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Old Yeller

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Old Yeller - Page Text Content

S: Moriyah Sims

BC: The End

FC: Old Yeller By:Fred Gipson

1: Old Yeller By:Fred Gipson | Moriyah Sims | Period:4th Mrs.Simmons | May 11, 2011

2: A | Arliss

3: Little Arliss was a five year old boy.He loves Old yeller. His Brother is Travis.

4: B | Birdsong Creek

5: Birdsong Creek is a lake in Texas.Travis` house was built on birdsong creek.

6: C | crazy

7: All animals that has hydrophobia goes crazy.Like Spot,the bull ,and the wolf.Old Yeller fought the wolf and the wolf bit him so they killed him.

8: D | Doe

9: Travis had to hunt to survive.He hunted things like deer.With this deer he provided his family with vension to eat

10: E | Enemies

11: These bulls were fightin.One of them was a roan bull and the other is a chongo bull.they fought so long that they almost tore up the whole yard.

12: F | Fred Gipson

13: Fred Gipson is the author of this book.This is the best book I read.He was also born on a farm.

14: G | Gun

15: Travis` mom told him to get his gun to shoot the loafer wolf. He also used it to shoot the bull between the eyes.Spot the cow got shot with gun too.

16: H | Hydrophbia

17: When Travis went to go shoot the loafer wolf,it had already bitten Old Yeller.

18: I | Illness

19: The bull had the illness hydrophobia. So did the cow Spot.The loafer wolf had it too.

20: J | Jumper

21: Jumper was their mule that help them carry stuff. He carried the bull and spot so they could burn the carcass.

22: K | Kill

23: Travis had to kill Old Yeller because he was bitten by the loafer wolf.He had to kill the cow(Spot) because she had it.He also had to kill to bull because it had it and fought the other bull.

24: L | Loafer Wolf

25: This loafer wolf had hydrophobia. when it fought Old yeller it had bit him so that gave Old Yeller the hydrophobia.So Travis shot it.

26: M | Mama

27: This is Travis` and Little Arliss` mama.Travis was the man of the house so he had to take care of her and Little Arliss. Mama had to provide the food and stuff for them

28: N | Nettles

29: Nettles are plants that have a sharp end. Travis was running through all of the nettles.He had cuts and bruises.

30: O | Old Yeller

31: Old Yeller was a helpful dog.He was Travis` hunting dog and he always protect them no matter what happened.Old Yeller was like family to them.

32: P | Prickley Pear

33: While going to go and mark the hogs Travis` ran across some prickley pear. Travis` mom used the prickley pear to put on travis` leg wound. Travis` didnt feel so good after that.

34: Q | Quiver

35: Travis` quivered when his leg was giving in on him.OLd Yeller was quivering because he was cold. But somehow he got through it.

36: R | Rabies

37: Rabies is a disease that can kill you. The animals in this books had rabies and so did Old Yeller. So they had to burn and kill the animals that had it.

38: S | Speckled Pup

39: Little Arliss had a speckled pup.When Old Yeller was sick with hydrophobia they trained the speckled pu

40: T | Tree

41: Travis laid Old Yeller under a mesquite tree with rocks around it so he wouldn't follow him.Travis fell out of and hurt his leg.when Travis was in the tree he was pulling the hogs up to mark there ear and he fell.

42: U | Unity

43: Unity is when people come together.Travis and Old Yeller came together when they went hunted. Mama, Travis,Lizabeth,Little Arilss, and Old Yeller came together when it was time to eat.

44: V | Violence

45: Old Yeller was fighting the loafer wolf.there was a lot of violence in this book. Roan bull and the chongo bull fought too

46: W | Wild

47: In this book there were there was a lot of wild creatures.This book had most of the wild animals i didn't know about until I read it.One Great book.

48: X | Xanthine

49: A yellowish-white crastalline purine base. Old Yeller had Xanthine. He was a beautiful shade of yellow(yellowish color)

50: Y | Young

51: Lizebeth,Travis,and Little Arliss are all young.Lizebeth was 1o,Travis is 13,and Little Arliss is 5.

52: Z | Zoom

53: Travis zoomed home to get help for Old Yeller. Old Yeller zoomed to go save the family.Mama zoomed to help Travis with his leg.

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