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Legend Of the Guardians: Heroic Analysis

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FC: Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga'Hoole | A Complete Heroic Analysis from the Theories of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung | By Allison Dillard

1: Table Of Contents | 2..........Carl Jung's Theory: Archetypes 3..........Soren: The Hero 4..........Gylfie: A Helper 5..........Twilight & Digger: The Helpers 6..........Kludd: A Shadow Guardia & Allomere: The Shape-Shifter 7..........Nyra: The Threshold /Shadow Guardian 8..........Metalbeak: The Shadow 9..........Grimble: AShape-Shifter & Helper & Ezlyryb: The Mentor 10..........The Guardians: The Helpers 11..........Eglantine: A Helper & The Tytos: Shadow Guradians 12..........The Tree Of Ga'Hoole 13..........The Shadow Realm 14..........Joseph Campbell's Theory: The Heroic Cycle 15..........The Heroic Cycle Chart 16..........The Call to Adventure 17..........The Helpers 18..........Crossing The Threshold 21..........Tests 22..........Supreme Ordeal 24..........The Flight 25..........The Return 26..........The Boon 27..........Movie Summary 31..........Citied Sources

2: Carl Jung's Theory: Archetypes | Hero Mentor Helpers Threshold Guardian Shape-Shifter Shadow | 2

3: Archetypes | 3 | Soren is the hero of the story. As an owlet, Soren grows up, thriving on the legends of the Guardians which his father told him and his siblings. Later Soren answers the call of adventure by setting out with his new found friends to find the Guardians of Ga'Hoole and tell them of Metalbeak's irrational plot. He travels far from home, overcomes obstacles, endures difficult and emotional conflicts, transforms and achieves his greatest dream, becoming a guardian of Ga'Hoole. | Soren

4: Archetypes | 4 | Gylfie is a helper and a friend whom Soren meets after his kidnapping. They arrive together at Metalbeak’s shrine, they are separated from the Tytos together, and they escape together. Gylfie supports Soren throughout the film and encourages him when she can along their journey. She travels to Ga'Hoole and also becomes a Guardian due to her courageous acts and knowledge of her chore(the subject she majored in at the tree of Ga’Hoole). | Gylfie

5: Archetypes | 5 | Soren and Gylfie meet Digger after the long escape flight from Nyra and he becomes another helper and friend. Digger joins Soren on his quest and also trains to become a guardian. He then uses his skills to help Soren and the guardians to overcome the battle with Metalbeak. Twilight is a singing owl who proves to be worthy as a helper. He leads Soren and the group to the Sea of Hoolemere, across which the tree of Ga'Hoole stands. He accompanies Soren to the tree, helps him with council's decision to investigate Metalbeaks kingdom. He undergoes training as a Guardian and participates in the battle between the the Guardians and the Tytos. | Twilight | Digger

6: Archetypes | 6 | Kludd is Soren's rival brother, who portrays a shadow guardian and somewhat of a shape-shifter. Kludd betrayed Soren from the moment they reached Metalbeak's kingdom. Determined for greatness and superiority over Soren, Kludd denies his brotherhood to Soren while Soren is taken away as a picker. He lies to Nyra, claiming that Soren isn't good at anything, when he knows that Soren beat him at everything. When he is offered the chance to escape with Soren, he quietly passes it by and becomes and accomplice in the murder of Grimble. He deceives their younger sister Eglantine into joining the Tytos, and when she disagrees, he has her moon-blinked. (A hypnotizing trance that allows owls to do things, unconsciously. At the end, in the battle, He goes after Soren to kill him. He sticks to the side of the Tytos, the side who believes in him; even if it means turning against his entire family. | Allomere is the Shape-shifter in the story. Allomere is part of the council at the Tree of Ga'Hoole, respected and trusted. However in the beginning, it shows Allomere consulting with Metalbeak about the plan to deceive the Guardians and lead them into a trap so he can take over the Tree of Ga'Hoole. He plays his good role throughout the movie, taking a scout party to investigate Metalbeak's plot and bringing back two owlets, one of whom is Eglantine.When Eglantine awakens, she tells Soren that it was Kludd who gave her to Allomere to take back. It is then known that Allomere is an imposter. Soren then goes to warn the guardians of Allomeres disloyalty and the trap that awaits them. | Kludd | Allomere

