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BC: In some disaster areas, scientists use modern science and technology early to predict the occurrence of the disaster. No one injured or killed in the disaster. Government also provides the necessities and supplies to affected areas in time. Finally, People help each other in their reconstruction. by Stacie

FC: Disaster | Mary McIntosh 2008 | Stacie RWG 6E

1: Can we survive? | The novel “Disaster” (Mary McIntosh, 2008) mainly talks about disaster, which is a serious topic and introduces three kinds of disasters around the world. The author focuses on natural disasters, human error and disease. She also mentions no one can stop disasters happen, but some disasters were caused by people. However, people can use modern science and technology to prevent some kinds of disasters and people should help each other.

2: 1.Natural disasters | It has been said that there are no truly natural disasters, all disasters are actually caused by human beings.

4: Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius | 1.1 Vesuvius | Vesuvius was erupting on 24 August AD 62, many people died and some towns were destroyed.

5: 1.2 Earthquakes | After an earthquake, Kobe, Japan 1995 | Tangshan, China 1976 It was completely destroyed.

6: 1.3 The Asian Tsunami | A tsunami is a huge wave caused by an earthquake under the sea. | The waves were 20 meters high and speeds were 800 kilometers per hour.

7: 1.4 Hurricane Katrina | New Orleans, August 2005 | Nearly 80 percent of the city was under water.

8: 2. Human error | This part is I most interested in, and mainly talks about human error and I am curious about the facts of “Titanic”(P30), no one in this story I like, because it is a sorrowful story, but I really sympathize with people who met with misfortune in Titanic. I do not like Captain Smith, because of his confident countless innocent people lost their lives.

10: 2.1 The Great Fire of London | This fire should be prevented in time, but people were trying to escape with a valuable thing. | This is the result of people's selfish.

11: 2.2 The Titanic | Over 1,500 people died in the Titanic disaster.

12: 2.3 Bhopal | The cyanide spill occurred at a pesticide plant near Bhopal slum. | At that time, two thousand people immediately killed, and later more 20,000 people died in the disaster, more than 200,000 Bhopal residents are permanently disabled, cancer rates for existing local residents and children mortality rate still due to these disasters than other Indian cities.

13: 2.4 Challenger and Columbia | The Challenger space shuttle disaster happened in U.S. Eastern time on January 28, 1986 at 11am. | It just took off 73 seconds over the United States, Florida, it disintegrated and seven people died.

14: 2.5 The Exxon Valdez | Exxon Valdez hit a reef in Prince William Sound, Alaska, and spilling more than 11 million gallons of crude oil. This is the biggest event in the history of the United States with spill. | People are cleaning up after the oil spill.

15: 2.6 Chernobyl | In the history of nuclear power generation, Chernobyl event is considered to be the most serious nuclear accident, which occurred in Ukraine on April 26, 1986.

16: 3. Disease | Although we have many successful developments in science and medicine, still some diseases that people can not control.

18: 3.1 EYAM and the plague | It is also called "Black Death" that is one of the most serious plague in human history. | This plague caused an estimated 75 million deaths in the world and the medieval Europe, about one-third of the people died of plague.

19: 3.2 HIV/Aids - a modern plague | HIV/Aids is a disease of the blood. Many parts of the world provides World HIV/Aids Day is celebrated on 1 December every year.

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