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Lord of the Rings

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S: Lord of the Rings Brysson Schweitzer

FC: Lord Of The Rings | Brysson Schweitzer

1: Frodo Baggins is the main character in the film. Frodo must bring the Ring of Power to Mordor to destroy it by throwing it into the fires of Mount Doom. Frodo is a Hobbit, a half-human being who lives in the Shire, the Hobbit home. Frodo is only a partial kid, so he does what kids do. | Frodo baggins, a Hobbit, lives in the Shire where all of the other Hobbits live. Frodo's friends are Sam, Pippin, and Merry. His Father Figure is Bilbo Baggins, whom begins his journey. His Mentor is Gandalf, the great wizard who is very wise and guides Frodo through his journey.

2: Gandalf is the Mentor in Lord of the Rings. Gandalf is a very old and wise wizard who was taught by Sauraman, a great wizard like Gandalf who turns to the wrong side. Gandalf guides Frodo and his friends through their journey as they travel. As he guides Frodo, he must attend to things that he left alone a long time ago. He also must travel to seek guidance from his mentor Sauraman. Gandalf contacts others who he knows that would be able to help Frodo on his journey while he is away. That is where Frodo meets Boromir, Aragorn, legolas and Gimli.

3: Aragorn is also a mentor to Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry. He met them at the Prancing Pony, a pub that Frodo was supposed to meet Gandalf at. Aragorn helps the Hobbits by giving them weapons and teaches them about the agents of Sauron, the Dark Lord. The agents are known as Dark Riders who search for the Ring of Power. Aragorn also learns that Frodo has the Ring of Power in which the Dark Riders are searching for. He saves their lives untill they reach the Elven city, Rivendell, where they meet the rest of the Fellowship.

4: Legolas is an Elf who is a skilled archer and an ally to the Fellowship. He is a helper to Frodo, Aragorn and Gimli. He meets the Hobbits and Aragorn at Rivendell and joins the Fellowship to help destroy the ring. He swears to protect Frodo and the Hobbits and proves a vital member of the Fellowship. He kills a lot of orcs to protect Frodo and fights untill the end.

5: Gimli is a Dwarf who lives in the Mines of Moria. He is trained with axes and brute strength to help protect the Fellowship. He also meets the Hobbits in Rivendell and joines to protect the Hobbits through their dangerous journey. He battles with rage and he is good at what he does. He is also a helper to the Fellowship.

6: Merry is a helper to Frodo because he follows frodo through his journeys or leaves to help him in a way. Merry is a hobbit like Frodo and they came from the same town, the Shire. Gandalf gave Merry and Pippin's roles to follow and protect Frodo. Although they aren't trained in combat, they do help in a few ways. | They help by making the Fellowship larger and giving access to more allies, and they also help by learning how to use the sword in combat. Through Frodo's journey, he proves to be a vital piece to Frodo's survival.

7: Pippin is also a helper to Frodo because he is friends with him and he helps to protect him in battle as well. Pippin is also a hibbit like Frodo and came from the Shire. He is best friends with Merry, Frodo, and Sam and he proves his valor in battle among their sides. Like Merry, he was untrained with a blade until Aragorn gave them the training they needed to help fight in battles. Pippin also seems to be a very large part of Frodo's survival because he is a closer friend to Frodo than Merry is, giving Frodo strength.

8: Sam is Frodo's best friend and he is a helper to Frodo in several major ways. Sam never leaves Frodo's side through his entire Journey. He swore to protect Frodo at all costs. Sam learns to use his sword quickly because he knows that he needs to be at Frodo's side. Sam is a Hobbit as well and is best friends with Frodo from the beginning. He is also given training by Aragorn and becomes skilled. He Saves Frodo from many life threatening dangers to help him accomplish his goal; to destroy the ring of power.

9: Boromir is a helper to Frodo, a part of the Fellowship. He is a skilled swordsman and proves his valor in combat. He is partly friends with Aragorn and therefor knows him fairly well. He meets Frodo and the hobbits at Rivendell where the Fellowship is created. He dies to save Merry and Pippin from the Orcs, which eventually capture them. He did his job well, and he died with honor. He was burned on a ship to commemorate his acts of heroism.

10: Arwen is a helper to Frodo. She saves his life by keeping him away from the Dark Riders who want him because they know he has the Ring of Power. Frodo was poisoned by a Dark Rider's blade, where he needs to be treated by a powerful antidote only in Rivendell. Here, Frodo meets the rest of the Fellowship. Arwen is the daughter of Elrond, the Elf king of Rivendell. She saves Frodo's life by giving Frodo to her father, who can heal the deadliest wound.

