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Old Yeller

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S: Old Yeller by: Fred Gipson

1: Reneta Shelton 5/11/11 4th

2: A | Arliss

3: Arliss is a 5 year old boy and he like animals. He the youngest boy in the family. | He pick up all kind of animal and one day he was attack by a bear.

4: B | Bull

5: There once was a bull that came to the cabin. And another bull came to the cabin and they started to fight. When they fight they hit the cabin for a while but, Travis put the bull on the cart and roll it down the hill.

6: C | Corn

7: Corn grow in a grow patch and get bigger til it time to cut them down. Also Travis and old yeller kill coons they always find coons.

8: D | Dog

9: Old Yeller was little Arliss new dog.Arliss and old yeller always play in the drinking water. Old Yeller got a small tail and only has one ear.

10: E | Egg

11: Old Yeller used to still egg from the hens. So when it was time to eat old yeller was not hungry. That why he was always full and sleepy all the time.

12: F | Family

13: There are four people in the family but there was five. That because the sister died from a fever and now she got two boys. She take care of all the cleaning and cooking that a hard job to do every day.

14: G | Gun

15: Killing animals is bad because it not right. But when you want some deer meat you half to kill one. I love animal and don't want to kill them that make me sad.

16: H | Hen

17: Hen lay eggs almost everyday and eat everyday. That where we get our eggs from and sometimes when they are mad they fight other animals . So you must feed them so we can get eggs.

18: I | Infection

19: Infection is serious because that will never heal. It will swell up and may turn it purple and that not good. So if you don't treat it you will never use it again.

20: J | Jumper

21: Jumper is the mule that take people everywhere. He pulled the family everywhere and he eat a lot of grass. One day the grass was gone and he half to eat corn.

22: K | Killed

23: Killing people is wrong and killing animals is wrong. So why people kill for no reason because all you doing is hurting family members. If you feel like killing somebody don't it going to make you feel bad.

24: L | Lisbeth

25: Lisbeth is Bud Searcy granddaughter . She help out around the house and help with the chores. She got a dog name Mis. Prissy and she having pups . Old yeller is the father of her pup.

26: M | Mrs. Coates

27: Mrs.Coates is Arliss and Travis mom. She love to make a quilt for her sons. But she do not like frogs. She caught Arliss with a snake and put them in his pockett.

28: N | Noise

29: When the bulls was fighting they make so much noise. Travis was trying to stop them but the bull hit the cabin and the noise was loud. To make them stop so but one bull on the cart and rolled it down the hill.

30: O | Spring

31: In the book the season of the story was spring. They only have one rainy day and back to spring all day. There was so much grass jumper was happy.

32: P | Puppy

33: Puppy is so cute and funny. They may get in trouble or cause some mess but they cute to. You cant just give them a name that you will forget.

34: Q | Quilt

35: Mrs. Coates make a beautiful quilt for her family. She love making quilt on her free time but with all of her chores. She make them on her porch.

36: R | Rabies

37: Rabies is a deadly diease that make you crazy . The diease can affect animals and human. The only way that you can get it if you get bitten by a animal.

38: S | Speckled Pup

39: A speckled pup is a kind of pup that make you happy. Mis Prissy had six pup but Lisbeth gave Travis the best one. It act just like old Yeller because it took some cornbread.

40: T | Travis

41: Travis is the oldest son in the family. When his dad leave he is in charge of everything. He got to milk the cows and mark the pig on the ear. But it real hard to get them on there ear.

42: U | Ungrateful

43: When you do something bad people will say you ungrateful child. But hat make you sad stop doing mean thing to people.They will stop but be nice sometimes.

44: V | Virus

45: A virus is a diease that make you sink. One day there sister got sick and died from a fever. For those days if you get sink you will die from it.

46: W | wolf

47: A wolf come out in night or in the day time. They live in the woods sometimes they will catch rabies. One day old yeller was fighting a wolf and get bitten by it . It had rabies so Travis had to kill old yeller.

48: X

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