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S: EARTHSPEAK ~~ Karen Pierre

FC: EARTHSPEAK Art and Legends for the Earth KarenPierre

1: I believe the relationship between our environmental problems and human hostilities can be understood more deeply from the messages found in ancient wisdom and from the themes found in nature ... and through this understanding we will find ways to become personally responsible for making the changes necessary to live peacefully on this earth. This is the basis of my art ... to help make this connection. Some of the pictures from earlier paintings may not be clear, as I no longer have the original or the photo captured images. © 2012 by the author of this book. The book author retains sole copyright to her contributions to this book. | For nearly 30 years, I had the wonderful experience of sharing my art and thoughts, as I tried to understand the importance of my connection to ancient wisdom and our earth and her creatures. There are no words to express the joy I found through conversations with the many visitors who spent time with me in both my Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Asheville, North Carolina galleries. We learned so much from each other and I will never forget those incredible years. So I dedicate this book to you. | cover image BEGINNING TIME OF ILLUMINATION As I look to the four directions, I am heartbroken and full of sadness, for the destruction and pain our Earth and her creatures are feeling. I look to the Standing People; their roots connect us to our Mother Earth, their branches reach to Spirit, And I remember the Language of Love again. My hope is in the wisdom ... Many cultures have shared their prophecies that tell of a time of compassion and peace, and that time is now

2: Two Days Dreaming and Into History are my first pencil drawings done in the very early 1990's. This was the beginning of an exciting and creative new time. *** TWO DAYS DREAMING ~ 1990 This first drawing came to me as an image when I was going through a difficult time. I asked a specific question and then allowed thoughts and visions to flow gently through me while I was almost in a state of sleep. This image appeared several times, and I finally found the courage to begin drawing. I realized this type of meditation could help me find the answers to many questions in my life, as well as to find images I could draw that would enable me to share these messages. Native people have used all of Nature to learn the teachings of Great Spirit and Mother Earth. By using these natural gifts, we can learn so very much about ourselves and each other, and about the ways we can find a peaceful way to live our lives. | INTO HISTORY ~ 1990 The Vanishing Race is a photograph by Edward Curtis, of a column of Indians riding into a canyon in Arizona. "It contains a haunting mysticism rarely found in pictures." [New York Times] This photograph was the inspiration for my drawing Into History. It tells of today's earth crisis, of all that is vanishing from our beautiful and life-giving Mother Earth. We must listen to the words of our Native People.

3: THE POWER OF THE PERSONAL TOTEM ~ 1990 This teaching tells of finding the balance within ourselves so that we may live our lives in a way that feels more harmonious with all that is around us. We know that all of creation is in a state of change, and so it is that we must continue to become change ourselves. The branches of the tree reach upward to the love of Father Sky and the roots grow deep into the ground, reminding us of our connection to Mother Earth. It is said that there are only two things that we must do each day to survive; sleep ... our connection to the spiritual world, and eat ... our connection to the physical world of our earth. As we strive to become more balanced, we may learn the lessons taught to us by the animals, plants and all the universe, so that we may walk in balance between the spiritual and physical worlds. | FREEHEART BECOMES THE WIND ~ 1990 This drawing was done from a photograph by Edward Curtis. The chief's name was New Chest and he was a Piegan Indian. This tribe was part of the Blackfoot Confederacy and lived in the northern plains area. New Chest was part of a warrior society in which membership was based on age. Their function was to preserve order in the camp and on hunts. They kept informed of the whereabouts of the buffalo herds and helped organize feasts and dances. When this photograph was taken, New Chest was living on a reservation in Montana. Most of his people had died of disease and were living on land that was rapidly decreasing in size as the white man found new ways to take more and more of it away from them. Horse represents power, and true power is wisdom that can be found in remembering our total journey. Compassion and love for all of humanity will come to one who balances all pathways on the Medicine Shield. The wind is the breath of Great Spirit, connecting us to all. With the help of the wind, New Chest may have found some balance within the power of his wisdom to see beyond the immediate picture, and into a time when all people would be able to exist in harmony with each other.