11: Eowyn is a helper to Frodo because she helps to shelter them to try to save her father, King Theoden. King Theoden was poisoned by Wormtongue's words, which were poison and a kind of dark magic to keep the king to do what Saruman demands. Eowyn is also a helper to Merry and Pippin because they go to war and Eowyn ends up killing the Witch King, the leader of the Dark Knights who seek to kill Frodo. She saves Merry and Pippin's lives by taking them with her into war to light the beaken for aid of Rohan.

12: Eomer is a helper to Frodo as well. He goes to war to help save the Human kind from the orc armies. He fights through the war over Pelennor Fields. His sister, Eowyn ends up getting killed by the Witch Kings, whom she kills. Aragorn resurrects her later in the film. Eomer fights gallantly and saves the Fellowship numerous times through battles where his forces from his father come and aid the Fellowship's forces that would have been destroyed by the Forces of Evil, the orcs.

13: King Theoden is a helper to the Fellowship by giving them troop support numerous times. King Theoden was being poisoned by Womrtongue, an agent of Saruman. He gets freed by Gandalf and sends himself and his troops to the aid of the Fellowship at Rohirrim. He is the Father of Eomer and Eowyn, two other helpers to the Fellowship of the Ring. He proves himself vital to the survival of the Fellowship time and time again by sending his troops to battle.

14: King Elrond is a major helper to Frodo. King Elrond saves Frodo's life twice, both by healing him from near death experiences. He is a master healer, where once, Frodo was stabbed by a poisoned Morgul blade, and was also pierced by the stunning poison of the queen spider. Elrond saves Frodo's life by curing him. Elrond is the Father of Arwen, an Elven maiden in which Aragorn is in love with. She gives Aragorn a healing pendant to keep him alive.

15: Haldir is a minor helper to Frodo, but a helper non-the-less. He saves Sam and Frodo from orcs who were going to kill them. He also helped in a battle to save the Fellowship, where he dies to defend them. The Fellowship commemorate him for his protection by being burned with honor. Haldir fought with Legolas before, and they knew each other fairly well.

16: CALL TO ADVENTURE | Frodo's call to adventure was Bilbo Baggins' magical disappearance. Bilbo had the Ring of Power in his Possession and used it to turn invisible. He went invisible in front of the entire Shire. Frodo went home to investigate Bilbo's strange disappearance. He looks for Bilbo, but only finds Gandalf, his friend, and great wizard. Gandalf gives Frodo the Ring of Power to watch over and hide and tells Frodo that Bilbo has left. Sam was caught spying on Frodo and Gandalf and has promised to help Frodo with his journey. Merry and Pippin run into them at a farm where they are running from the farmhand. They escape to find that the Dark Riders are everywhere and are searching for something. They escape to the Prancing Pony where they meet Aragorn out of bad luck. Aragorn turns out to be one of the major helpers in Lord of the Rings.

17: The Theshold to Frodo is his adventure at whole. Frodo's adventure is his Threshold because he has many difficult and near impossible tasks to complete to survive. He starts out running away from the Dark Riders who want him. Than the Dark Riders search for him later when he is at the Prancing Pony. Aragorn makes sure that he stays safe while the Dark Riders plunder. They escape for a couple of days and end up on a Plateau. The Dark Riders find them and attack. Aragorn fends them off and while fending them off, Frodo gets stabbed in the chest with a poisoned Morgul Blade, a blade made for the Nazgul, the Dark Riders. Aragorn carries Frodo to a forest where Arwen arrives to take Frodo to Rivendell to her father, Elrond, heals Frodo back to health with his powerful magical knowledge of healing. There, Frodo meets Gimli, Legolas, and Borimir. | Crossing the Theshold

18: Shadow Realm - Mordor | The Shadow Realm is Mordor. Mordor is the Main Fortifications of the orcs, Sauron, and Sauron's tower which holds Sauron's eye. It is the Shadow Realm because Mount Doom is located there, and Sauron's eye is an omniscient force that sees everything. This contrasts with Frodo's ordinary world because Frodo's homeland, the Shire, is a nice and warm place, where there are a lot of houses and plant life. Here are Mordor, there is a lot of lava, desolation, destruction, and the forces of evil are located there.

19: Treebeard the Ent | Treebeard the Ent is a guardian. Treebeard had a decision to make whether to go to war with Eisengard or stay out of society. Merry and Pippin persuaded Treebeard and the other Ents to go to war with Eisengard and destroy the tow towers where Saruman was doing his evil work. This Guardian was overcome by persuasion that merry and Pippin were not orcs, and were allies to the Ents.

20: Wormtongue | Wormtongue is a sort of obstacle because it took some time to banish him from Rohan. He was an Agent of Saruman to poison king Theoden and prevent any help from Rohan, and to keep Rohan isolated. He failed because Gandalf healed King Theoden from Wormtongue's curse and released him from his soul's prison. King Theoden banished Wormtongue and regained control of Rohan.

