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Old Yeller

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Old Yeller - Page Text Content

S: TaKedra's Mix Book

BC: The End.

FC: Old Yeller By:Fred Gipson

1: Ta'Kedra Reams 4th Period May 11 , 2011

2: A | arliss

3: Arliss is a five year old boy.He likes to catch little creatures.Arliss enjoyed playing in the drinking water.

4: B | Buzzard

5: A buzzard is a bird that lives of a animals or persons carcass. Travis and mama assumed Yeller was dead when they saw buzzards circling the sky. A buzzards wigs can grow to be six feet long.

6: C | Cornbread

7: Cornbread is bread made from cornmeal. Mama ,Travis , and Arliss often ate cornbread.The speckle pup often stole cornbread too.

8: D | Dog | D

9: Old Yeller is a dog. Mama said she knows a good hog dog when she sees one. Travis had a dog named Bell.

10: E | Entrails

11: When Old yeller was wounded his entrails leaped out of his stomach area. Travis often said the entrails of an animal or person often leaves an stench . The smell of an organisms entrails attracts buzzards.

12: F | Fred Gipson

13: Fred Gipson is the author of old yeller. When Gipson was young he lived on a farm.Gipson was born February 7 , 1908 in Mason County , Texas.

14: G | Gun

15: Travis used his gun to shoot the ill bull between the eyes. Travis used his gun to go hunting with yeller.When the wolf came mama called out to Travis telling him to go get his gun.

16: H | Hog

17: Travis enjoyed hunting hogs. Travis keep a ear of each pig he marked. Travis had a very bad hog cut on his leg.

18: I | Indians

19: The Indians are the bad people of Birdsong Creek. Mama and Travis had to beware of them. The Indians were very dangerous.

20: J | Jumper

21: Jumper is the family mule.Jumper helped Travis pull heavy objects. Jumper tried to pull the chongo bull.

22: K | Kill

23: Travis killed animals with hydrophobia. Old Yeller saved Arliss from being killed by the she bear.Travis had to kill Old Yeller.

24: L | Loafer wolf

25: Old Yeller fought the loafer wolf off of Mama, and Lisbeth.The Loafer Wolf had been sickened with the plague of hydrophobia.Old Yeller had been bitten by the Loafer Wolf.

26: M | Mama

27: Mama helped Travis when his leg was wounded. Mama wrapped Travis's leg with a prickly-pear. Mama and Lisbeth went to get wood to burn the carcass of the Chongo bull.

28: N | Nettles

29: Nettles are very sharp flowers. Some are very dangerous. Nettles have prickly pedals of many sizes.

30: O | Old yeller

31: Old Yeller is one of the main characters in the book. Old Yeller was an good hog dog. Old Yeller protected the family.

32: P | Prickly-Pear

33: Mama used prickly-pears to wrap Travis's leg. The prickly-pears stuck Yeller as he lied on Jumpers back.Prickly-pears are also sharp.

34: Q | Quiver

35: Quiver is shaking rapidly with fright. When Travis was acknowledged that he had to kill Yeller he quivered with fright.Mama quivered When she saw the buzzards circle the sky around Old Yeller.

36: R | Romp

37: Travis and yeller romped after marking their hogs. Romp means to walk away victoriously.Travis Romped many times in the book .

38: S | Speckled Pup

39: When Lisbeth showed up with the Speckled Pup , Travis wasn't very excited , because of his pains in his leg.Little Arliss enjoyed playing with the Speckled Pup.The Speckled Pup surprised Travis when he stole cornbread.

40: T | Travis

41: Travis was one of the main characters in the book.Travis was 13 years old.Travis likes to hunt , and he always wanted a horse of his own.

42: U | Unity

43: Travis and Yeller united when they went hunting and did other activities. Lisbeth and Mama united when they went looking for wood to burn the carcass.Arliss and Yeller united when they played in the drinking water.

44: V | Vension

45: Vension is the part of the deer that you eat.Vension looks like th3e picture on the left.Travis had to hunt vension to feed the family.

46: W | Wild

47: Travis often hunted wild animals.Travis hunted wild hogs.Travis found it exciting to watch wild animals fight.

48: X | Xanthine

49: Xanthine is a yellowish color.Old Yeller was yellowish color.The cornbread Mama often made was a yellowish color also.

50: Y | Young

51: Travis , Arliss , and Lisbeth are young.Arliss is the youngest of them all.Travis is the oldest.

52: Zoom | Z

53: Little Arliss would often zoom out of the drinking water naked. Every time theres trouble Yeller would zoom out from behind the cabin. The hogs zoomed after Yeller when he ran .

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