7: Archetypes | 7 | Nyra is the mate to the evil Metalbeak and plays the role of a threshold Guardian. She is head supervisor of Metalbeaks growing army and she does everything in her power to carry out Metalbeak's plan. She's the murderer of Grimble, chief instructor of all the kidnappings, and she attempts to catch Soren and Gylfie when they escape, however, she fails. She trains all the newcomer owlets and turns them into warrior Tytos for Metalbeak's army. She especially takes special interest in Kludd, and exceptional warrior with the heart and full blood of a true Tyto. | Nyra

8: Archetypes | 8 | Metalbeak is the Shadow in Legend of the Guardians. He believes Tytos are pure bloods and deserve to rule the region, eliminating all other unsure bloods from nature's rightful course. He is the leader of the Tyto army and the instigator of the kidnappings of innocent owlets. He is cruel, evil, vengeful, prejudice and his beliefs energize many characters throughout the story. He also betrays Allomere after he reveals his lot with Metalbeak and he orders his bats to finish him off. | MetalBeak

9: Archetypes | 9 | Ezlyryb is known around the Tree of Ga'hoole as a very intelligent but very strange owl. However, Soren soon discovers that he is the Guardian which the legends talk about-Lyze of Kiel; the one who defeated metalbeak years ago, tearing off his beak therefore giving him his name. He is Soren's hero and Mentor. Soren, a little shocked at what his hero is really like, learns a great deal from the aged, battle-scarred owl. Ezlyryb trains Soren and the other owls for Guardianship, he shows them his secrets, and tells them that fighting in battle isn't at all what the legends made it out to be. It's dreary, ugly and life changing. He does his best to guide and protect and defend Soren throughout the story. | Grimble is a Tyto owl who becomes a helper and is also somewhat of a shape-shifter. Grimble works for Metalbeak and supervises the enslaved owlets. He plays an intimidating part, evil and cruel. However, he notices Soren and Gylfie and realizes they aren't as gullible as the others. As Gylfie and Soren are trying to escape, Grimble catches them and offers to teach them to fly. He tells them that he was forced in to the owl his is, the Tytos kidnapped his family and he worked for their safety. So since he believes that Soren and Gylfie are worthy, he gives them the basics of flying, and escaping so they can find the Guardians and tell them of Metalbeak's plan. Before they are able to complete the lesson, Nyra and Kludd come in and fight with Grimble while Soren and Gylfie escape. | Grimble | Ezlyryb

10: Archetypes | 10 | The Guardians stand out as one big group of helpers. They shelter Soren and his friends, they train them by the Guardian education and they are open minded to everything. The go to battle for the cause of preserving the life of other owls. They fight for what is right, no matter the danger. The Guardians represent Good and it prevails over Evil. | The Guardians

11: Archetypes | 11 | Eglantine is Soren and Kludd's younger sister is unfortunately caught up in the mess with the Tytos. She is kidnapped by Kludd and moon-blinked because of her unwillingness. She favors Soren because of his love, dreams and morality, but she is afraid of Kludd for his cruel intentions, his arguementive attitude and his hatred for all other owls besides the Tytos. She plays the small role a helper; she tells Soren of Kludd betraying her and his undying devotion to the Tytos, and she is also Soren’s biggest fan; the one who believes in him most. | The Shadow guardians of this story are Tytos army which include Kludd and Nyra. They train to fight the Guardians. They believe what Metalbeak has enforced in their heads: that they are pure bloods and they are fighting for the rightful power that belongs to them. They try to stop anyone from coming in the way of Mtalbeak's plan. The Tytos all share the same beliefs and that is what energizes them. | Eglantine | The Tytos

12: Archetypes | 12 | The Tree of Ga'Hoole is a Shadow Realm within the Shadow Realm. It is the sanctuary that Soren and his friends take refuge in. It is an unknown place that Soren and his friends travel to in order to answer the call of adventure. It is an alienated place but it happens to serve the greater good in the story. In fact, it is the home of the very ideas that the Guardians believe in.

13: Archetypes | 13 | The Shadow Realm in this story is Metalbeak's palace; the gloomy birthplace of Metalbeak's secret weapon. It is the prison which holds tiny owlets hostage and the boot camp for young Tyto soldiers. it is the place Soren and Kludd are taken to after they were kidnapped. It is also where the battle between the Guardians and the Tytos take place.

