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How can peace be gained?

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FC: How can peace be gained? | http://intranet/ms/peaceday/peaceday.html

1: Contents | The most Beautiful Creature.......................................................2-3 Christmas Time..............................................................................4-5 Peacefulness near the Ocean...................................................6-8 Peacefulness in the Wilderness...................................................9-10 Everything You Need to Know...................................................11-12

2: The most Beautiful Creature The butterfly is the most beautiful creature flying gracefully over pretty waterfalls and over pretty flowers. | Http:// | Http:// |

3: Imagery When I said "flying gracefully" I meant that the butterfly would fly as far as it could. I also meant that the butterfly was flying freely with no other butterflies around. The third meaning is that the butterfly was happy and glad to be alone. The effect on the reader is that you feel like you're also flying next to the butterfly, enjoying the scenery. I see the whole picture in front of me like it was unfolding so I could go and fly like a butterfly.

4: Christmas Time Winter wind swiftly going across the treetops on a white Christmas. |

5: Alliteration I used alliteration because it was one of the best things about this poem. I wanted to use it because there isn't another poetic device in this poem so I had to do something. Alliteration was the first thing on my mind that I could use as a poetic device. This alliteration means that the winter wind was blowing rapidly. It makes me feel very cold because I can see the image of the winter wind tearing across the room to make the whole house extremely cold. Then I see that the wind was only outside, but it was very cold in the house because I could not see a heater anywhere in the house. Winter wind was one of my favorite pieces from any of my other poems because it made me feel free.

6: If they continue to be carefree then we will both live in harmony like we don't care about them. We should help our fellow animal friends to stay healthy and safe. In the ocean is where they belong. They should live with their own species. Like they are saying goodbye to all. | Peacefulness near the Ocean Oceans are peaceful like a beautiful summers afternoon. The creatures in the ocean are creepy and scary most of the time. They can be harmful and fearless when humans are around. They can be kind and careful with humans. You never know when they get upset or they are feeling friendly. We should not go in the water with them because they could be dangerous to any humans. If we leave them be they will be happy and free from getting caught in a net or in a zoo.

7: Simile When I said "the ocean is peaceful like a summers day," I mean that it is not raining and it is very warm and it feels nice. When you walk on grass it feels nice to your feet and the sand feels the exact same way. If it is in the afternoon, it would be very hot at the beach as the same as the park. When it is hot at the beach you usually go for a swim to cool yourself. The trees in the park shade us from the sun if it gets too hot. | |

8: Rhyme When I said, "if they continue to be carefree," I mean that the creatures in the ocean will be safe if we leave them where they are. When I said, "carefree," I meant that they are peaceful where they are. The effect on the reader is there are animals in the ocean and are being disturbed by fishermen. If there were no fishermen then the creatures won't try to attack us anymore. If they live happily then they won't bother us.

9: Peacefulness in the Wilderness Nature is life. Nature is like a rainbow going across the sky. The trees are the most beautiful green like the grass is after a storm. The mountains are hugging each other. The rocks are shaped like little figures. I smell the flowers in the breeze before I even get there. It is a wonderful feeling to hear the birds chirping their songs. | I could hear the squirrels running peacefully enjoying life. The valley looks like a beautiful sunset on a summer day.

10: | Metaphor I did a metaphor because I have a lot of them in my poem. I like metaphors because you can say anything like "her eyes are jewels." This helps a lot in my poem because I can say what I want and I don't have to worry that it isn't true. For example, the mountains are hugging each other. Mountains don't do stuff like that. It makes it sound like they have arms and are actually hugging one another, but I know this isn't true because I have never seen a mountain with arms and is hugging the other mountain next to it. The effect on me is that everything in the forest is really peaceful because I can see the image in my head with the squirrels running freely across the branches. I can hear all sorts of sounds like the birds chirping their songs. I think it was a great part to put in my forest because it wouldn't be the same without birds in my forest.

11: Everything You Need to Know Ashley Helpful, friendly, risk-taker and caring. Daughter of Michelle and Michael. Lover of horse riding, golf and pets. Who feels happiness with pets, loneliness at night, and joy at horse riding. Who needs friends, family and riding teacher. Who gives love, encouragement and understanding. Who fears getting hurt, losing family and school. Who would like to see the world, the future and what job I'll get. Resident of Frankfurt, Germany Long | | |

12: Repetition I used "repetition" because I thought it would be fun to try something new. I liked doing this specific poem because I got to use repetition. It was a lot of fun because I got to use the word over and over. Like I used the word, who, in four lines. I liked doing this poem a lot because we didn't have to think what we wanted to type. The effect on the reader is I explain what I want to say. The effect on me is that I write everything I need, for example, like a trip. For the give, I see that I care about other people as well than just myself. When I listed my fears the effect on me is that these are things that I am scared that will happen. If I lost my family I would cry forever and I can't go to College if I don't learn. I really hate getting hurt because it makes me cry sometimes. I used "would like" because it would be cool to see the future. Then I could see what new inventions scientists would do. I would like to see the world because like knowing how people live in different climates and different cultures. I also like knowing what types of animals live there. I also can't wait to see what jobs I'll get. My dream is to become a sewing person and sell quilts and I have tons of other dreams of what job I'll get.

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