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Ella & Malo

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Ella & Malo - Page Text Content

S: Ella & Malo

FC: ELLA & MALO | By: Phoebe

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2: The grass was covered in dew as it was still very early. The Hawaiian sun was just rising. My flip flops made holes in the soft grass. I reached for Mouse's lead, that was hanging from the mailbox. I clipped it on to his collar and then pushed the front yard gate open.

4: It led to a long road that went two ways. The city or the forest. “ I was going to go the the new candy store in town, but thanks to your muddy moment, we'll have to go the forest way.” I said to Mouse. As we trudged along the long black road, Mouse pulled on the lead, forcing me to walk faster.

6: The road slowly turned into dirt, as trees surrounded us. The road to the river took a rough and bumpy one, but soon enough we where there.

7: I unclipped Mouse's lead and he dived into the deep river. I plopped in front of a tree, before I realized a skinny boy standing on the other side of the river.

8: “ Hi!” I said, my friendly nature taking over. “ whats your name?” I asked. He didn't answer. “ No English?” I asked him. “ Oh I speak English!” He said, in a surprisingly good ascent. “ Then whats your name?” I asked again. “ Malo.” He said cheerfully. “ And, whats yours?” He asked. “ Wait a sec.” I said. I ran along to the other side of the river, and then leaped across to the side he was on. I walked over to him and then said “ Ella.”

10: As the morning pasted by I learned a lot about Malo. He lived in a Hawaiian village, and the houses there are made out of straw and clay, which Malo told me where amazingly sturdy. Malo is ten, just like me and he goes to school, thats why his English is so good. His dad is a taxi driver and his mom is a housewife. With his dad working, they are the richest family in the village. There little hut is the biggest. The village was very different, and that was urging me to visit. “ Um, would your Mum mind if I go to your house, Me and Mouse that is?” “ Yea, that'll be real cool!” “ Cool!” I said back. “

11: MOUSE!!!!” I whistled. Mouse came over. I clipped his lead back on. Malo picked up a big wooden stick and hung two buckets filled with water on either side. Soon we where trudging through the forest. This path was thin and long, leading to nowhere.

12: Malo looking relaxed as he led the way. Then Malo halted in front of a giant leaf. “ Okay, You Ready?” I nodded. HE pushed open the leaf. Behind it lay a grass field that stretched out for miles. In the middle, there was a little village surrounded by Tiki- Torches, just as Malo had explained. There was a clear blue sky that hung above everything. While palm trees swayed in the light breeze. Mouse paced behind me looking just as surprised as I was. I couldn't blame him, it was beautiful.

14: As the village came close, Malo had a grin spread widely across his face. From then on, I knew this would be fun.

15: “ Mama!” Malo called from the door. There was a fancy wooden chest in the corner, with bamboo frames with pictures of pineapples and elephants. “ Yes?” Came a voice from another room. “ Im home!” Malo called. A kind looking lady walked into the room. She was wearing a straw apron with a design of pineapples and elephants.

16: “ Oh and who are these?” She asked. “ These, are my friends.” “ Good, you’ve made some friends.” Then she turned to me. “ Well, nice to meet you, And my name is Kaya.” she turned back to Malo. “ Well, it nearly lunch, so show them to the table. “ Okay!” Malo said.

17: We walked into the next room. Inside it was a large bamboo table, with a vase of yellow hibiscuses. There where photo frames with pictures of the family, and big glass windows, silk curtains draped from them. There was a straw mat that sat under the table. Kaya walked in from what looked like the kitchen, carrying plates of delicious smelling food.

18: There was fried fish and white rice with sweet sauce. Pineapple sliced into little triangles, and some other fruits too. Topped off with some coconut juice.

20: After lunch, Kaya said she had to go to the shop, so she left the keys with Malo. We where walking the little pond near the village when a monkey swooped out of nowhere. It grabbed the key and ran away. “ Whoah!” I screamed. “ Hey, Thats MY key!” “ We gotta catch it!

21: We where sprinting as fast as we could. “ Come on!” I puffed. The monkey shot up a giant palm tree. On the palm tree hung several coconuts. Then an idea popped into my head. “come on, help me shake this tree!” I call. I grab the tree and Malo comes and helps. We shake the tree furiously. One, two then three coconuts fall off the tree. Then a couple more.

23: "I'm so lucky as can be, the world's greatest Dad belongs to me."

24: "Cherish your yesterdays, dream about tomorrow but live for today"

26: Happy Father's Day Dad!! | "The family is one of nature's masterpieces." -George Santayana

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  • Title: Ella & Malo
  • There is a girl with her dog Mouse, one day she goes on an adventure to a Hawaiian village and meets a boy named Mallo.
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