt at all, I thought. As I was climbing back the steep dune, I watched as Peter launched himself into the air, waving his arms in circles, and landing almost twice as far as where I had landed! After jumping off for about 30 more minutes, we all wandered about 50 feet below the peak of the sand dunes. Joe and Peter were talking together, and I was lying in the sand empty minded. All of a sudden, I was hot from the sand and sort of dug my feet and shins to another layer of sand that was much cooler than the original layer. I kept going from there and buried myself up to my waist. The next thing I knew Peter and Joe were piling up sand on my chest and arms, leaving me paralyzed up to my neck. The only movement out of me they could see was my chest going up and down from my breaths. It seemed like we had been there for only a minute when our bus group was leaving. That meant I needed to get the sand off me. The easy part was wiping off my arms, legs and chest. The harder parts to sand-free were my back, hair, and down my pants. Even though that was aggravating, visiting the sand dunes was a really fun event!

19: After the quarter mile walk through the woods, we encountered the sand dunes. Some of the bus groups were already at the top of the dunes. From where we were, they looked ants! Some of us were jumping, rolling, and even flipping off of the dunes!

20: Peter has jumped off the higher level sand dunes and is about to crash on the soft surface. | Blase is paralyzed up to his neck after being buried by Joe and Peter.

21: On our last night of the trip, we went to the movie theater as a grade and watched The Three Stooges. It was fun to laugh together! | Every student got popcorn to watch the movie. The movie was hilarious, and was even better with popcorn!

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