21: Dark Riders - Nazgul | The Nazgul are an obstacle because they take some time away from the Hero to distract him into dealing with them or getting away from them. The Nazgul are the Agents of Sauron, the Lord of Power. They take Frodo off track by distracting him to hiding himself from them to keep them from getting the Ring of Power into their possession. They are also an obstacle because they kill some of the helpers to prevent them to help Frodo.

22: Orcs are a minor force of evil and a test for the Hero. They are a test because there are a lot of them, and they take strength and knowledge in taking care of them. They know how to fight and you need to know how to fight better than them to defeat them.

23: The Balrog | The Balrog is a difficult test. The Balrog is a fire demon that can demolish anything that stands in its way. It is a very feared creature among any living thing. The Balrog is a test because they need to prevent the Balrog from getting Frodo or deatroying the Fellowship. Gandalf almost risks his life to defeat the Balrog. All of the Fellowship believed that Gandalf died at the fall in the Mines of Moria. Gandalf, however, was resurrected to complete his task; to get Frodo to Mordor and Mount Doom to destroy the Ring of Power.

24: Sauron, Lord of Power | Sauron is the Lord of Power, but he is not the Supreme Task. The Ring of Power is his soul connection to the world. Frodo has to throw the Ring of Power into Mount Doom to destroy it and kill Sauron. This is the Supreme Task. Frodo must travel to Mordor to Mount Doom and toss the Ring of Power into the fires of Mount Doom to destroy the Ring. He needs to travel to Mordor from the Shire, his homeland, along with his best friend, Sam. Sam goes into Mount Doom with Frodo and succeeds in talking him into throwing it into the fires. Gollum, however, steals the ring from Frodo and falls in with the ring at the cost of Frodo's finger. The ring is destroyed and Sauron is defeated.

25: The Reward | The reward is the Hero's life and his friendship. Through Frodo's journey, Smeagol, or Gollum twists Frodo's mind and makes him think that his best friend Sam is betraying him. Smeagol tries to break Frodo's and Sam's friendship through lies. Frodo was finally persuaded that Sam was betraying him and he asks Sam to leave. Smeagol is also twisted by the Ring of Power and wants it in his possession. Smeagol had the Ring of Power in his possession for 500 years and it twisted his mind and poisoned him into wanting the ring forever. Bilbo Baggins got in possession of the ring by finding it in water where Gollum resorted. Bilbo gives the ring to Frodo to destroy and the ring starts to consume Frodo's mind and feelings like it did to Smeagol. He finally destroys the Ring of Power by tossing it in along with Smeagol. The rewards are Frodo's and Sam's lives, and their friendship. They make it out of Mordor alive by the Great Eagles.

26: The Return | Frodo and Sam's return was because of the Great Eagles that flew them out of Mordor. The Eagles flew them to Rivendell where Elrond tended to their wounds. Rivendell served as a safe haven for them their entire journey because this is where the Fellowship of the Ring was made and where they met all of their allies and friends for the first time. Rivendell is like a new home for them.

27: Identification of Archetypes | Hero - Frodo strong, willful, encouraged Mentor - Gandalf Wise, powerful, good and kind hearted, guidance, knowledge Shadow - Sauron and Saruman Evil-minded, controls forces, determined to stop Hero Guardians - Ent, troll powerful, tester, assesses abilities Shape Shifters - Gollum seems good, but bad(likewise) backstabber

28: Connections to Text | Frodo is a hero who seeks to destroy something Hercules Hercules has 13 tasks of obstacles and to destroy mythological creatures. Aragorn is in love with Arwen, but they are separated with Frodo's journey Pyramus and Thisbe were in love, but they were separated by a wall. Zeus is the lord of the Greek Gods Sauron is the Lord of Power who controls all of the Evil forces

29: Conclusion | The Lord of the Rings is a very similar story told to mythological stories. The Heroic Cycle is a cycle where the hero takes on many roles, which starts with their journey, their teacher or mentor, The Crossing of obstacles or the Threshold, The shadow Realm or enemy area, The Tests or Guardians, The Supreme task or the final task at hand, the reward, and the return journey home, or to a safe place. in the Lord of the Rings, the Heroic cycle takes a large part of Frodo's journey to destroy the Ring of Power. Frodo's journey starts when he is given the Ring of Power from his father character, Bilbo Baggins. Gandalf, his mentor, guides him through his journey. Frodo's entire journey as a whole is crossing the threshold. The Shadow Realm is Mordor, where he must travel to destroy the Ring. The Guardians are the Ent, the Trolls, and the Balrog. The shapeshifters are Wormtongue, and Gollum(Smeagle). The reward is Frodo and Sam's lives, and their friendship. The return is the Eagle flight back to Rivendell. All together, the Lord of the Rings is a story that follows the Heroic Cycle through its entire story.

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