14: Joseph Campbell's Theory | The Heroic Cycle | 14

15: 15

16: The Call to Adventure | The Call to Adventure in Legend of the Guardians is after Soren and Gylfie are captured and separated as pickers for Metelbeak's materials. Grimble, their supervisor took them aside and gave them the basics to flying but they are interrupted by Nyra when she comes with Kludd to talk Soren into joining the Tytos. Grimble tells Soren and Gylfie to escape and find the Guardians and warn them that Metalbeak is seeking vengeance on them and is trying to rule over all owls. Soren and Gylfie then embark on finding the tree of Ga'Hoole and they are accompanied by their helpers. | 16 | The Heroic Cycle

17: The Helpers | There are many helpers that Soren meets along his Journey. Gylfie is the first one who comes into play. She is one of the captured owlets who who saves Soren from being moon-blinked, or hypnotized, with the other owlets, therefore keeping the both of them alert and aware of what they are doing and keeping their main goal in tact: escaping. After their escape, they meet a twitchy little owl named Digger who gives them shelter and tells them of someone who can lead them to the Sea of Ga'Hoole. Twilight is a musical owl, a lover of poems, who happens to know where the Sea of Ga'Hoole and, after persistent persuasion, he agrees to guide the little group to the gates. Twilight also brings in Mrs. Plithiver who coincidentally happens to be Soren's nest maid. She is initially brought in for dinner, but after Soren explains who she is and tells her of Metalbeak's plan, she demandingly joins then quartet of owls on their quest to see to their safety. The Guardians also signify a group of helpers, defending justice and honor which they represent. They kindly take in Soren and his friends and listen the information he gives them. Among the Guardians is the legendary Lyze of Kiel, Soren's Hero, his mentor and helper. He trains Soren's friends and gives them pointers in battle. | The Heroic Cycle | 17

18: Crossing the Adventure Threshold happened quickly in the movie and the threshold itself is rather hard to identify. Crossing the threshold happened as soon as Soren and Kludd were kidnapped. Metalbeak's kingdom is the ultimate shadow realm. In his Kingdom, he is hiding a huge weapon that has the power to fight off thousands of owls all at one time. He has an army of Tyto warriors and has hundreds of innocent, moonbliked owls working for him. His dark and dreary kingdom is portrays Metalbeak's character. However once Soren and Gylfie escape, they are still in the shadow realm. They are both extremely far from any place they really know. Though they meet their new found friends, they are still on their guard for danger. They run into a mob of crows who guard the gate to the sea, the cross the merciless sea to find the guardians and they arrive to the Tree of Ga'Hoole only to have a trial to judge their honesty. Once they are accepted to the council, however, they are treated with kindness and sincerity. The group of owls manage to find a sanctuary with other helpers who share they same feelings and beliefs. | Crossing the Threshold | 18 | The Heroic Cycle

19: The Heroic Cycle | 19

20: Tests | The Heroic Cycle | 20

21: Soren faced many tests throughout the story. The first after crossing the threshold was simply fighting against the Tyto's will; being moon-blinked. After Gylfie explains to Soren what moon-blinked means, they both stay up all night to avoid the hypnotizing state and they succeed. Their intelligence catches the eye of Grimble, who then decides they are worthy to take on the quest to find the Guardians. However, when they are interrupted, Soren and Gylfie must then escape Nyra and her minions. They overcome that as well. After meeting Digger and Twilight, the unexperienced owls then undergo the task of fighting the sea to find the tree of Ga'Hoole. Digger loses his strength, but the four are saved by the Guardians. They then are sent to trial by the Guardians to understand their reasoning for entering the Ga'Hoole perimeter. After hearing Soren's explanation, they are hesitant to believe that Metalbeak has grown as strong as it is reported. However, they take the precautions and send a group to scout out Metalbeak's kingdom. Soren and his friend then undergo intense training to become one of the Guardians. Later, when Eglantine is brought in, moon-blinked, and after hearing who is also behind the plot, Soren is determined to make it to the Guardians to tell them of the evil trap. | The Heroic Cycle | 21

22: Once among the fighting, Soren is able to break down Metalbeak's weapon, but Kludd soon finds him and the two go at it. Kludd however is injured and it is inferred that he was killed. Soren, grieving for his brother, goes to destroy Metalbeak for revenge. He finds Metalbeak trying to finish off Ezlyryb, but he interrupts him. Metalbeak and Soren then have a fighting bit and just when Metalbeak goes in for the kill, Soren manages to stab him with a stick and kill him. He is then transformed, realizing what he's done. War is not at all what it's been cracked up to be from the legends. | The Supreme Ordeal | The Heroic Cycle | 22