4: BREATH OF LIFE ~ 1996 The breath of the Great Spirit is all around us. As we breathe out, we exchange the life force with every other being on earth. Dolphin is the keeper of the sacred breath of life and can teach us how to release our emotions thru our breath. By breathing in loving energy and releasing our tensions in the exhaling breath, we can prepare for the Dreamtime and all the magic it may reveal to us. Dolphin was given the gift of communication and was able to be the link between the children of the earth and the Dreamtime dwellers. Each of us has the ability to become a link to a solution for the difficulties here on earth... We can feel the love of Grandfather Sun and Mother Earth and learn our deepest emotions from Grandmother Moon. We can soar even higher on the wings of Eagle Medicine and breathe the breath of Great Spirit to feel our connection to all the beings that ever were. | THE WHITE BUFFALO WOMAN ~ 1990 I come from the stars...." She brought the Gift of the Pipe to be smoked in sacred ceremony so the people would remember the Seven Truths. The first breath ~ gratitude for Great Spirit The second ~ for Mother Earth The third ~ for all the creatures The fourth ~ honor for all human tribes The fifth ~ guidance from the Spirit World The sixth ~ blessings for six other souls The seventh ~ taken in silence for Great Spirit Here, she explained, it was better to have no words. This would bring a feeling of unity and a glowing within. "for when the storm is over, a great fire of love will bring a time of perfect order to all peoples of the earth and peace will bring a time of great rejoicing to all her creatures. Remember this...."

5: SEE THAT I AM YOUR FRIEND 1990 inspired by the movie "Dances With Wolves" The soldier begins to experience a deepening friendship with a People that honor the land and each other in a way that is different from anything he has ever known before. | This was, and still is a very popular piece. Finally there was a movie that depicted Native Americans in a way that I knew was closer to the truth. I remember as I was watching the movie, that I was really able to understand the soldier's feelings as he began to discover how to fill the emptiness he had been experiencing. | Maybe that is why the movie was so popular. I think we are all trying to fill the empty space that keeps us so separate from nature and each other. It seems to be the missing link to true happiness.

6: WAITING FOR THE SONG ~ 1993 In the wood, I lie dreaming Watching images of that yet to come Stories weave in the air around me With the history that creates what I am On the Earth I lie dreaming Warmed by the sun Cooled by the breeze Listening to secrets Whispered by the wind Whirling through the mind of a paradox living In the winter I lie dreaming Waiting for the song that signals me to wake The joining of history with myth and story Twining around what I am,,, what I shall forever be ... In the wood I lie dreaming Waking softly to a life constant, ever-changing lived joyfully. by Jennifer Tait | THE MEDICINE SPOON ~ 1993 The healer is finding much joy in learning the teachings of Wolf and the power of Horse. The healer will share these Great Truths with all who will listen to the message that Mother Earth's gifts are in great abundance. She has all we need to create a world of perfect peace if we can truly hear the teachings and find the power within ourselves to share.

7: The digital images of the paintings on this page are too small to show well here. Just the same, they were all important to me and the many visitors who visited my gallery. Often they inspired wonderful conversations. | SEEING HIGH He must have had great knowledge of the medicine of the Winged - Ones. Hawk [messenger], Raven [magic], and Crow [keeper of the sacred law] have strong connections to the spiritual world. The observer must be aware of the responsibility to bring the message from the Great Spirit to the physical world. It may be the ability to see a broader vision, or it may be the gift of healing magic. | It may be the ability to see a broader vision, or it may be the gift of healing magic. The illusions of the physical world and the need for change may be the message brought to Seeing High, who reminds us that in this time of crisis for our Mother Earth, we must all seek the guidance being sent to us from the Great Spirit. this drawing was done from an Edward Curtis photograph. | THE MEDICINE WHEEL 1990 This ancient symbol of the universe reveals the gifts we can develop from within ourselves, and teaches how we may reach our fullest potential and walk in balance. The animals of each direction are living examples of our own qualities that we may wish to develop. The East is the direction of illumination, guidance and leadership, and of learning to be in the present time. South is the place of the physical body and of the heart. Sensitivity, trust, and learning to express feelings are learned from this direction. West represents learning to find answers within, using prayer, meditation and dreams. | North is the place of wisdom: the ability to think clearly and to imagine and interpret hidden meanings. By journeying to the very center of our being we may experience the direct connection to the universe and to our Creator. All of the gifts of each direction are balanced and enhanced by the gifts of the other directions. If we learn to see ourselves at the center of the wheel, we can understand how we are a part of the bigger picture; that we are not just our bodies or thoughts, but are a part of something much deeper. We will see that we truly are connected to everything. | BALANCE ~ 1990 From the deepest recesses of our collective memory, Turtle surfaces to remind us of our original covenant to respect and cherish all life. As we walk in this place of balance, we recognize the uniqueness of each individual pathway. Yet, we also realize that we share a common ground: Mother Earth, our home. As we each move toward a place of personal balance, we are collectively reestablishing the balance of our planet. One cannot be established without the other. | CELEBRATION ~1991 Turtle, the oldest known symbol of Mother Earth. heals, as all life celebrates her rebirth. Each animal represents a gift. And each gift is a way to learn about our deepest feelings. | ACCEPTING THE GIFTS OF THE BIRD TRIBES ~ 1996 As I am learning to use the powerful medicines of the Bird Tribes, I am able to hear the gentle voice of Deer reminding me to express more love and compassion in my life. I am finding a desire to be forgiving to others and to myself, and I am feeling a joyous feeling of thankfulness. I can hear the sweet sound of the flute or the wind in the branches in the tall white pine. I am able to feel the beauty more often as I learn to accept the Order of the Universe and truly believe that love is all there is. | REMEMBERING ANCIENT SECRETS ~ 1994 If we can learn to listen to our own inner voices and begin to trust the messages, we will understand ways to ease the restlessness so many of us are feeling at this time.By learning ways to deepen love for ourselves, we will help to heal the broken heart of all.

