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Global Warming

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FC: Global Warming Mixbook By, Anya and Saleha

1: 2 Sides to the Issue of Global Warming There are two sides to the issue of Global Warming; some say it’s caused by the excess carbon-dioxide that humans are emitting but other scientists say it’s just mother nature.Global warming has been the latest issue in the past years; getting to know what it’s all about may help us all understand a bit more about global warming. Global warming is caused by the“greenhouse effect” which is when it acts to warm the earth’s atmosphere; which is normal but it isn’t when it exceeds the average temperature. That’s when the argument comes up;some say it’s due to human activities but others say its an natural occurrence . In this paper you’ll see a little deeper to both sides of the argument.

2: John Coleman; a meteorologist says that humans have nothing to do with global warming.There are more scientists like John Coleman that are saying that global warming isn’t all the fault of humans. They say that humans are responsible for less than three percent of the “greenhouse gases” also known as carbon dioxide. Geologists Nick Chakleton and Neil Opdyke from Cambridge University estimate that the average world temperature has been rising over the last one million years; way before humans started releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. We think most things we’re doing that release carbon dioxide may accumulate and affect future generations; the truth is that carbon dioxide has a life span of twenty years, after twenty years it disappears from the atmosphere all together. Many scientists have a lot to say about global warming. | Don't Worry About Global Warming

3: "Well, if this were a human caused warming, it should have started about 1940 and trended strongly upward as global industrialization followed World War II. That isn't what happened. The warming started about 1850. We had a surge of warming from about 1850 to 1870. We had another surge from 1916 to 1940 and then, when the greenhouse gases began to spew from the factories, the temperatures went down for 35 years. 1976 to 1998, we had another surge of warming, but we've had no warming in the last 8 years. So, what we have is an erratic warming that started too soon to be blamed on humans and is not following in the footsteps of the CO2 levels in the atmosphere."-- Dennis Avery "But we're responsible for all the carbon dioxide greenhouse effect? Gracious no! Humans can only claim responsibility, if that's the word, for about 3.4% of carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere annually, the rest of it is all natural..." -- Steven Milloy “There is no significant man-made Global Warming underway and the science on which the computer projections of weather chaos are based is badly flawed.” -- John Coleman | Quotes on Global Warming

4: Books against Global Warming | There’s a book on global warming explaining how it’s a hoax by Leo Johnson called Understanding the Global Warming Hoax Here are a few words from the book IS GLOBAL WARMING A HOAX? Isn't it time you read the facts? The propaganda of man-made global warming has been promoted by those with a political agenda by suppressing the truth and spreading fear. In this effort they have recruited academics, media, environmental groups, governments, the United Nations, even religions. Scientific evidence supporting man-made global warming has now been investigated by scientists and found to be baseless. Examination of the data has revealed the theory of climate change for the propaganda it is, derived from erroneous data, junk science, even scientific fraud.

5: Global Warming isn't something you should worry about | Another book about Global Warming is Climate of Fear by Thomas Moore. The book says that we shouldn't freak out about global warming | There are many scientists that don’t agree with the other scientists who think global warming isn’t a hoax. Just see what they have to say. Let’s see the other opinions and perspectives of global warming.

6: Global Warming is a Problem | Other scientists are saying that global warming is caused by the excessive carbon dioxide that is being released by humans,like when we use cars or electricity around our homes or at work; these are prime examples. When we use electricity or run our cars it causes the atmosphere to get warm and moist which causes global warming to occur.Many scientists have different ideas about global warming. A lot are saying it’s going to affect our planet.

7: "The United States worked with other nations to take on the ozone threat; so, too, must we lead the international effort to reduce heat-trapping emissions that cause climate change.” -Mario J . Molina "Economists now join climate scientists in a unified call for action to address the causes of climate change. Failure to act now is the most risky and most expensive thing we could do." - James J . McCarthy "The economic and social costs of global warming could be huge. We need to act now to limit them." - Eric Maskin | Quotes on Global Warming

8: There have been movies made about global warming like,The Great Global Warming Swindle .These movies show the true colors of global warming to the max and that this is truly happening on our planet. | Movie on Global Warming

9: Book on Global Warming | There's also a great book on global warming called The Gentle Giants of Ganymede. Here's a short part from the book. | "But at the time they lived, they faced the prospect of extinction– all dying out. Minerva was freezing all over fifty thousand years ago. They wanted to go to a warmer planet to live. We think they wanted to go to Earth. But there were many Lunarians, few resources, and little time. The situation made them afraid and angry . . . and they fought. By the time that our civilization was at its peak, however, a new epoch of tectonic activity was just beginning. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere began showing a measurable increase. It soon became clear that it would only be a matter of time before the level grew beyond the point we could tolerate. After that our world would become, for us, uninhabitable. We could we do?”

10: Our Opinions on Global Warming | We think that taking care of our planet is important even if global warming isn't really caused by humans. We shouldn't go crazy about it though. There should be a balance; balance is necessary in nature. Together we can all keep our planet earth safe!

11: The Conclusion | The conclusion is that there are so many opinions about global warming. Some are blaming humans others are saying that it's just a natural occurrence, who is right we may never know but taking care of our planet is essential.

12: Global Warming

14: Thank You for Viewing our Mixbook about global warming! We hope you learned a thing or 2 about global warming. | Mixbook Creation by Anya and Saleha

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