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Lile the Crododile

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1: Log the frog While lile was on his adventure in the rainforest he came across a small tree frog. His name was log, he say's thats because he is always on a log. Lile, thinking maybe this was his home, asked his new friend if this was his home. Log, told him if he could live the same as a tree frog, then it truley is his home. Lile took on this challenge. He first tried to be a tadpole but that didn't work. So then he tried to be a frog, but that didn't work either. So he said goodbye to log and left to find his home

2: mark the shark Next, lile went deep into the ocean and meet a shark. The sharks name was mark. Lile asked mark if this was his home. Mark told lile if he lived like a shark then this is where he belonged. Lile tried but ocean life was not for him and he didn't like the cold. He also coulden't stay under water that long to catch the fish because lile has lungs and mark has gills.

3: bob the sponge On his way back to land lile came across a small sea sponge. The sponge said his name was bob. Lile asked bob if this was his home. bob told him if he could live like a sponge it was. So lile tried to eat through filter feeding and to breath through difussion like a sopnge but he coulden't. So he said goodbye to bob.

4: gary and lary the birds As lile was looking where he belonged be came across a tree with two birds in it . He asked if this is where his home was. They told him if he could fly through the sky this is where he belonged but he couln't so he left.

5: dory the fish While lile was swiming in a pond he met a fish named dory. He asked her if this was his home. She told him if he could breath under water like her this was his home but he coulden't because he had lungs so he left in search of where he really belongs.

6: Jerry the anemone As lile was swiming in the caribian he saw a sea anemone named jerry. Lile asked if this was his home. she sea anemone told lile if he could live on the coral and eat usingtentacles. Lile did't have tentacles to grab the food as it floted by. Lile said goodbye to jerry.

7: Harry the nautilus As lile was swiming along in the ocean he found a nautilus. lile asked this strange creature if this was where he belonged. Harry replied if you can swim forwards and backwards this is your home. lile tried without scuess. so he left

8: Hubert the octopus While lile was moving on all upset from his past experiences, he was stratled by a moving rock. It turned out that it was hubert the octopus, Lile asked hubert if this was where he belonged, and hubert repsonded ''if you can blend into your surroundings to hide from your enemies then this is your home.'' LIle could not and had to run away.

9: Rider the Spider Lile running from his enemies, because he couldn'[t hide from them, went into the forest. There he came upon rider, a very hairry spider. Wondering if this could be his home, he asked rider how could he prove that this is where he belonged. Rider told him he had climb tree's and jump after prey. Lile tried to jump and fell off the tree, back into the ocean.

10: Ahab the crab Lile, almost falling on ahab when he fell into the water, he was pinched. Lile asked ahab if this was his home, and ahab angrily told him only if he could defend himself or at least hide in his shell. Lile being pinched numberous times by ahab swam away because he could not use a shell to protect himself. He swam away.

11: rick the jellyfish as lile was swiminga away he came cacross a huge jellyfish named rick. lile came close to rick but was shocked when he touched him. he asked rick if theis was his home. rick replied that if he used difussion to breath and could shock his predators and prey this was his home. lile could do neither so he left and went back to shore.

12: Norm the Worm Norm the worm was moving along when he slowly crawled over lile's toe, lile startled rolled over. Norm survived, and even ended up growing two heads. Lile asked this silly creature if he was a worm, and the worm told him if he ate dirt and could dig through the soil then he is truely at home. Lile trying this failed completely, spitting out all the dirt he tried to swallow. So lile moved on.

13: dan the man as lile was heading to the building he came across a man. the man was fearful of lile but lile talked to him, he adked if this was his home. dan told him if he had thumbs and could walk on two feet this was his home. he couldn't preform the tasks so he left yet again in search of his home.

14: Broc The croc Lile almost giving up, finally found a pond, with a creature that was strangly familiar. Lile asked this creature what his name was, and the creature responded ''broc''. Lile asked broc if this was his home. broc told him if he could live as a crocodile then it was. Lile swam around and layed at the bottom of the pond for long periods till he had to go up to breathe, and ate the same food as broc. Lile could stick with broc when swimming under water for long periods cause his four chanmbered heart gave him the extra oxygen to keep going. Finally, lile found his home, with his new brother broc.

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  • Title: Lile the Crododile
  • There was once was a crocodile who didn't belong. He searched for his home in the woods, and ponds and great oceans. On his adventure he made many new friends.
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