8: THE LEGEND OF JUMPING MOUSE from a Lakota legend ~ 1994 | Little Mouse lived quite comfortably with her friends and family, gathering food each day and being careful never to wander too far from her safe home. She had learned to keep a watchful eye on the sky, for the mighty Eagle could at any moment choose her for his meal. So she was always very careful and fearful ... and sometimes wondered what it would be like to be completely happy. One day, Little Mouse heard something. Soon this sound became a roaring in her ears. What was this? It became too loud to ignore, so finally she ventured from her safe home to find Raccoon, hoping he could help. "The sound you hear is the River." said Raccoon. I will take you there and maybe you will understand more." | Little Mouse was afraid to leave the safety of home, but she also had a great need to find the answer to this sound that would not go away. So together they went to the River. It was beautiful and very exciting to see. "Where does it go?" asked Little Mouse. "What is it all about?" " I can show you." said Frog from her lily pad.. "There is something wonderful to see. Just jump into the air and you will find the answer." "I'm afraid." said Little Mouse. "What if I fall in? What if Eagle sees me?" "Trust, Little Mouse." said Frog. So even tho she was afraid, she trusted Frog, gathered her courage, and jumped into the air as high as she could. And way off in the distance, she saw the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. It was the Mountains! Never had she seen anything like it. "I must go there, I must see the Mountains." | Frog smiled. "You are learning to trust ... and now your name will be Jumping Mouse. Perhaps you will follow your sound and find the Mountains." "Oh I don't think so. I'm afraid ... it's so far to go. And Eagle might see me." And she ran home. But the sound in her ears kept calling her. Her friends told her not to go ... stay here where you are safe." they said. But Jumping Mouse remembered how she trusted Frog and was able to see the beautiful Mountains. And the sound kept calling her. Finally one day she left home... she knew she just had to see the Mountains. She was so afraid. The prairie stretched before her, so very big and scary. What if Eagle saw her? But on she went, stopping every few minutes to see if Eagle's shadow was overhead.

