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Creatures of the Sea

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S: Mrs. DePalma's Class

FC: Creatures of the Sea | By Mrs.DePalma's class

1: Sea Anemones pg.2-3 Lobsters pg.4-5 Jellyfish pg.6-7 Stingray pg.8-9 Dolphins pg.10-11 Manatees pg.12-13 Sea Horses pg.14-15 Sharks pg.16-17 | contents | Creatures of the Sea by Mrs. DePalma's class

2: Sea Anemone This animal is not a mammal. A sea anemone lives in the ocean. They eat small fish and shrimp. It gets its food in the ocean. They live in shallow waters. They usually attach themselves to rock or sand. They are found everywhere in the ocean, but mostly in coastal plains. Its life cycle is the polyp, produces eggs and sperm, which develop into planula that develops directly into another polyp. They have sea anemone babies. Humans are their major predator. It grabs its prey with a tentacle and moves it to its mouth.

3: By Alexis and Ashleigh | the website is

4: Lobsters are crustaceans not mammals. The Lobster has five pairs of jointed legs, sharp claws, and a hard shell. It is an omnivore. It eats shrimp, crayfish, water fleas, and wood lice. It gets its food by going a mile or more while digging for clams, and worms. It lives in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico. Its habitat is in a burrow by day and it prowls the ocean floor under the cover of darkness.

5: Lobster Made by Alexa Kowalski and Cameron Gurrieri Source KidsInfo Bits | We think lobsters are interesting.

6: By Alfred Valero and Brian Perkins Jellyfish Source

7: Jellyfish The animal is not a mammal.The jellyfish is the size of a soup bowl.It eats plankton.It gets it's food using it's stingers.It lives on the surface of the sea.The animal's habitat is the sea.It is found worldwide.The life cycle starts in the polypoid stage then hatch and becomes a jellyfish.Their defense is their stingers.The animal is affected by humans by pollution.

8: Stingray The stingray is a fish and not a mammal. The stingray has a flattened body with a barb on the end of its tail. Stingrays eat worms, snails, clams, oysters, and some small fish. The Manta rays eat tiny plankton. The stingrays eat by sucking their prey into their mouth and crushing them with their teeth. Stingrays live in sandy, muddy bottoms on the sea floor or in bays. The stingray is found in cold rivers of the Arctic and warm waters of the Arctic waters in the tropic. The stingray's defenses are stinging the predator. The stingray has affected by humans because we eat them and if too many adult stingrays were fished they can't replace themselves with new stingrays, they will just die. They have been on earth for 150 million years. Source: http://animals.national /stingrays.html and Animals of the world book page 104 and 105.

9: By Averi Thier | And by Robert Weid

10: Dolphins | Dolphins are mammals. They can be 6 ft. in length Maes can be 4-8 ft. longer. A dolphin's diet contains squid, mackerel, and sardines. The animal's habitat is the ocean.Their life cycle is calf, young adult,and adult. They have live babies. Their predators are humans and sharks. By:Sydney Stevenson and Emily Root


12: This animal is a mammal. The manatee has a long gray body and flat paddle shaped tail with three to four nails on each flipper. The manatee eats sea grass,algae,plants along shores,they sometimes swallow fish or snails or small crabs attached to plants that they eat.The manatee lives in Florida.The manatees live cycle is Adult manatee calves, juvenile. The manatee 's predators are boats. James Ryan | MANATEES

14: Seahorses

15: A seahorse is a fish. it has a coronet, petal,and a eye. it eats krin, brim, and shrimp. It lives in the shallow end of the ocean in the meadows of the sea grass.Seahorses can be found in seas along temperate coasts and in the oceans tropics. They have eggs called fry.Their predator's are clams they change color to defend themselves. | by, Patrick and dionna |

16: Great White Sharks Great Whites are not mammals. They can be more than 15-20 feet long. A Great White Shark eats sea lions,fish, small toothed whales,and their favorite is seals.They sneak up on their prey and attack.They live in cool coastal waters through out the world.They have babies called pups.They have no predators. by Tyler and Lorea

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