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Hoot Book Report

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FC: HOOT | By: Carl Hiaasen Created By: Alissa Manifesto

1: Recently and unhappily, Roy Eberhardt has moved to Florida. His family moves a lot, so Roy is used to the new-kid drill, and bullies. But at Trace Middle School there is only one bully for Roy, and his name is Dana Matherson. Dana picks on Roy daily,at school and on the school-bus, but in one way he kind of helps Roy. If Dana did'nt continuously jab his thumbs into Roy's temples, and smash his face to the school-bus window, Roy might have never seen the running boy.

2: T | The running boy was a boy that Roy spotted out side of the school-bus. The boy looked about the same age as Roy, but there was something strange about the boy. He had no backpack, no books, and, strangely, no shoes. The boy wasn't even running to the bus, he was running away!

3: Roy was filled with curiosity once seeing this boy and wanted to find out more about him, so he tried asking his friend Garret if he knew anything about the kid.

4: Garret had no clue who the kid was, and honestly didn't really care. But he still talked, practically all lunch, about it with Roy. He told Roy that if the boy didn't go to their school then he probably went to a Kathlick private school. Though Roy knew that no boy that goes to a private school would ever be dressed the way that boy was. Also, when Roy was on the bus, he saw the boy a couple of blocks away from his house. The Kathlick school was several miles away from there. That would be too far.

5: Roy tried to "investigate", but Dana wouldn't stop with the bullying. Roy was tired of dealing with non-stop bullying on the bus and at school. So he set things straight. | BAD

6: Roy hadn't seen the running boy for about a week, but he still waited for the boy to show up. Finally, one day, Roy saw the running boy. Coincidently, that was the day Roy set things straight with Dana. Once Roy spotted the running boy, he decided to slug Dana in the nose, and get off the bus as quickly as possible,( that's how Roy set thing straight with Dana). With out getting beat to a pulp, Roy succeeded, but accidentally pushed over a girl named Beatrice Leep while getting off the bus.

7: Beatrice Leep is a tough girl on the soccer team. No one messes with her because she gets ticked-off pretty easily. And once that happens, you're in a butt load of trouble!

8: When Roy got off the bus, he had to chase the running boy about 5 blocks. The running boy ran so swiftly and smoothly that Roy thought he was gliding on the ground. Finally, Roy catches up with the boy in a forest by a golfing coarse. Curiosity hit Roy right in the face when he found where the boy seemed to bed living and noticed a large bag. He opened the bag to find nine cottonmouth moccasins, a very poisonous snake. Though these ones seemed a bit strange. their tails were covered in blue glitter. Obviously not natural.All Roy did was stand still, hoping they wouldn't mind his appearance.

9: They didn't mind him, but they didn't like him either. While Roy stood in shock, the boy grabbed him from behind and pulled him back toward the forest.

10: The boy told Roy to leave, without revealing his face, and sent Roy back home.

11: At school, Roy had a little visit from Beatrice Leep. He broke the rule; he ticked-off Beatrice. She questioned him for knocking her over at the bus stop the day before, and Roy told her about the running boy. She seemed concerned, but not concerned for Roy's sake. All she cared about was the boy. She made sure Roy knew to back off by giving him a lecture about staying out of others' business, and giving him a certain finger gesture.

12: Meanwhile, and officer named David Delinko was sent to a future site of Mother Paula's All-American Pancake House. There seemed to be some problems with the site experiencing some extremely strange visitors.

13: His sweet visitors were Alligators. Someone had put several Alligators in the port-a-potties at the site. Curly, the patrol officer that called officer Delinko, couldn't tell if it was suppose to be a sick joke or what. later, after several different pranks, Curly decided to get guard dogs to scare away whom ever was trespassing.

14: The guard dogs were doing well until a few more visitors came by. The were cottonmouth moccasins.But these snakes were also strange and their tails were also covered in blue glitter. So, with that, the trainer and his dogs left the site.

15: someone wanted Mother Paula's All-American pancake House to not be built, and Curly wanted to find out who.

16: Roy chatted with Beatrice periodically and tried to get to know her, and see why the running boy seemed so important to her. It turned out that the running boy was her step brother, and he ran away from home a while ago. She told Roy that her step mom, Lonna Leep, didn't want her son anymore and was wanting to send him to boot camp, or worse... Juvenile hall.

17: She never told Roy what his real name was, but she told him that she called him Mullet Fingers because he was easily able to catch mullets,a type of fish.

18: Time passed and Roy and Beatrice became friends. Roy talked with her quite a bit and one day something surprising happened. Mullet Fingers was bit by a dog. A BIG dog. Roy didn't understand how it had happened, but he cared for the boy. So he brought him to the hospital and said that Mullet Fingers was actually himself, Roy Eberhardt.

19: Roy gave the women at the counter, at the hospital, all of his own information so that Mullet Fingers could get to the room. But once he gave her his parents' phone number, his parents arrived.

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  • Title: Hoot Book Report
  • Roy is a new student now going Trace Middle School in Florida. After leaving his home in Montana, he struggles to find true, trustworthy friends. Which he soon finds once he meets at homeless boy that does not attend school. The boy goes by 'Mullet Fingers' instead of his original name, hoping his wicked mother won't find him and send him to juvenile hall. Can he be trusted?
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