9: Soon she came upon a great animal lying in the grass. "Oh great creature" she said, "Who are you ... and why are you lying in the grass?" "I am Buffalo, and I am dying." The great animal looked so very sad. Jumping Mouse trembled in fear. The animal was so big and she could see shadows overhead. "My Medicine tells me the only thing that can save me is the eye of a mouse." said Buffalo. Jumping Mouse ran off into the grass. She was terrified ... but he was truly a beautiful creature. She just could not let him die; so she ran back to where he was lying and told him she was a mouse and he could have her eye. And as she did so, her eye flew into Buffalo and he immediately became well. "Look, I am well!" he cried. "Oh thank you Jumping Mouse for your gift. And I know of your journey to see the Mountains. Run along under my belly and I will guide you to the other side of the prairie. You will be safe from Eagle" Jumping Mouse knew she could trust Buffalo and it felt good. They became friends as they traveled together. At the other side of the prairie, Buffalo and Jumping Mouse had to say goodbye, but they knew they would always remember each other. | Before her the deep forest stretched all the way to the foot of the Mountains. Jumping Mouse became afraid again as she thought of all the dangers in the woods. But her desire to see the Mountains was greater than her fear, and she ran on. Soon she came upon another beautiful creature. He was very confused. "I don't know who I am" he said sadly. "Maybe I am a bear ... maybe a wolf... I just don't know. I think I may be dying." Jumping Mouse felt sad for Wolf. "You are such a beautiful creature." said Jumping Mouse. "What will make you well?" "Only the eye of a mouse can heal me." he said. " And I do not even know what a mouse is." A great tear fell from his eye. Jumping Mouse was very afraid ... and sad. "I do not want to give him my eye." she thought. But she could feel his great sadness, and felt so much compassion for him that her fear disappeared. So she told him that she was a mouse and wanted him to have her eye. At that instant her eye flew into Wolf and at once he became well. "I am Wolf!" he cried. "I am Wolf.Thank you Jumping Mouse, thank you, thank you for your gift! And I know of your journey to see the Mountains. Come, hop on my back and hide in my fur and I will take you safely through the forest. Eagle will never see you." | Jumping Mouse could not see the Mountains now, but her desire to be near them was very strong. "I trust you to keep me safe." she said and tho she could hear the eagles screeching and circling, looking for mice to eat, she went with him. As they traveled together, they became great friends. At last they arrived at the Mountains, and Wolf and Jumping Mouse had to say goodbye. But they would always remember each other's gifts. "How I wish I could see the Mountains." she whispered. "Oh, but you can." said a voice. "Who are you?" "I am your friend Frog" the voice answered. "You have come on a long journey, Jumping Mouse, and have learned much. Trust one more time ... jump into the air and you will see the Mountains." "But I am blind now ...." she began " Trust." said Frog. "Just trust and jump into the air." And this time she was not afraid. So she gathered her courage one more time and jumped. Up she went, higher and higher...and still higher. "Look..." called Frog from far below. "Now your name is EAGLE !"

10: THE FIRST WORLD OF LOVE After the creation, harmonious living was present among all the beings of earth. Each one had great respect for the others, and the language of love was spoken through feelings of the heart. Each tribe [race] had been given different gifts to enable all to live in perfect harmony. The black race was given the ability to seek the truth of the void of the unknown through ritual. The brown race would learn the survival instincts through unity and lessons of working together. The red people were to be the guardians of Mother Earth's body and her creatures. The yellow race would refine the truth by making new sets of knowing systems to teach all the others. The white race would use creativity and magnetism to learn the truth through fairness. But eventually, many members of all races became greedy and hurtful, and The People [a few members of all races] went to live within the safety of Mother Earth while Grandfather Sun cleansed the world with fire and the Whirling Rainbow of Peace filled the sky. | THE SEVEN WORLDS ~ 1994 from "Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours" Twylah Nitsch and Jamie Sams | This is a Seneca history lesson and a prophecy. It tells of The People's journey through time, from the earth's creation, to the prophecy of a time of peace that would begin in the very near future. Through many years, The People lived in perfect harmony with the earth and all Her creatures and with Great Mystery, in a loving and compassionate way. | THE SECOND WORLD OF ICE As the faithful emerged onto the earth's surface, they were horrified to see that there was no vegetation and that life would be very difficult. The Sky People took pity on the humans and sent the fire stick to keep them warm. Antelope came to give the gift of his body for food and his hide for clothing. He gave his bones for tools and his sinew for thread and glue. All Antelope asked was that the people honor the gifts given. Then Grandmother Moon and Wolf brought the gift of language to the people so that they might enhance their many talents through story and song. But eventually the humans forgot. They became careless and lost respect for other beings of the earth. So Mother Earth again took the few Faithful into her body, and this time the earth was cleansed with ice. | But there were also times when The People forgot. After much greed and cruelty, Mother Earth sadly cleansed the earth each time so The People could begin again and remember to live in a loving way. We are now at the end of the Fourth World and just beginning to find our way into the Fifth World. Perhaps we will remember the old ways, the ancient prophecies, and live in peace at last.

