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Least Expensive Ohio Animals

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S: Ohio Animals 2011 Valley View School

BC: Valley View Elementary School Wadsworth, Ohio April 2011 Second Grade

FC: Ohio Animal Research | Valley View School Wadsworth, Ohio 2010-2011 Book by: Mrs. Goodrich & Mrs. Love's second grade students

1: This book was created by second grade students at Valley View Elementary School as they studied Ohio animals. The children completed all of the research and artwork for this project.

3: Did you know that the eastern bluebird can live in many parts of Ohio? The eastern bluebird has thousands of nest boxes through out Ohio. The eastern bluebird eats insects and seeds. The eastern bluebird is a fascinating animal to study. | Alyson

4: Did you know that the fox squirrel can be found in many Ohio forests? The large population of fox squirrels in early Ohio caused so much damage to crops that people wanted to get rid of them. You can find lots of other animals in the same habitat, like deer, bunnies, black bear, insects, birds and chipmunks. The most common thing for it to eat is the nut. It lives in forests. As you can see, the fox squirrel is a very interesting animal.

5: Lexi

6: Jacob

7: Did you know that a coyote can live in many places? They can live in many parts of Ohio and can weigh up to 40 pounds. They are omnivores. I hope you enjoyed learning about the coyote.

8: Alexis

9: An eastern tailed blue butterfly is a very interesting Ohio animal. Did you know that the eastern tailed blue butterfly lives in most parts of Ohio? It changes from white to brown to blue. I hope you enjoyed learning about the eastern tailed blue butterfly.

10: Travis

11: The black bear is very interesting. It does not live in a cave. They can weigh as much as 300 pounds. It mostly runs away from people. The black bear lives in a hardwood forest. As you can see, the black bear is very cool.

12: Alex

13: A woodpecker eats insects. It can fly. Do you know that the woodpecker pecks wood? A woodpecker feeds its babies. It can eat wild berries. As you can see, the woodpecker is an interesting animal.

14: Madison

15: Did you know that raccoons eat many things? Did you know that a raccoon comes out at night? A raccoon has a mask on it's face. Did you know that a raccoon is a mammal? A raccoon has lots and lots of different animals in it's home. Rabbits, birds, squirrels, and owls live in its habitat. As you can see, a raccoon is very interesting.

16: Rickson

17: Did you know that the small mouth bass can be found in many Ohio lakes? Did you know the female small mouth bass can lay up to 2,000 to 15,000 eggs? Small mouth adults size can be 12-15 inches and weigh more than two pounds. The small mouth bass is my favorite Ohio fish.

18: Payten

19: Did you know that the great horned owl lives in many different parts of Ohio? Did you know that it is rarely seen during the day? The great horned owl likes to live alone. It is strong and is a fierce hunter. As you can see, the great horned owl is very interesting.

20: Axel

21: The American beaver can be found in many Ohio wetlands. The beaver is North America's largest rodent. Did you know that? And did you know that they have flat tails? They can have two to four babies or can have as many as eight babies. Did you know that? I hope you enjoyed learning about beavers.

22: Julie

23: Did you know that the Ohio barn owl eats small animals like bats, mice and meadow voles? The barn owl is the size of a small cat but only weighs a pound and has a white, heart shaped face. The barn owl lives in marshes, grasslands and in barns. The barn owl is nocturnal and does most of its hunting at night. Also, the barn owl does not make hooting sounds but it makes shrieking sounds. I think the barn owl is very interesting.

24: Zachary

25: The red squirrel is an important Ohio mammal. Did you know that the red squirrel lives in the same habitat as the deer, rabbit, opossum and woodchuck? The nuts and seeds that they do not eat grow into new trees. The red squirrel has a big bushy tail. I hope you liked my Ohio animal.

26: Sarah

27: Did you know white tailed deer can be found on farmland? Did you know that black bear can live in the same habitat as deer? The white tailed deer likes to eat wild crab apples. The white tailed deer is an amazing Ohio animal.

28: Collin

29: The common ribbon snake is an important Ohio reptile. The common ribbon snake lives in Ohio, and even in Wadsworth. Did you know that the common ribbon snake eats small fish, salamanders, tadpoles and frogs? I am going to tell you what animals live near a ribbon snake's home: other snakes, spiders, frogs, worms, squirrels and birds. As you can see, the common ribbon snake is very interesting.!

30: Barret

31: Did you know that bumble bees can sting you more than one time? They can live in a hole or tree. A bumble bee eats nectar. A bumble bee is the biggest bee in Ohio. As you can see, a bumble bee is an interesting insect.

32: Josie

33: A chipmunk lives in a burrow. A chipmunk has stripes. They eat berries. A chipmunk can eat nuts. I hope you enjoyed the chipmunk. As you can see the chipmunk is very interesting.

34: Adrianna

35: The dragonfly is an interesting insect. Dragonflies have wings. I saw a real dragonfly before. It had blue wings.

36: Emily

37: Did you know that the painted turtle can live up to 20-30 years? Did you know that a painted turtle can eat tadpoles? Did you know that a painted turtle can live near snakes? Did you know that painted turtles can live by crab apple trees? Did you know that a painted turtle can live by ponds, marshlands, and in other areas? Aren't we lucky to have painted turtles in Ohio? I think so.

38: Lance

39: My animal is the salamander. They feel slimy when they are held. It lives under logs and rocks. I hope that you enjoyed learning about salamanders.

40: Stephanie

41: A red fox is a very interesting Ohio animal. It eats fruits, small rabbits, and other small mammals. It's habitat is wooded areas and brushy areas. Some plants in the habitat are berry bushes and oak trees. Some other animals that live near the red fox are gray foxes, white tailed deer and mice. As you can see, the red fox is very interesting.!

42: Liam

43: Did you know that the cardinal lives in many parts of Ohio and is a good bird? The cardinal eats insects, worms, and seeds. These are other birds that live in the same habitat as a cardinal: black bird and the bobolink. As you can see, the cardinal is a very interesting bird.

44: Zackary

45: A bobcat is a very interesting Ohio animal. They live in brushy areas. They have the same habitat as deer. Bobcats are endangered. I hope you enjoyed learning about bobcats.

46: Natalie

47: The white footed mouse is an important Ohio animal. It lives in bushy areas, grassy plains and green areas. It's an omnivore. An omnivore is someone or something that eats plants and meat. The animals that live near it are owls, foxes, and squirrels. I hope you enjoyed learning about my favorite rodent of Ohio, the white footed mouse.!

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