23: The Heroic Cycle | 23

24: Soren and the rest of the Guardians then rescue the enslaved owlets and take them back to the tree of Ga'Hoole. The Tytos retreat with the dumbfounded Nyra. | The Flight | The Heroic Cycle | 24

25: The Return: The Guardians and Soren return to the Tree Of Ga'Hoole where Soren and his friend are initiated as Guardians of Ga'Hoole for their bravery, courage and helpfulness. The Tree of Ga'Hoole becomes Soren's new home. | 25 | The Heroic Cycle

26: The Heroic Cycle | 26

27: Soren can then tell the rescued owlets of the Legends he grew up with along with his own that he personally experienced. He tells them how Metalbeak was killed and that Nyra is still out there, gathering Tytos for a comeback; how Kludd's body was never found, inferring that he will take Metalbeak's place and come back for revenge on Soren. He tells them of how the Guardians, oce again, saved the day. With that, The movie ends as Soren flies off with his friends as Guardians of Ga'Hoole. | The Boon | The Heroic Cycle | 27

28: Soren is a young adventurous Barn Owl who loves hearing stories from his father Noctus about the legend of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole, a legendary alliance of owls that are sworn to protect the Kingdom of Ga'Hoole. His younger sister Eglantine is enamoured by these stories, but his older brother, Kludd, is jealous of the attention Soren receives. One night, while branching, Soren and Kludd accidentally out of their tree. They are attacked by a tasmanian devil and then captured by owls working for the evil Metalbeak and his mate Nyra. Soren and Kludd are snatched by two brothers, Long-eared Owls Jatt and Jutt. Still clutched in the talons of the owls, they soon come across a huge group of other workers for Meatal Beak, with other young owlets. Soren meets Elf Owl Gylfie and her captor, Boreal Owl Grimble (Also Hugo Weaving). Nyra arrives and makes a speech to the kidnapped owls, explaining that their families have abandoned them and that Metalbeak's "Pure Ones" are their new family. Metalbeak believes that Tytos are pure and strong, and deserve to rule. These owls are encouraged to show strength and ruthlessness, and as such are to be trained as soldiers, while the rest will be "pickers". Soren and Gylfie object, and are thus sent to be pickers. Kludd denies his brother, which pleases Nyra. He goes away with the Tytos. The pickers are made to sleep under glare of a full moon, which Gylfie says will induce a sort of hypnotic state that she calls "moon-blinked". Soren and Gylfie help to keep one another awake to avoid this fate. As predicted, the moon-blinked owls are docile and zombie-like the next morning; Soren and Gylfie try to imitate the moon-blinked birds, but Grimble notices their strange behavior. The pickers are guided to the Pelletorium, where their labor consists of picking apart owl pellets in search of metal flecks which the mice had eaten before being consumed. The flecks generate a strong magnetic field which has a peculiar weakening effect on owls; they are therefore managed by bats, which are immune to the effect. Soren and Gylfie make plans to escape, but their planning is interrupted by Grimble and they are marched off to his library. Grimble reveals that his family is held hostage against his good behavior, and he has been waiting for owlets clever enough to avoid being moon-blinked; he wishes to teach them to fly and send them to warn the Guardians of Ga'Hoole of Metalbeak's plans. | Meanwhile, Kludd and other various Tytos are being trained by Nyra. With Kludd's success in an aerial hunting exercise, Nyra suggests that he try to convince Soren to join the Pure Ones. Nyra and Kludd catch Grimble in the middle of a flying lesson, forcing Grimble to fight the Pure Ones to buy time for Soren and Gylfie to escape. Soren begs Kludd to come with them, but Kludd refuses and joins the fray on Nyra's side. While the Pure Ones kill Grimble, Soren and Gylfie are forced dive over the cliff's edge, and just barley escape through a small crack between two giant bolders. Lost, tired, and slightly injured, the two owls find allies in the form of a quirky Burrowing Owl called Digger and the Great Gray Owl Twilight, who considers himself a bard. They are unexpectedly reunited with Mrs. Plithiver, Soren's nest maid snake, who Twilight had captured as dinner. After hearing Soren's story, they agree to guide him to the Sea of Hoolemere, wherein lies the island of the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. Kludd, under the orders of Nyra, brings Eglantine to St. Aegolious. Eglantine is very frightened, and wants Kludd to bring her back home. Kludd tries to convince Eglanine that this is her new home now, but she still wishes to leave. Kludd chooses to make Eglantine a "picker". He tells her to sleep under the gaze of the full moon, moon blinking her. Soren and his band are mobbed by crows on the way to the Sea, and nearly lose Twilight's lute, in which Mrs. Plithiver is riding. The battle brings them to the shore of the Sea of Hoolemere and the home of an Echidna (Barry Otto) mystic; the crows deliberately led them to the meeting so that the Echidna could give them their bearings to the Great Tree. Far out over the ocean, the group encounters a fierce hurricane, and their strength fails. As Digger falls toward the sea, he is rescued by a pair of enormous Snowy Owls with armored masks - the Guardians of Ga'hoole. They lead the band through the storm and to the Great Tree. | Summary | Movie Summary | 28