11: THE THIRD WORLD OF WATER This time the Faithful emerged on a lush green surface that almost encircled the earth. For many years the humans lived in harmony with each other, but again, after a time, most forgot the ancient ways. They used the earth's gifts wastefully and were harmful to each other. Though they had great technology, [Atlantis] they became even greedier and finally destroyed the mighty Tree of Life. So, with great sadness, Mother Earth cleansed the earth once again; this time with water. | THE FOURTH WORLD OF SEPARATION When the waters receded, the land was divided into continents, each to become the home of a separate race. When the Faithful emerged upon the surface, they knew the promise of this world was to be equality, but the challenge would be that of separation. As they explored their individual beliefs, the memory of Great Mystery was forgotten, and once again greed , lack of respect and intolerance flourished. Wars and great sadness covered the earth. But there were a few who remembered and carried the vision of a time of peace, love and new hope as the Earth Mother prepared to send mighty cataclysms to the areas of greatest sadness. We are now in the final days of the Fourth World, but we are filled with hope and the vision of many years of peace that is the promise of the next world.

12: THE FIFTH WORLD OF ILLUMINATION This will be a time of perfect peace. Five traveling stars, bridging the Fourth and Fifth Worlds, will bring new thoughts of understanding and healing medicines for the people and the Earth. The circle of the Whirling Rainbow of Peace will be seen at last. The lessons of opposites will be replaced by the knowing that all lessons are equal. Rather than trying to find wisdom outside themselves, the humans will become wisdom, and there will be peace on Earth at last.

13: THE SIXTH WORLD OF PROPHECY AND REVELATION This will be a time when all planetary beings will actually know and feel everything that their counterparts feel and know. Life will develop through dream awareness. and We will dream our future together. | THE SEVENTH WORLD OF COMPLETION The Seventh World will allow life to return to its beginning place. The Language of Love will return as a means to understand in the purest form. We will truly understand the unconditional love of Great Spirit, and we will realize our journey to develop our talents to complete our contribution of wholeness to life.

14: THE TREE OF PEACE ~ 1994 Many centuries ago, the People of the Lakes had forgotten the old ways. They lived in fear and mistrust often taking up their weapons against each other. One day the Great Peacemaker came to them and spoke of the need to return to the old ways of their ancestors. But the People did not want to change and were angry and afraid. So with the help of a twisted, old magnificent pine tree and a new and beautiful Tree of Peace, they learned of the prophecy... of the coming of three other races to their lands, and the time of great sorrow that would follow. They were told they must form the League of Iroquois Nations [the Constitution of the United States was based upon this structure] and together they could bring joy into their lives. Today we are learning the ways of love and respect as we remember the teachings of Native Americans. | FOUR DIRECTIONS OF THE MEDICINE WHEEL 1996 This ancient symbol of the universe reveals the gifts we can develop from within ourselves, and teaches how we may reach our fullest potential and walk in balance. The animals of each direction are living examples of our own qualities that we may wish to develop. The East is the direction of illumination, guidance and leadership, and of learning to be in the present time. South is the place of the physical body and of the heart. Sensitivity, trust, and learning to express feelings are learned from this direction. West represents learning to find answers within, using prayer, meditation and dreams. By journeying to the very center of our being we may experience the direct connection to the universe and to our Creator. North is the place of wisdom: the ability to think clearly, to imagine and interpret hidden meanings. All of the gifts of each direction are balanced and enhanced by the gifts of the other directions. If we learn to see ourselves at the center of the wheel, we can understand how we are a part of the bigger picture; that we are not just our bodies or thoughts, but are a part of something much deeper. We will see that we truly are connected to everything.

