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Mammals Section 2

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FC: Marine Animal Food Web | Mammals Section 2 Teurea Hawkins Regis & Jalen Tatum

1: Kindom- Animalia Phylum-Chordata Subphylum-Vertebrata Class- Mammals Order- Montremes, Marsupials, Placental Mammals. | Binomes Montremes- marine, freshwater Marsupials-grasslands,forests Placental Mammals- found in desert,grassland, marine,freshwater, boreal and decidous forests,tundra, mountains and ice biomes.

2: Mammals reproduce sexually. Some mammals are carnivores. Others are herbivores and some are omnivores. The king of the jungle is the most feared predator. The lion is at the top of the food chain so it eats just about anything. | Animals looks for food or hides to avoid a predators. When it does these sorts of things its obvious that its trying to sty alive. Most behaviors help animals survive or reproduce. There are two common types of behaviors in Mammals are survival and instinctive behavior.

3: Monotremes | Types of Symmetry | Most mammals have bilateral symmetry like this butterfly. Others have radial symmetry. The symmetry of mammals helps them survive and blend into their surrondings.

4: Characteristics by Order | Monotremes "Weirdest Mammal in the World" They are called this because platypuses and spiny anteaters are mammals but lay eggs.

5: Marsupials Mammals whose young when they are first born are not fully developed. they live in the parents pouch where they develop even more to the point when they can live by themself. some examples are Kangaroos and Opassums | Characteristics by Order

6: Placental Mammals | This type of mammal develops inside the mother's body until its body system can function independently. There are different types of placental mammals such as, insect-eaters, primates,flying mammals,rabbits and hares, rodents, toothless mammals, hoofed mammals, carnivores, marine animals and mammals with trunks.

7: Placental Mammals Continued | Rabbits and Hares These are leaping mammals. They have strong back legs for powerful hops.They also have | Marine Animals Mammals that live underwater and have no hind legs. Though some of their fossilized ancestors shows little hind legs. | Rodents They are gnawing mammals. Their four incisors are adapted for gnawing down to a certain dull point.

8: Placental Mammals Continued | Primates primates are mammals that have large brains and opposable thumbs. these are thumbs that can touch all four fingers on the same hand. | Insect-eaters these type of mammals have sharp cutting surfaces on all their teeth. most of them spend all there time sticking there nose in the water to find food | Flying mammals these creatures fly but aren't birds because instead of having feathers they have a thin layer of skin.

9: Placental Mammals Continued | Carnivores These mammals are meat eaters. They have large claws and teeth to help catch their prey. | Mammals With Trunks Elephants are the only mammals with trunks which they use to get food and water. | Toothless Mammals Even though they're called toothless mammals some have very small teeth that are very hard to see. | Hoofed Mammals These mammals are spit into two groups. Even number of hoofs, and odd number of hoofs.

10: mostly all animals are apart of the cenozoic and the mesozoic era. we are apart of the quaternary period. mammals started coming into the picture 4.6 billion years ago. | Mammal Era/ period

11: Mammal food web | A food web shows who eats who in the animal world. It also shows if one species goes extinct which species would rapidly grow, and which species would rapidly sink.

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