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Katie Rose

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S: Katie Rose - The Turnwald Years

BC: 08/20/2011

1: 1984 - 2011

2: Remember when we went up north in the winter and built an igloo, complete with beer holders?? I'm sure you can't forget the frost bitten ears that you got during that trip as well!! Or how about the last day of our cruise when we spent the whole day at the airport?? I was glad to have you as a travel buddy that day! ~Angela Biske

6: Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down

7: When Katie Rose and I were younger, she had a rabbit that they kept in the basement. Being the older of the cousins we had lots of tricks we liked play on the youngsters. While we were playing downstairs one day we decided to tell our cousin Lauren that we had some delicious chocolate covered raisins (she loved candy). She ran down and Katie and I proceeded to give her an entire handful of rabbit droppings. Twenty years later and I am still convinced that this was the only cruel thing that Katie Rose has ever done in her life. And twenty years later, it's just as funny as it was then! ~ Kelsy Kennedy

11: While we were roomates in College, thats when Katie Rose and I got to know each other better. What I remeber the most is sitting at my desk and I would hear, "Ouch!" and I would always yell, "Are you ok?" She would make me smile because it would sound like she really got hurt only she informed me she is very dramatic. Katie was always making me laugh. Katie is such an easy person to talk to, whenever one of us was having a bad day, I would lay in her bed and we would talk and laugh and drink Barefoot wine. While living with Katie, I learned about a trraditon of making yellow cake with Rainbow Chip frosting, we would all sit around the coffee table and would eat a roll of cake. Katie made my living situation alot easier that year. Katie and I have grown to be better friends, we may not talk as much but always manage to stay in touch and try to get together even if it is for dinner. I am glad to have Katie in my life, and truly happy for her and Josh. ~ Katie Fox

15: We often went camping together as kids. During this time we managed to get lost on a hike with her dad, fight off raccoons on our camp sites among many other things. These are some of my favorite childhood memories. Enjoying time with Katie and our close friends around the campfire and living away from everyday technologies. ~ Kristyn Sweeney

16: Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. ~Elizabeth Lawrence

17: Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.

19: I can always count on Katie to accompany me in doing the random, crazy ideas I come up with One of my favorite KT Rose stories was on the first day we moved into South Pointe Apartments our senior year at CMU. Midway through the unpacking process, Katie brings a sled into the house (it’s the middle of August). Instead of waiting for snow, I decided to sled down two flights of stairs and of course Katie was all for it! Needless to say, it didn’t exactly end pretty. Whether it was sledding down the stairs, driving 45 minutes out of our way to get Starbucks, trying to put a canoe on top of a truck, or just being there through a tough time, Katie has always been an amazing friend. She is always willing to try the crazy stuff we come up with, but somehow manages to keep us out of trouble. Much love to Katie and Josh as you begin your life together! I wish you both many years of happiness and love. ~ Megan Predmesky

21: I love the leaves, I do not know why. Is it their colors or how they fly? They crunch and crinkle Under my feet; I pile them up And take a leap!

23: If I had to trace back My Katie Rose memories are not ones that lack Laugher, joking, and even anger Or a box of colored rice that meant danger! A double kayak crash Third grade armpit itching as though you had a rash Your death look On that Pennsylvania trip we took Riding our bikes in the Tour de Cure How much of this poem should I make you endure? Apologizing for a ponytail slap to the face At least your mom didn’t make us embrace! I will always remember that you have a small bladder You peed on the side of the road for that matter! Thank you for supporting my work causes And for your crazy crain-neck and distracting sentence pauses I will always be glad we became friends Not like when we were kids and had to pretend I am blessed to be in your life I can’t wait to celebrate the day Josh calls you his wife These are the Katie Rose memories I will always remember You have to admit that this poem was pretty clever! ~ Jaclyn Kochis

25: Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.

27: My stories of Katie Rose are endless and yet it was very hard for me to narrow them down to just one narrative. I have so many great memories that have added up to our wonderful friendship. From her Elmer Fudd laugh to her lack of wearing normal shoes in the winter to her ability to give the best advice (the advice I need to hear) every time I ask for it. I’m pretty sure Katie thought I was the strangest person she had ever met when on that August day I came strolling into her dorm room from three doors down like I had known her forever. As everyone knows, Katie’s emotions show all over her face (no matter how hard she tries to hide it) and the look on her face at that particular moment was “who the heck is this weirdo”. I think after a while she learned to get used to me and I learned to knock. Some of my favorite memories include getting kicked out of that same dorm just a few months later together. We thought at the time that was THE END OF THE WORLD! I think that was the first time we saw each other cry. 2 years later we decided to live together and after we would go grocery shopping together and it would be time to unload our 1 months worth of groceries out of the car she would willingly hold out her two arms and I would pile every full plastic grocery bag we had onto her and then she’d walk them up the two flights of stairs with everythingI was in charge of opening the doors. At the end of my senior year Katie decided to head out to North Carolina for the summer to track llamas. Katie came back from North Carolina and all of a sudden the girl that took 2 showers a day wanted to sleep outside of Megan’s house after one her parties one night. Also I distinctly remember that somehow being outdoors in NC made Katie Rose completely immune to needing socks or even closed shoes in the winter after it was snowing! There are so many wonderful memories I have shared with Katie and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Katie, you are the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met and I have been so blessed to have you as my friend throughout all these years. I know I can count on you to listen to me, to laugh with me, to laugh at me and to cry with me. I am so very happy for you and Josh, you deserve all of the love and bliss you and Josh are destined to have together. ~ Anne MacDonald

