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Hunting In the woods

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BC: I hope with the information I gave you will help you learn everything about hunting and the things you need to know when being out doors.

FC: Hunting in the woods!

1: What is hunting? | Hunting is the practice of pursuing any living thing, usually wildlife, for food, recreation, or trade. In present-day use, the term refers to lawful hunting, as distinguished from poaching, which is the killing, trapping or capture of the hunted species contrary to applicable law. The species which are hunted are referred to as game, and are usually mammals and migratory or non-migratory game birds.

2: Before you can even start hunting you have to learn all the rules and safety instructions while hunting. There is a safety program you have to go through to get your hunting and trapping permit. you can visit this website for info on taking it.http://www.dnr.state.mi.us/recnsearch/ | Hunting safety and Rules!

3: Finding the proper equipment for hunting. | While hunting you must find nice warm clothes. it is always good to get extra equipment like hats, gloves etc. Its also not a bad idea to get hand and feet warmers. You must make sure when you pick out your boots that there going to be thick enough and water proof for the harsh weather.

4: Make sure you have a weapon that is gonna be proper and well cleaned for your hunting trip. It most be legal to use on deer such as a 30-30, 30 odd 6 etc. Guns such ass 9mm, 22's are not a proper hunting weapon.

5: Its always important that when you go into the woods you should wear florescent orange clothing. So you are not suspected as an animal to another hunter!

6: When you get to the hunting spot that you are going to. it is important you know your way around so you don't get lost. its always important to know that layout on which way the deer come and were they eat. You should always have a map with you just in case you get lost.

7: While walking through the woods you should look for rubs and tracks from deer. It is also important to sit by a place where its visible that deer are moving through the area.

8: It is important to be patient while your hunting because if your not then its hard to stand still and wait a while to get a deer. While your hunting you should have your gun in a safe place and so should you. You have to also make sure that you are not sitting on private land.

9: while you sit in the woods you will always hear allot of noises. Including squirrels, wind, and maybe other hunters but it is always important to be aware of your surroundings.

10: Finally when you actually do see a deer. It is important to be really quite. You should aim the gun at the deer. If there is a scope on your gun then line the cross hairs up with the front shoulder. Finally when you feel you have a good shot. Squeeze the trigger. its important that you do not jerk the gun. it will throw off your shot.

11: When you have shot, look for if the deer runs with its tail down or jumps when you shoot.Go to where the deer was standing when you shot. Look for a blood trail and its important to look exactly where the deer goes and look ahead for it. when you do find the deer make sure walk up behind it. You can poke it with a stick or your gun to make sure it is dead.

12: Killing a deer and the steps to clean and gut it. | 1. Make an insertion down the chest of the deer. 2. Then make a cuts around the genitals and remove them. 3.Split the chest cavity until you can cut no more and then cut the pelvic bone down the middle. 4.. After you are done with all that, cut out all the internal organs until the deer has noting left in it. 5. Then prop the deer up on a log or hill and let all the blood drain out. 6. Finally drag the deer out to your car and try and get the least amount of dirt on the meat.

13: Making beef jerky with the family There are many recipes that you can use to make this but the best one i found was on this website. http://beefjerkyrecipes.com/

14: Time to read a book! The book"s about not lying to your friends because some day they will be there to help you out. Now what if you made a story about telling a lie! Lets make a book about telling a lie to your family or a friend and it will be animated.

16: Cleaning your gun is important or any hunting weapon you have even if its not being used. because over time moisture or dust can collect in small places. You should least once and a while you should oil it down so it doesn't rust and just to keep you weapon ready to go for the next year

17: While hunting season is over there is always something you can do as you wait for the next season. You can go out into the woods and find rubs and deer prints to make sure the deer are moving through your hunting area

18: Some of the thing you should watch for in the woods. Spider bites-identify the black widow or brown recluse spidersCleanse the wound. Slow the venom's spread. Use a cold cloth at the spider bite location. Seek immediate medical attention. Poisonous plants-Teach kids about the plant.If you come in contact wash your body with water and if u have soap. Disobeying your parents- you should listen to them at all times and follow there rules.

19: Snake bites-Teach child to identify poisonous snakesCall 911 if the snake is poisonous, but if the snake is not poisonous, treat the bite like a puncture wild animal bites-Watch out for signs of dangerous animals that look poisonous or have rabies.If you are bit you should receive medical attention asap Climbing trees -or climbing on rock looking where your walking, make sure you let the kid not run, if they do run with them holding their hand ans put some cream to put on it.

21: My book is all about bonding. That's what hunting is all about; it's not just about killing animals. Usually when you go out into the woods and you create an attachment with the outdoors and it can manage stress, which means it relieves you from your normal life. It teaches you how to be creative and curious about places to hunt and about animals. Hunting is like a game, because you have to play the climate and always against something that's not on your side like the wind. If you want to hunt there has to be commitment and Responsibility because you have to wake up really early, be out in the cold and be safe with a weapon. You also have to be adaptable to the weather change you are used to because its cold. Hunting is not an unstructured thing you must be you must be self-regulated. Because you have to do certain things right or someone can get hurt or you won't get an animal. That's what going hunting is all about, having initiative and for the people around you to be able to trust you with a weapon.

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