29: Digger's saviors are Boron and Barran, the king and the queen of the Tree. They and the ranking officers of Ga'hoole hear Soren's tale in council. The search-and-rescue squadron leader, Allomere, expresses doubts about Soren's story, but battle-scarred Ezylryb defends him and Boron eventually agrees to send a scouting party to St. Aegolious. Soren and Gylfie's training begins. Ezylryb takes them out to learn how to "really fly", using a powerful storm to teach the young owls how to use the wind currents instead of fighting them. Soren briefly masters the technique of flying by instinct, though he loses control when he starts trying to think about what he's doing. After the lesson, Ezylryb brings Soren to his hollow to discuss the lesson. While there, Soren discovers that Ezylryb is in fact the legendary warrior Lyze of Kiel; the story of Lyze defeating Metalbeak had been one of Soren's favorite stories. When Allomere and his soldiers arrive at Metalbeak's camp, they are ambushed by the Pure Ones and the energy of the metal flecks is used against them. Allomere barely escapes, carrying two moon-blinked owlets, one of whom is Eglantine. With this proof, the Guardians go to war. Soren reluctantly stays behind to watch over Eglantine, and is thirlled when she finally wakes up. Eglantine awakens, and she tells Soren that Kludd gave her to Allomere to bring back; which means Kludd and Nyra had planned to ambush them. Soren and the band fly off to warn the Guardians against the trap and Allomere's treachery. When the Guardians arrive at St. Aegolious, they are drawn into a trap; Allomere peels off at the last moment and the Pure Ones unleash the power of the flecks against the Guardians, leaving the owls helplessly enervated on the ground. Soren and the band arrive minutes too late, just as Metalbeak and Nyra send the bats to finish off the disabled Guardians. Soren hatches a hasty plan and sends Twilight, Digger and Gylfie to hold back the bats, Sorn plunges into the buring forest fire, and scoops up some coals in a metal bucket. Meanwhile, Allomere reveals that he betrayed the Guardians based on Metalbeak's promise that Allomere would be the new king of the Tree, but Metalbeak betrays him and orders several bats to kill him. Soren plunges into the flecks' magnetic field to drop the flaming pot on the mechanism which holds open the lids over the flecks; the fire burns through the ropes and the lids slam down, freeing the Guardians. With his plan disrupted, Metalbeak orders the Pure Ones into battle. Ezylryb and Metalbeak square off, as do Soren and Kludd. They both fly into a small tree, and are dangling over the fire. Kludd has the upper wing against Soren, eventually sending them both plummeting into the forest fire, but Kludd breaks his wing on a branch. Dangling over the flames, Soren tries to save him, as he tries to pull his leg up, Kludd tries to throw Soren into the fire. The attempt then breaks Kludd's branch, and he falls instead. Grieving for his brother, Soren breaks of a burning branch and flies off to find Metalbeak. Ezylryb is no match for both Metalbeak and Nyra. Soren arrives just in time to save his life and attacks Metalbeak with the burning branch. The veteran warlord easily overpowers Soren, but he grows overconfident and Soren manages to stab Metalbeak with the flaming branch when Metalbeak goes in for the kill, killing Metalbeak. A shocked Nyra retreats with the remaining Pure Ones. | They return to the Great Tree with all the owlets and Soren is greeted by Eglantine and his parents. Soren, Gylfie, Twilight and Digger are made Guardians of Ga'Hoole. In the epilogue, Soren reveals that Kludd's body was never found and Nyra is still out there with a contingent of Pure Ones, hinting at a sequel. Kludd is also shown looking at Metalbeak's body and mask, now with red eyes. The movie ends with Ezylryb and Soren going to fly into another storm. | Movie Summary | 29

30: Citied Sources | 30

31: Citied Sources | 31 | The movie The Legend of the Guardians was produced by Zach Snyder and written by John Orloff, Emil Stern and Kathryn Lasky, writer of the novels.

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