15: GIFT OF THE FOUR HORSES ~ 1996 You have blended with.... become... four magnificent horses. They are body, mind, spirit and emotions. You are racing across the prairie feeling as powerful as the wind, the Great Spirit itself. | FOR THE GIFT [BODY] Our bodies remind us of our connection to Mother Earth. Our life's breath connects us to all Her other beings. Her gifts of food and water sustain us. The joy and sorrow we experience through the lessons of our relationships with others, and with illness and survival, can help us to live life with one foot planted firmly on our earth while reaching for the wonder of the stars, as we unite our body, mind, spirit and emotions. | FOR THE BEAUTY [MIND] Our mind is the part of us that is able to transfer the image of a flower into the idea that it is a thing of great beauty. It can visualize a home before it is built. It can plan a meal or a journey to the mountains, or decide to bring a gift to a lover. Our minds can also become a channel from our heart to our spiritual self, helping us to continue to become all that we can be. | FOR THE MAGIC [SPIRIT] The beauty of a flower, or a horse racing across the prairie ... The brilliance of stars on a dark summer night, The vastness of the Universe beyond ... The warmth of a fire or the wonder of a kiss ... The magic is to finally, truly know that Great Spirit is love and love is all there is. | Then one horse stumbles and falls. The others cannot continue alone. They must wait until the fallen horse can get up and go forward again so that all may be as one in their journey. | FOR THE LOVE [EMOTIONS] Our body picks the flower, our mind knows that it is beautiful. And we realize that we are a part of something very magical because our emotions feel the joy. Body, Mind and Spirit are tightly interwoven. But it is our emotions that keep us reaching for the awareness that will help us awaken to a world we can only imagine and of knowing who we really are.

16: WOLF’S SONG ~ 1996 Nature's relationship between predator and prey has always seemed a strange and even cruel mystery. By trying to understand the true nature and teachings of Deer and Wolf, the extraordinary lesson has finally become clear. Wolf is the teacher, the conveyor of new ideas and great truths to be shared with others or learned from within. Grandmother Moon is Wolf's power ally and holds the secrets of our unconscious wisdom. Deer is the teacher of unconditional love and can teach the power of gentleness for healing our wounded hearts. We can learn from these teachers of the greatest gift of all, when one gives its life so that another may live. All of us must eat other living things to be able to live ourselves. Many of us have forgotten to take this gift lovingly and with respect. How can we restore harmony to our Mother Earth, and help to heal our hearts of violence and greed, when we take the pain and suffering of others into our bodies? We must each search our hearts and decide how we will become a part of all Her gifts as we remember that we are truly connected to, and are a part of everything on our earth. This drawing has very special meaning for me as I discover what true compassion really is. {you will find Deer, Wolf, Dolphin, Horse and Sparrow in this ink and pencil drawing] | PROMISE OF PEACE Ancient legends tell of many prophecies for this time in history. It is said that there are images and words and symbols in our minds that can help us to understand this process of life that we are experiencing, an inner knowing that we are somehow connected to everything on this earth and beyond. Our journey is often so difficult, often so painful, and when we see the suffering of others, of the animals forests and mountains, of the rivers and oceans and of our loved ones, it is then we can become overwhelmed by it all. But this is a very special time in history ... perhaps we can find deep within our memory the wisdom planted there a long time ago. Perhaps we can use this wisdom to open our hearts to the strength, truth and love that lives within, and become willing to bring our lives into harmony with this Greater Intelligence, to actually become peace and to remember that we are the ones we are waiting for. This is the promise of peace.

17: For there to be peace on earth, we must become peace. This part of Buddhist philosophy has been taught by every culture throughout time. For there to be peace, we must accept our responsibility for the earth and for the animals. "What we do to the earth and to the animals, we do to ourselves" Chief Seattle's words have become a prophecy. Today we see an immense increase in illness, large devastation of our natural resources worldwide including our national parks, and great sadness and pain to both humans and animals everywhere. The parrot represents the rain forest dwindling habitat. And many others like the deer or leopard are left with little to call home, or are hunted for sport and trophy. The monkey reminds us that there are alternatives now to laboratory testing, so that we may eliminate cruel and inaccurate procedures. We all remember the fur seal's call for help a few years ago. And the gentle manatee often scarred and maimed by motorboats. | What of the coral reefs of the world.. the countless life forms it supports including our own. The cat and dog ... centuries of companionship, often living in solitude or left to multiply to starvation. When the circus or rodeo comes to town, the elephant can help us to realize many of the performers are cruelly treated and isolated. And the hidden shame of our civilized countries is the farm animal [represented here by the large face of the cow]. Few of us realize that six or eight chickens are packed in 18x24 inch cages for their entire lives, de-beaked and de-toed, unable to stand on their own due to forced overweight. Or that for pigs and cows too, extreme overcrowding is usual along with anti-biotic and chemical laden food. Fully two thirds of all pigs and cows are conscious when they are skinned at slaughter. More than ten years ago, many countries in Europe began passing animal protection laws to eliminate all factory farming. | But in our country, anti-cruelty laws for farm animals have been stricken from the books in many states, due to the powerful beef and dairy, pork and poultry lobbies. Would most of us continue to support this sadness if we knew? Mahatma Gandhi once stated that one could tell about the people of a nation by how they treat animals. Eagle teaches us to see all with clarity. Butterfly brings us hope ... this is the time for transformation. I believe the ancient prophecies, telling us that this is a wonderful time of transition as we enter into a time of peace through non-violent actions and thoughts. The last few decades have found many of us seeking ways to become more "spiritual", a growing movement toward personal responsibility for peace. At last we are bringing our lives into alignment with our beliefs. | KINDRED SPIRITS | Hidden, but very clearly seen once found, is the large face of a cow. She is asking us to remember to treat her with respect and compassion ~ as she represents a part of Mother Earth and of ourselves.