30: Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. ~Elizabeth Lawrence

31: I have several stories, or moments about Bug that I could share, ~Me being Bertha the bus driver carting Bug, Anne, Mike, and anyone else we could fit in my vehicle back and forth to broomball in the middle of the night. ~ The time an old man hit us almost head on in my car, Bug peed her pants and I bawled my eyes out because I ripped a hole in my "favorite pair of sweat pants." ~ Many late night trips to lil chef and shooting water at each other through our teeth. ~There were the all green dinners on St. Patty's Day several years in a row. ~ I cannot tell you the number of times Bug felt the need to flash me after a night out on the town. ~ The giants riding back from my parent's house in her little blue car (Mark Thompson, Josh, Bug, Me, and Mongo), it was like a circus car. ~ Of course there are all the late night chats when we were roomies in Tallgrass, and even when we weren't. ~ She calmed my nerves and helped me plan my wedding, best maid of honor I could have asked for. ~ A rather embarrassing moment(s) happened when Anne and I were living in Concord together and we had to keep metal coat hangers on hand for when Bug came over because she always seemed to clog our toilet up. ~ Kelli Weber

35: Dear Katie Rose, To have you as a friend for over twenty years is truly a blessing. To think we met in first grade and became "The Katies" makes me smile. Who would have thought that at such a young age we knew our friendship would last? There are way too many memories and stories to write about, but I can't help but remember a few... ok, maybe a bit more than a few! Do you remember all of our matching outfits: "best friend" pink nightgowns, jean flower hats, basketball "butt" shorts, sandwich Halloween costume, and even pony tails on the same side with matching scrunchies? How can we forgot about the countless sleepovers where we love to play tea party in your shower and drink the water, the game of LIFE, SORRY, or Kings in the Corner, and my dad's chocolate malts after dinner. If it wasn't for any of these sleepovers, I would have never fell in love with eating oatmeal on toast! Although we had our separate interests in high school, we were still able to share some amazing adventures at all the dances, YG trip and events, WYD Rome, driver's training, and choosing CMU! We definitely had our ups and downs in college (let us never be roommates!), but it only a sign of a true friendship when a relationship can overcome a rocky road. Here we are today, both teachers who still love our mom's for everything they have done to support our relationship...and canning! Cheers to us for knowing that we have each other whenever needed. It is an honor to be by your side as you celebrate your marriage. I wish you so much happiness with Josh as you create such an exciting new chapter in your life. ~Katy Wisser

38: One of the funniest memories I have w/ Katie Rose: One summer, a few of us girls all got together to go out, which yea, I suppose is fun, but the best part of the evening was when we got home... we made pizza dip and killed it instantly, all burning our tongues b/c we couldn't wait for it to cool down, and then proceeded to drink and dance around and sing at the top of our lunges to Disney songs. "Sad but true". I must say our dance moves were spectacular, but none outshone the skills of Katie Rose... I'm pretty sure she had the best voice of us all also ;) ~ Melissa Rollenhagen

42: One summer Katie, Megan, Anne and I decided to take a trip up north for a girl’s weekend. to enjoy each other’s company, spend time on the water and most importantly get some sun. Despite what we had planned, Mother Nature had something else in mind because it rained all weekend. So, after a few games of Sorry and a couple of strong cocktails we decided we were going to brave the rain and head out in a canoe. And of course, we found it best for all 4 of us toride in the same canoe. Shortly into the trip Anne, Megan and I decided we needed to go to the bathroom. So we decided to pull off to the side of the river in a remote yet safe area and drop out pants behind some bushes. Once we were on solid ground we each found a good place to pee and the three of us girls notice that Katie hadn't found a pee spot of her own. “I don’t have to go” she says, so we shrug our shoulders and get back in the boat. Not 5 minutes later Katie decides she does in fact have to go to the bathroom. And, instead of finding the next solid embankment to get out and do her business, she decides to pull off into a marsh and pee back there. We tell her she’s crazy but seeing that she’s Katie Rose we let her do it. The minute Katie stepped into the marsh she knew she had made a bad decision. Her feet sunk about half a foot into squishy nasty muck, but she continued to move deeper into the marsh to do what she had come there to do. About 3 more steps in she lost her flip flop to the muck and it was so deep in that she could no longer find it. So now covered in mud with only one shoe on, Katie finally finds a discreet enough place to do her thing. The rest of us are of course watching her and laughing at her as we see her head popping up through the reeds and all of a sudden Katie’s face turns to one of shock. Apparently the muck got her digestive system moving and that marsh gained a little fertilizer that day. We died of laughter as she told us what had happened and she then made her was back to the canoe with her one flip flop she hadn’t lost yet and the best story of the weekend. ~ Kristin Clark

46: *I vividly remember you walking into a huge structure at Disney World. It was huge. I don't know how you didn't see that one coming. *It was always fun sharing our birthdays together * I remember you being so famished during that same Flordia trip that you decided to devour a mustard packet, all by itself. *I loved hanging out with you at the pool all those summers. *I'm still planning on having some Grey's Anatomy and Glee nights-getting married doesn't make that stop:) *Ella is so lucky to have you in her life *It was great having you share our wedding day with us-I can't wait to celebrate with you. ~ Megan Radar

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