18: GRANDMOTHER'S WISDOM The child often came to Grandmother with questions about everything, especially when he was sad or angry. She was so wise and her kind old face would soften as she told a story or related her own experience to help him to understand the lesson. One day the boy came to Grandmother and he was very upset. "What is troubling you,Grandson" she asked as she moved to one side to make room for him to sit next to her. "you look so angry." "I thought they were my friends...." he looked down at the ground and made scuffing marks in the earth with his toes. "But they laughed at me again today when I couldn't play the game better.....I can never win...they are much taller than me and can run faster. I will never be good at the game." He was near tears and fought to hold them back. Grandmother rested her hand on his shoulder and could feel him tremble with disappointment at himself. She stroked his hair and then said softly, "There have been times when I have felt anger too at others who were unkind, and I have felt angry at myself for feeling small and helpless. And I have even felt hate for those who felt no sorrow for the hurt they caused. But hate wears you down, Grandson, and it does not hurt your enemy. I have struggled with these feelings many times. It is as if there are two wolves living inside me; one is white and one is gray. White wolf is good and does no harm, living in harmony with all, and does not take offense when no offense was intended. White wolf will only fight when it is right to do so and in the right way. But gray wolf is full of anger. The littlest thing will cause a fit of temper. Gray wolf fights everyone all the time... for no reason...not thinking...because this anger and hate are so great. It is helpless anger and will change nothing. Sometimes it is hard to live with these two wolves inside of me, for both of them try to dominate my spirit." The boy was listening very carefully. He asked "Which one wins, Grandmother?" Grandmother smiled gently and said, "The one I feed." | COMMON HERITAGE Many believe that we have come from the stars, a glorious beginning. But now our journeys direction seems so very unclear. We know that our life on Mother Earth has taken many paths, and we have often followed the road that has led to much sadness and pain for so many. But the prophecies tell us we are about to enter the Fifth World of Illumination ~ a time of peace at last. How can we not be aware that this time of great unrest, and the physical changes Mother Earth is going thru, truly do reflect the increasing physical distress so many of us are experiencing. And what of the human spiritual crisis? Could it be that our Mother is trying to help us remember the ways of the First World of Love? The prophecies promise that we are on the pathway of truth and that we are here to complete our contribution to the wholeness of all life.

19: FREEDOM FLIES AWAY LIKE THE WIND To cherish, to care for to understand why freedom flies away like the wind. Means looking for meaning not taught and not bought. For the absence of truth is just saying the words and is empty, at best And the worst is the loss... so horribly terribly empty. We must find our own truth And live it each day So that freedom will not fly away like the wind. | WALKING BETWEEN EARTH AND SPIRIT Ancient wisdom teaches that we must become that which we believe. The forgotten link is the heart center ... It is the heart that supplies the brain with vibrational information instructing us on what to do next. It is said the heart receives its messages from Mother Earth, and the Earth from Spirit. As the Earth raises her vibrations, and as we enter this wondrous time, the Shift of the Ages, so must all living beings. I AM MY POWER, TAUGHT BY EAGLE I AM PEACE, TAUGHT BY THE SMALLEST WINGED ONE I AM COMPASSION, TAUGHT BY OUR MOTHER EARTH It is compassion that will help us to raise our own vibrations ... It is how we will be able to enter The Fifth World of Illumination A time of peace at last.

20: THE FOUR SEASONS Each season tells of a time in our life ... it may be a season of this year, or of our life. As we complete the cycle, we can look back and know that we have followed our dream. | IN THE STILLNES winter ~ a time of introspection He stands alone In the stillness In the softness The world shrouded He stands alone Searching Sound muffled Questions unanswered Why he stands alone Why the world is shrouded Why all sound is quiet Where have the others gone. Jennifer Tait | AWAKENING TO A NEW BEGINNING spring ~ a time of re-birth, new ideas Darkness wanes as days grow longer The circle turns again There have been harsh losses There have been new beginnings As the spiral encompasses all Grief wanes as joy takes its place The circle turns again And what has been learned must now be taught As the spiral encompasses all None can know what tomorrow brings As the circle turns again We must do what we can today So the spiral continues to encompass all The knowledge shall continue As the circle turns again Some shall be lost, others shall be found And the spiral encompasses all - Jennifer Tait

21: FOLLOW THE DREAM summer ~ a time of action A time of warmth, Long days and starry nights. This is the time of making dreams come true ... How many days will pass until the courage comes. How many dreamy nights will remain unfulfilled. And yet the times are many that we will awaken to find that dreams long buried in the warmth of summer days, and the cloak of starry nights, may be ours in the magic of longing. For the dream long buried will finally emerge, not separate But entwined, as our Spirit Touches the Earth. | JOY TO THE WORLD fall ~ celebration Do not try to cage us, like the sun we must be free. Do not try to tame us, like the wind we must be free. We are not evil ... For nature does not create black and white We are as we were meant to be. We mate for life, giving our whole love We care for our children We care for our friends We grieve their deaths, all too common. We eat, sleep, and play. We are so very like you. Allow us our lives, Allow us to be free. Jennifer Tait

22: RACING FOR SHELTER Thoughts race thru my thoughts not knowing where the stillness stays. Restless notions invade my day, my days... I long for peaceful moments unsure of how to find that place... Will I take the time to find it | PAINTED PONY If there are to be keepers Then it is compassion That understands the true spirit of freedom | PAINTED PONIES

23: EROS To find the love only dreamed of ... becomes the mirror of my desire to know the truth. But time can whisper doubts, can cloud my vision and surround me with vague feelings of uncertainty. So it is that I must enter an inner place ... with courage and resolution. My own truth becomes my Beloved. | LIFELINE Our connection to the past teaches our truth for the present. Our ancestors understood that truth. The answers to all we experience can be found in the art of feeling. If we can learn to feel our deepest desires, we will know the mystery, not of becoming, but of being. We will know that feeling is our connection to each other, to the universe, and to All That Is. | HEARTLINE Visions and secrets from so long ago Tell of a time that is now. It is now that the visions can be understood, as we enter the next world at last. We must look to the message of compassion and love, A collective response for the change. | The heartline is power for each to discover And bring to each other to share. This magnificent teacher brings freedom to each, As it races the wind, we will know. That the gift we impart is compassion for all And is found in a free spirited heart.

24: CALL OF THE WILD Can you feel it? Touch of the Earth Can you hear it? Call of the wild Like a siren she beckons Teasing, a sigh in the branches, A drop of rain Drowning us not in a stormy death But in the splendor of life A sigh on the wind The call of the wild Jennifer Tait | MESSAGES Don't know what's ahead tho today seems vague and cloudy my vision is blurred my thoughts are not clear..... Yet, I have heard the messages in Ancient Teachings..... Hope from so long ago brings my attention back And I remember more clearly now, the signs of coming spring are a Knowing Deep Inside And it will always be.

25: FREEDOM FLIES AWAY LIKE THE WIND To cherish, to care for to understand why freedom flies away like the wind. Means looking for meaning not taught and not bought. For the absence of truth is just saying the words and is empty, at best And the worst is the loss... so horribly terribly empty. We must find our own truth And live it each day So that freedom will not fly away like the wind. | FROM THE HEART From my Heart I feel such deep sadness feel my love for Her. And it is then I must remember not to cry for all Her pain .... for if I can see Her gifts of beauty, gifts of so much beauty ... Would I find the need to love Her , the need to care enough, and to remember that all I really need is love Her even more.

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